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Bhagya Lakshmi 26th April 2022 Dadi asks where would they find such a girl, she asks Karishma who leaves in anger while Sonia also asks what is she saying, Dadi replies this was just a small question which angered them.

Rishi and Lakshmi are driving when she speaks why is there so much quietness in the car as no one is speaking, Rishi replies that because he is driving and she must be used to for this sort of behavior since he is going there for work so would do his work and sleep after that while repeating the same action over the days,

Lakshmi replies he is the same in Mumbai where he doesnot dance for her, Rishi replies she has gotten nuts, Lakshmi says she has brought them so can give it to him if he feels like eating them, he gets irritated when she says this was just a joke, she says he is just a boring person in Mumbai when Rishi replies he is like this just for her, she questions the reason.

He asks if he doesnot know the reason because he wanted to befriend her but she instead signed the divorce papers but then did not give him the divorce, Lakshmi tries to explain herself when he says that he doesnot want to listen as there cannot be any explanation for what she has done, she tries to play the music when he questions what is she doing, she says if she cannot speak then can at least listen to a song.

Lakshmi plays it when a strange songs starts on the radio channel, Rishi questions if she hears such songs hearing which even she changes it but then the other songs also irritate them both, she finally feels good hearing a song but immediately then changes it realizing it is a song of a brother and sister,

Rishi questions what is wrong with it when she says they are husband and wife but this song is not meant for them, she plays the Hunumanchalis, Rishi mentions that he was a bachelor.

Malishka is driving the car when she is really tensed, thinking that he is not a bachelor and she would be playing romantic songs in the car and might even be kissing his hand, she vows to not let them both come close to each other, she believes Lakshmi might try to come close to Rishi, she cannot let it happen which is why she is coming after them, so they both are separated from each other,

if Lakshmi takes one step then she is going to take two steps ahead, she is shocked to see that the fuel tank is not full so prays that it doesnot end, Malishka cruses Lakshmi saying it is happening because of her otherwise if she knew about her plans then might have also done something, Lakshmi has made a mistake which is why she is going to see such side of Malishka which she has never seen before.

Rishi and Lakshmi are in the car which suddenly stops, she asks what happened when he replies that he felt they should step out into the sun, he says that he is also sitting in the car with her so doesnot know anything and would tell her after checking it, she explains that it was a simple question and he could have given a simple reply, she gets out of the car and sees that the tire is flat.

Rishi comes out asking what does she mean, he says that he knows it and would have to change the tire, he goes to the trunk to take out the tools when she tries to help him but he refuses to allow her advising that she must stand aside, Rishi takes out the spare tire and kneels to open it,

she once again requests to help him but he says that it is really difficult and she must go to sit in the car, he doesnot know where to turn it. She says he would not have done it in his life, but Rishi replies he never asked her for his life commentary. He leaves after receiving a call from peter and so explains that he has not disturbed him.

Lakshmi standing beside the car thinks about how she would ride the tractor in the village, she starts changing the tire.

Malishka driving the car thinks she is going to stay with Rishi in his room and then Lakshmi would feel really bad after what happened; however, the car suddenly stops because of which she feels really irritated as she had to reach Mahabalveshar today.

Rishi coming back is shocked to see that she has changed the tire and asks if she did it but she sits in the car, Rishi question if she knows how to change it. She mentions that her father had a tractor and taught her how to change the tire while her mother taught her how to cook, her father is the one who taught her how to fight with the society but this is how she has earned these traditions.
Malishka stepping out of the car gets really tensed wondering how will she reach Mahabalveshar as there is nothing on this path.

Rishi is sitting in the car when Lakshmi questions if he needs to say something, Rishi explains that they both are going to stay in different room at the resort, Lakshmi questions why does he want her to stay in the other room as they both are a couple and need to stay in the same room.

Kiran reaches the room of Malishka, but she is shocked to see that her clothes have been spread in the wardrobe and even the suitcase is not here so she would have gone to somewhere. Malishka is walking on the road when she is delighted to see the call of her mother, she immediately asks her to send some petrol,

Kiran doesnot understand why does Malishka need it, she replies she is going to Mahabalveshar after Rishi because he left with Lakshmi, Kiran doesnot understand why did he go with her but Malishka replies she is going to tell her everything after coming back but now needs the petrol as she is burning from the sun, Kiran replies she might know someone there who owned a factory so he can help her.

Lakshmi is trying to wipe her hands, Rishi hands her a napkin when she starts smiling, he asks her to not smile so she questions what has he started as he constantly says it to her, he replies because he doesnot like her smile, she says that he used to himself ask her to smile. Rishi says it was when he liked her smile as she listened to him but she doesnot do it anymore, Lakshmi replies that she always listens to him, he doesnot understand. She explains she listens to him but doesnot necessarily obey him, there is a difference after which she starts laughing.

He says it was a flop joke but Lakshmi says he can ask her what he really wants to but is not able, how does she know how to change a tire. He says he doesnot have any interest but she agrees so sits back, he says he knows that her father had a tractor when she replies she still did not tell him how she learned to change it,

he can ask but he is quiet. Lakshmi questions if he is really tensed because of her and so can ask her to leave but she says that this was a joke and she will not leave him. Lakshmi explains that she will leave him after three months as the court will end their marriage.

Rishi wonders why is his heart so tensed after hearing that she is going to leave him, he suggests they can turn on the music but he touches her face as she kneels to play it. She gets tensed apologizing for what happened, he asks the reason and she is not able to clarify it so the entire situation gets awkward, he steps out of the car wondering what has happened to him.

Lakshmi also comes to him questioning if everything is fine, he asks her to come and sit in the car as they might get late. Lakshmi sits in the car but is really tensed.

Malishka is walking when a taxi driver comes asking if she is the one who needed the help, she immediately sits in the car with him.

Malishka decides to call her mother informing that the driver came which worries Kiran who says that the help is going to take some time, she requests Malishka to immediately get out of the car as it might cause some problem, Malishka asks her to not over react as she is fine with the lift which she got, she ends the call in frustration but is also nervous after looking at the driver she vows to come and ruin the entire desires of Lakshmi.

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