Bhagya Lakshmi 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi 27th August 2021 Episode starts with Shristi telling Neha that the lighting is good here and that’s why I shall take a selfie. She takes a selfie in which Neha is seen clearly. She goes. Neha calls Rano and asks her to come and make her wear. Shalu and Bani tell that Neha is their cousin. They talk to Sarla. Lakshmi calls her Maa. Sarla gets emotional and says you can say it, and asks her to call her Maa again. Lakshmi thanks her and calls her Maa. Shristi comes there and sees them hugging Sarla. She asks Sarla, if she changed party. Sarla asks Shristi to come. Shristi hugs her and smiles. Sarla says she will fight with me always. Shristi looks at Lakshmi’s bridal dress and tells Sameer that there is something wrong will happen. She tells that she has seen a girl wearing same lehenga as Lakshmi. He says it is twinning. She says nobody copies bride’s dress and says she wants to become the bride and want to marry the groom. Sameer says this is filmy and nothing of that sort happens in reality. Rakhi comes there and asks Sameer what is happening? Sameer says she was talking and I was hearing. Rakhi says Shristi can’t be wrong, as her eye sight and thoughts can never be wrong. Sameer asks who was that girl in the make up room. Shristi says I don’t know, but can show her face. She shows Neha’s pic to Sameer and Rakhi and says this was the girl. Sameer asks if we will know her name using pic. Shristi tells where she saw her. Rakhi tells that she has an idea and asks her to go behind him.

Balwinder enters the hotel room and asks his goon to cover his face and do make up. His goon asks him to cover himself. Sameer knocks on the door. Neha thinks Rano came and asks her to come inside. Sameer comes inside.

Karan comes to the room. Balwinder says they are room Service. Balwinder’s goon sees Karan and asks for a selfie. Fake beard falls down. Balwinder throws bag on the beard to hide it. Karan looks on and goes. Sameer says he came to the wrong room and tells that her lehenga is good. He says bride is wearing the same lehenga and asks what is her intention? Rano comes there and tells that they got other dress ready, so as no blunder happens. She fools him and asks if he is Rohit, Neha’s boyfriend. Neha says no. Sameer introduces himself. He goes and tells Shristi that the girl is Neha and there is nothing like she thought. Rano says how did he come to know. Neha says a girl had come before him. Shristi says who makes same lehenga in this time. Rano tells that they will come here surely again. She says she will make Lakshmi come inside the make up room and then hit on her head and will make her unconscious. She says then I will take you to the make up room. She asks her to go to make up room. Neha says Rishi is mine. Neelam asks Rishi to come as Pandit ji is calling him to mandap. Rishi comes and sits on the mandap. Sarla is bringing Lakshmi to the mandap along with Bani and Shalu, but Rano stops Lakshmi and asks her to come with her. Neelam says Lakshmi shall be here for var puja. Rano tells that there is a ritual at our place, which needs to be done. She says Vivaan Shubodhi. Sarla says what is this rasam. Rano says we shall do this rasam as it is age old rasam. Sarla says ok and asks Lakshmi to come. Rishi looks at Lakshmi. Rano takes her to the make up room and thinks Neha haven’t come here till now. Lakshmi asks what rasam has to be done. Rano says I am thinking the same and tells that she will bring something from Pandit ji. Shalu comes there and says she has brought water for Di. Rano tries to stop her, but Shalu goes inside and gives water to Lakshmi. Shalu asks her to learn to live for herself.

A boy cries telling that he wants his bat. His mother tells that it was autographed by Karan and goes to search it. Shalu says I will come to your sasural to take care of you. Lakshmi says I am worried about you and bani. Shalu says I will come, whenever I want to come. She asks if you will call me. Lakshmi says my life and home is nothing without you both. Rano thinks Shalu will do something wrong and comes back to Lakshmi. She asks did you come here to cry or to make her drink water. She asks her to go to guests. Shalu goes. Rano goes from there and comes to Neha. Neha says she had gone to get the bat, to hit on Lakshmi’s head. They think to go inside and attack Lakshmi. Rakhi sees her and asks where did she find this bat?

Rano gets angry on Rakhi. Rakhi asks how are you talking to me like this and tells that she is Karan Luthra’s mom. Rano says how do you know that this bat is not of us. Rakhi tells that she saw a boy crying and telling about the bat autographed by his son. She takes the bat from her. Rano sends Neha to Lakshmi. Neha goes inside. Lakshmi asks where is Chachi? Neha asks her to sit quietly and takes the vase. Lakshmi asks if she believes on God as he is the one who sets our destiny, tells that she was about to marry in village, then with Balwinder and now Rishi, who is so good and true. Neha asks why are you telling me? Lakshmi says I want to tell you whatever happens with you, will be good with you.

Neha asks her not to tell all this, as she doesn’t want sympathy and says she is very happy that Rishi is marrying the girl of her house. Lakshmi says I am happy that you have accepted God’s wish. Neha asks do you have safety pin. Lakshmi says yes and turns. Neha hits vase on her head. Lakshmi holds her head and looks at Neha, before fainting and falling down. Neha says you will take my Rishi, I will get Rishi only, not Rishi like.


Bhagya Lakshmi 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Karan and Sameer get doubtful seeing Balwinder. Balwinder plans to kidnap Lakshi. Rano comes to Neha and ask if she killed Lakshmi. They keep Lakshmi under the bed. Rano then calls Neha and asks her to come out as Pandit ji is calling. Neha thinks only Rishi is hers.


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