Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th June 2021 Angoori gets a call from Ammaji and Greets her says all of sudden I get headache. Ammaji says its when Tiwari come back from shop, I had word with Pandit Ramphal he told me some of the days are gonna be hard for you so you need to go Jhakatti Temple and offer prasad and tell Tiwari to buri 1rs coin below a bush near your house. Angoori says okay I’ll let him now, you know I can do anything for Tiwari. Ammaji says okay do this remedy I’m keeping the phone now.

Anu in his bedroom using phone, Vibhu come. Anu ask where were you. Vibhu says I was having some important work. Anu says I thought you were angry on me I talked so rudely with you yesterday. Vibhu says its late night go to sleep. Anu getting romantic with Vibhu and says I asked you to bring Saari from dry cleaners did you bring because he was going on holiday for a month. Vibhu says this is not the time to talk about this. Anu says you are worth nothing cant do any work go from here just go. Vibhu leaves crying and see Tillu and Malkhan singing he gets back into his bedroom again. Tillu and Malkhan drinking.

Tiwari outside in jungle looking for bush, Malkhan and Tillu come and Malkhan says I want to pee and both discussing about there love life. Tillu says stop talking and go pee or else you will do in your pant. Malkhan starts peeing on Tiwari. Tiwari shouts who’s this. Malkhan and Tillu run away.

Vibhuti with Teeka who is disguised as his new wife and goes to bangle stall and Vibhu says to show some good bangle. Bangle stall person shouts on Vibhu about the quality of bangle. Teeka disguised as his wife start shouting in bangle guy. Vibhu says to Tipsy calm down, show some bangles to her. Angoori sees Vibhu with tipsy. Tipsy says to Vibhu put on these bangle on my hand. Angoori sees them and says I have to find out what’s going.

Anu in her hall doing workout, Tiwari come seeking in adm Anu gets scared. Anu gets shocked seeing him and says you must have knock first or you might get knocked out come sit. This is self-defense and every women should know this. Tell why you come. Tiwari says I brought prasad, went to temple and pray for Vibhu, not to be unemployed for long do some work its your bad luck you got husband like Vibhu. Anu says what do you mean to say. Tiwari says it feel bad you must have a respectable husband not like Vibhu who is ruining your life. Anu says you mean Vibhu is ruining my life tell me one thing have you ever given Angoori bed tea, cooked something favourite for Angoori, messaged her head, my Vibhu does everything without forgetting you can never be like Vibhu. Tiwari says you are right Anu I feel proud person like Vibhu is my neighbour he is like god. Anu says you insulated person like god, go from here or else I’ll use my self-defense on you just go from here.

Vibhu and Tipsy goes to flat and Tipsy teasing Vibhu. Angoori follows them to flat. Vibhu brings a small kalash and asks Tipsy to follow the ritual before entering the flat. Tipsy says did someone told you how cute you look when you are angry. Tipsy kick the kalash and it hit Vibhu in his eye. Angoori seeing everything says I thought you were innocent but you are totally fraud and leaves.

Angoori in her room Tiwari come and Angoori asks where are you coming from. Tiwari says I’m coming from shop. Angoori says pakka you are coming from shop or you are coming from someone else house, swaer by ammaji or else I’ll think you are coming from someone else house. Tiwari says I swaer I dont have any other house nor other wife. Angoori says it means you also dont have other wife, I saw Vibhuti with some other lady she was his wife. Tiwari says what are you talking. Angoori says I saw them with my eyes he bought other flat and keeps his wife there and is living happily in that flat. Tiwari says I never thought Vibhu will do like this, what will happen to Any when she knows about this. Angoori says you will not tell anything about this, its there private issue. Tiwari says okay I’ll not tell anything.

Teeka shaving his leg. Vibhu says to Teeka what are you doing stop doing this. Teeka says first thing I’m not Teeka call me Tipsy and I’m your wife. Vibhu says dont talk rubbish or I’ll throw you out, I brought you here to take out my anger. Tipsy gets romantic. Vibhu says Teeka behave yourself. Teeka says its Tipsy and we have to make a baby too what neighbour will say they are married for so long and don’t have baby. Tiwari sees them outside of the window and start recording.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari in Anu house and shows her video. Anu gets shocked and ask who is she.Anu and Vibhu in bedroom. Anu giving cold look to Vibhu


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