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Elimination Day
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says that we can talk to them but it’s always less. We will continue today. He connects the call to the house. Salman congrats everyone for nominations. He says how did this happen? All got nominated. Paras says Bigg Boss asked for the things that are more important than people here. One has to go so there is no need to save anyone. Salman says there were two teams, you people were asking to save Mahira. Paras says I thought my team would support her. Arti and Sana didn’t support her. Sana says Mahira is confident that she would stay here. Mahira says you have a misunderstanding about me. Don’t talk about me. Sana says he is asking me so I am answering. Mahira says you are wrong about me. Sana says what’s your problem? Mahira says don’t talk. Sana says Vishal was in bottom two so I took her name but then I was like don’t save anyone and save the things. Salman says you wanted to save Vishal because he was weak. Mahira says Sana liked Paras and then she was my friend. When Paras came back, she thought that we stop Sid from talking to her. She called me cheap yesterday. Salman says you have a problem with Sana too. Mahira says this problem has been going on. Paras says we can’t trust her. Mahira says I never faked my friendship with her. Sana says she is my friend but they shouldn’t tell me about my game. I want to play my game. Paras says then we can’t trust her. Sana says I covered Mahira because they called me jealous but now I will take sides which I like. Her tone is not good, she thinks she is above everyone, she knows that I would be the first one to go to her if Paras is gone. Mahira says don’t say that you don’t have a problem. Paras called you jealous and not me. You crossed a line and then I had to ask Paras to not talk to you. Paras says Sana has over-confident, people love her but she is in a different zone. Sana says I am never proud like that. He is wrong. Paras says she is senseless, she just wants to be praised all the time. Rashami says don’t call her senseless. Salman asks Mahira if she is fine? Mahira cries. Salman says we heard jealousy word a lot, let’s do a test and ask the inmates about who is jealous. They bring the heart shapes for Mahira and Sana. The inmates to tell who has more jealousy for whom. Asim says Sana loves Paras so she might have a problem. He fills her heart. Rashami says Sana wants the attention of Sid, he needs to be with her. Vishal says Sana is not insecure of Paras and Mahira but she doesn’t like Sid’s divided attention. He fills her heart. Madhu says Sana is loud but both have issues. She fills Sana’s heart too. Arti says Sana is possessive about her people. She fills her heart. Sid laughs when it’s his turn. Salman laughs too. Sid says actually… Arti was right because Sana is hurt because of Paras’ words. I don’t spend much time with Mahira but I don’t pacify her. He says Sana is not jealous. Rashami says she can never be jealous. Sana says don’t explain it. Salman says why this word is used now? Sid fills Mahira’s heart. All laugh. Sid tries to hug Sana but she pushes him away and says nobody comes near me. Salman says then who will praise you? Sana cries and says I beat myself so much for this word. Salman says what happened? Sana says you tell me if I am jealous? Salman says you are jealous, you are winning this game. Sana cries and says I don’t want to stay. Mahira says I can’t fake crying like this. This is fake. Sana says I need 5 minutes. Salman says Shefali is next. Shefali fills Sana’s heart. Salman cries like Sana. Shefali says Sana is attached to Sid. Paras tells Sana that you have a problem with this word so I will put this liquid in Mahira’s heart. Salman says do your task. Paras fills Sana’s heart. Sana says I don’t care about Paras. She cries and says even Sid doesn’t care about me. Salman says listen… Sana says no. Salman shouts at her and says don’t do this drama with me, I respect you so you respect me. Sana says I want to leave. Salman says you are not a kid. Sana says throw me out, I want to leave with respect. Salman says to be respectful in front of me. He ends the call.

In the house, Sana sits near the gate and asks Sid to leave. She says you have destroyed my respect. Sid says listen to me. Sana says I don’t deserve to be in this show, I have a problem with this word.
Shefali hugs Mahira. Mahira says she is faking all this drama.
Sana tells Sid that I am not jealous of her. Rashami tells Sana that she is over-doing it. We know you are not jealous. Sid says don’t do it, I told you to not do this. He shouts at her to stop saying all that.
Paras tells Mahira that she is over-doing it. Mahira says now Salman saw her reality too. Shefali says she is throwing a fit.
Arti tells Sana that we didn’t use the jealous words. Sana says I have to leave, I can’t lose my respect. Salman connects the call and asks everyone to come inside. He tells Sid that be careful of this one, she is in love with you, this is a bad one. Sid says I have seen it. Salman says let her go outside. She is a stubborn kid, this is possessiveness, you have to tell her that this is bad, it won’t be good for you and her after the show. He ends the call.
Sana tells Sid that I have to go out, I have disrespected Salman Sir. I have to go out.
Paras tells Vishal that I talked to her in the first week but she was jealous of Mahira from then.
Sana tells Sid that I can’t face Salman now. I don’t fake it. Sid says they can say anything. Sana says I pointed at Salman and denied him, I have to go now.
Paras tells Vishal that I saw Sana from the secret room, she told Rashami that Mahira was flirting with Vishal when I was not her and that Mahira is searching for a new lover. Sid comes there and asks Paras to not talk to Salman about this.

