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Day 59
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song khud ko kia samajti hai, college mein ayi nayi larki. They all dance.

9 AM
Paras asks Sana if she is making parathas for him? Sana says for you only, let them die alone. Sana says Asim used to react so much on getting nominated but this time he didn’t. Paras says he is behind Himanshi but she would never talk to him after the show.

Sid tells Vishal that I didn’t say anything wrong to Asim and Arti. Sana says I will talk to Arti.

Sana comes to Arti and says you can’t get hyper and have expectations with others. Arti says I am fine. Sana says I am sorry if I did anything.

Shefali asks Himanshi to not let Asim protect you so much. Himanshi tells Shefali that I am ready if someone is standing up for me. Shefali says he is acting like vice-captain for you.

Himanshi is in the bed with Asim. She says Bhau and Shefali are saying that you are too protective of me. Asim says I trust you only right now.

Sid brings the burned parathas. Mahira says they are parathas? Sid says this is love, I have to eat it, Rashami has burned the whole paratha, it can’t be a mistake. He tells Asim to see the level of burned. Asim says it’s bitter. Sid says I have to eat it.

Paras tells Mahira that it’s sad bro, why Rashami has so much hatred?

Sid tells Asim that she talks about making the food with heart. Rashami comes there. Sid says this is so bitter. Rashami says it got burned a little. She leaves. Sid says she says things so innocently. He throws the parathas away.

1 PM
Shefali reads the task of the classroom. You all are in BB college. English’s professor is Sana. Hindi’s professor is Bhau. The dance instructor is Sid, he is a favorite of the girls in the college. Himanshi is a PT teacher. All the others are students, they like to butter up the teachers and have fun. Devo is ill so she will decide if she will be a part of it or now. When buzzer plays, they will have to sit in a classroom, at the end of the session, the teacher will give an apple to the best student. The student who has more apples, in the end, will win. They will keep their apples in their locker rooms. Also, students can bunk lectures. There are scooters parked of every teacher in the garden, students can destroy the scooter, at the end of the task, which the professor has cleaner scooter will win the task too for captaincy.

Sid tells Paras that we can steal too. Paras says we will give some to Mahira too, it’s her birthday. Mahira says I don’t want to win in charity. Paras says don’t irritate me, he leaves. Mahira cries. Asim comes and hugs her, he says it’s a task only. It’s okay, we all are here to win, I love you as a friend.
Sid asks Sana what are the topics? She says I don’t know.

Paras tells Sana to give apples to Vishal, we have a task tomorrow too. Vishal asks what’s the strategy? why did you misbehave with Mahira? He calls Mahira. Paras says Asim is hugging her and she is happy? I never gave her a hug. I am not talking to her.

5:30 PM
Buzzer plays, Sana starts her class. She talks about negative vibes, love, confused and others. She asks Vishal what’s the negative personality? He says Rashami Desai. Sana says who does bad things? Asim leaves. Vishal says Shefali has become negative. Arti becomes negative too. Shefali leaves.
Asim and Shefali write on Sana’s scooter. They write mad and other things. Bhau and Himanshi come there too.
Sana asks Arti to entertain her. Sana asks Mahira to talk about a love triangle, it’s not about you me and someone else. Paras says love triangle is about me, you and Sid, I love you. Sana asks Rashami if you love your dance teacher? She says no, I don’t know him. Sana gives an apple to Vishal.

Sana sees bad words written on her scooter. Paras laughs that he couldn’t even write loser spelling right.
Mahira is crying. Vishal consoles her. Mahira says I am trying but I am feeling very bad.
Paras asks Sana to clean her scooter fast. Paras tells Bhau that I am planning right now.

6 PM
Vishal puts his apple in the locker. Asim takes it and says it’s mine. Vishal says you will get two more. Asim says you might become the captain this time.

6:30 PM
Mahira asks Shefali what she is doing with Asim in the locker room. Shefali says I am giving company to him. We go to movies and coffee. Mahira says I don’t talk about girl’s characters like you. Shefali says I am not talking to you. Mahira leaves.

Bhau’s class start. He takes attendance. He calls Vishal a crab. Vishal leaves. Bhau makes some faces on the board. He asks them to guess. Mahira says Shefali focuses on lips only. Rashami leaves too. Bhau says this is a sad ghost is leaving too.
Vishal destroys Himanshi’s scooter.
Bhau gives the apple to Shefali.

