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Day 34
8 AM
Inmates wake up to a song koi hero yahan. They all dance around. Paras hugs Shehnaaz.

11:30 AM
Mahira sees the bottles in the washroom. Arti says these are my bottles. Mahira asks Asim to clean the washroom, it’s your job. Asim says I am doing it but you keep bugging me, I don’t wanna fight over this. Mahira says the floor is not clean. Asim says it’s not your business so don’t shout. Mahira says we used to keep it clean. Rashami asks Asim to listen to her. Asim asks Mahira to not bring her team, I have living room cleaning too, nobody comes to help me. Mahira says I clean this washroom without even telling you. Asim says mind your own business.
Paras tells Rashami that they have no hygiene. Rashami says they can live in a mess too.
Shehnaaz asks Asim to talk calmly.

Shefali asks Rashami to not waste the pulses. Arti says pulse was on the kitchen slab open so I asked Devoleena to put it away so she said to do it myself. Asim says then people can clean the washroom too. Arti says it’s not a big thing to put the food away. Rashami says I asked you to clean the slab but you didn’t so I did it. Arti says you are talking about hygiene but you leave things in the washroom, people do forget things.
Shefali shows clothes in the garden to Paras. Paras asks Arti to take her clothes away, don’t taunt others. Arti says you leave your utensils outside too, don’t talk about others standards.

12:15 PM
Arti tells Paras to tell Rashami to take her clothes from the garden. Paras asks if you are taunting others so I will talk too. Arti says when Shukla said that Rashami doesn’t want to work then Devoleena said yes. Devoleena says Arti it looks like you are targeting Rashami. Arti says if you want to show then show Rashami’s acts too.

1 PM
Mahira asks Paras to tell Rashami to not put her clothes in the washroom.
Paras comes to Rashami and asks her to put her clothes away, all are at fault. Arti comes there and says I fight with you at your face unlike all these people who talk behind your back, Shefali called you a double-faced person. Shefali says I just said that you wanted to protect Paras but didn’t want to look bad to others. Shefali says all are insecure here. Rashami says I just said that I understand about your insecurity and we stand by each other and respect each other so don’t say that I am double-faced. Shefali says then why you call me insecure. Rashami says I am with Mahira too if she wants to save herself. Shefali says why you have so much overconfidence that you will be saved? Rashami says don’t catch my words.

1:45 PM
Paras tells Rashami that you know we have a connection from outside, we are friends so why is Shefali making others fight? Shefali was provoking us that you didn’t want to take a stand for me so I said that I will support Shehnaaz if they don’t take a stand for me. Rashami says talk to Shefali carefully.

Devoleena tells Mahira that I don’t trust Shefali. Mahira says she can sit with anyone but will they support her? They just make fun of her.

Arti tells Shefali that Rashami is boiling my blood. Shehnaaz says Shukla becomes happy when you get angry with Rashami. Shukla says yes, I do. Shefali says he is shocked that I am sitting with you people. Shehnaaz says I like that Shefali takes her stand. Shefali says I talk with everyone in this house.

Shehnaaz asks Shukla if I am too much to tolerate? He says yes, in the size. Shehnaaz jokes that I will not eat much now, I get lazy after eating so I don’t wash my face. Shukla says you are a kind girl. Shehnaaz tries to talk to him in English. Shehnaaz says people like you deserve good. Shukla says I love your english now.

6 PM
Kisari, Shefali and Tehseen meet in a secret room. Bigg Boss welcomes them and says inmates will do a ranking task, when they are done then you will rank them mutually here.

Bigg Boss tells inmates that you have to rank each other, you will rank in order from 1 to 9 as per the attribute ratio in the inmates. First attribute is double-faced. Shukla will start. Shukla says Rashami is double-faced, she doesn’t stand by her words.

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