Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th September 2022 Dr.  Gupta asks Teeka about the age of victim. Teeka says, around 50. Tiwari is getting flashbacks and asks Teeka more about the appearance of the victim. Prem asks Tiwari, why is asking so many details? Rusa comes up and greets Teeka. Teeka greets backs. Rusa asks Teeka about the corpse rumors, if they are true? Tiwari gets scared and leaves.

Vibhu is drinking tea next to the loading vehicle. Tillu comes out of the shop, and see’s the products haven’t loaded yet. Tillu spots Vibhu casually sitting and sipping on tea. Tillu goes up Vibhu and starts disrespecting Vibhu.

Vibhu tells Tillu to be in his limits. Tillu says that he’s the CEO and you’re a just an ordinary driver. Vibhu asks Tillu, did forgot those days when he was behind the bars because of Tiwari and he bailed him out. Tillu politely asks Vibhu to go back to work.

Vibhu gets back and lies on his bed. Anu shows up and hugs Vibhu. Vibhu tells her move back, as he’s drenched in sweat. Anu says she likes the smell of hardwork’s sweat. Vibhu lays back down again. Anu pulls him up and asks Vibhu, if he brought the loading vehicle. Vibhu says, yes, it’s parked outside.

Anu tells Vibhu to go on a ride. Vibhu denies. Anu grabs Vibhu’s hand and takes him outside. Tiwari and Angoori also comes outside. Tiwari asks Vibhu, what is he doing here with Anu? Don’t he got work tomorrow? Vibhu mocks Tiwari by calling him a pet. Vibhu and Tiwari starts to argue. Anu tells them both to stop.

Tiwari apologizes to Anu but tells Vibhu to keep in mind he’s his servent. Vibhu replies, he only works for him in the day, if he tries to pressure him at night, he’ll beat him up. Tiwari gets scared. Angoori says, let’s go and get some ice cream. Anu also agrees.

Vibhu is driving the car and Anu is sitting beside him. Tiwari and Angoori are sitting at the back. Tiwari is playing guitar and Anu in the front is singing a song. Everyone is enjoying and singing along.

All four of them are sitting together and enjoying ice cream. Angoori asks Anu, why is she not having ice cream? Anu says she’s not in a mood, and there’s plenty of ice cream at home. Tiwari asks Vibhu why is he eating ice cream? If you get cold then who will do the work. Vibhu tells Tiwari he’s not his servent at night,

and if he tells him again  any thing about work he will beat him up. Tiwari and Vibhu again starts to argue. Anu and Angoori stops them both. Tiwari gets a call. Tiwari picks it up. The person who called tells Tiwari that his hands are colored with blood. Tiwari gets scared. He tells Tiwari that he’s send him a clip.

Tiwari recieves a clip of him killing the old man. Tiwari watches it and gets scared. Vibhu asks, what happened? Tiwari says nothing. Tiwari tells Angoori to come him with him and grabs her hand. Anu asks Tiwari what is he doing? Vibhu says Tiwari is mannerless.

Tiwari is sitting at the place of the person who called Tiwari. He walks in and introduces him as JK. Tiwari introduces himself too. Tiwari says he’s innocent, he didn’t kill nobody. JK agrees with him. JK’s servent says that JK recorded Tiwari while killing that old man. JK says that Tiwari is going to help him in becoming richer. Tiwari asks, how can he help him? JK says he wants to expand his drug’s business in Kanpur. Tiwari gets scared.

Commissioner and Happu are sitting together at the police station. Commissioner says that, JK is back in Kanpur and we need to catch him as soon as possible. Happu says, he escaped in the last raid. Commissioner tells Happu not to lie, he beated you up and escaped. Commissioner also says that this case being handled by ministry, so if he can’t catch the criminal everyone is going to lose their jobs.

Tiwari is sitting at the tea stall with a package and is talking to JK on call. JK blackmails him to complete the job of peddler. Teeka and Tillu also shows up and sits with Tiwari. Tillu asks Tiwari why is he looking like someone beat you up? Tiwari says there is nothing like that.

Tiwari asks Teeka and Tillu to do a favor. Teeka says he doesn’t do anything without money. Tiwari tells them to give this parcel to his client. Teeka takes the parcel and starts juggling it. Tiwari gets terrified.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhuti says infront of everyone this means Tiwari was doing business of drugs and no body knows. Angoori crying says I thought you were a good person but you are not.J.K on call with Tiwari says give one packet to Anita because near her grooming classes I have one joint, my man will come to take stuff, give it to every peddler of I’ll shoot you. Tiwari get’s scared


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