Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd September 2022 Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Shalu if she is feeling more pain. Shalu says no and asks her to have food. Lakshmi asks them to have food and makes them have food. She says I will make your friendship love forward.

Ayush asks Lakshmi why she is smiling? Lakshmi says nothing. Ayush and Shalu argue. Lakshmi says you both can’t become friends, as you both love each other.

Neelam asks Virender who is Mr. Basu. Virender says India’s number 1 lawyer. He says tomorrow he is coming here. Neelam asks why did you call him. Virender says even if I haven’t called him, then Rishi would have called him and he can do anything for his wife.

Neelam asks what you are doing for your wife? Virender says I have done so much for you, and will do it in future again. Neelam says whatever he could do, is because of her. She says you was nothing without me, and asks him to say if she is wrong.

Virender says that time you was not wrong, but this time you are wrong. He says I love you immensely and will love you always, but this time I will support my daughter. Neelam says daughter again and says you know her truth. Virender says Lakshmi is truthful and you are ignoring the truth.

He says Lakshmi kept the family first before herself, who saved your son repeatedly, had taken care of the family members. Neelam asks if I didn’t do all this, and asks if there was no happiness in the family before she came.

She asks who did this? I have done this. She asks if I didn’t do anything. Virender says you have done so much for the family. He says you have a misunderstanding that Lakshmi is inauspicious. Dadi hears them and appreciates him in her heart.

Lakshmi finds the ring missing and asks the ladies to give Rishi’s ring. The lady says it is with us, tell with whoever it is. They tell if you say wrong, then you will lose the ring. The other lady says if you couldn’t get it, then your husband will not fulfill his promise made to you. They ask Lakshmi to say, who is having the ring.

Lakshmi imagines Rishi there and holds his hand. He says I will not break the promise. Lakshmi says I know you will not break your promise and asks him to say who is having the ring. Rishi says you want to cheat. Lakshmi says they have done cheating and says it is my gift. Rishi signs at the lady who is holding his ring.

Lakshmi comes to the lady. The lady gives her ring. Lakshmi smiles. The ladies ask how did she know? Lakshmi says Rishi told me, and tells that he stays in her heart always and told her. The lady asks if she had a love marriage. Lakshmi says arranged marriage and tells that all the family members love her a lot. The lady says your husband loves you a lot.

Rishi thinks Lakshmi will be out now. He thinks wherever he sees, he sees her. He imagines Lakshmi calling him and dancing with him in their room. They fall on the bed. Lakshmi laughs. Rishi says do you remember that I had asked you once, if you need me for forever.

Lakshmi says when Dadi and Ayush had come. He says yes, and asks her to answer, if she will stay with him always. She says you have changed the question. Rishi says if stay with you, or you stay with me, it is same.

Lakshmi says yes. Rishi asks yes for what? Lakshmi says we will be together. He asks if you are answering me. He says you are my answer and says whenever I miss you, you come infront of me. He says I just remember once and you come infront of me. He says just like we are incomplete without each other, I am incomplete without you.

Lakshmi says she used to feel this from before, we are incomplete without each other. She says we are not separate, we can’t complete without each other. Rishi promises her that he will be with her and will not let the loneliness affect her.

He gets up from the bed and thinks filmy scenes are happening with him, he is imagining her when she is not here. He says he misses her very much when she is not around. He says life doesn’t seem to be life without her. Malishka hears and goes away from there upset.

Dadi appreciates Virender for answering Neelam. She says Neelam has done so much for the house, but that doesn’t mean that she is always right. Virender says Neelam is upset as Rishi has gone against her. dadi asks if we are all wrong.

Malishka comes to the room and vents out her anger. She says I will get mad. Kiran thinks what happened to her and asks her. Malishka says same thing is happening again and again and says Rishi has imagined dancing with Lakshmi and told that she is in his breath and he is nothing without her.

She says Rishi forgot everything that he used to say me I love you 5 times in a day. She says she has hired Balwinder due to Rishi, and blames Lakshmi. Kiran says Lakshmi will not come out. Malishka says she don’t trust Police and investigation.

She says I don’t want to be on false hopes, and will do something that Police enquiry and investigation will be according to me, and Lakshmi can’t come out of jail, I will make sure. Abhay says this will happen and I will do everything. Malishka hugs him.


Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ayush tells Rishi and lawyer that Chef Mukesh is missing. Lawyer says now the doubt is on him, it can be someone’s conspiracy. Rishi says if it is someone’s conspiracy, then I will not leave that person and hits his hand in air, and is about to hit Malishka mistakenly. Malishka holds his hand. The lady in the lock up tells Lakshmi that the guy fall for another woman, or the women trap them, and don’t let the men know. Lakshmi thinks if Malishka did this intentionally. Malishka asks Rishi, if he is fine. Rishi says I am better than before, as I came to know about the culprit’s name.


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