Bigg Boss 13 2nd November 2019 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 13 2nd November 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Bigg Boss 13 2nd November 2019 Episode Start With First Finale
Salman says today’s first finale, I have a viral but I am here as this episode is important, let’s see who is going out today.

Sultani fight starts between Asim, Shukla, and Paras. Shukla wins the first round. Paras wins the second round. Asim wins the third round. Tiebreaker round starts, Paras goes out himself. Shukla and Asim fight but Asim wins. He gets the medal. All hug him.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says you will have to hear my broken voice today as I have a viral. Salman says we were waiting for this first finale and we have said that people who have a connection will move forward. Soon we will know whose connection is the strongest.

Salman connects the call to the house. He says there is a viral going on or maybe I scolded you guys too much last week. He congrats Paras and Mahira for going to the next round. They sit on the connection seat. Salman asks Rashami that you are popular but without connection? Rashami says we have a connection with Paras, we did thought about making this task a tie but then gave the discussion to Paras. Salman says tie should have worked for you. Salman asks Shefali. Shefali says I wanted to draw this game so all girls would have a chance but Devoleena didn’t listen to me. Salman says to Devoleena that this was a final task to stay in the show, Shefali understood the game but you people didn’t. He tells Asim and Shukla that you didn’t make a bond with other girls than Shehnaaz and Arti. Shukla says Mahira is with Paras, Devoleena created misunderstandings and didn’t listen to me so it was tough. Salman says this week was the best chance. Shukla says I tried to talk to Rashami. Rashami says you talked to me only in the task. Salman says this was the last chance to sort it out and Paras got it. Salman says if I ask Shukla and Asim they will choose Arti and Shehnaaz so they will go forward. You guys think that you know the game? Even I don’t know this game after 10 years. We are not above this show, am I above this show? Inmates say yes. Salman laughs and says the public is above this show so they will decide who 4 will go forward except Mahira and Paras. He says you all are a disaster in the task, Arti and Shefali tried but all looked like they didn’t care about the task and Mahira went ahead using the corner, she is not even in the top 6 and now she is going forward, she took the place of an inmate who would have gone forward. Pray that audience voted for you, he ends the call.

In the house:
Arti tells inmates that I was shouting to do the task. Paras says Mahira worked hard too. Arti says I was torturing myself to at least do the task. Paras says no one is wrong, everyone has a personality. Arti tells Devoleena that I was shouting because you know Paras wanted to save himself only. Mahira sadly sits away. Paras asks her to relax. Nothing is wrong, you are in top 6. Mahira cries. Devoleena tells Asim that you wanted to keep Mahira in nominations as you thought she is not strong and it would save you, you people wouldn’t have liked even if Rashami or Shefali was saved. Arti says you could have saved yourself. Paras tells Arti that if it was not Mahira then I would have taken a stand for Shehnaaz, stop arguing now.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Gauhar Khan to take a test of the new inmates. Gauhar comes and dances dilbar dilbar. Salman brings her on stage and says how is this season? She says it’s interesting and you are shocking people very well. He asks who should have got the votes? She says Shukla, Rashami, Shehnaaz, and Devoleena. Salman says you will judge the new inmates today. Gauhar says I have done my research and they are fire so you will need your voice more. Salman says she won her season and is the best person to judge the new inmates and a mechanical bull will help her.
Gauhar sits on her judge seat. Salman welcomes Arhaan Khan. Arhaan’s video plays, he is an actor, businessman, and all-rounder, I give my 100% in everything I do, I don’t like fake people, Rashami has been my friend for 2 years. Clip ends. Arhaan comes on the stage. Salman asks about the house. Arhaan says people are representing themselves well. Salman asks about the top 4. He says Devoleena, Shukla, Rashami and Shehnaaz. He says I know Paras a little. Salman asks who is your competition? He says Shukla so it will be fun, he says Shehnaaz is very intelligent, she is playing on all sides, Mahira is least intelligent. Salman asks whose food will you eat in the house? Devoleena or Arti? He says Devoleena. Salman asks whom will you go on a date with? Shehnaaz or Mahira? He says Shehnaaz. He asks whom you will make your mother meet? Rashami or Shefali? He says Rashami as she is independent and sharp. She was happy that my friends Shukla and Arti are going with me but she didn’t have a good connection with them inside.
Gauhar asks Arhaan who is creating a mess in the house? He says Shefali is creating misunderstandings. Gauhar asks if you have friendship only with Rashami? Rumors were that you have an affair with her? Arhaan says rumors happen in this industry. Gauhar says rumor was also that you will marry Rashami in the house. Salman says Colors must have spread that. Gauhar says you are a good friend of Rashami so if you have an option then you will nominate Rashami? He says all are going there to win so she will do the same. Gauhar says why you said Shukla is your competition? Arhaan says Paras’ height is less than me, shukla is like me more. Gauhar says Rashami is scared to be eliminated? Salman says girls are not doing the tasks because of aggression. Gauhar says you gave answers with an attitude so you will be twisted in the house. Gauhar makes him sit on the mechanical bull, he falls down. Salman laughs. Arhaan goes into the house.

