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Day 89
4 AM
Vishal is trying to sleep but he feels something and wakes up. He tells the inmates that there is something here. Asim asks him to calm down. Vishal says there is something around. Sana says we all are here, don’t be scared. Vishal says this gate was making noise too. Madhu says my body was shivering. Vishal says I felt something, banging on the door. I can’t sleep like this.

Day 90
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song marjavangy. Sana wakes everyone up and asks them to dance with her. She dances with Arti and Bagga. The song is of Sana. Sid hugs her and says it’s a great song. Sana thanks Bigg Boss.

Paras tells Vishal what happened? Vishal says someone was trying to be near me, I came to you and woke everyone up. I saw everyone disturbed, someone came to see me, it was an old man and he did something, I saw a black thing in my dream and I tried to wake up but I couldn’t. Paras told me that he saw something earlier. When I came back to the house, there was a lady sitting in a corner. Sid asks Paras what happened to him? Paras says I had to go with Vishal to the washroom as he was scared. Sid laughs.

9 AM
Sana asks Vishal and Madhu to wash the dishes, they agree. Rashami asks who is doing the toilet? Sana asks Asim if he will do it? I will help you. Asim says I am cleaning the bedroom. Sana says Sid does it. Asim says I don’t see him doing it anytime. Sid asks Asim to not talk to him, Asim says we are taking, get lost. Sid says don’t talk to me like this, I will throw you out with a kick. Asim asks him to get lost, cheap man. Sid asks him to remain silent, you don’t know me. We will talk later. Asim says you bark a lot, I will show you once only, you are nothing, you are a coward. Sid says right. Sana asks Sid to do the living area. Sid says Asim is a *****, he leaves. Asim says I am cleaning the living area and the bedroom, I won’t do the toilet. Sana says okay, Asim leaves. Paras asks Sana to give him the toilet cleaning. Sana says he is cleaning both the areas. Paras says you have given living area to Sid so why change it? Arti tells Asim that you don’t work in the house. Asim says I work when I am ill too. Arti says you can lift dumbells but you have pain in the hand? Paras asks Asim why he is deciding his duty. Sana says Arhaan and Rashami will clean the washroom.

9:15 AM
Sana asks Madhu to wake up, don’t take me to your level. Madhu says I want to sleep. Sana grabs her blanket and says you can’t sleep. Madhu says I am ill, she starts crying and says shut up, you can’t understand, I can’t do this. Sana says don’t cry, you can’t sleep like this. Madhu says I am not waking up.

9:30 AM
Sid comes to Asim and says don’t fight with me for no reason. Asim says you have come to eye me? Paras asks Asim to talk calmly. Asim says I don’t want to talk, get lost Sid, you can just bark and curse my father. Sid says if I raise my hand by mistake then.. you are going to be nothing in life. Asim says you don’t have anything. Paras asks Asim to calm down, don’t provoke him. Asim says he is threatening me. Sid asks Asim to not fight with him, I will break your face. Asim says you just talk and say nothing. Sana tries to take Sid away. She asks Asim to move away. Sid shouts at her to remain silent. He asks Asim to not do it. Asim says if you do it then I will do it, I was not talking to you, you don’t do any work so I was not wrong. Paras says he goes to the storage room 10 times a day, he is ill. Asim says he is threatening me. Sid asks Asim to not do it, don’t talk about me. Asim says I have no interest, you just joke about me because you are scared of me, you are a star so don’t talk about me. Sid says your father made me a star? Asim says don’t joke about me with anyone, get lost. Sana asks them to not remain too close. They stare at each other. Paras takes Sid from there.

9:45 AM
Bagga asks Sana to call everyone to wash the dishes with her. Sana asks Rashami and Shefali to help Bagga. Shefali Zari says I will clean my dishes. Bagga is washing the dishes. Sana says they are not listening, I will help you.

10:30 AM
Rashami and Madhu are sleeping in the garden. The alarm plays. Sana comes there and asks Madhu to wake up. Madhu says I am awake. Arhaan brings tea for Rashami. Madhu wakes up and leaves.

11:45 AM
Bagga sees Sana washing the toilet and says why you are doing all the work? Sana says no one wants to work. Bagga says you are a captain so ask them to work. Sana says they are all ill, I don’t want to fight with anyone so I will do it.

