Bhagya Lakshmi 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th September 2022 Episode starts with Police officer talking to ACP and telling that the terrorist have called Lakshmi, it seems she has escaped. He says we need more Police force. The reporter asks where is Lakshmi, who had escaped from terrorists’ clutch. Ayush asks Shalu, Lakshmi and others to come.

Lakshmi tries to go, but Shalu doesn’t let Lakshmi go, saying after their parents’ death, she is everything and that she will not let her go. Lakshmi slaps her. Mohnish tells that Rishi has shown a lot of courage,

he will not kill him at once and will give him a painful death. Virender says my daughter and son are both right, you are not God to kill us. Mohnish threatens him. Neelam says if it is a joke, if you wants to be safe then let us leave, all Police force must have come here by now. Lakshmi tells Shalu that Rishi and all her family members are there.

Neelam feels pity on Mohnish’s mother and he shoots at her. Rishi shouts Mom. Lakshmi gets worried and runs. Shalu tries to stop her, but Ayush stops her. She says I am not like you and runs behind her. Ayush is about to go behind her, but Inspector comes there and stops him.

Ayush says let me go there once. Inspector says it is my responsibility, you can’t go. Rano asks him to kill all the terrorist. Inspector says it is not that easy. He pushes Ayush as he tries to go. Bani asks if he is fine? Ayush says my family is there and gets worried. He says all terrorists are there. Bani says we will pray.

Rano asks why is he shouting at her. Ayush says sorry to Bani and hugs her. Mr. Basu and Mr. Amod are hiding behind the table. Amod tells that the judge had given punishment to Mohnish. Mr. Basu asks if Mohnish wants to take revenge from Judge.

Amod says yes. Uday tells reporter that if they haven’t eloped from there then they shouldn’t have covered all the news. Reporter says we are atleast safe. Uday calls him coward. Lakshmi hides from terrorists. Shalu comes there and hides.

Sonia tells that gun shot is heard, but she didn’t hear who had screamed. She calls Lakshmi inauspicious. Karishma says she shouldn’t have been our bahu. Kiran says she is really inauspicious, and hopes that Malishka and Abhay are safe. Balwinder hides seeing the terrorists/

The Reporter says Mohnish didn’t demand anything till now, he must be having a big plan. Police more team comes there. The reporter says neither Police nor Mohnish contact each other. Other reporter asks the Inspector, what is their strategy. Inspector asks them to let them save the lives.

The terrorist informs Mohnish that the Police team and Media are here. Mohnish says once the Police contact them, they will tell their demands. Rishi hits Mohnish and asks how dare he to shoot his Mom. Mohnish tells him that he will shoot his dad next. Dadi and Devika are on the way to go the court. ACP calls the Police officer and asks them not to go inside, else the hostages lives will be in danger.

Shalu is going behind Lakshmi. Lakshmi collides with Balwinder and asks him to leave her hand. A guy informs Shalu that someone took her to room no 10. Inspector tells ACP that Commissioner asked them not to go inside. ACP says yes, but give me a number which can be used to talk in court.

He asks constable to bring a rat and asks other constables to bring register and pen. Rishi, Ahana and Virender try to wake up Neelam. Neelam gains consciousness and says she is fine.

Mohnish says you fainted hearing the gun shot and says I didn’t kill you intentionally, else my shot wouldn’t have missed. Judge says I wish I would have get you hanged that day. Balram says just order me, I will kill him. Mohnish says we will kill everyone one by one, once govt and Police agree to our demand. The phone rings. Mohnish says let it ring.

Lakshmi asks Balwinder to let her go. Balwinder says I don’t care about them, you are in danger, I do care. Lakshmi says don’t touch me with your dirty hands. Balwinder says the people whom you was going to save, doesn’t deserve it. Lakshmi says don’t talk wrong about my family.

Balwinder says all your family members are fake and are wearing mask. Lakshmi slaps him. Mohnish tells Rishi that he can’t leave. He says he has understood that they are rich, if this is dacoit then they would have kept them captive for money. The ACP contacts Mohnish on call and asks them to leave all the hostages. Mohnish says you must have heard about me. ACP says I want hostages to be safe. Mohnish ends the call.

Balwinder tells Lakshmi that nobody likes her, Malishka, Neelam and Karishma all hate her and want her to be jailed. He says Rishi is waiting for the divorce to happen. Lakshmi shouts enough and says she knows what is Rishi, what he means to her. Balwinder says I have proof and can save you, come with me. Lakshmi says my husband Rishi will save me and will prove that I didn’t do anything wrong.


Bhagya Lakshmi 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mohnish tells that he will kill Rishi and aims gun at him. Lakshmi comes there and pushes Rishi, and she takes the bullet on her hand. Mohnish tells Rishi, you was right and I was wrong, I thought she doesn’t love you and that’s why didn’t come here, but she can give her life for you, you are very lucky that you got such a wife, don’t look at any outsider woman. Malishka looks on. Rishi asks Lakshmi if anything had happened to her, then how he would live. Lakshmi says the same thing. Malishka looks on.


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