Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update


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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th January 2022 Vibhu waiting for Prem says he never come on time he is good for nothing. Prem walk to him says how do I look. Vibhu says you look good and listen when Bhabhiji come then try to be more realistic so that she believe that you are from Mars, he says I can smell her perfume she is nearby.

Angoori says Premji where are you. Prem says I’m here. Vibhu says act like father and don’t do overacting and run away. Angoori walks yo Prem and take blessings says Vibhu told me that you are my father from Mars. Prem says yes my child I’m your father and you should be happy because I’m rich.

Angoori says that’s okay but why did you left me here. Prem says ne we didn’t left you, when we came here few years back to visit you were lost. Angoori says how can you loose me why didn’t you hold my hands. Prem says I was having money in my bith hands but no worries now we meet eachother I’m happy.

Angoori says I’m also happy now and where is my martian mommy. Prem says she is watching youf rom above. Vibhu throw water. Angoori says feom where water is leaking. Prem says it’s not what these are tears of your mother. Angoori says really, mom love you. Prem says I will be keep meeting you in future but listen make bond with Vibhu because he will only take care of you and whatever he says just obey it.

Angoori says okay Dadu Mars from now on I’ll follow Vibhu, I’ll miss you. Prem says from now on me and your mother from mars is your family. Angoori says I accept that from now own you are my family and hugs Prem. Tiwari looks them hugging eachother says she is having affair with Prem.

Tiwari climb into balcony of Anita’s bedroom and walk to her. Anu in bed half asleep wake up and gets scared says what are you doing in my room what happen now. Tiwari says I need to discuss something important, Angoori is not our now she is seeing someone else. Anu says what are you saying, this will affect your married life, listen to me till the time you don’t have evidence tell that time do not put allegations ir else you will loose the case. Tiwari says I see Angoori hugging Prem.

Anu get shocked. Tiwari says I was also shocked like you. Anu says I cannot imagine are you telling true. Tiwari says yes and try to see into my eyes. Anu says I don’t have time for this let me tell you something for now I don’t have any hope in your relation. Tiwari says please don’t do that, I don’t understand what I did wrong.

Anu says you have to think a little harder, how many time you disappointed her, look at her she is finding her comfort in a person like Prem, what you did wrong, I really don’t know right now. Tiwari start crying. Anu says I can understand it’s 12:30 midnight, I’m tiered need some sleep, please don’t stand. Tiwari get inside her bed. Anu says I’m need to sleep now we will discuss it tomorrow and please leave from where you came.

Next morning Vibhu walking outside his house. Bhuri Lal come on his moped. Vibhu gets excited after seeing him and start giving kisses to him. Bhuri Lal says what are you doing. Vibhu ask how are you. He cribs on him says I need to do my work meet my daughter move from here. Vibhu says you cane after so many days, didn’t you miss me you made me stranger in one day.

Bhuri Lal says we were never related, I came her to meet my daughter, are you drunk and calls Angoori. Vibhu also call Angoori. Angoori open door, get’s excited after seeing Bhuri Lal rush towards him but stop and remember she promised to Prem that now only you are my father. Bhuri Lal says come to me my daughter. Angoori thinks how can I meet him now I promised my father from Mars that he is the only one.

He ask how are you my child. Angoori says I’m good and how are you. He says I’m not good I saw an emotional dream so came to meet you early morning. Vibhu what was your emotional dream, did you see Tiwari and Angoori’s wedding video. He says no I saw my Angoori is beneath bed and crying because and 5-6 people surrounded and beating me, I was shouting don’t cry but my Angoori was emotional and was crying.

Angoori ask then what happen, she was about to say Dadu hut Vibhu show his eyes and she stops. Bhuri lal says she is scared till now cannot say Dadu, then someone kicked me and I saw it was your mom, she told me if you are missing her a lot then go and meet her, so I came. Angoori says it’s good you come now you can leave.He says till the time I don’t hear Dadu from you I cannot leave, say one time Dadu.

Vibhu says she cannot say if you want may I. Angoori say Da but cannot say Dadu and run away says I cannot say. Vibhu says I’m sorry she was unable to say Dadu if you want let’s drink. Bhuri Lal says do you have mind or not is this time to drink now listen it’s last time. Vibhu says I know he got drinking habit he will fall in trap.

Vibhu and Bhuri Lal outside wine shop drinking. Bhuri Lal says they open early morning. Vibhuti says they are hardworking people and we should support them. Bhuri Lal says today I’m sad, Angoori is my daughter she always use to call me Dadu and see now today she didn’t even called me Dadu. Vibhu says Angoori is not from here she is from Mars and her name is Angu Mangala and last night she met her father too from mars.

Bhuri Lal says are you drinking first time if yoi cannot handle it then stop drinking. Vibhu says this is reality, think if she is not from Mars then why is she not calling you Dadu because she is from Mars and she is not your daughter. Bhuri Lal says then tell me what should I do. Vibhu says why don’t you request Angoori’s Martian father then something can happen.

Bhuri lal says this cannot be done, I won’t request anybody so that Angoori calls me Dadu. Vibhu says control. Bhuri lal says my daughter is slipping from my hands and you are saying try to control. Bhuri Lal crying and drinking. Vibhu says you have lot of pain today.

Teek and Malkhan trying to remove Tillu’s helmet but couldn’t. Teeka says to him don’t worry we both will do something. Tillu ask first tell me what you two going to do. Malkhan says we will try to break your helmet with help if hammer and bring them to break helmet. Tillu says don’t break my head.

Malkhan says don’t worry. Rusa walks in and greet them. TMT greet her back. Rusa ask Tillu why are you wearing helmet. Teeka says this is stuck, so we were trying to remove and tell why did you come. Rusa says I came here specially to meet Tillu. Tillu sit with her and ask why did you come. Rusa says last night I saw a dream with you and we both were walking in garden in happy mood then suddenly a wasp come sit on my shoulder,

I got scared then Tillu caught that wasp and remove him and then I was about to kiss you on cheeks but suddenly my eyes were open so I came here to give you a thankyou kiss. Tillu says wait for sometime let my friend remove my helmet then you can say thanks. Teeka says to Tillu sorry I cannot remove. Malkhan says we don’t want to take any risk or else you will be dead because of hits. Rusa says take it easy I don’t want you to he dead you can take your time and leave. Tillu says I know you didn’t remove this helmet on purpose.


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