Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th June 2022 Angoori in kitchen talking to Vibhu. Angoori says I cannot do it I feel shy. Gibhu says you have to do it or else Tiwari will get sick. Angoori get’s worried and ask him to show steps and ask Angoori to show him steps.

Angoori says it’s tricky but I’ll try and show her stpes and says my pant is tight. Vibhu says that’s what I was trying to tell you, come back to normal clothes you use to wear and leave.

Anu in hall reading magazine. David bring coffee for her and says I want to talk to you, you both are educated but fight like you live in chawl, if you keep doing this then what about my respect in London.

Anu says sorry it won’t happen again, don’t wait for us you can go and do your work. David says I’m not that selfish, my kids are fighting and I go for work leaving you here. Anu says we fight in future promise.

David says how can I beleive you. Tiwari walks in and greet Anu. Tiwari looks at David and ask are you here. Anu says so what it’s his house too. Tiwari ask so what about London. David get’s call from London so he leave.

Tiwari says to Anu what happen he is still here I thought he would have left. Anu says you were having another plan please tell me. Tiwari says I have plan B and ask her to come close. David walk in and sit with them so he stop. David get’s call again and he leave. Tiwari explain Anu his whole plan.

David and Vibhu drinking. Vibhu ask David how do you feel as an old man. David ask how do you feel. Vibhu says I’m still young and I feel only Bhabhiji. David says you know I feel allmost 50 women in London.

Vibhu make fun of him and talk about dating girls. Vibhuti says you are a sick man. Anu walks to them and ask are you done with your drinking. Vibhu says no we just started our party. Anu says we will be a special party because it will be your birthday party. David says but I gave my birthday party few days back.

Vibhu says yes you gave the party but Anu paid the bill of 40,000/- rs. Anu says tomorrow will be grand celebration of your birthday. David says looks like you got money. Anu says no we don’t have but we have love. Vibhu says what a nice thought. David says you both made me emotional and says to Anu let’s party tomorrow if you want and ask Vibhu to give drink.

Tiwari calls Angoori. Angoori says I’ll come but on one condition close your eyes. Tiwari says done so please come now. Angoori says I cannot hear your payal. Angoori says because I’m not wearing them now open your eyes and see. Tiwari open his eyes and get’s happy after seeing her in western dress.

Angoori ask how do I look morden to you. Tiwari says after seeing you it feels like we met first time feel like hugging you. Angoori says who stopped you from doing. Vibhu walks in says I stopped you and scold Tiwari for being with other women.

Angoori says I’m not stranger. Vibhu says bhabhi is that you. Angoori says you already saw me in dress then why are you acting. Vibhu says I forget and says this don’t look good. Tiwari ask him who are you to tell and ask why are you here. Vibhu says I came here to invite bhabhi for David’s birthday. Tiwari says you didn’t invited me but still I’ll come because this is my idea.

Master teaching TMT about beart and says any question. Teeka says my question is when we will get food I’m hungry. Master laugh and says good question and ask Tillu what is your question. Tillu ask when to eat food to stop feeling hungry. Master says have patience, my wife is cooking for you. Wife call Master ji.

Master says I’ll be back soon and leave. Master and his wife in kitchen fighting for installment and money and abusing TMT. Master says talk politely what TMT will think about us. She says let them listen, she scolds Master and slap him.

Master walks to TMT says don’t worry she will be here with food. Teeka says that’s fine but why is your cheek so red. Malkhan says I think so some mosquito bit him. Tillu make fun of Master and laugh at him.

Everyone at Vibhu’s house. Master ask Gupta do you know reason behind this party. Gupta says thesre must be some reason behind this party because Vibhu is so cheap. Malkhan says you are right Gupta, this party must be from Anita’s side. Tillu ask do you know the reason. Teeka says just enjoy.

Happu Singh walks in and greet everyone. Anu, Vibhu and David walks in. Vibhu greet everyone and says you all must be thinking the reason behind this party. Happu mocks him. Vibhu mocks him back. Anu says this party is for our loving David. Tiwari and Anu walks in. Anu greet everyone.

Anu says to Angoori you look different. Angoori says to Anu you look beautiful and I like your bracelet. Anu thanks her and says it’s of 3 lakh. Tiwari greet Anu and David. Angoori wish David happy birthday. David thanks her and says to Tiwari what you did to her. Tiwari says she did it herself. Happu ask David how old you will be now. David says this is my 25th birthday. Happu mocks him. Vibhu says stop it and ask David to cut cake.

Everyone celebrating birthday. Tiwari walks to kitchen and see servant drinking, he ask him to be in limit and walk away from there. He walk away. Tiwari switch off light and then switch on after sometime. Vibhu ask Angoori how did you come here. Angoori says I don’t know. TMT kissing Master. Happu and Vibhu ask them to stop and scold them. Anu says so disgusting.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari says stop giving speech and search. David remove all his clothes.Rusa says we found Anita’s bracelet. She ask her where did you find. Rusa says in Angoori’s pocket. Everyone in shock.Angoori buying vegetable outside her house. Two ladies discussing says she is the same thief. Angoori ask them where did you see my video. Lady says your video is viral in whole kanpur.


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