Bhagya Lakshmi 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th July 2022 Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Malishka to see, that the fingers which was raised on her, was on you today. Virender says my daughter said right and says you have stoop low, I regret to believe you and thought my daughter wrong. He says I couldn’t become your Bau ji, and apologizes to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi cries and hugs him, calling him bau ji. Virender says now no injustice will happen with you. He says I had brought Lakshmi here for Rishi, she is right for him. Neelam says you. Virender says I told that nobody shall say.

He tells Rishi that if Malishka has done this, you are also responsible for this. Malishka cries and says I am not a culprit. She falls down on Neelam’s feet and says she has not done this. Rishi says don’t do this drama, you have fallen much down than this.

Neelam asks her to leave from the house and says I am not saying anything as you are a girl, and would have punished you if someone else was on your place. She asks her to take this dirt with her. Kiran says Neelam.

Neelam asks Ayush to call Police. Balwinder runs away. It turns out to be Malishka’s imagination. Balwinder says Malishka had told me that Lakshmi is pregnant and says I have proof, but his phone is missing. He says I had proof in my phone. Malishka says he is lying, don’t listen to him. Rishi says Balwinder is saying something. Balwinder swears.

Kiran says I will prove and says my daughter is guilty, she wanted to be bahu of the house, and asks if she will do such a thing that you push her out and Rishi hates her. She says this guy is lying.

Balwinder tells Rishi that he is saying truth. Rishi slaps him and says you wanted to run away, and Malishka didn’t let you escape, and that’s why you are taking his name to go from here. He says you would have run from here. Malishka says I have won, and is not afraid now.

Balwinder says she is a big cheat, she had told me everything. Rishi says close your mouth, if you utter a word against her, then I will not leave you. Kiran and Malishka get happy. Malishka says Sword is moved from my head. Dadi gets up scared in her room and calls Rishi and Lakshmi.

She switches on the lights and asks whose voice is this? She thinks thank god, no guy was here. She finds the bottle missing from her room and shouts. Balwinder says Malishka had done black magic on you all and that’s why you couldn’t see or hear.

He says when I came here with dhol nagara, Malishka had given me money and says I am not doing any work, then how I am running my house. Malishka says didn’t you hear what Rishi said that I can’t do this. Lakshmi says you can do this and knows what is truth.

Balwinder says I love you and Malishka had taken advantage of it. Rishi slaps Balwinder and asks him not to take Lakshmi’s name from his mouth and says she is my wife. Balwinder asks until when, for 2 months, we will talk after 2 months. Virender tells Balwinder that Lakshmi is like his daughter and calls me Bau ji,

and Bau ji means father. He says remember this, I will not hear any wrong word against her, else I will make your condition so worse that you will not forget. Balwinder says you call her daughter, but insult her daily. He asks them to decide if they hate her and love her. He tells Lakshmi that he is getting beaten by them, because of her since morning.

Virender slaps him and asks him not to take her name. Dadi stops him. Balwinder thanks Dadi. Dadi slaps him and warns him not to take Lakshmi’s name. She tells Karishma and Neelam that something was in her room.

She tells that water bottle was missing from her table and was on some other place. She says there is ghost in my room. Ayush screams and hides behind Virender. Neelam and Karishma asks what is it? Balwinder frees herself. Dadi says there is something in my room. Rishi says Dadi is right.

Lakshmi asks why is he scaring Dadi. Rishi says Balwinder’s goon friends must have taken water bottle from Dadi’s room. Balwinder tries to run. Dadi hits steel bottle on his head. Balwinder falls down. Rishi checks his pulse. Dadi asks did I kill him? Lakshmi checks him and says he is unconscious.

Virender says we shall not keep him here, and shall keep him in some room. Rishi says I will keep him in my room and will keep eye on him. Dadi says I didn’t know that I have power in myself. Neelam asks Ayush to sleep in Dadi’s room. Ayush says I? Dadi asks him to sleep on sofa. Virender asks Rishi to close the door and windows and says even I want to hear the truth.

Rishi and Ayush take Balwinder to the former’s room and tie his hands and legs. Dadi comes there and says she is a super woman and says she can handle Balwinder alone. She asks did you see my target. Ayush says you was scared of ghost. Dadi shouts seeing Malishka. Malishka asks if you was talking about me. Dadi says we were talking about ghosts.

Lakshmi asks what are you doing here? As Balwinder took your name. Malishka says Rishi trusts me and broke Balwinder’s mouth, and says your thoughts don’t matter. Rishi says it matters, Balwinder did wrong with Lakshmi and it matters to me.

Malishka says Lakshmi said what she feels, and says we don’t like each other, but there is no truth in whatever Balwinder is saying. Rishi asks for the proofs and says I will not trust anyone until I see the proofs. He says I can’t trust you until I see the proofs. Malishka asks didn’t you scold balwinder and said that you will break his mouth. Rishi says I had said, but that time Lakshmi haven’t said about this.

Malishka says you will doubt me on lakshmi’s sayings, as she feels that I gave him money and told him about her pregnancy. Dadi asks Rishi and Lakshmi to keep eye on Balwinder and asks Ayush and Malishka to come. Malishka says I will be here. Dadi and Ayush say you can’t stay here. Malishka fears what Balwinder will say after gaining consciousness, and thinks if Rishi and Lakshmi get closer.

Lakshmi says this is my bedroom and I don’t want anyone to stay here. She asks her to go and sleep in guest room. She then says I will say, what you want to hear. She says Rishi and I will stay as we used to stay since our marriage.


Bhagya Lakshmi 17th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Malishka says here, I am awake and that lakshmi might be sleeping peacefully with my Rishi. She says do something and end this Balwinder chapter. Rishi and Lakshmi are sleeping while sittijng. Guddu and other guy comes there and take Balwinder from there. Rishi shouts Balwinder and says we shall search him. Balwinder escapes. Kiran and Malishka hear the Police jeep siren.


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