Bhagya Lakshmi 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th September 2022 Episode starts with the terrorist finding a woman hiding in the court. The lady asks the terrorist and Mohnish to leave her, as she is 3 months pregnant. She says she came here for Lakshmi and wanted to see her punished,

and tells that her husband is in hospital and fighting with death for his life because of her. Mohnish says this Lakshmi. The lady says she had mixed poison in the food and made many people hospitalized. Mohnish says why you didn’t tell me before and offers to take Lakshmi in his gang.

He says we kill openly and she kills slowly. Ayush asks if she looks like terrorist. The lady asks Mohnish to let her go. Mohnish pushes her and the lady falls down on the ground. Lakshmi helps the lady get up. The lady asks Lakshmi to see what she has done, and says don’t know if my baby will be born or not.

She blames Lakshmi for her condition. Other terrorist tells that she is talking a lot, and they shall do something to increase the terror. He is about to kick the lady with his leg, when Lakshmi holds his foot and pushes him. She helps the lady gets up. The terrorist aims gun at Lakshmi.

Lakshmi tells the terrorist that the lady is pregnant whom he was about to kick. He says if someone does this with your mother, then how you will feel? She says whether it is my Mummy or some other Maa, I will not let anything wrong happen with anyone until I am here. Uday records everything in his mobile.

Lakshmi asks the lady not to get scared and says people do wrong with us, when we let them do it. The terrorist says so you will die before her. Mohnish asks him not to do anything to her, and says I want to see her courage, I will see what she will do when I kill her husband, what she will say.

He says everyone are going to die, we shall enjoy for some more time. Lakshmi asks what you will do, by doing all this, troubling a pregnant lady, and playing with innocent people’s lives. She says God is watching everything and says you will not be spared, says the humans who don’t think others as humans, troubles them, shall be worried as God doesn’t spare such people.

Mohnish gets angry and threatens to kill Lakshmi first. Rishi asks him to leave Lakshmi and says I will kill you infront of everyone. Mohnish says what a love. He says he will kill Lakshmi. Malishka asks Balwinder to give his shoe, and thinks if I throw shoe on him then he will kill Lakshmi and Rishi will be mine.

Mohnish asks Lakshmi how many people, she had killed, by poisoning the food. Just then Malishka throws shoe on him. Mohnish catches the shoe and asks who has thrown it. He coughs. Balwinder thinks he will kill me now. Malishka says he will kill Lakshmi. Mohnish coughs. The terrorist says Bhai is allergic to leather, that’s why he is coughing and now his cough will not go soon.

Everyone sees the terrorists attending Mohnish and silently are going out. Rishi asks Lakshmi to take the pregnant lady out. Lakshmi asks him to come. Rishi says he will bring Mom and Dad. Lakshmi comes to Shalu and tells that she hid the pregnant lady. She asks where is Rishi? Shalu says he is not here? Other terrorist come from outside and catches Rishi, Neelam, Virender, Ahana and Judge.

Mohnish takes the mic and gives warning to Lakshmi to come back else he will shoot Rishi. Lakshmi is shocked. The Police Inspector tells that once they come to know about the terrorist, they can make plan to kill them. Many more terrorists come there. The Police officers hides.

The terrorists go inside. The Police Inspector tells other Inspector that they have to hide, from terrorists. They inform their team about the terrorists. Mohnish tells Rishi that he thought that Lakshmi loves him, but he was wrong, she didn’t love you. Rishi says you can never understand Lakshmi, and says to understand her, your mind and heart shall be pure, but you don’t have humanity.

He says when my mom was on the floor, Lakshmi came infront of her to shield her, she knew that she would have died as you had gun, but she didn’t care about her life. He says she can fight with the God also to save her family. Mohnish asks why she didn’t come here. Rishi says thank to god that she didn’t come, if she comes there then will bring the storm here. Mohnish says I am scared, you talk so much.

He says now we have to wait for the storm. Judge asks him to surrender and says there is still time. Mohnish threatens to kill the judge if he says anything. Rishi says very nice dialogue and says in films, hero wins and villain dies.

He says here also, you will die now itself. Lakshmi tries to go inside, but Shalu, Bani and Ayush stop her. Lakshmi asks didn’t you hear? Ayush says you shall not hurry up. Lakshmi asks if I shall not go back and save him. Ayush says we shall wait for some more time. Lakshmi says I shall go inside.

The Police officers come there and asks them to go out. Other Inspector comes and says terrorists are waiting outside, you can’t go out. They ask them to hide themselves. Malishka thinks Lakshmi is useless and has vanished when time has come to save her. He says she don’t love Rishi, and just acts. Abhay keeps hand on her mouth. She gets scared. He takes her to the empty courtroom. Malishka says she is going to save Rishi. Abhay says you are scared.

Malishka says I will take Lakshmi will me, and free Rishi. She says Lakshmi doesn’t love Rishi, I will take her class and will send her to terrorists. Balwinder says what a plan, if Lakshmi will go with you to get Rishi freed, and then will give you Rishi. Abhay asks who is he?

Balwinder says I am her partner in crime and asks Malishka to cancel her plan. He says let Lakshmi go, and says she will go 100 percent, and says you know well that she loves Rishi and will go there. Malishka says don’t. Balwinder says Lakshmi will take someone’s life and will give her life.

He asks her to think how to get saved from terrorist. Abhay asks how dare you to talk to my daughter like that and calls him cheap. Balwinder says I can make your daughter and wife cheap in a moment. Abhay asks Malishka what kind of pet she is bearing? Balwinder asks Malishka to ask him to apologize to him, else he will expose Malishka and will tell all truth to everyone. Malishka says Balwinder. Balwinder goes. Malishka says he is mad and wild. Abhay says he will not do anything, don’t worry.

Mohnish says what about your Lakshmi, she had tried to kill many people, her end will be bad with my hands. He calls Lakshmi using mic and asks her to come there, if she wants to see Rishi safe. Terrorist tells Mohnish that nobody can go out, as the ways are blocked. Mohnish asks Rishi to call Lakshmi and says today it is the test of your love. Rishi throws the mic.


Bhagya Lakshmi 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shalu doesn’t let Lakshmi go. Lakshmi asks her to let her go. Shalu says we have lost our parents, and you are our everything now. Lakshmi slaps her. Mohnish tells that he will give a painful death to Rishi and shoots at him. Everyone is shocked. Lakshmi and others hear the gun shot and gets shocked.


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