Bigg Boss 13 1st December 2019 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 13 1st December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 13 1st December 2019 Episode Start With Elimination Day
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says Devo had to leave because of her medical condition. He connects the call to the house. Salman says two romantic videos were made. I have to ask Sana how was her debut as a director? Sana says my romantic concept had a lot but Sid didn’t take off his shirt, they are good artists so we used them instead of the locations. She asks Sid why didn’t he take off the shirt with Rashami? Salman says you could have taken Bhau as he can take off his shirt easily. Paras says I tried to make a chill concept. Salman asks if he will take them as artists? Paras says never with Vishal, he just wants to be seen on camera. Salman says let’s see the videos.
Mahira and Vishal’s video plays. It starts with their bedroom scene and then Vishal lifts her and makes her lie on the table. He hovers above her. Haye udi udi plays. Mahira pulls Vishal closer. He twirls her around and they fall in the pool. He twirls her in the pool. Clip ends. Sana says their shots were nice. They give him a 5 star.

Sana’s directed video plays. Sid romances with Rashami on the bed. They kiss through the glass. Rashami’s eyes pop seeing the scene. The romance in the pool. Sid hovers over her and kisses her cheek. Clips end. Salman says Sana’s video was voted more than Paras’. Sana thanks the audience and says oh my God.. I got the best actors, I love you a lot. All laugh at her funny English speech. Salman tells Sid and Rashami that their on-screen chemistry is amazing. Salman says people want to see Sid and Sana’s video. Sana can select her DOP as well for the video.

Salman tells the inmates that we will do the ghalat fehmi (Misunderstanding) balloon pop task. Bhau burst Paras’ balloon and says he thinks I can’t play the game but I sent you to jail. Himanshi bursts Paras’ balloon as he thinks he knows the game well but ht got the least votes. Shefali bursts Rashami’s balloon and says you are not alone. Arti bursts Paras’ balloon and says I am not weak, you should find your confidence now. Sid bursts Vishal’s balloon as he thinks I am a guidance giver. Rashami bursts Sid’s balloon and says he thinks only I sugar to coat. Vishal bursts Sid’s balloon as he thinks he is Dabang in the house. Sana bursts Bhau’s balloon as he thinks he doesn’t push people but he does. Paras bursts Mahira’s balloon as she thinks she will leave. Mahira bursts Asim’s balloon as he thinks he is always right. Asim bursts Sana’s balloon as she judges others with one sentence only. Salman thanks and ends the call.

Vishal asks Sid what’s the problem? Sid says they told you to not steal but you still did, it was not a mistake, it was intentional.

Shefali tells Rashami that why are you worried? Rashami says I kissed him through the glass in the spur of the moment and they have put it in the video too.

Rashami tells Vishal that I should have asked Sana to delete that kissing scene. Vishal says it’s okay.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Karthik, Bhumi and Anaya. Salman says Bhumi has come here for the third time. Salman says Anaya is obsessed with Bigg Boss? Anaya says yes I watch it regularly. Salman says let’s ask you some questions. He asks what’s bhau’s pimple removal formula? Anaya says with the underwear. Salman asks some more questions. Bhumi and Anaya answer them. Salman says they went into the house. Let’s see what happened.

In the house:
Karthik, Anaya and Bhui enter. Sana hugs Karthik and says you are my favorite. He says you are my favorite. Karthik says let’s sit. This is my debut here. Anaya says I have watched all the episodes. Sana says to Karthik that I have messaged you a lot, Karthik says I like you in the house. Bhumi says we are here to play a game. Karthik says we will call a trio and give them some situations, they have to select one person for that statement. The first trio is:

Asim-Sid-Sana: Karthik asks who can be a traitor between them? Asim says Sana changes sides easily. Sid says she is confused. Sana says I want entertainment. Karthik makes Sana wear glasses and blackens her face with the ink. Bhumi says she is a good sport.
Paras-Mahira-Vishal: Bhumi asks who will not reach the finale? Paras says Vishal. Vishal says I am not in top two. PAras says he will be nominated with that stealing. They blacken Vishal’s face and say I think Paras is stronger than Mahira in the game.
Himanshi-Rashami-Shefali: Bhumi asks who is not contributing to the game? Shefali says I have a connection with them both. Rashami says my partner has just gone out. She cries. Karthik and Anaya hug him. Sid says she takes seconds to cry. Rashami says I contribute in the house, I don’t curse. Karthik says Sid was laughing. Rashami says he does it all the time. Sid says I don’t have to say anything. Rashami says he thinks that I am doing this for the camera. I think Himanshi is weaker than me. Shefali says I think Rashami. Mahira tells Shefali that this is wrong. They blacken Rashami’s face. Paras says Rashami knows the truth now.
Arti-Bhau-Vishal: Anaya asks them who is wearing a mask in the house? Vishal says Arti as Bhau is shown outside the house. Bhau says if they decide my name then fine. He blackens his face. Bhau says if I show my real face then they won’t be able to bear it.

Karthik thanks them. Sana sits on her knees and gives a flower to Karthik, she says you are my crush. He thanks her and leaves with his co-stars.

On the stage:
Anaya says I would vote for Sana or Paras. Karthik says I would vote for Sana, she sends me messages too. Salman says let’s play a game, you have to tell me what I am saying with headphones on. Bhumi wears headphones and tries to understand what Karthik is saying. Anaya doesn’t guess Salman’s words but he keeps telling her that she is right. They all laugh. Karthik wears headphones. Bhumi says my husband is mine. He says what? Salman says she is saying my husband is mine. Karthik says my husband is mine? Salman says yes, he is concentrating on my lips more. Bhumi says that’s the issue in the film also, he concentrates on someone’s else lips. All laugh. Salman promotes their movie. They dance on Dheeme Dheeme with Salman and leave.

