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Bhagya Lakshmi 14th July 2022 Episode starts with Ayush asking Malishka and Kiran, if he disturbed them. He says sorry and says he came to ask her about Balwinder. Malishka asks what I have to do with Balwinder. She says even I know him like the other family members. She asks what new I might have known.

Rishi says when my family matter comes, then I don’t bear and says even you are my family until when you are here. He says sorry and says I will not tell again. She asks how do you know about my heart talk.

He says it is my heart talk and says I don’t feel good thinking about this and your smile vanishes. He says why shall we spoil our mood, thinking about tomorrow. Lakshmi smiles and nods her head. He asks yes or no.

She says yes and holds his hands. She says do whatever you want to, I am with you and don’t want any trouble to come on the family. She asks him to promise that nothing will happen to him (Rishi). Rishi says nothing will happen to me. Ayush says ok. Malishka says thank god, he didn’t hear us.

Ayush says I saw you signing Balwinder, when Rishi was beating and asking Balwinder. Malishka asks why will I sign him and asks are you for real? Ayush says yes, why will you sign him. Malishka says she has nothing to do with that cheap man. Kiran says truth will be known when he gets up. Ayush jokes and goes.

Karishma says don’t know if Rishi did right or wrong. Kiran says it is about maturity, Rishi would have thought about it. She says if balwinder tells anything to police then Rishi will be trapped. Neelam says he is not wrong and says the person trying to ruining our family shall be exposed.

She says Balwinder can’t do this alone. Virender says he knows us well and can’t do this alone. Neelam says when he was our driver, he used to come scared. She asks Virender to make sure nothing happens to Rishi, and tells that she will see their enemy supporting Balwinder.

Rishi splashes water on Balwinder’s face. He gets hit while hitting Balwinder. Lakshmi asks him to sit and they look at each other. Ayush comes there and plays the trumpet sound. He says he brought it to play in Balwinder’s ear.

Rishi keeps hand on his ears and says we will not harm our ears. Rishi and Lakshmi keep hand on their ears. Lakshmi asks what about your ears? Ayush says he did the arrangements and shows cotton balls in his ears. He plays it, but Balwinder is still sleeping. Rishi says he is not acting, let him sleep. He goes. Ayush asks why is he angry? Lakhmi says he loves a lot. Ayush asks you? Lakshmi says family..

Rano tells Neha that they have two Servants at home for free. Shalu comes there. Rano says she has come and asks where did she go? Neha asks if she is thinking of excuse. Shalu says I had gone to di’s house. Rano says they have insulted me. She goes. Shalu asks baba ji to be with Lakshmi.

Kiran hires goons and give them 5 lakhs rs to kill Balwinder. They tell that they will take him and dispose him. Kiran shows Malishka’s pic and says she will open the door at 12. Ahana asks lakshmi to sit and have food. Ayush asks Lakshmi not to do much work. Lakshmi says ok, I will not make food from tomorrow.

Ayush asks what did you say? He asks her not to do other work, but make food for everyone. He says I want to have food made by you all life. Rishi looks on. Dadi smiles. Ayush asks her to come. Ahana says bhabhi sit. Neelam gets up seeing Lakshmi on the opposite chair.

She says the person destroying my house is infront of my eyes, how can I eat food. She asks Virender to ask Mukesh to send the food to her room. Kiran says I will leave. Malishka asks Kiran to stay back tonight and asks Karishma if she can stay here. Karishma says this house is yours after your marriage with Rishi, after his divorce. Everyone looks on.

Kiran tells Malishka that she has hired goons to get rid of Balwinder and asks her to open the door at 12 pm. Malishka says if they get caught.

Kiran says they are professional and will not take my name. She asks her to open the door and says she don’t want her name to come out. Sonia comes there and tells that the person helping Balwinder will be caught today and Rishi bhai is sleeping in then hall tonight so that Balwinder don’t escape. Kiran asks can I sleep at this side of bed. Sonia says ofcourse.

Malishka comes to Rishi and asks him to go to room and sleep. She says I will give head massage. He says he don’t like anyone touching my hair. Malishka says I will massage your shoulder. She massages his shoulder. Lakshmi comes there holding blanket and pillow. Rishi says I don’t need it. Lakshmi asks him to be careful and goes. Malishka thinks she has to massage him because of Balwinder.

Rishi closes her eyes. Malishka bends down to kiss his forehead. Rishi gets up and asks what is she doing? Malishka says I was checking if you was sleeping. She asks him to relax and sleep. Lakshmi thinks if someone is with Balwinder, who wants to destroy us. She says Rishi will find out the truth anyhow and hopes he stays fine. She asks God to protect him.

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