Bhagya Lakshmi 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th August 2021  Episode starts with Rakhi thinking the boy will be happy seeing the bat. She collides with the waiter and asks for the tissue paper to wipe her saree. Rano comes, takes the bat and runs. Rakhi thinks she is very strange woman. Rano comes to the room and sees Lakshmi unconscious on the floor. She asks Neha what did she do, if she killed her. Neha says she was lecturing me, and wanted to snatch my Rishi from me, and asks her to die. Shristi tells Sameer that she is still not convinced. She sees Rakhi and asks what happened? Rakhi says nothing and asks about the girl who got same lehenga as Lakshmi. Shristi tells that Lakshmi’s cousin was wearing it and gave an excuse that it is a ritual at their place, to make two lehengas.

Rakhi tells that she has seen Neha and Rano and tells that Neha has stolen it, so I got it, but then Rano snatched the bat and ran away. She says it she wants to hit someone with bat. Shristi tells Rakhi that she thought right, and says Neha wants to marry Rishi, we shall stop her. She says we shall go to Lakshmi’s room and see if she is fine. Neha and Rano dragged Lakshmi under the bed. Shristi tells Rakhi that whenever there is something wrong happening, I come to know beforehand. Rakhi asks what is Abhaas? Shristi says I come to know before. She asks her to come. Neha and Rano keep Lakshmi under the bed. Gurucharan comes to Sarla and says I have a request. Sarla asks her to tell. Gurucharan tells that Lakshmi, Shali and Bani are orphans, and says Lakshmi called you Maa. Sarla says don’t worry, I will be here and will take care of all of them. Shalu also calls her Maa and hugs her. Sarla asks Shalu where is her other jhumka. Shalu says it might have fallen when I hugged Di. Shristi and Rakhi come to the wrong room and see a guy drinking. The boy and his mother come to the room and see the bat. The boy’s mother accuses them for stealing her son’s bad. Neha argues with her. Shristi says she got confused with room. Rano gets Neha ready for the marriage. Neha asks her to come and call her, if Pandit calls her. Rano goes.

Shalu comes to the room and thinks where did Didi go? She starts searching her earring. She bends down and picks her earrings. She doesn’t see Lakshmi and goes out. Neha comes there. Rano calls Neha and asks her to come, as Pandit ji is calling. She asks her to cover her face with ghunghat and says nobody shall see your face. Neha thinks now she will be Mrs. Rishi Oberoi. She covers veil on her head and comes out, locking the door. Preetam tells Rano that Neha is not seen. Rano says bride came and says first let her sit in the mandap. Preetam says you are very happy to make her sit in the mandap. Rano says you are right, everyone will doubt. Neha is coming there and thinks finally she will sit on the mandap. Balwinder thinks Lakshmi came and kidnaps her. He tells that he had promised to return and says now Rishi will sit alone in mandap, and I will marry you and will become your bhagya devta. Neha nods no. Balwinder’s friend make her smell chloroform and take her in down. Rakhi tells Shristi that she is tired. Shristi says I will go and see Lakshmi. Rakhi sees Balwinder and the goon and asks them to keep the drum down. She says I am tired and wants water. She asks them to bring it. Balwinder argues and asks her to get it herself. Shristi asks how are you talking to her. Rakhi calls Virendra and Neelam. Balwinder keeps the drum down and sends his friend to bring water. His friend brings water and gives to Rakhi. Balwinder rolls the drum and is taking it downstairs, when the lid comes out. Shristi sees Neha’s face. Rakhi tells that chewing gum was stuck to her foot. Shristi tells that she has seen Neha in the drum, they took her.

Preetam tells Rano that if she will make Neha marry Rishi by cheat, then also they will not accept her as their bahu. Rano says she will act and will say that she was forced to make Neha sit, as Lakshmi eloped and will request them to accept Neha. Preetam asks where is Lakshmi? He says this is Lakshmi’s marriage and this is wrong. He asks where is she? Rano takes his mobile and runs out, locks him.

Balwinder and the goon drive the jeep. Neha gains consciousness and asks them to open her. Balwinder asks his goon to stop and says this is Neha’s voice. They get down to check. Neha slaps Balwinder. Balwinder asks where is Lakshmi? Neha says she has murdered her. Rakhi tells that when Neha is gone, then Lakshmi will be here. She says what Neha might have done with Lakshmi?


Bhagya Lakshmi 28th August 2021Written Episode Update Precap : Balwinder asks Neha to tell where is Lakshmi and says he will drop her. Neha says I will tell you. Sameer tells Karan that she was right. Rano brings Neha to the mandap. Shristi sees lakshi under the bed unconscious. Rishi and Neha’s marriage rituals begin. Shristi tells Rakhi that Lakshmi is infront of her.


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