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Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd May 2022 Episode starts with Rishi telling Inspector that they are husband and wife. Inspector asks him to be quiet and says until I was thinking that you are husband and wife, I was talking nicely, and I don’t leave the people who does such work. Rishi says you can’t talk to my wife like this and tells that they haven’t done anything wrong. Lakshmi looks at him.

Rishi says we will leave from here and asks her to come. Inspector says put them in jail. Rishi says nobody shall touch my wife and defends Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks him not to fight. Rishi says you are my wife. Lakshmi tells Inspector that she is Rishi’s wife and shows her mangalsutra. Rishi argues with Inspector. Lakshmi asks him to calm down. Inspector says put them behind bars.

Malishka reaches the PS with unconscious Kiran on the car seat. Kiran is semiconscious and asks for water. Malishka gives her water. Kiran says she wants to sleep. Malishka thinks she is still in medicine effect. Constable is about to put them in jail, but Rishi comes back to Inspector and asks how they can put women and men in the same cell. He says he will not let his wife stay in the cell.

Neelam shouts at Sanjay and asks why the room window is open. Virender says I have opened it for fresh air. Neelam says it is my room and I will decide what to do. She asks him to go to garden to enjoy fresh air. Virender asks Neelam to show herself to doctor and says you are getting much angry. Neelam gets irked and says she has problem with Lakshmi.

Inspector asks Rishi to prove that Lakshmi is his wife. Inspector lets him make a call. Rishi calls Neelam. Neelam says she is getting call from unknown number, but her battery is low. Rishi asks Inspector to bring his phone. Inspector says it might be in the resort. Rishi says he wants it and will prove that Lakshmi is his wife.

Rishi comes to the lock up. Constable locks him. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he don’t remember other family members’ numbers. Lakshmi says she remembers mummy ji and bau ji’s number. Rishi asks her to sit. She says you can’t hold my hand so tightly. He says I am here due to you and never thought that I will sit here, with such people and says sorry. Lakshmi says I didn’t call Police and asks him to trust her.

He says this word is not meant for you and asks why she has come with him to Mahabaleshwar. Lakshmi says I have come to trouble you. Rishi says finally truth came out from your mouth and recalls lawyer’s words. A lady in the lock up laughs hearing them and says you both love each other so much. Rishi and Lakshmi tell that they don’t love each other. The men in the lock up ask Rishi if she burnt your clothes while ironing or made you have lauki etc. He says she loves you a lot. Rishi looks on.

Malishka comes inside and claims that she is Rishi’s wife and asks him to leave her husband. Inspector says if he is your husband then he will be here, and if he is Lakshmi’s husband then he will be freed. Malishka says she is his wife. Inspector says Lakshmi has shown her mangalsutra and sindoor and asks where is your sindoor and mangalsutra. Malishka says she is a modern wife and asks who are you to ask? Inspector says put her in the jail. He says he wants proves which proves that she is his wife.

Malishka calls Neelam and asks her to send engagement pictures, as she wants to see. Neelam says I will send it by tomorrow, as I am going somewhere now. Malishka says no, and tells about Rishi’s arrest, says she wants to save him. Neelam asks where is he? Malishka says Mahabaleshwar PS. Neelam says I am coming there. Malishka gets tensed.

Rishi tells the men and women in the lock up that they are in the relationship to trouble each other. Lakshmi says she don’t want to talk to him. Rishi says he enjoys seeing her worried and asks her to be there. Lakshmi gets up and tells Constable that she wants to make a call, to his Mom.

Malishka thinks if Neelam had sent the pics, then she would have bailed out Rishi, but everyone has become her enemy. Kiran washes her face and tells Malishka that the pills which they have added, she had taken accidentally in the drink. She asks why are you here? Malishka tells that Lakshmi wanted to get closer to Rishi, so she got him arrested taking Lakshmi’s name to spoil her night. She asks Kiran to come inside and tell that she is Rishi’s wife. Kiran says ok.

Rishi asks why you want to call Mom? Lakshmi says she can take us out from here. Rishi says you can’t call Mom. Lakshmi says don’t you know that she will get angry. Rishi says we let you stay with us due to court orders and asks her not to think that it is their wish. Lakshmi asks what happened to him suddenly and says it is your wine effect which is showing. Rishi says you don’t have manners.

Lakshmi says I guess you have it much. She says she wants to call Neelam. He says don’t call. He says she will call your class badly. The lady tells that mother in law always think that her son is right and daughter in law is bad. Neelam tells Virender that Lakshmi is inauspicious and got Rishi arrested. Karishma asks what Rishi has done? Neelam says whatever other Pandit ji had said is right and says Rishi might have done what Lakshmis grah’s made him do. She asks Ayush to hire helicopter or cab and says she wants to go to Mahabaleshwar urgently.

Rishi tells the lady that she is in jail due to Lakshmi, and says he is getting to see her new side daily. He says he brought her here without his mom’s wish and that’s why wants to save himself from her anger. The women and the men there tell that they are made for each other and asks them to get bad sight off from them. A lady constable puts black tika on behind their ears and praises their Jodi.

Kiran tells Inspector that she is Malishka’s mother and Rishi is her daughter’s husband. Inspector says everything is available on net and says I am sure that you are not his wife, and says once I get the proof, you will be inside. Malishka shouts at Inspector and argues with him. Inspector asks Kiran to take her daughter away else he will arrest her. Malishka shouts at Inspector again. Kiran asks her to come.

Rishi tells the people that Lakshmi was about to divorce him. Lakshmi says you was always good and truthful from beginning. Rishi says don’t talk such things here.


Bhagya Lakshmi 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Lakshmi makes Rishi rest his head on her shoulder, seeing him sleepy. Inspector tells Kiran that Malishka loves Rishi one sided, and asks her to get her treated, else she will become psycho lover, will become mad for doing kambakht ishq. He advices her to search a nice guy and settle down rather than wasting her time behind chasing Rishi Malishka is shocked and sees Rishi resting his head on lakshmi’s shoulder in the lock up. Neelam and Virender reach the PS. Inspector says you people are lucky as your son is not married to this girl ( Malishka). Rishi tells that he is in jail due to Lakshmi. Lady constable says Malishka is the one who called Police. Rishi is shocked.


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