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Weekend Special
Arti says someone will come and see our house today. Salman enters the house. All inmates are locked in the bedroom. They see Salman start cleaning the kitchen, he washes the dishes and cleans the platform. Sana says this had to happen in my captaincy only, you guys should be ashamed. Salman sings and cleans their plates. The inmates say sorry to him. Sana says no need for it now. Arti says he can go to the bathroom as well. Sana says it’s not been cleaned for 3 days. The inmates request Salman to not do it. The inmates clean the bedroom fast while Salman cleans the fridge. Salman goes to the washroom and cleans the toilet. The helpers assist Salman. Arti tells Asim that I will tell everything to Salman. Salman cleans the house and leaves.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call and sees the inmates looking at the clean house. Salman says I don’t understand how they can live with this hygiene condition, the house was looking so bad so I went and cleaned it. He connects the call and all wish him birthday. Asim says sorry. Salman says it’s okay, I have never seen the fridge in that condition before. If you people think that doing something makes you look bad then you are wrong, nobody asked me to go and cleaned the house but I don’t find cleaning and doing any task as a small thing for my personality. We all are here to work. Salman says my sister gave birth to a baby so it was his birthday as well, I didn’t want to come here but it is my work then why you people don’t want to work? You all say that you are not in the mood of cleaning, let me show the house. He shows untidy clothes, uncleaned washrooms and other places with dirt. Salman says I have cleaned all that. Did we give you the house in this condition when you entered? The inmates say no. Salman says to keep the house cleaned then. Salman asks the inmates if they keep their house in this condition? They say no. Rashami says I clean my house and I had a problem here too, thank you for changing the locks. Salman says Sana is the captain but no one is helping her so I had to come and clean the house. Sana says thank you, I help everyone but they are not doing work, they don’t even wake up. Salman says why they are saying no? Sana says they say their arms are hurt. Sana says Shefali Bagga, Shefali Zari and Arti helping me only. I asked Asim to clean the washroom but he started fighting. Salman says it’s okay, I cleaned the washroom, if he doesn’t want to do it then I will come and do it. Asim says I have always done my duty. Sana says thank you, they might be ashamed now. Salman says they don’t listen to anyone, people come to give them advice but they don’t listen. Asim says sorry to Salman. Salman says you people have no shame, you all think too highly of yourself, people are seeing your drama. Salman says Sana always works in others’ captaincy but no one is helping her. Asim says I had an injury in my arm so I said that I can clean the living area but she didn’t listen to me. Salman says this pain started in Sana’s captaincy only? Asim says I tried but it was paining me a lot. Paras says Asim is a drama, he can clean the washroom in 2 minutes, he can work out in the gym but he is in pain for cleaning? He starts shouting if you tell him something. Sana says I am doing all the work. Paras says Asim is always behind Sid only, we all know that Sid is ill. Asim says I said to the first thing in 3 months. They have a problem with everything I say. Paras says he always has a problem. Arti says I told Asim that he can work out but he can’t work so he said that he works out for his fans. Arti says there were so many dishes that they left, Sana and I had to clean them but no one came to help us. Salman tells Asim that if you have back pain then how are you doing crunches? Asim says I am sorry but I always do my duties, I said no for the first time. Salman asks Shefali Zari. Shefali says the dishes are a big work so people do favoritism by giving the most duties to the other team. Sana asks who didn’t cooperate? Sana says I did everything in Asim’s captaincy but I didn’t expect this from him. I didn’t expect much from Paras. Sana says I thought they will all help me but they didn’t. Shefali Zari says Sana has always worked in the house, she even helps others. Sid says Sana easily switch and people are playing by being nice with her. Salman asks Sana that you are nice but don’t expect that others will be nice to you, start thinking, he ends call. Sana tells Bagga that now they have to do their duties.

Asim tells Rashami that I told them that I am hurt but I will do my duties, it’s fine to be silent sometimes.

On the stage:
Salman thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I will be here for Sunday and Monday. Bigg Boss asks Salman to enter the sultani ring. Salman goes there. Bigg Boss says we will have a look at your journey with Bigg Boss for 10 years, you joined us in the 4th season and you became the voice of this show, people started liking you for your honesty, you showed your emotions on a reality show, you were a big brother to a lot. Let’s see your journey. The clips play in which Salman’s first entry is shown, his funny moments of season 5 plays, his jokes with Sid are shown, his dances and jokes with the celebrities are shown. His poetry for Katina plays and then the biggest reunion of Salman and SRK plays. Bigg Boss says he made spicy relationships with the inmates, his jokes with Swami and Sana are shown. Salman’s advice for Shilpa, Sreesanth and others are shown. Him scolding Kushal, Imam and Priyanka are shown. How he had thrown Priyanka out of the show. Bigg Boss says this show has made a relation with you and we would want to continue for many years. The clip ends. Bigg Boss says this journey is going to continue, we wouldn’t want this show without you. The firework plays, Salman thanks Bigg Boss.

