Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th September 2020 Tiwari in pain says Anu hit me so hard didn’t realise then but can feel the pain now and the painkiller stopped working too the pain is unbearable, Tiwari calls Angoori, Angoori enters the bedroom watching video on her phone, Angoori says why are you screaming so much, Tiwari tells his body is aching, Angoori asks why, Tiwari how would i know what is the cause and asks Angoori to bring warm mustard oil and massage him with that, Angoori says I don’t have time for that i have to make new video, Tiwari im writhing in pain here and all you care about is new video Angoori says i was under appreciated and living an obscure life all these years now I’m been appreciated should i give up and waste my time, Tiwari gets annoyed and says you have become a super star that your time gets wasted whenever you talk to me and prais to god that only this time was left to see, Angoori please stop this melodrama and dont give me such stupid overreactions, I’m behaving so good to you otherwise there’s one friend of mine she doesn’t even look at her husband, Tiwari that time is not far when you’ll also stop talking to me and asks her if she will massage her or not, Angoori my body is also aching who should i tell, Tiwari shouts and go away from bedroom,

Tiwari knocks Gupta’s door, Gupta opens door while talking on the phone about bringing some things for the ritual, Tiwari crys in pain ans asks Gupta to give him a painkiller because the older one was not effective anymore Gupta that medicine is so effective if a train goes over someone he fill not feel any pain but when the effect waers off you will feel lot of pain Tiwari that pain has overwhelmed me already so much now give me something else to overcome this pain Gupta you need to undergo operation, Tiwari gets angry and says what nonsense is that why do i need surgery are you drunk or what I’m asking you to give me some remedy for my body ache, Gupta I’ll give you a dose now you will feel better till morning, Tiwari says do anything, god knows why i said yes to bhabhiji.

Angoori singing in garden, Vibhu walks to her, Angoori aays why are you starring at a super star like me, i dont have time be quick, Vibhu says I wont work in your video anymore, Angoori says no worries leave, Vibhu says that doesn’t matter to you, Angoori says why will it, I am a super star, celebrity, Vibhu says really it doesn’t matter, Angoori says no it won’t, and i can get anyone to cut veggies you may go, Vibhu leaves, Angoori feels bad for hurting him.

Anu on call, Tiwari walks to her, Anu says lets practice for shooting, Tiwari says please accept my apology, i wont be able to work with you anymore, Anu says never mind, Tiwari says how never mind, your video’s are popular if I’m not there then, Anu says you are there just to get beaten by me, don’t feel bad, so it wont matter you being there or not so chill.

Teeka says I’m not finding any talent, Malkan says same here, Tilu i evaluated a lot and i came ti conclusion that i don’t have talent and thats our talent, Teeka asks how will we shoot that. Saxena tells Anu and angoori that their recent videos didn’t do well, Anu asks why is that, Saxena in videos before you were natural, like Anu looked so natural hitting Tiwari but in recent one she looked she is acting, and same with Angoori.
Anu says im already guilty for hitting Tiwari. Amaji calls Angoori says you can stop it now its fulfilled. Angoori apologize to Vibhu and tells why she used to insult him.

Vibhu says to Angoori go ahead with insulting lets make a video, Tiwari says to Anu that he would like to reshoot too, Anu and angoori deny say they cant hurt on purpose, Saxena says hit me insult me i like it, Vibhu slaps Tiwari.

Vibhu listening to radio and drinking, Tiwari walks to him and asks him what’s up, Vibhu and Tiwari get in argument over the song, Tiwari says the song is about bar dance, your family is into it, Vibhu says my family always was in luxury privilages and so was i and then i saw an innocent face, and fell in love, Tiwari asks how did you trap her, Vibhu says stop these words, boys walk to them, Vibhu shhss them, Tilu says we didnt find any talent you tell us, Vibhu and Tiwari slap them.

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