12 PM
Sid tells Sana that if you do all the work and act great then it’s not right, this is your first day so let them work. Sana says they are all ill, showing ego too. Sid says you have given the duties so let them do it. Sana asks Vishal to wake up. Vishal says Paras and Arti sleeping too.

12:15 PM
Bagga asks Sana to ask someone to cut the veggies. Sana asks Madhu if she will do it? Madhu says no. Bagga says then I am not cooking. Arhaan makes the parathas. Madhu asks Vishal how many parathas he wants? He says keep 6, 3 for me and 3 for you.
Vishal comes to the kitchen and takes his 6 parathas away, he says I don’t eat rice. Bagga says then you can eat eggs, we don’t have flour, everyone gets 2 parathas only so you can’t take 4 for yourself. Vishal says I will eat 4 parathas only. Sana tells Vishal that we don’t have flour. Vishal says I will not eat dinner. Sana says we have 2 paratha per person then Madhu won’t eat. Madhu says what?
Vishal tells Paras that I compromise every time but I am taking the food this time. Paras says we do have flour left, this Arhaan doesn’t want work that is why he is saying we don’t have flour. Arhaan says I cooked for everyone. Arti tells Madhu that you have to think about everyone. Madhu says everyone can show attitude but I can’t?

12:45 PM
Sid tells Sana that if we have the flour left by chance then give it otherwise they will have to eat rice only. Bagga tells Paras that it was not Arhaan’s fault, it was Vishal. Sid says it was Rashami’s fault, she told Arhaan to make 2 parathas per person.
Arti tells Bagga that they don’t want to work. Bagga says it was not Arhaan’s fault. Paras says we have flour left.
Arhaan tells Asim that we will make our own food.
Sid asks Paras to ignore Bagga as she says the double things, she will try to find a point in your words.

1:15 PM
Madhu is sleeping. The alarm plays, Sana runs and asks her to wake up. Sana asks Madhu why do you hate me? Madhu says this is your first day so calm down, I was not sleeping. Sana says Bigg Boss is a fool? You can’t sleep like this, go home. Madhu says you want that only, what is your problem? Sana says get lost from here if you can’t follow the rules. Madhu asks her to not shout, you are a captain but you can’t respect others? Sana says you are not respecting me. Madhu says you will throw me out of this house? You are scared of me, you are a crazy person. Sana says sleep now, I will not let you sleep now, did the ghost get into you last night?

2 PM
The alarm plays again. Most of the inmates are in the bed. Shefali Zari and Sid are in the bed. They say we are not sleeping. Vishal says they are teasing Sana. Paras, Mahira, Sid, Arti and Shefali Zari are in bed. The alarm plays. Paras says I am awake.

2:45 PM
Vishal, Paras and Mahira are sleeping. The alarm plays again. Sana asks Paras to wake up. She comes to Madhu and asks her to work. Madhu says I am not working. Vishal asks Madhu to do it. Madhu says she is not talking to me nicely, I won’t work. Sana says you will do three duties otherwise you will be punished. Madhu says make me do it.
Sana comes to Shefali Zari and says I will punish Madhu and ask Bigg Boss to call me and talk to me as Madhu is not working. Shefali Zari says then take her makeup. Sana comes to Madhu and says as a punishment I will take your makeup. Madhu says you are targeting me since the morning. Sana says I am throwing your makeup. She leaves.
Vishal asks Madhu to do her work at least.
Sana goes and takes Madhu’s makeup pouch. Shefali Zari asks to not break it. Sana hides her makeup and says she is over. Shefali says she is over since the start.
Arti tells Sana that they are doing this but you go back to them and become friends.
Sana asks Arhaan to clean the living area. She tells Madhu that you won’t get makeup from anyone. Madhu says I don’t want to clean the dishes. Bagga says you are looking like a fool. Madhu says you shut up.

3 PM
Sid tells Shefali Zari and Arti that this is not right that you people are working, we worked in Asim’s captaincy. Sana says Madhu is annoying me. Madhu comes and says I will clean the dishes. She asks Sana to give her makeup. Sana says you look nice without makeup, don’t do makeup tomorrow. Madhu says I am washing the dishes, I won’t work anymore, I am a fool? Sana says Vishal made you a fool?

3:15 PM
Sana asks Vishal to clean the toilet if Madhu is not doing it. Madhu is not working, this is foolish, we will not make lunch now. She asks Bagga and Shefali Zari to not make the lunch, this Madhu has annoyed me. Madhu comes there and says I will clean the dishes, you have been behind me, Paras was sleeping too but you were behind me that’s why I annoyed you. Sana says you look like a dayan.

