Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th September 2020 Angoori seems happy after seeing 2000 likes on her video and thanks god then she receives a call from amma ji talks her about the work she is doing of shooting video for her cooking channel and she received call for interview and they ask who’s behind your success. Angoori says its me and my hardwork Amma ji praises angoori but angoori says to amma ji its Vibhutis hardwork and devotion behind my success even the idea of shooting video was also of Vibhuti. Ammaji consolidates angoori and says you are doing this for your husband’s long life, and ammaji asks angoori to bring more arrogance in her behaviour to become more successful Angoori becomes sad after listening that and says her to do so and hungs up phone

Vibhuti says hi to angoori, Angoori asks who are you Vibhuti gets shocked and ask did you forget my name. Angoori gets a call from s*xana and discuss about the video shoot for her cooking channel Angoori says we will decorate our hall, Angoori asks vibhuti not to disturb her and shush him.

Angoori hangs up call and start talking to Vibhuti in arrogance manner, asks vibhuti who are you, Vibhuti gets shocked again.
Vegetable sellers says to angoori that he watched his video 500 times and he loved it. Angoori gets happy and says thankyou to seller after that the seller asks angoori about the person who was cutting the tomatoes in the video that the tomatoes were rotten and the face of that person matches to Vibhuti. Angoori gets angry and scold Vibhu for the vegetables for bringing wrong vegetables you are an helper to me and video is mine so I’ll tell what to do. Vibhuti gets upset and leaves. Angoori feels bad for vibhu and prays to god that she is doing this just for tiwari and she can even kill somebody for that after hearing this the vegetable seller gets scared and leaves

Tiwari in pain visits gupta. Gupta asks tiwari what happen to you it seems like someone has beaten up you with iron rod. Tiwari says i got beaten up by bhabhi ji. Here Gupta commented that bhabhiji seems so strong. Tiwari asks gupta for a knid of painkillers if someone betas me with hunter there should be no pain on which gupta says he have that kind of medicine from which the whole body gets numb and if someone beats him with hunter or even roadroller goes over him nothing will happen to him, Tiwari gets excited asks gupta to give him that medicine. Gupta says this medicine is for the people who gets beaten up on regular basis. Tiwari says I’ll also be beaten up daily from bhabhi ji in video as he promised bhabhi ji to be in video regularly. Gupta says wow one is you and other is Vibhu who’s character i never understand. Tiwari gets angry at gupta and asks for the medicine

Vibhu and prem are drinking, Vibhu tells prem he got hurt by angoori’s behaviour and she insulted vibhu in front of vegetable seller. Prem says my poor friend never trust on women’s character i loved gulfam kali a lot but she still dumped me, she was just a mere bar dancer but it was her luck i went to her bar and gave her luxurious life fulfilled her wish, Vibhu gets angry and asks prem to stop himslef. I’m talking about myself and you jumped in talking about you and gulfam kali, says not to compare angoori with anyone. Prem insults angoori calls her stupid, Vibhu gets angry scream at prem and says never insult angoori and asks him to leave. Prem says its okay when you says anything about angoori, Vibhu says i can because I’m a true lover and if someone insults angoori he will not leave him even if its her husband, prem abuses vibhu never saw a lover like you.

Tiwari visits mishra house for shooting, s*xana already present there and says he was waiting for him, Tiwari asks s*xana where is anu he tells she is getting ready will be here soon, so tiwari stands and eat medicine, s*xana says is that the painkiller you are having because you got beaten up so badly by anu last time and makes fun of him, s*xana says I’m sure the pain has reached your brain through your veins. Tiwari says you are right because when anu hits you your whole body gets shaken up, after having this medicine my body will get numb and I’ll feel no pain when anu will hit me. s*xana says you are lucky and tells he would love to get beaten up by anu. Anu enters the hall greets everyone and asks tiwari how are you, tiwari says I’m perfectly fine and let’s move forward with your work you started and i have your back. Anu says wow she will never forget what Tiwari is doing for her whenever I’ll get angry in future ill think of this time, Tiwari thanks anu, Anu we will today talk about temple’s location and asks s*xana are you ready, s*xana says yes and starts recording, Anu and tiwari starts acting. Anu in video addresses audience and tells we will learn about self defence in this video for crowded area she gave an example of famous tenple in kanpur, s*xana praises anu for shot, Anu praises s*xana for his direction, Tiwari also praises anu. Anu also appreciate tiwari for his help, Anu asks s*xana is he ready and they begin shooting. Anu explains the situation and start acting accordingly, tiwari teases anu and she beats him

Angoori and Vibhuti in kitchen shooting there video. Angoori greets her audience vibhu interrupts, angoori asks s*xana to stop scolds vibhu and says he is just an helper and not to correct her English people will also like her incorrect English, i have become a big celebrity and screams at Vibhu asks him to do his work not to correct my english, vibhu it has become my habit to correct you. s*xana says to angoori why do you deal with such small people they don’t deserve and they resume shooting. Angoori again gets angry over vibhu and start scolding him again and threatens him that she will hit him and post that video over internet. Shooting begins again

Boys drinking together, malkhan says i think i have lot of talent, tilli says according to me you are useless tillu tika make fun of him and tika slaps him and ask him what qualities he have, malkhan says I’m a good singer, Tillu and tika make fun of malkhan and ask eachother how he must be singing, Tika makes donkey noise. Tillu says you eve tease girls by singing, Malkhan accepts and says you are right, Tillu asks him to think on it.

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