Salman welcomes Shefali Zariwala on the stage. She dances on kanta laga. Salman says you are the second Shefali of this season. She says I am more fun and I will bring thorns in the house. Salman says who is the top 4? She says Shukla as he is loyal, Shehnaaz, Rashami but I don’t agree with her game, Paras, I don’t like him much, or maybe Devoleena, she is a threat as she is not open. Salman asks with whom you will not share a bed with? She says Devoleena. He asks what duty you won’t do? Shefali says I can’t cook much. He asks who should change his clothes? She says Paras, he is acting like girls who do kitchen politics, I don’t like his group. Shukla’s group is genuine. Gauhar says to be careful about girls and commenting on them to do kitchen politics, she says you know Siddharth Shukla? She says we shared an honest friendship, we were not in touch but he was honest and straight-forward like before. Gauhar asks who is spreading negativity? Shefali says Devoleena, Shefali and Paras. Gauhar says I will send you in through a bull, Shefali sits on the bull and enjoys it. Shefali forgets her shoes so Salman calls her back, she takes it and goes in the house. Gauhar leaves too.

Salman welcomes Vikas Fhatak (Bhau) on the stage. He comes with his friends and dance around. Salman jokes with him and asks him how will you adjust with these English people? Bhau says I will talk in English and they will forget their English. Salman asks who will go forward in the show? He says Shehnaaz, Rashami, Shukla and Asim. All others are useless. Salman says if you are a finalist and who should be the other finalist? Vikas says I won this show when I hugged you first but Shehnaaz can be the other finalist. He says I don’t like Paras, Mahira and Asim. Salman says Paras and Mahira are going forward. He says I don’t curse others without a reason, I don’t curse much. Salman says we will get a call from the caller of the week. Salman takes the call and it’s Sanjay Dutt. Salman says Bhau is here. Bhau is excited and says I am your biggest fan. Sanjay says to make sure that you win. Salman asks what you want to ask? Sanjay says you will do a film with me? Bhau says I will never leave that chance. Salman asks if he becomes a captain in the house then how will he divide duties? Bhau says I will ask Rashami to not make the food as she keeps crying. Sanjay ends the call. Salman asks what would to take from the outside if you could? He says my mother as I can’t live without her. Salman makes him sit on the bull and he keeps his balance. Bhau hugs him. Salman welcomes a boy. He is Aditya and Bhau’s son. Aditya says I will miss him, he curses me everyday. Salman laughs. Aditya hugs him. Salman hugs Aditya too. Vikas goes into the house.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. Salman says there will be 3 eliminations now. Salman asks Mahira to guess. Mahira says if I take a name then it will be trouble but it might be Arti, Shefali and maybe Devoleena or Asim. Salman says Shefali, Asim and Arti are leaving the show so come on the stage, he ends the call. All are shocked. Asim hugs Shukla. Paras hugs Asim. Arti hugs Shukla. She asks him to be strong. Paras hugs Shefali. Shehnaaz cries and hugs Arti. Rashami hugs Arti and Shefali. Arti tells Shehnaaz to not cry, you will win. Shukla hugs Arti.

On the stage, Salman says this was to make them fool but there will be three eliminations today.
Ayushmann Khurrana comes on stage with a singer. They sing Pani da rang. Salman welcomes them and says Ayushmann are you going in the house? He says I am here to send Himanshi Khurrana in the house. Himanshi says I am scared of Salman’s personality, it’s respect. Ayushmann says I am here to promote my film also. His co-stars Bhumi and Yami come too. Salman asks Himanshi whom you think will go forward? She says Shukla, Rashami, Shehnaaz. Salman says they will ask you questions. Bhumi says you had trouble with Shehbaaz? Himanshi says she didn’t like my songs and commented on my weight and my parents, she makes fun of others. She is fake if she acts cute all the time. Salman says who can fake this much? Himanshi says she is an actress.

Salman connects the call to the house. All are waiting for the gates to open. Arti cries. Salman calls them back. Salman says the gate is not opening because of the rain, don’t worry. He asks Shehnaaz why are you crying? She says I am sad for both the girls, they are strong. Salman says that’s why you are happy? She laughs. Salman says Mahira took these names. Mahira says you agreed. Salman says you thought these are the worst contestants? Mahira says I had to take three names. Salman says the audience has some other decision. I will tell you who is leaving. He says SHEFALI IS ELIMINATED. He says another name is DEVOLEENA, third one is the person who was in the top 6 but Mahira took her place. He says RASHAMI IS ELIMINATED too. Salman asks them to come on the stage.


Bigg Boss 13 3rd November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : On the stage, Rashami, Shefali and Devoleena are questioned by Gauhar. Gauhar says you people didn’t fight for yourself, why didn’t you make this task neutral? Shefali says I am here because of Devoleena.Kisari and Salman eat desi food. Bhumi says don’t lie, did you have more than a friendship with co-stars? Kisari says I am taking rakhi with me too. Himanshi enters the house. Shehnaaz becomes miffed seeing her and says I am not staying here anymore. Arti asks she is the one who fought with you? Shehnaaz nods and cries. Bigg Boss asks inmates who shouldn’t be in this part of the game? Paras and Mahira take Arti’s name. Arti takes Mahira’s name. Bigg Boss says this was the first task to choose the captain.


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