4 PM
Sana tells Vishal that I will punish people. Vishal laughs and says Sana is under pressure. Sana says you people are deliberately doing this.

8:15 PM
Bagga reads the task that Sana, Rashami, Mahira and Shefali Bagga will do a ramp walk in front of the judges Asim and Sid. Paras will be the host of this event. The judges will ask one question from each girl and the girls have to tell about their one talent. Asim and Sid will decide a winner. Shefali Zari and Arti will be hair-stylists who will style the hair for all 4 girls using the Dabur oil. After one hour of styling, Paras will start the event and the judges will decide the winner.

8:30 PM
Shefali Zari massages Rashami’s hair. Arti does it for Bagga.

8:45 PM
Shefali Zari is curling Rashami’s hair. Arti is styling Sana’s hair. Vishal is Arti’s assistant. Arhaan is Shefali Zari’s stylist.

9:45 PM
Paras starts the contest. He says the first contestant is Shefali Bagga. Shefali walks the ramp in a seductive style. Asim asks her about her hair. Bagga says this oil makes my hair stronger. Sid asks her to talk about Bigg Boss. Shefali says Asim being with Rashami is a smart move. She talks about all the inmates. All clap for her new segment.
Rashami does the ramp walk in a dancing style. Arhaan smiles. All clap for her. Sid asks Rashami if she wants to win? Rashami says ask me if this is your question? You can ask one question only. Sid asks if you want to win this show? She says we are all here to win. Sid says what quality should a winner have? Rashami says people can curse and beat here, they don’t have self-control but we are managing it here, this is a different show, it’s about winning the hearts of audiences as Sana did it in the first month only, she is a winner in my eyes already. All clap.
The next is Mahira. She walks on-ramp and dances near Sid. She smiles. Sid says you gave a good performance, he asks what about her life here? Mahira says my first moment was that shoe moment when I showed you my shoes but that person now is very good, we didn’t have a bonding earlier but now we talk and you are a very nice person. I like Paras’ friendship, I like Sana’s friendship and fights here, sad thing is that people change her.
The last is Sana. She walks on the ramp and opens her hair. She dances and then pulls on her hair. She massages her hair and falls on-ramp. All laugh at her. Asim asks Sana to tell about the inmates. Sana says they don’t like love, they like slaps only, I will show my other face. Sid says earlier you were famous in Punjab only but now whole India is your fan, how was your journey? Sana says Bigg Boss has given me everything, I will always respect this show.
Paras says now the judges will have to decide a winner. Asim asks Rashami? Sid says no, she didn’t do a walk. Asim says Mahira walked only. Sid says Sana used her hair and her hair is good too. Asim says okay. Asim says we have mutually decide to choose Sana. Asim says all other contestants were good too. They give the prize card to Sana.

12:15 AM
Sana asks everyone to wish birthday to Salman. They all sing a happy birthday song for him.

Sana calls Vishal in the captaincy room and says the chandelier is moving on its own. Vishal checks it and says it’s nothing. Sana asks Sid to not joke about it. Sid says it was actually moving, Sid laughs funnily. Sana gets scared and moves away from him as he can’t stop laughing. Sana runs from there and goes to the bedroom. Sid rolls on the bed laughing. Shefali Zari laughs seeing him. Sana says the chandelier was moving, he looked at it and it stopped moving, he started laughing funnily. Sid comes there and pulls Sana. Sana says I don’t want to go with you. Sid laughs and says come with me. Sana says there is something with him, I don’t want to go. Sid drags her from there and brings it to the captaincy room.


Bigg Boss 13 28th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Vishal asks Sana to tell Asim to clean the washroom as it’s his duty. Sana says no one listens to me, they all have broken hands. Vishal says punish them, you are a captain. Sana says Asim will clean the washroom. Asim tells Sana that whoever is saying all this behind my back is scared of me. Sid glares at him and says I am not scared of you saying anything in front of you. Asim says you just keep barking, he touches his head to Sid’s. Sid gets angry and charges at him. Asim gets angry but Arhaan pulls him back. Paras says Asim cries like a diaper baby.Rohit Shetty enters the house and asks Sid and Asim to come with him. He asks Sid why he is so angry all the time? He tells them that I know you both were great friends, you both are wrong, you have broken the circle. Sid gets emotional. Rohit says he has tears in his eyes Asim.


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