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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th October 2020 Vibhu says to Tiwari that he needs to talk, Tiwari says i knew, Vibhu asks how come, Tiwari says my horoscope said I’m gonna see a ugly unlucky person and thats none other then you, Vibhu says you killed a person, and you eating peacefully, so you paying by cash or cheque, Tiwari says by cheque but i need bank details from heaven, Vibhu says what senseless things you talking, Tiwari says Malkan died then why you three want money, Vibhu says we are opening a foundation on Malkans name, and the money we will distribute in poor, Tiwari says is it in Malkans name or you three, Vibhu says we arent greedy, Tiwari says right so i wont give you money, Teeka says i will get Malkan give him money, Vibhu punches him, Angoori says Malkan is dead, Vibhu says he is silly.

Tiwari says get someone from his family, i will give them money, Vibhu says okay, Tiwari says you can leave then and Vibhu you get my 60,000. Tiwari thinks Malkan has noone in his family, Vibhu thinks he has no one but i can manage.

Teeka Tilu ask Malkan about his family, Malkan says i don’t know about my father and mother is missing, she ran away with aunts jewellery, and she came once when grand mother died, and couldn’t talk to her then because she ran away with her jewellery too and uncle and aunt are in jail. Teeka says dont you have anyone, Malkan says yes me, Tilu says i think we have lost money, Vibhu says we will give birth to father, Teeka says how is that possible, Vibhu says you three are so stupid, i will get his father and wife. Malkan gets excited about having wife, Vibhu says dont be you are dead and she is a widow now, Tilu says this is so confusing, Vibhu says god why i make plans with you, any ways i have an idea.

Tiwari having dinner, asks Angoori why isnt she, Angoori says i cant forget Malkan I’m so upset, Tiwari says will he come back if you fast, Angoori says how can you have food so peacefully, you are so heartless, Tiwari says i didnt knew he will die, Angoori says give them money, Tiwari says how will that help Malkan, his friend’s will spend all money and that will hurt Malkan, Angoori says they might be happy, Tiwari says it wont. Saxena walks in and says your little brother is here unmarried and you eating peacefully, Angoori says i am looking for girl but when they hear about you, they deny. Saxena says my past but I am normal, Tiwari says i am looking for you, Saxena says thank you, and you will be invited in my wedding on one condition you will be invited for wedding not first night, Angoori laughs says okay.

Tiwari asks Angoori to get Tea, Teeka walks in and greets him, Tiwari insults him and asks Angoori to get tea for him as well, Teeka says i got Malkans famoly, actually Malkan came in Vibhud dream and ask him to hand money to his wife and father, they are waiting out, Tiwari says call them inside. Vibhu as father and Tilu as wife walk in, Vibhu walks in crying for Malkan, Teeka introduces them to Tiwari, Angoori walks out, says i can understand her pain, Tilu as wife says my life is destroyed my husband is no more, i cant live this life, i miss my husband so much, Angoori says god you are in so much pain i can never understand because my husband is alive, and are you pregnant, Vibhu as father says she isnt, Angoori asks will you have something, Tilu as wife says sure get something for papa, Vibhu as father says nothing give us money and we shall leave.

Tiwari says to Malkans wife says you are young marry again, i will take responsibility of finding groom for you, don’t worry i will get groom for her in 2 days you may go now.
Vibhu Tilu Teeka leave.

Tiwari visits Saxena, Tiwari says i have good news for you, i found girl for you, Saxena gets very excited, but the girl is widow, Saxena says i dont have any problem, Tiwari says why dont you meet the girl then we will decide.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari says to Vibhu that I found groom, he is Saxena.


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