Salman connects the call to the house and says who is in bottom two? Paras and Mahira laugh. Salman says we will make a person stand on the top step of the pool and ask questions to the inmates, with each yes, inmate will keep going steps down in the pool till they are all the way in. He asks Sana to come first.
Salman asks Sid if he likes Sana more than Arti? He says no, I am saving Sana right now. Salman asks Paras if Sana will be on his side against Sid? He says no. Salman asks Asim if Sana separated him and Sid? He says. Sana steps down. Salman asks Himanshi if this November? She says no. Salman asks if this is the 13th season? She says no. Salman says now Himanshi will go in the pool too. She goes inside. Salman asks Himanshi if this is the twisted season? She says yes. Sana steps down more. Salman asks Bhau if the host of the show is Salman? He says yes. Sana steps down more.

Next is Asim, Salman asks Vishal if Asim going near Himanshi is Asim’s gameplan? He says yes. Salman asks if Asim thinks Rashami burned Sid’s paratha deliberately? She says yes, he was saying it. Salman asks Sana if Asim used Sid to become popular? She says yes. Salman asks Arti if Asim used Shefali in the luxury task. She says yes. Asim steps in the pool. Salman asks Arti if Asim broke his friendships? She says no.

Shefali: Salman asks Mahira if Shefali gets personal in the tasks? Mahira says yes. Salman asks Paras if Shefali got personal with him? He says yes. Shefali steps in the pool. Salman asks Sid if Shefali backbite about people? He says she didn’t do it with me. Salman asks Sana if Shefali is alone right now? She says yes. Salman asks Arti if Shefali voted for Sid to be in good books with him? She says no.

Next is Vishal. Salman asks Himanshi if Vishal is not fit to become the captain? She says no. Salman asks Paras that Vishal says Bhau starts a fire in the house? Paras says that is true. Vishal says I didn’t say it. Salman asks Arti if Vishal is confused? She says yes. He steps in the pool. Salman asks Paras if Vishal is scared of Sid? Paras says no. Salman asks Shefali if Vishal fights with Bhau because he is weak? Shefali says no and laughs. Salman asks if Bigg Boss says that ‘Bigg Boss wants’, all say yes. Vishal stops more in the pool. Salman asks Sid if Vishal backtracks from his words? He says yes. Vishal is on the last step. Salman asks Sana if this season has been extended? She says yes. Vishal goes into the pool and takes a dip. All clap for him.

Bhau is next. Salman asks if there are two Gs in Bigg boss? All say yes. Salman asks if there are two S in Bigg Boss? All say yes. Salman asks if Bigg Boss has two eyes? All say yes. Bhau goes in the pool more. Salman asks if Bhau’s real name is Vikas? All say yes. Bhau jumps in the pool and takes a dip. All clap for him. Salman ends the call.

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes Divya Ghosla Kumar whose video has got over 65M views. She comes and dances on bheegi bheegi raaton mein. She hugs Salman. She thanks Salman for promoting her song. Salman asks why song became famous? She says because of the high points. She thanks him and leaves.

Salman connects the call to the house. Salman says let’s talk about the elimination now. Because of fewer votes, Paras is leaving the show. He says okay. Salman says Devo has saved you. He asks Rashami if she is okay? You didn’t cry that much when Arhaan left. Rashami starts crying again. Salman says Devo has become fine so we are sending her in the house again. Rashami says really? Salman says yes, after the show, keep her in your house then. All laugh. Salman says Paras and Mahira are safe, I was bluffing you all. Salman says mutually decide who should be credited for the success of this season. The inmate that is chosen will get immunity from the next nominations. So decide mutually, he ends the call.

Himanshi says my vote is for Sana and she keeps doing something all the time. Rashami says Sana is entertaining. Vishal says Sana, she is gutsy. Asim says I think it’s Sid, he has been at the forefront of everything. Shefali says Sana, she is doing everything. Mahira says I think it’s Paras as he is in the middle of everything. Paras says I think it’s Sana, she is in the news all the time. Arti says I think it’s Sid, he has done everything in the show. Bhau says I think it’s Sid, he is right with the things that he does. Sana says I think it’s Paras, he has some energy, he is naughty which I like. Sid says I think it’s Sana, she is entertaining. Majority choose Sana. Sana hugs the people that voted for her. She goes and hugs Himanshi too. All cheer for her. Bigg Boss says Sana is safe form the next nominations. Rashami is sad so Mahira hugs her.

Salman says let’s see Sid and Sana’s video. Clips play Sana and Sid romances on ishq wala love song. Paras is their DOP. Sana jokes around. Sid asks her to keep silent. Their video bloopers play first. Sid says I am not lifting you, my back is hurt. Their video starts, Sana pulls him closer, they both dances together. Sana kisses his forehead. Sid makes her sit on his lap. They both smile at each other.


Bigg Boss 13 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap: In the ‘Ignore’ task, inmates have to ignore the guests that come in the house. Madhurima enters the house, Vishal has to ignore her. He sings dekho jana hum. All ignore her. Vishal hugs Sana. Madhurima leaves. Sana asks Vishal if he loves her? He ignores Sana’s comment.Later Shefali Bagga enters the house, she asks Sana if she won’t give her a hug? Sana cries and hugs her. Shefali says you are the nicest person, I am really sorry for saying that comment. Sana smiles at her. Shefali asks Paras to show some love to his mother. Paras hugs her.Arhaan enters the house, Rashami ignores him. Arhaan says I have to say something important, you don’t want me to say? I brought something for you. He shows her the ring. He says that task is that important for you? Rashami doesn’t acknowledge him, he leaves. Arti hugs Rashami and says I saw the ring. Rashami says I got the answer that I needed, everything is fine.


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