Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th January 2022 Angoori out with Vibhu. Angoori says we are waiting for long when will my martian father will come. Vibhu says today I’ll ask your Martian father your hand to get married, he must have told you to obey everything I say and I’m your fiance too. Angoori says yes I remember he said. Vibhu says I feel like I’m getting discharged so can I charge my battery after that we have to follow martian ritual in which we have to dance and sing so let me charge my battery.

Vibhu looks into her eyes and then they both start dancing and singing. Angoori says I’m tiered and where id Martian Dad. Vibhu says he must be stuck somewhere, what we can do we can come tomorrow. Angoori says then again we have to dance tomorrow. Vibhu says it’s our Martin culture.

Prem walking on street. Tiwari put quilt on him and start beating him badly and run away. Prem says who was it come face me.

Tillu trying to remove helmet. Teeka brings snacks and ask Tillu to have it. Tillu try to eat but couldn’t because of helmet. Malkhan and Teeka laughs at him. Tillu says where am I stuck I swear from now on I’ll never come in between of any work please remove this helmet. Teeka says why don’t you ask for forgiveness from God because of all your bad deeds your head is swollen.

Malkhan says he is right ask for forgiveness and your swollen head will be fine then you can remove your helmet. Rusa wlaks to them and ask Teeka why did you call me. Teeka says when in morning you came to thanks Tillu but you were not able yo thanks him so I felt bad so you can give me thanks you kiss on my cheek and everything will be sorted. Tillu says are you mad I saved her life so I’ll get thankyou kiss. Teeka says cool down and says a poem which his father told him. Malkhan ask what do your father mean to say. Teeka try to explain her poem.

Tillu says this is the worst ideology I heard in my life. Rusa says I think so Teekas father ideology make sense after all he is your best friend and Rusa kiss on Teekas cheek. Teeka says to Tillu give me your helmet I’ll transfer this kiss and kiss him on his helmet. Rusa says to Teeka you are sweet and thoughtful, jow I have to leave and ask Tillu to remove helmet. Malkhan make fun if Tillu. Tillu says your father is fraud I didn’t felt anything. Teeka says this means my father was lier I’m very sorry I hurt you. Tillu says now nothing matter.

Same night. Vibhu in his bedroom looks for Anu and switch on light see Anu sitting on chair gets scared. Anu ask from where are you coming. Vibhu saus I was at doctor’s clinic with Prem he was jot feeling well. Anu says strange I talked to Prem he told me he was drinking in Kanpurs biggest bar. Vibhu ask what information Prem gave you. Anu says your information is important because from last two night you are going out on fix time and coming back on fix time.

Vibhu says okay sit tight because I’m going to give you an information which might shock you, actually Prem is from Mars he is an Martian, he was feeling abnormal from few days so space research is testing him many different kind of test are conducted on him and you know whenever he go to washroom he take red soil with him and his DNA test prove that Angoori is Prem’s daughter.

Anu in shock says that’s a breaking news. Vibhu says don’t tell Angoori this because Tiwari and Angoori are having some issues in there relation. Anu says I’m not that insensitive, tomorrow when I’ll meet Angoori obviously I’ll not talk about this. Vibhu ask why will you meet her. Anu says because she is my bestfriend and I cannot see her in trouble right now she is havin crises so I’ll go and meet her tomorrow at 5pm. Vibhu says why after 5. Anu says because I have job and I’m free at 5 so goodnight and she leaves.

Vibhu in Tiwari’s house and call Angoori. Angoori walks to her asks what happen. Vibhu says Anu was asking me some questions so I got trap and told her that Prem is your Martian father. Angoori ask now what will happen. Vibhu says she said that she will come to meet you at 5 so thought of briefing you. Anu cals Vibhu and enter with Tiwari. Anu and Tiwari ask what happen say something. Tiwari says let’s take them to Saxena’s house and give them electric shock.

Anu says we are married from last 9 years and I know when are you building a story, I told you two lie number one I didn’t called Prem and second I told you that I’ll come and meet Angoori at 5pm to figure out that you will come and teach her something. Vibhu says I’m sorry and I’ll not repeat this again. Anu says I don’t accept your apology I need to know truth. Vibhu says Angoori was sad after seeing Mars dream, she siad I want to take retirement from dreams that’s why I was helping her.

Tiwari says she is dumb she says anything. Vibhu shouts at Tiwari. Angoori says shutup to Vibhu, you already did a big mistake and brainwashed me, Tiwari thought I was seeing someone else, she walks to Tiwari and hugs her says I’m sorry and will call Dadu and tell her truth. Bhuri Lal walks in says to Angoori I came here to meet you last time now you will go to mars with your new father, as you wish stay happy. Angoori calss him Dadu and hugs him. Bhuri lal says I love you and now I feel good

TMT sitting near tea stall. Rusa walks in and greet them. Teeka says Rusa what dream did you see tonight. Rusa says I didn’t saw any dream and ask Malkhan tell me why did you call me. Malkhan says I cannot see Tillu’s pain, my brother Tillu didn’t got your thankyou so he is in shock so do one thing give me that thankyou kiss on my cheek. Teeka mocks him. Malkhan says I feel Tillu’s pain.

Tillu says tell me from when did you start loving me. Malkhan says you are my younger brother and I can feel your pain, he gets up and put his cheek forward in front of Rusa. Rusa slaps him. Teeka and Tillu laugh at him and Teeka kick Tillu. Tillu fall down and his helmet come out. Tillu get’s happy and says to Rusa now you can thank me and sit beside her. Rusa slaps him and says you spoiled my mood and leaves. Malkhan and Teeka laughs at Tillu. Tillu put his helmet on Malkhan and make fun if him.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori says to Tiwari it’s time to have sweet you are going to be father.An old lady say to Anu Vibhu is not his son. David ask then who’s kid is he. Old lady says I have all your answers but will not give you answer.Everyone enjoying. Vibhu thinks why did you got pregnent.


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