Bhagya Lakshmi 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th September 2022 Episode starts with Neelam seeing Rishi praying in the temple and calls his name. She says you are praying. Dadi says matter is about Lakshmi today and that’s why he is praying.

Neelam says the matter is about our family’s respect, but nobody cares and praying for Lakshmi. Virender says matter is one, family respect, Rishi and Lakshmi are all same. Neelam says Lakshmi has stained on the family and tells that she is praying for her family’s respect.

She tells Rishi that nobody shall look at their family and respect. She says nobody shall dare to look at us and don’t dare to point finger on us. Rishi promises that he will bring house respect and happiness back home after the court hearing. Ram Ram Jai Raja Ram plays….Lakshmi looks at the ring and it slips from her hand.

The diya in the temple sets off suddenly. Lakshmi holds the ring. The lady constable Aaliya comes to Lakshmi and asks her to wear the saree sent from her home, says she will be taken to court. Lakshmi thinks Rishi will not break his promise.

Ayush tells Rishi that he heard that Mr Amod is the prosecution lawyer and got all the criminals punished. Rishi says but Lakshmi is innocent and she will win. He says today public prosecutor will lose, due to Lakshmi.

Ayush hopes so. Karishma tells that Mr. Basu is a good lawyer and I heard Ayush telling that he made some play to freed Lakshmi. Neelam says Mr. Amod is the Prosecution lawyer, and today Mr. Basu can’t do anything. Karishma says good. Rishi tells dadi that Lakshmi will be back today. Ahana tells Rishi that Lakshmi has bear so much pain for us and is truthful, nothing shall happen to her.

Ayush says nothing will happen to her, she is truthful. Karishma asks them not to be judge. The reporter comes there with other reporters and ask what he thinks will happen today. Rishi says Lakshmi is innocent and haven’t done anything. He says today she will be freed. They ask if he trust his wife. Rishi says he trust his wife and law too.

Uday asks Neelam what she would like to say? Neelam says she don’t want to say. He says even if Lakshmi gets freed, then also Oberoi family will be respect. Neelam says when it will be proved that we have nothing to do with this incident, then how you will face us. Many police officers come there.

Uday tells the viewers that the arrangement is good, the criminal is dangerous so is her crimes, which is to end and ashamed humanity. Sonia says he is saying as if Lakshmi is terrorist. Sonia says she is terrorist only.

Uday tells that the dangerous criminal shall be punished and he is none other than terrorist gang leader Mohnish. He tells that he is the same Mohnish who has killed many people and today he is present in this court, and he will get punished. Mohnish gets down from the Police van.

Mohnish gets down and asks the Police officer, why they have done the arrangements, and tells that when he wanted to run, nobody can stop him. Inspector says my one bullet is sufficient for you, and tells that he is the protector of his country and his country is giving him a chance to clarify. Mohnish asks who is my men? Inspector says today your men will be punished too.

Karishma tells that she has seen terrorist for the first time with her eyes. Sonia says he is looking dangerous. Karishma says imagine how much dangerous he is when freed. Dadi says no terrorist can’t get away from death punishment. Neelam says nobody has the right to play with people’s emotions.

Karishma says even Lakshmi has tried to kill people. Ahana says you are comparing Lakshmi Bhabhi with the terrorist. Karishma says you know what I mean, and says once Lakshmi gets the punishment, I will explain to you. Ahana says you are still saying. Neelam asks her not to ruin the family’s respect. Rano comes there with Shalu and Bani. Shalu says Lakshmi di. Rishi says nothing wrong will happen with her. Ayush says Mr. Basu haven’t come. Rishi says he might be coming.

He says if Lakshmi sees us, then will get strength. Lakshmi is brought to the court in another van. The lady constable gives hand to Lakshmi so that she can get down the van. Rishi comes and gives his hand. Lakshmi holds his hand and gets down the van. Tera hoke rahun plays….Uday and other reporters come there. Uday says two people are still critical and asks why did you do this,

if you have any enmity with the family or wanted to kill them. He asks if they have done something wrong with you, then you punished them this way. Rishi asks him not to come to the conclusion and says why are you saying wrong things. He says I can claim that Lakshmi is innocent.

Uday says why you are replying to us. Rishi says she is my wife and is innocent, and says you want to ruin Lakshmi’s name. He says I will not let wrong thing happen with my wife and asks him to go. Uday says let her say. Rishi says you don’t understand her pain and hurting her. He asks him to go and pushes him.

Lakshmi stops him. Uday tells the viewers that Rishi and Lakshmi are supporting each other, says if Rishi is also involved, and the family will be ruined. He thinks about his revenge from Neelam. Lakshmi asks why are you doing this?

Rishi says I will not leave my wife due to the fear. He promises her that he will not let anything happen to her. Lakshmi gets emotional. Shalu and Bani come to her. Bani hugs Lakshmi and asks are you fine? Lakshmi says she is fine and asks why did she come here? Shalu says she didn’t sleep even for a minute so I brought her here. Bani asks her to come to home, and then they will get langar done.

Rishi says she will come home, I will get langar (distribution of food to the needy) done. Lakshmi says Rishi will do everything fine. Dadi, Virender and Ayush ask Lakshmi to come home. Ahana says we miss you, come home. Neelam says nothing is important to me than my family’s respect, and I regard you guilty and if I was the judge then I would have punished you for this crime.

Dadi says God is the biggest judge. Virender says if you have punishment there, then here also no punishment. Dadi says you will not be punished. Inspector asks Lakshmi to come inside the court. While the lady constable Aaliya is taking Lakshmi with her. Rishi looks at her and walks with her.

Someone collides with Rishi and he is about to fall. Lakshmi holds his hand and asks him to walk properly. She asks him to see and walk. He says you will come home and handle me. Aaliya says if Lakshmi don’t come home. Rishi says she is innocent and will be freed. He says my trust will win. Aaliya says my heart is saying that your love shall win.


Bhagya Lakshmi 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mr Basu tells the Judge that the food was not made by Lakshmi, but the Chefs, so I request you to free Lakshmi immediately. Lakshmi says he is saying wrong, I had made that food and I am saying truth. Malishka smiles. Rishi shocked. Later Mr. Basu burst his anger on them and says he knows how to win the fight and asks them to let him do what he wants to do, to win the case, else hire another lawyer.


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