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Bhagya Lakshmi 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th October 2021 Episode starts with Ayush asking Lakshmi what happened? He says lets go home. Lakshmi says he gave us 15 mins. Ayush says did he give or you took. He appreciates her and says you are miracle machine to convince Mama ji. Lakshmi says why they didn’t come till now and says all plan will be ruined if they get doubtful even a bit. Ayush sees them coming and says yes Rani Maa.

Rohan says we were talking to our lawyer and he asked us to check your factory papers once. Shanaya asks do you have problem. Lakshmi and Ayush get tensed. Rohan takes the file and checks the front paper. Ayush thinks other papers are fake. Virender prays to Bappa to be with Lakshmi and Ayush and says he will handle Rishi’s case in court, they shall not get trapped. Rohan is about to turn the paper. Lakshmi snatches the file from his hand and says I don’t like if someone doubts me.

She says deal is cancelled and asks Mr. Bindra to throw them out. Ayush says Rani Maa. Lakshmi says let them fight case with Rishi Oberoi, they will get old and can never win the case. She says Rishi Oberoi is a big name and will win the case. She says they will understand when they have to pay crores to Rishi, when he files defamation case. Ayush asks Lakshmi to forgive them. Lakshmi says they will understand when they come on road. Ayush says they are small children.

Rohan says we will not check the file. Shanaya says we are ready to do anything. Rohan asks can we check the money once. Neelam calls Virender and think what is happening there. Virender picks the call and says yes Neelam. Neelam says did you meet Lakshmi? Virender says I can’t hear you in traffic and says I am reaching there in 15 mins. He thinks 13 mins remaining. Neelam tells Karishma that he is coming.

Karishma asks her to call a press conference and announce that whatever Lakshmi has done, her foolishness, we have nothing to do with her move. Neelam asks her to call media at Paradise Sherton. She says even Lakshmi will understand that we don’t have anything to do with her.

Lakshmi says you can count, but before that you have to show proofs to us. Shanaya asks what proof. Lakshmi says the proof which will prove that Rishi Oberoi had molested her. Ayush says we will drown him in business and ruin him. Lakshmi asks them to show the proof and thinks Bau ji will come. She says they are wasting so much time.

She tells Ayush that she thought to give them 15 percent partnership share in their hotel and they will not let Rishi come out of jail. Rohan says how to trust you, if you let us count the money, then we will agree to your sayings. He opens the money briefcase and is about to check the notes. Virender comes there and asks what is happening here? He says you are dealing with them.

Ayush says Mama. Virende says sardar ji, your mother will be remembered. He says you are exposed, I got the right news that my rivals are meeting them and tells that he won’t let them succeed. He says Sardar ji and Beeji, Rani Sa. He says you do this in this age, and tells Rohan and Shanaya that he will give them double, and asks them to tell once that Rishi is innocent. Lakshmi says we were not talking about your son. Virender says I know everything about your deal, you wanted to ruin my business,

I will end everything and bury everyone here. Lakshmi thinks overacting is not needed, tells that she will not hear him and asks him to leave. She takes him leave. Shanaya asks Rohan not to doubt them and accept their offer. Lakshmi asks Virender to go and thanks him for coming at the right time. Virender says goodluck. She comes back. Rohan says we need to talk to Rani sa.

Lakshmi comes back and says if you agree to our offer or shall I do some other arrangements. Rohan says we agree to your deal. Lakshmi switches on the video in her mobile. Rohan says we have no proofs against Rishi, as he has not molested Shanaya. Lakshmi says why Shanaya will lie big,

it is matter of her respect. She asks Shanaya if Rishi has not done anything wrong with her. Shanaya says Rishi didn’t do anything, he didn’t even touch me. She says infact I told him to give me a job and I will keep him happy, and I got closer to him, but he got angry and said that he respects women. She says when I didn’t agree, then he pushed me out of his cabin and that’s why I got angry and filed fake molestation case on him. She says whatever signs and the marks on me, which you all saw was done by me,

with my hands, and framed Rishi. She says I have trapped Rishi badly and don’t worry, I will continue to lie like this. Lakshmi says if Rishi proves his innocence. Shanaya says how he will do this, as his cabin CCTV was working and I had heard when I went for the interview and that’s why I am trapping him without any worries. She says Rishi is innocent, but who will believe him. Lakshmi records the video and sends to Inspector. Rohan takes the factory papers and says we are with you, you can ruin Rishi.

He turns the papers and finds blank papers. He says you are cheaters, how dare you to do this? Lakshmi calls Inspector there. Inspector comes there with Virender and Constables. Shanaya asks who are you? Lakshmi removes her wig and extra teeth. Shanaya says you are Lakshmi. Lakshmi says it is too late. Shanaya says it is good that you came here, Inspector. She lied and called us and is threatening me to save her molestor husband. Lakshmi slaps Shanaya. She says take my husband’s name with respect, and you don’t deserve to take his name. She warns her not to call him molestor.