On the Stage:
Salman says a lot is going on. He connects the call again. Rashami tells Sana that we have to control our emotions. Salman says she wanted to make Paras jealous and went to Sid and now she is attached to him, she is acting like a stubborn child, this is not good. What is going on? He asks Vishal what was your problem? Vishal says this was not the first time. Salman says whatever happened between you and Madhu was your matter, you can’t talk to her like this, you love her and ask her to get lost? Vishal says she curses at me. Salman says you both are on TV. Madhu says he was misbehaving. Salman says she didn’t hit you with the slipper, she just touched you. Salman says you both have a strong connection, why are you messing it with bad words? Both have wrong attitude. Sana is still in the garden. Salman says why question Bigg Boss if you have a confusing relationship? You asked Bigg Boss to send her out, he gave you the chance but you didn’t go out or send Madhu out. Others are using slippers and slap too. He shows Madhu hitting Vishal then Mahira slapping Paras then Sana hitting Sid with the slipper then Sid grabbing Sana. The clip ends. Salman says this is not right. Sid laughs. Salman says this is not funny, you pinned Sana down, people thought you traumatized her and she beat herself. Would you babysit her after the show? This is not right. How do we decide what’s game and what’s your personal matter? This is not a TV show, it’s a reality show. You people are getting slapped without any reason. Sid says she was joking so I pinned her down as I couldn’t let go every time. Salman says Sana is looking wrong, we can’t let go every time. Sid says you said that I back-bite about Sana with Paras and she fought with me two days. All laugh. Salman says to Sid that you have to be careful as people are watching the clips without context. He ends the call.

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes Deepika Padukone. Deepika greets him. Salman says your film is praised. Deepika talks about her movie and how Lakshmi became an inspiration. Salman says you went inside and they fought because of you. Deepika says I didn’t see any negativity inside. Salman welcomes Lakshmi and Vikrant. He greets them. Salman tells Lakshmi that you are an inspiration for Deepika. She might have a kid soon. Deepika says you marry first. Salman says I am a kid, Vikrant should marry. Vikrant says I am getting married. Salman laughs. Salman asks Lakshmi how was her experience in the house? She says great. My wish is to sing with you. She sings teri meri kahani with Salman. He hugs her and sings. Lakshmi says I want you and Deepika to make the food for me. They all do a cooking competition. Lakshmi helps Salman. The audience eat it. They vote for Salman’s food. Deepika says Lakshmi started a campaign to ban acid. Lakshmi says we have to take out the acid from our brains. Salman wears the campaign band with her and hugs her. Deepika leaves with her team.

Salman connects the call to the house. He calls the caller of the week. She asks Asim that you promised to avoid Sid but we don’t see you anymore, you are not seen without Sid, Sid was entertaining this week, he was there all week but you were not seen. You might have to change your strategy to move without Sid in the game. Asim says I promised to avoid Sid, we interacted in the tasks, I don’t know if I was seen or not. The caller says Asim is seen only when he fights. Salman says you won’t be seen when you are in the gym. Asim says I do it for myself. Salman says to do things for the audience, you can fight and enjoy. You can ignore but you can’t bore. Salman asks Rashami why you look sad? Rashami says I am home-sick. Salman says you have changed house keys? Rashami says yes. Salman says did Arhaan get the keys? You remember him right? Rashami laughs. Salman ends the call. Rashami says to send someone to my house who can take care of my house. Salman asks Vishal if Madhu leaves then how will you feel? He says I will feel bad. Salman says that’s why you treat her badly. Madhu says if he leaves then I will roam around like a ghost. Salman says that’s why you both keep fighting each other. Salman ends the call.

In the house:
Sid tries to talk to Sana. Sana says I am irritated, please leave me, I can’t stay here anymore, I can’t digest the people who have problems with me. I have problem with everyone and I am jealous, you have proved it. You made me look bad. Sid says you are not bad. Sana says I can’t be here, it’s my respect to leave. Sana throws her mic. Sid says if you think you disrespected Salman then say sorry and come back. Sana says I can’t face him. Go away. Salman enters the house and ignores Sana and goes inside the living room. Salman hugs everyone. Salman jokes with Mahira that Paras and Sid back-bite about her. Salman says Bigg Boss is no. 1 show. He brings the cake from the store-room. Salman asks to call Sana as well. Sid goes and calls her. He says Salman is calling you. Sana says I am not coming, he didn’t call me. Sid says he came for you, don’t do this, he called you. Sana says I have to go out. Sid says let’s go inside first. Salman goes and asks Sid to come inside, leave her, there is no need to convince her too much. Sana says I want to talk to you. Salman says there is no place for disrespect.


Bigg Boss 13 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Sana asks Sid to not hurt her. Sid says I don’t hurt you. Sana slaps him and hugs him hard. Sid hugs her back. Bigg Boss says was Salman right that Sana is in love with Sid? Sana hugs Sid and says I love you. Sid says okay. Sana says you are mine, I don’t want to win the game, I want to win you, I love you. Sid looks on.Bigg Boss opens the elite club, the winner will get one week’s immunity. Hina Khan enters the house and asks Sana and Asim to tell why they are better than the other one.


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