7 PM
Bhau is cleaning his bike and says now I know the game, I will play now. Vishal says you get fired up but you enjoy when others play. Sana asks Bhau why he made Mahira’s lips on the board when she doesn’t like it? Bhau says I didn’t make Mahira’s lips on the board.
Vishal tells Rashami that we were having fun. Arti tells Vishal that you should focus on yourself and don’t tell others how they are playing and acting. You have judgments about everyone.

7:30 PM
Sana tells Paras that we have to show them this time. We can hurt them with words written on the scooters but you people said to not do it for Bhau. Bhau says no one will destroy Sid’s scooter.

Asim asks Rashami what did you make in the morning? You burned the parathas. Sid says I liked them, I ate it all. Asim says old memories, Rashami says you know about our old memories? Asim says I am talking about old memories of the house.

8 PM
Bigg Boss calls Sid in the confession room. He asks him to take Mahira’s cake. Sid comes in the house and hides cake. He says today is Mahira’s birthday. He calls her in the front. All the inmates sing birthday songs. She cuts the cake. Sid wishes her well. Mahira gives the cake to Paras. Sid says not for me? She feeds the cake to him. Mahira asks Bigg Boss to say happy birthday to her. Bigg Boss says happy birthday. Mahira blushes and thanks to him.

Sid says to his class to show their moves. Paras does a Punjabi dance funnily.
Rashami is messing with Bhau’s scooter. She asks Himanshi if Asim is linking me with Sid? What happened yesterday was professional only. Himanshi says I will tell him to not do it.
Mahira dances in front of Mahira. Bell rings, Sid says I am impressed with Vishal so apple for him.

8:30 PM
Mahira asks Paras if he talked to Sana and Sid to give apples to Vishal? Sid says I hope you both are fine, I wanted to give the apple to Rashami because of something but it’s okay. He asks Mahira why you are feeling bad? You got the cake too. Paras says they are snatching the apples. Sid took the right decision as Vishal is ready to fight.

9 PM
Paras, Sana, Asim, and Shefali are near the lockers. Sana says there was a follower one time. Asim says anyone can follow anyone. Sana says I am not talking to you. Paras says it didn’t affect me. Sana says I am not coming, you are an L. Asim says I can’t reach your level. Sana says you bark behind the back. Asim says I am not 1-2, 2-1 like you.

9:30 PM
Bigg Boss says the next class is of PT. Paras says let’s go inside. Paras asks what she is doing? Himanshi says we are stretching first. Paras mimics her. Himanshi asks him to run. Paras jokes and runs at his spot only. Vishal calls Mahira to the locker room. Himanshi asks Rashami to do PT. She does it. Vishal does it too. Asim tries to take the apple from Mahira. Mahira says don’t you dare, I will call Paras. Paras jokes with Himanshi but she asks him to leave.
Asim tries to take the apple from Mahira but Paras comes there and don’t do it. Asim says I didn’t do anything. Vishal, Rashami and Shefali are doing the PT class. Paras asks Vishal what he is doing? Vishal says let me stretch. Bell rings and she gives the apple to Himanshi and says Vishal was nice too. Vishal says now it will be fun.

Vishal says I went in the classroom to see who is fair. Himanshi says Paras was distracting the class because of you. Arti says Vishal has no standing.
Mahira tells Paras that why Vishal is doing this? He really thought that Himanshi will give him an apple?
Vishal tells Himanshi that he is not a fool.
Himanshi tells Rashami that I wanted to give an apple to Vishal but Paras was not letting me do anything.

Bigg Boss ends the time of the task.

10 PM
Arti tells Sid that I didn’t know you were asking about me when you reacted last night, I didn’t know that you were not aware of my anxiety. Sid says it’s okay.

2 AM
Mahira is eating Lays and says happy birthday to me. Asim says she stole them. Paras laughs and eats it. Shefali asks Himanshi to not react. Himanshi says they stole the key from my room.

Asim, Himanshi, and Shefali are lying on Himanshi’s bed. Asim calls Himanshi and says you are the most beautiful woman on television.


Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sid gets naughty with Sana and asks her to wake up. Sid runs behind her and she falls down. Sana says I am getting insulted and cries. I will get punished and respect you now. Sid laughs and kisses her forehead.Bhau gives another lecture to the class. Paras snatches the apple from his hands and runs. Vishal says Bhau can take the apples too. Bhau says respect me and I will too, Vishal says stop misbehaving. Bhau says if you were outside then I would show you. Vishal says then don’t show your anger here.


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