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Bhagya Lakshmi 27th September 2022 Episode starts with Balwinder silently escaping when Rano comes and keeps hand on his shoulder. Balwinder asks what you are doing here. Rano says she will get him caught, and says if she gets crazy then she will do bad with her. She says though Lakshmi got freed, but I will not leave you.

Balwinder says lakshmi got freed. Rano says you didn’t know. He asks how did she come out? Rano says Rishi took the blame on himself, as he loves her. Balwinder says even I love her. Rano says you are a thief. Balwinder thinks I thought him selfish, but he loves Lakshmi.

Lakshmi promises Rishi that she will take him out from here. She asks if you trust me? Rishi says I have confidence on you. Lakshmi promises him. He says he don’t need promise from her, as she will not let him stay away from him, I mean here in jail. Lakshmi says right and asks him to say what is in his heart. He says all the best, you will win. Lakshmi smiles. Rishi also smiles. Tu thodi der plays……

Lakshmi goes out. The prisoner tells Rishi that she loves you very much and can give her life for you. Rano tells Balwinder that Oberois will do anything to take out Rishi. She asks him to give money and checks his pocket. She gets money and says I can buy only 2 lipsticks with this money and says she wants this much money daily. Balwinder thinks he has to do something and become hero, shall become like Rishi for Lakshmi and then she will be mine.

Malishka thinks Rishi sacrificed himself to free Lakshmi, thinks if I freed Rishi then I will be trapped. She wonders how to take him out. Lakshmi comes out silently, signs Ayush and goes. Inspector shouts asking Ayush and Shalu to go from there and says nobody can solve such case. Constable asks Shalu to either return his heart or give her heart to him. Shalu smiles. Inspector asks them to go.

Ayush says our work is done and goes out. They come out arguing. Lakshmi thanks them. Shalu tells that your dewar is jhalla. Lakshmi says I saw everything. Shalu says you would have said something else and asks him not to do such things again else she will see him. Ayush cleans his face and asks her to see him now itself.

Shalu throws water on his face. He shouts Shalu jhagralu, why did you throw water on me. Shalu asks him to wipe his face and then talk to her. Ayush says this water will not let the fire set off. They sit in the car. Lakshmi thinks they are fighting like Rishi and me, and thinks if he likes me, and if they also like each other. She thinks to talk to them later, but for now, she has to prove Rishi’s innocence.

Karishma tells Dadi that everything will be fine, asks her not to take tension. Lakshmi comes there and tells Dadi that she has brought food for her. Dadi says Lakshmi will make everything fine. Karishma gets upset and is about to go. Lakshmi asks her to stay back. Karishma asks her to make everything fine and goes.

Rishi lies down on the floor in jail. Lakshmi also lies down on the floor and doesn’t take pillow. She says don’t think that you are alone, and think all good and sleep. She says see my dream so that neither I miss you nor I miss you. Rishi says you will dream about me and shall not rule on me. Lakshmi asks him to sleep and says good bye. Rishi says I would have answer if you was infront of me.

I will see you in dreams and says bye. Lakshmi says if you would have been here, then would have argued with me, says good night. Shalu comes to Lakshmi’s room and asks why you are sleeping on the floor.

Lakshmi says Rishi is sleeping on the floor too. Shalu says even he loves you so much. She says when we came here to Mumbai, we saw his pics in office room when we were stuck, we didn’t know that he will become my jiju and we will see his photo in his room. She says he is very lucky to get you. Lakshmi says if we are not lucky. Shalu says yes, we are lucky. Lakshmi asks her to sleep with her. Shalu asks if I get the pillow. Lakshmi says yes. Shalu lies down on her hand and teases her.

Lakshmi says once Rishi comes out. Shalu says how? Lakshmi says how we will do this? Shalu says we will ask Police to enquire about the case. Lakshmi says they had close enquiry when I was in jail. Shalu says we shall get the case transferred to CID or CBI, or shall hire a detective.

Lakshmi says no, and tells that if they enquire then will find a way to reach the truth. Shalu asks her to tell what happened that day. Lakshmi says Rishi had to go to Bangalore that day, and food critics were coming to hotel that day, so he handed over the work to me. She says next day Ayush and I went to hotel and started making food.

Shalu says we shall talk to the chefs. Lakshmi says we shall talk to Mukesh, who went missing and then came suddenly to court. Shalu says if someone added the poison in food silently.

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