Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th November 2021 Vibhu near tea stall having tea and reading newspaper. TMT walks in. Vibhuti says write in my account I’m going for some work. TMT laugh. Vibhu stop and ask why are you laughing. Teeka says you said you are going for some work so it was a joke and we laughed. Vibhuti says doing household work is also a job. Malkhan says you are right and says I want to ask something, I don’t feel good in my stomach and mocks him.

Saxena walks in and says to TMT why are you laughing make me smile too. Vibhuti says they are useless bunch of loser’s. Saxena says I came to give them some work and you also have no work to do so atleast do something. Vibhuti says I’m angry and will beat you. Saxena says I came here to get beatun up from you all, frim last 3 days nobody has beatun me please hit me hard. Vibhu says why should we hit you are we wild animals. Saxena says I’ll pay you 2000rs. Vibhu hit him.

Saxena says lets make a situation that I have taken money from you and I’m not giving you back. Vibhu gets into situation and says when will you return our money I want it now and start hitting him. A man looks at the scene from far. Vibhuti asks TMT to hit him. TMT start beating him. Saxena give them money and walks away. Vibhuti give them money. Man walks to Vibhu and says very impressive and took money from him. Vibhu says who are you. Man says here is my Card I’m manager of Bank if Bhagoda and I have a deal for you please get in touch with me and leaves.

Angoori cutting vegetable. Vibhuti walkn in and greet her. Angoori ask him to sit. Vibhuti mocks Tiwari and flirts with Angoori and says tell me what I brought for you. Angoori says you might have bring a joke for me. Vibhuti says no I’m serious and says I have a dream and flirts with her. Angoori ask what happen to you. Vibhu says will you help me to complete my dream. Angoori says why not its an charity work to complete someone’s dream. Vibhu brings out bangle and show Angoori some bangle.

Ammaji come and ask what bangle. Vibhu greet her and mocks her. Ammaji ask why did you bring these bangle and if you brought then why are you showing my daughter in law. Vibhuti says I was showing her because to ask would you live this bangle. Angoori says yes he is right and he have dream to give you bangle and make you wear. Ammaji says I didn’t you, you love me so much. Vibhuti mocks her in english. Ammaji blushes and ask him to stop. Angoori says to Vibhu your dream came true, it looks like charity is going on. Ammaji asks how does it look.

Anu reading magzine. Tiwari walks in and greets her. Anu ask him to sit and says what happen you look in trouble, I can see in your face. Tiwari says I’m worried about bank loan. Anu says are you taking new house. Tiwari says no I took long because of business, just worried aboyt that, I can pay them but I already gave money in market because if which I missed two months installment, so bank is calling me.

Anu says can I help you. Tiwari says hiw can I ake money from you. Anu says no I was saying if you want can give you chaneli oil to message your head. Tiwari says sometimes I feel person should not get old or must be like Vibhu useless. Anu says don’t act like you own chain of undergarments. Tiwari says bo you misunderstood. Anu says aren’t you getting late for your shop and says I’m getting late, I need to get ready. Tiwari start walking out and Vibhu enter push him.

Vibhuti ask Anu why wa he here. Anu says he was here to talk about some work, do you know what is work which pay. Vibhuti says I do work whole day. Anu says not that kind of work, work which help to pay bills. Vibhuti says that time is over I almost got a job in bank and you will be proud of me. Anu gets happy and says its amazing news and ask him to bring coffee.

Tiwari having drinks. Vibhuti come to Tiwari and says why all alone and didn’t call anyone. Tiwari says I’m not in good mood. Vibhuti ask why are you sad and mocks him, you earn quiet well still drink cheap whisky. Tiwari says if you allow me can I tell you story and mocks Vibhu in his story. Vibhuti says this whiskey is not bad. Tiwari take take glass from him and throws at his face says because of offering you my drink I’m unable to pay my loans installment. Vibhuti says you will pay for this. Tiwari shouts at him and ask him to leave. They both start arguing. Tiwari push him away.

TMT and Vibhuti in bank. Tillu says to Vibhu you are one most educated among us we are but nervous for this bank job. Vibhu says first I need to see is that job for me or not. Tillu says just opt for job, here he come. Manager walks in and ask them to sit and explain them about job and says you have to take loan amount crom people. Vibhuti asks how much we will get. Manager says 10% of total amount you recover. TMT nods there head. Vibhuti says give me some time.

Angoori in her house singing and doing work. Vibhuti walks in and start flirting with her. Angoori says I understood what you are trying to say. Vibhuti thanks god. Angoori says you and my relation is of neighbour. Vibhuti says there must be person in someone life with whom he can share anything my be bad or good. Angoori says I always share everything with Tiwari. Vibhuti says this is wrong I’m talking about special tyep of relation like relation of heart and says I got a job and brought sweet. Ammaji walks in and asks why did you brought sweet. Vibhuti mocks her in english. Angoori says he got job that’s why he brought sweet and want to give with whom he have special relation.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari tells Angoori about the loan and tell her that bank is saying to pay us or we will take your house. Angoori in shock.Anu talking to Vibhu about his success and asks who is behind your success me or mommy.


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