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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th July 2021 Saxena, Vibhu, TMT and Masterji together. Masterji oin chair and Vibhu beating him with stick. Saxena says to TMT you are feeling good do want one. TMT run away. Ani come and says what are you doing you are beating him with stick don’t you got any manner, by the commissioner will come and ask yo to take away everything. Commissioner come and says to Vibhu help me I’m having acute pain in my stomach please cure me. Vibhu says sure why not and ask nurse Saxena to take out shoeosprin.

Gupta on phone talking to someone in his clinic saying some to change his lungs and keeps his phone. Anu come to Doctor Gupta and saying my stomach is paining. Gupta says why did you come here you have doctor in your house. Anu says then why are you for and tell me what fraud are you doing with people of slapping and kicking them, now I’ll do one thing I’ll file a report against you and that will go to CM and you’ll go to jail. Gupta says why I’ll go to jail. Anu says you and Prem dont do anything you make Vibhu do everything. Gupta says I’m family man and this plan is of Vibhu. Anu says no worry I’ll ask to set an enquiry then we will know everything. Gupta says you came here today to ruin me. Anu says you are ruining my Vibhu, I want to know what you are doing I want to know right now. Gupta says mastermind behind this plan is Vibhu me and Prem just mix something in there food and they goes to Vibhu where he beat them with hands and kick and give them medicine which is given by me which help them in there pain for which Vibhu charge fees which help us too. Anu says I don’t believe this.

Angoori in kitchen cooking and singing song. Anu vome to her and start singing her. Angoori says when I was young there was jungle in my village so I saw peacock there dancing in monsoon, you must have also seen this Anu. Anu says yes in my grandmother’s village dhurrapremnagar. Angoori gets shock and says my daddy use to play kushti there. Anu says why are you cooking so late. Angoori says Tiwari had paratha in breakfast I want to have saag so I was cooking. Anu says so you will eat this alone. Angoori yoi can join me. Anu says no I’m on diet but I want to drink water and Anu mix something in her saag. Angoori brings water and says I don’t feel like having water I’m feeling something now I’ll go. Angoori on phone talking to Bhoori saying I had my lunch and talking about there uncle and says I’ll call you later I’m having pain in my stomach and calls Tiwari. Tiwari come and says I’m having acute pain in my stomach. Tiwari says we will take you to doctor. Amu watching everything from outside the gate come and and asks for Angoori says what happen Angoori. Tiwari says all of sudden her stomach start paining. Anu says what happen did you eat something bad what happen are you in pain. Angoori says yes I’m in pain so much. Anu says to Angoori so do you want to see Vibhu for checkup. Angoori says yes. Tiwari gets panic says you know how he treats do you really wnat to go. Angoori shouts on Tiwari. Vibhu says what happen to the customer they didn’t come from much long. Saxena says I think so they got to know about you that you are fraud some 10 alpha fraud must have died then you were born. Vibhu slaps Saxena. Saxena says sorry now I’m feeling fresh. Tiwari, Angoori and Anu come to Vibhu. Angoori says my stomach is paining. Anu says to Vibhu give her your slaposprin. Vibhu says take her to doctor. Tiwari says then what are you. Vibhuti says I’m different kind of doctor. Tiwari is what is other type. Vibhu says I’m having different procedure to treat people of different type like TMT. Teeka and Malkhan come and Teeka says what do you mean to says that we are not human. Malkhan says what are we then animals. Teeka says this is not good. Vibhu says you are male and this treatment is for male not women. Angoori says pain doesn’t see its male or female pain is pain. Tiwari says what are you looking at start your treatment. Anu says what are you doing start her treatment fast. Vibhu says to Saxena dissolve medicine in water and give her. Anu says why medicine give you slaposprin. Angoori says give me fast slaposprin. Vibhu says can’t give you it is for Tiwari and TMT to teach them because they use to put me down so I thought I’ll teach them first I make them sick and then beat them and take money for treatment. Tiwari says how slaposprin make us well. Saxena says that water I use to give you have medicine in it that cures patients. Malkhan Teeka and Tiwari gets angry and threaten Vibhu. Vibhu run away.

Anu in her bedroom reading book Vibhu come and says you are not asleep till yet. Anu says why are you planning to go somewhere and make people fool again. Vibhu says stop don’t embarrass me more I told you I left everything, let me tell you one thing these kinds of work are going on in this world. Anu says you are in wrong world people are in jail who are doing fraud like this. Vibhu says I don’t care I’m out of game. Anu says take swear of your mother that you will stop doing everything you are doing with people. Vibhu say’s I swear I’ll not do. Something knocks on door Vibhu goes to door. Tillu shouting from out please give slaposprin or else he will die. Malkhan says open fast Teeka is dying. Vibhu open door and TMT goes in. Vibhu says where are you going. Tillu says please cure Teeka. Malkhan says please slap him fast. Vibhu says I took my mother swaer or I would have slapped you very hard, this pain is of stone take him to doctor. Teeka says I’ll do my treatment with you. Malkhan says give him 2-3 slaps. Vibhu says try to understand I cannot slap. Tillu says I understood tell me what is your price. Vibhu ssys if you will give me 1lakh I’ll still not slap. TMT says you have to raise your hand to slap. Vibhu says no in deep voice. TMT start beating Vibhu. Malkhan says to Teeka is he deat. Tillu says let me check, he is breathing. Teeka says boys my stomach is not paining now im fine now. Tillu and Malkhan says we are having pain and Tillu says to Malkhan lets do our treatment and TMT start beating Vibhu. Tillu says I’m good now. Malkhan says my headache is also good and TMT start singing and leaves. Anu come and says what is this noice and looks at Vibhu says who did this to you. Vibhu says so devotee came and give there flowers.

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