Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th July 2021 Angoori in her kitchen singing song. Vibhu come and start flirting with her and say’s how’s thing. Angoori says how’s your work did you got any job. Vibhu says you should know I become a doctor any my ways are totally different to cure people. Angoori asks whats your way. Saxena come and says by beating people slapping them and kicking them. Vibhu yes its called as petology. Phone start ringing and Angoori leves. Vibhu says to Saxena you have much information about me. Saxena says actually I know you’re pretending about your petology to earn money. Vibhu says what you want. Saxena says include me in your start-up you know I like beating. Vibhu slaps him and sats keep this advance and join from tomorrow.

Vibhu and Anu in there bedroom. Anu reading magazine, Vibhu talking on phone with someone explaining about petology how he started and asking him about to popularize his petology and keeps phone, Vibhu says I’m talking to someone about my business and you are poking in between. Anu says what kind of business you are starting to make fool out of patients. Vibhu says I know this will be your reaction you do is business and I do its fraud, petology is science where we cure people. Anu says I opened an NGO in which we come to protest against people like you who do fraud. Vibhu says good night and goes to sleep.

Vibhu, Angoori, Saxena, Tiwari, Prem, Gupta and Masterji outside Vibhus house doing inauguration of there therapy center. Anu watching from upstairs. Angoori says should I cut ribbon. Vibhu gives speech and ask Angoori to say something. Tiwari says will you tell about your work. Vibhu says our clinic is unique. Masterji says tell something about your clinic. Vibhu says this is last stop of any disease. Tiwari says this is lie people are being mislead. Vibhu says our world is backward because of you and because of your regressive mindset. Anu says to Anu its not because of him he is trying to open people’s mind its backward because of people like you. Prem says what is this you sre saying fraud before starting any business. Gupta says to Any let business start maybe Vibhu does wonders. Angoori says to Anu lets check that therapy he brought. Masterji says but what about your qualifications about this therapy you didn’t done any course regarding therapy. Anu says do whatever you want to do but in my eyes its totally fraud and goes inside. Angoori says to Vibhu leave her she is different. Tiwari says you slso get in you have work to do shouts on Angoori and take her inside.

Gupta talking on phone with someone. Malkhan and Tillu come to Gupta and says we are looking for you everywhere. Malkhan says Teeka has fainted he is not well from last night. Gupta says but I give you medicine last night. Malkhan says that medicine did nothing he was holding his stomach whole night. Tillu says if he didn’t get medicine he will die. Gupta says take him to specialist and start crying. Prem come and says what happen why are you crying. Tillu says Teeka is about to die his stomach is paining so much he will die. Malkhan says this doctor said he won’t be able to help us. Prem says Vibhu has opened alternate therapy take him there. Tillu says how he will cure us. Prem says he cured me in front of you come take him fast. Vibhu says to Saxena when I do my therapy after that you mix this in water and give him because this medicine will cure him and says get ready he is coming. Prem brings Teeka. Prem says to Teeka dont worry he will cure. Vibhu says what happen Teeka. Teeka says save me doctor my stomach is paining a lot. Vibhu calls Saxena as nurse and tell him about his disease and ask Teeka to sit behind partition and asks Teeka to open his mouth. Tillu says to Gupta what is happening with Teeka behind curtains. Vibhu slaps him and ask Saxena to bring water. Teeka drinks and Vibhu says how are you feeling. Vibhu says my pain is less but my cheeks are paining. Tillu asks Vibhu is he alright now. Gupta asks Vibhu what’s the issue is something serious. Vibhu says I give him heavy dose he will be fine by evening, ask Saxena to give them bill. Saxena says bill is 4420rs.

TMT drinking together. Malkhan says to Teeka how is your pain now. Teeka says I’m fine but there is one problem Vibhus special treatment slap me very hard my ear is buzzing from that time. Gupta listing to there conversation. Malkhan says what more you want he cured you so well. Tillu says to down your temperature you have to take injection. Malkhan says bring some snacks drinking without snacks is not fun. Tillu says drink what we have. Gupta calls Teeka. Teeka picks call and Gupta talking to him as Teena ask him to meet him below any bridge and bring Tillu along with him. Teeka says wont it work without him. Gupta we four will have fun together, you me Tillu and Meena we will do romance. Teeka says I’ll be there in 15 minutes. Teeka tella Tillu about plan. Tillu says to Malkhan I’m not feeling good you are drinking without snacks and says to Teeka we will bring snacks for him. Teeka says we will bring from Ghanta halwai. Malkhan says you both never made me miss my mom dad. Teeka says you will make us cry. Teeka nd Tillu leaves. Malkhan talking to himself and making drink. Gupta says so you are having fun but without snacks. Malkhan says my friends have gone tho bring some snacks. Gupta says I was passing by and he was cooking snacks do you want to have some I’m going for a visit nearby. Malkhan start eating and drinking and his stomach start paining and he continues to drink and eat.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Prem on phone talking to Angoori and Angoori takes to phone to Tiwari.Vibhu, Prem and Gupta together. Vibhu saying now Tiwari will come and we will give him some taste about our therapy


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