Neelam comes there with Karishma. Karishma comes inside and tells Inspector that they have nothing to do with whatever Lakshmi has done here, and that’s why she is only responsible. Inspector says she has done this alone, I thought all family members are involved with her. Karishma says we are not involved, whatever happened is done by Lakshmi only.

Inspector says we shall praise her a lot as she has proved that her husband is innocent and Shanaya has accused her husband in a false accusation. Karishma is shocked and asks what? Shanaya says she is lying, I didn’t lie. Rohan says they are lying. Inspector says Lakshmi has recorded your confession and sent to me. He says I was sitting in the nearby room with my team, she asked me to give 1 hour time, and I helped her seeing her truthfulness and strong faith on her husband.

He apologizes to Lakshmi and says sorry for whatever I said before, and thanks her for getting the real culprits caught, and says I was doing my duty. He asks Constables to arrest them. They arrest Shanaya and Rohan and take them from here. Virender says lets go to the PS and bring your husband back home. Ayush says yes.

Malishka comes to the PS and gives statement to the media that they heard right, Rishi has nothing to do with Lakshmi’s actions. Reporter asks if they are going to separate. Malishka asks if I am an astrologer. Reporter says if Lakshmi went to bribe Malishka or to threaten her. Malishka asks what do you want me to say that Rishi is a culprit and we are trying to save him, says there is nothing like that.

She says Lakshmi is from a village and a sweet girl, don’t take her actions wrongly like last time. The reporter asks do you want to say that Lakshmi did wrong. Malishka says don’t provoke me, that I shall regret. She says already you told wrong about Rishi. Reporters see Shanaya and her boyfriend. They go to Inspector and asks him why did he arrest Shanaya? Inspector says I will give official statement in the PS, Lakshmi has gathered some proofs against them, and they are proved guilty. Malishka thinks Rishi is proved guilty.

The reporters come to Malishka and tell her that she was telling that Lakshmi was doing wrong but Inspector said that Lakshmi exposed Shanaya. Malishka says Rishi can never disrespect women. Lakshmi comes there. Media goes behind her. Lakshmi says let me go to my husband. Neelam asks media to let her go, and run the news that her son is innocent, and says many people’s lives are related with the news. The reporter tells that Rishi Oberoi is proved innocent and his wife has proved his innocence due to her understanding and strong trust on her husband. She saved her husband.

Malishka gets upset. Karishma asks her not to praise Lakshmi like this, and says don’t let her take the credit and says this time the matter reached media.

Lady constable opens Rishi’s lock up and says your bail is done. He comes out and hugs Neelam. He asks why Shanaya is here? Neelam says it is proved that they are wrong and you are right, my son is always right. He hugs Virender and Ayush. He looks at Lakshmi standing far. Lakshmi comes to him and gets emotional. Song plays tera hoke rahun. Rishi says I am fine and your morning dream came true. Lakshmi hugs him. He looks at Malishka. Lakshmi breaks the hug and wipes her tears.

Rishi looks at Malishka. Inspector asks Constable to lock shanaya and rohan in the lock up. Media comes there for his official announcement. Inspector says I want to announce officially that the molestation charges on Rishi Oberoi was fake and baseless, and this is proved by Lakshmi Oberoi. He says she came to our PS early morning and asked for our help to prove the truth, as she was sure that her husband is innocent, I saw truthfulness in her talks and couldn’t refuse her, and I helped her.

He says we have confession recording of Shanaya Thakur, in which she has accepted that the accusation on Rishi oberoi was fake. He says Lakshmi has saved her husband from the fake accusation, now Rishi Oberoi is free from the accusation and can go home with family and wife.

Rishi looks at lakshmi. Virender smiles. Inspector asks Rishi to sign on some papers. He then asks Lakshmi for her autograph and says my daughter says that she wants to become like Lakshmi oberoi and has become your fan. He says I will pray that every father shall get daughter like you. Karishma and Malishka get upset. Rishi signs on the papers given by Inspector.


Bhagya Lakshmi 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dadi appreciates Lakshmi and says you have proved that bahu is the respect of the house and you have proved that you are Lakshmi of our house. Lakshmi smiles. Malishka gets angry on Rishi for letting Lakshmi hug him. She says let me go. Rishi hugs her. Ayush hears them. Malishka asks Rishi to promise that he will always be hers, forever. Virender says tomorrow is our anniversary celebrations and Lakshmi will organized it. Rishi holds Malishka’s hand to calm her down. Later Lakshmi asks Rishi if he is scared as he is here, and his heart is somewhere else.


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