Salman comes back on stage. He sees Asim and Vishal dance oh oh jaane jana. Sid and Sana romantically dance on ishq chashni. Paras and Mahira dance on character dheela. Shefali Zari dances on Mashallah. Rashami and Arhaan romantically dance on saathiya. Bagga, Arti and Madhu dance on prem ratan dhan payo. All inmates dance on swag se sawaghat. They all wish him birthday. Salman says this was the best act I have seen to date. Salman says they showed me my journey, I am the best host, they tried to make me emotional and they think that this journey will continue so it will continue. They are emotionally blackmailing me. All laugh. Salman ends the call.

Salman says we gave a task to the inmates. There were two groups and they had to choose one inmate from another group for a category of news. The categories were a crime, gossip, politics and fraud.

In the house:
Rashami’s group choose their inmates. Bagga says we choose Paras for the politics category, he tries to make his enemies his friends. Sid says Rashami is in the politics category, she tries to make the issues that are not there.
Bagga says we have chosen Shefali Zari for the fraud category. She changed her group. Arti says Madhu is a fraud, she keeps fighting or loving Vishal as per the game.
For the crime category, Rashami’s team chooses Sid for cursing other’s families. Bagga says he threatens people. asim says he provokes. Paras says Asim did crime by backstabbing Sid. You instigate others. You involve your family in your fights, we don’t know them. Asim shouts at him.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call and says today’s task was interesting. Rashami says Paras does politics, he changes his side for the game. Salman asks you said he is befriending his enemies? Rashami says Sid is my enemy. Salman says we are talking about Paras. Bagga says Paras used to fight Sid then they became friends, I asked Paras so he said it’s for the game and he will fight again. Paras says he is not my enemy, we are competitors so we might fight again. Salman asks Rashami why she couldn’t answer before? All laugh. Salman says the crime category was interesting. Asim says they call me a follower and then I backstabbed. Salman says they called Sid a goon. Sid says my enemy must have given it. Rashami says he is a goon with the way he talks. Salman ends the call.

Salman welcomes Raja and Rani from a Colors show. Rani says we are getting married so we are here to invite you. Salman thanks them. They leave.

Salman connects the call to the house. He says we will give you two photos, you will choose which memory is closer to you, that you will put on the board and you will tear the other one. Sana is first. She puts her and Sid’s photo on the board and says he made me stronger here. She cuts Paras’ photo and says I lessened my value because of him. Paras has Sana and his photo and other photo is with Sid. Paras says my friendship with Sid is good. He tears Sana’s photo. Sid has his photo with Arti and other with Mahira. He says I had good memories with Arti so he puts that on the board and cuts Mahira’s photo. Arti gets Rashami and Sid’s photo. Arti says Sid has been with me here, she cuts Rashami’s photo. Asim gets Mahira and Shefali Zari’s photos. Asim says Mahira gave me my letter that time so it means a lot to me, he puts her photo on the board. Mahira gets Rashami and Sana’s photo. She says when Paras was not here, she took care of me a lot, this is a memory for me. She cuts Rashami’s photo and puts Sana’s photo on the board. Rashami gets Sid and her photo. Other photo is Arhaan proposing her. Rashami says one is professional and unethical, other one is personal. She puts Arhaan and her photo on the board and tear her and Sid’s photo. Vishal gets a photo of Madhu kissing his cheek, other one is Madhu shouting at him. Vishal says I don’t want to fight anymore, he puts their good memory photo on the board. Arhaan gets his photo with Paras and other photo is of Sid tearing his shirt. Arhaan says it was wrong, he puts Paras’ photo on the board. Madhu gets Sana and Bagga’s photo. She says Sana is good, she can be irritating sometimes. She tears Bagga’s photo. Shefali Zari gets Sid and Asim’s photo. Shefali says I love Asim but we can’t be friends here. She tears Asim’s photo.
Salman tells the inmates that keep making good memories. He ends the call.

Salman says tomorrow, I will be celebrating new years with them. He signs off from the show.


Bigg Boss 13 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Devoleena enters the house. She flirts with Sid and says keep looking at me without blinking. Sid says I can’t ever look away. Devoleena tells Rashami that Arhaan hid such a big thing from you, you were so blind in love that he proposed you in two days and you accepted? Salman, your family and others told you something but you didn’t listen. Rashami says I am scared of you even.Guthi romances with Salman. Guthi says our MMS got leaked, we love each other so I don’t care.Guthi enters the house Sunny Leone. Guthi sleeps in a blanket with Sid. Sana laughs at them going under the blanket.


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