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Weekday Special
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says this will be the last day for one nominated inmate. Salman welcomes Devoleena on the stage. She wishes him for his birthday. Salman asks what’s her viewpoint now? Devo says I can see both sides now if I talk about Sid, I thought he doesn’t respect women and he doesn’t have a heart but now I think he just needs a friend. For Rashami, I think she is not able to share her heart things, she is losing her track. Devo says I will go inside and I will say things that I wanted to say. Salman sends her off.

Devo enters the house. All are excited to see her. Rashami is shocked and hugs her. Vishal kisses her hand. They all hug her. Sid hugs her and asks how is she? She says I am good and smiles. Devo says I can’t be here as a contestant but I am here for my Talk Show. She sits with them and says first I want to call my BFF Rashami. Rashami kisses her cheek. Devo says Arhaan hid a big secret and you forgave him easily, how? Did you know about it before? Rashami says I told him that if you were here, you wouldn’t have spared him. Devo says I would have washed him without the soap. Rashami says he said that he was divorced and he will answer him with proofs once they are outside the house. Devo says then you proposed him in two days? Even Salman, your brother and Kamya told you things, you are getting carried away, you want to keep Arhaan above everyone, you are not listening to anyone. Rashami says I have thought about it, I didn’t want to see his face but I can’t forget what he has done for me, I have kept things on hold and will clear things after this show. Devo says people become blind in love so I doubt. Rashami says I am scared of you as well because of attachments, I don’t like it. Devo says my next question is that when Arhaan was not in the house, your relationship with Sid was getting on a good note but when he re-entered, it severed and got to the point of no return so are you getting influenced by Arhaan. Rashami says I can never be friends with Sid. Devo hugs her.
Devo calls Sana next. She says what you think is an entertainer? Sana says I enjoy here so I am an entertainer. Devo says you don’t look happy these days. Sana says if I am happy then everyone will enjoy with me, if Sid is happy with me then I am happy. Devo asks Sid to keep her happy. She asks if she will keep flipping till the end? Sana says I am this way only, people are taking me easily so I am entering the game and it won’t be nice for them. Devo gives her a badge and hugs her.

Devo calls Paras next. She calls Mahira too. She asks them that you always answer for Mahira, she is not playing with her mind, do you think she is a strong contestant? Paras says yes, she played well for Sana in the last task. Mahira says can I answer? Devo says no he always answers for you. If she is strong then why you control her like remote control, it is not showing her strategy. Mahira says our opinions are different. Devo says Mahira’s opinions are not shown from outside.
Devo calls Sid next. She smiles at him and asks how is he? He stares at her and says I am smiling now. Devo says keep smiling, we keep looking for it. Devo gives him two ‘OMG’ badges. All laugh. Devo asks them to take care of Sid, Rashami please you too. Rashami says I will. Devo hugs everyone and leaves. Rashami cries. Arhaan stops her and wipes her tears. Rashami says she is my friend, I have an attachment with him.
Bagga asks Sana why did she say that Sid has to make her happy. Sana says I need attention, I am like that.

On the stage:
Guthi comes on the stage and says to Salman that our MMS was leaked. A funny MMS plays with Guthi playing as Salman too. Salman laughs watching it. She jokes with Guthi and leaves.

Salman connects the call with the house. Salman says this is the last episode of this year. Salman says we make some resolutions for the year, today we will make resolutions for others. Sana says I will move ahead in life and focus on work this new year. Salman tells Arti that he was with her uncle last night and some kids over-took us and cursed our mothers so your uncle asked to follow them, I did and then your uncle said to them that your mother is my mother. All laugh and clap. Salman says you all have to paste a chit on the inmate for whom you have a resolution. Asim has a resolution for Sid to control his anger and work on his health. Rashami has a resolution for Mahira that she should use her words wisely. Arhaan gives a resolution to Sid to respect women. Vishal says I want Rashai to have clear thoughts. Madhu asks Arti to not have friends for benefits only. Sana asks Rashami to clarify her things, she is not clarifying about her love. Rashami says I don’t want to say everything. Bagga says my resolution for Rashami is to play strongly and independently like she is. Salman says Devo talked about her today. Rashami says all are talking about Arhaan. Arti tells Madhu to focus on herself more. Shefali Zari says I want Madhu to wake up on time, all laugh. Paras says Asim should motivate the fans to clean their houses and do it himself too. Salman says it was for you to Paras. Paras says I do my work. Salman says if I was in my house, I would have cleaned my bed, cleaned my washroom and washed my dishes. I would have done for others too. You people are showing one finger broken, we get it all the time while shooting but work doesn’t stop. Mahira says I want Asim to not be aggressive, he gives the same back to Sid. Sid asks Sana to switch on her brain in 2020.

Salman asks Vishal and Madhu to bring the things from the storeroom. They bring a red color and says you have to tell me who is a competition for you.
Mahira: She says I don’t have a target but Paras always say he wants to win
Paras: Sid is a competitor
Shefali Zari: She takes Asim’s name
Arti: She takes Rashami’s name
Bagga: She names Paras
Sana: She says Sid and Paras are the competitors but if Sid wins then it will be like I won so I don’t care. Paras is a real competition for me, he is naughty
Madhu: She names Sana
Vishal: He names Sana
Arhaan: He says Asim is the strongest
Rashami: She takes Asim’s name for playing a good game
Asim: He says Rashami has huge fan following
Sid: He says I will target myself. Salman asks who will be the second person here? Sid says Paras.

Salman ends the call. Sunny Leone brings the cake for him. She congratulates him. She cuts the cake with him and he feeds her. Salman plays a game with her. Sunny goes in the house.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call to the caller of the week. He says I want to ask Sid that you said sorry to Rashami by calling Arti and asking her to arrange a meeting with Rashami then why did you start fighting with her in the show. Sid is confused and says what? The caller says Rashami talked about this. Sid says Rashami misunderstood it, she has talked about it again so I wanted to clarify the lie, we never fought before, we just had a cut-off so I had to end it that’s why I met her. I don’t know why you are asking me this, I don’t talk to her much, she has always come to me and I have retaliated. The caller says you provoked her by talking about the dialogues in the old show and all that. Rashami was not saying anything at that time. Sid says Rashami said that I used to give her lines to Jasmine but I can’t do it, she is a liar. Rashami says he used to change the lines, we were never good friends. Sid says did you forget? We were not on good terms? Rashami says when? I started talking to you after 9 months of working, we didn’t get along after that too. Sid says to leave it, it will get dirty, you have started it. Rashami says you say all this filth. Salman ends the call. Salman says you people got the gifts from your house. We have to see who is going to meet his or her family now. All are coming back so we have to eliminate people. Sid, Arhaan. Vishal, Madhu, Arti and Shefali Bagga are nominated. He says I won’t tell who is going out. The bottom three are Arhaan, Bagga and Madhu. He says whatever will happen will happen in the middle of the night. He laughs and falls down on the floor. He tries to control his laugh and says Bigg Boss will tell you about the elimination. Salman ends the call.

In the house:
Sid is angry. He asks Arti why is she saying rubbish? Ask her to stop talking about the set. Arti asks him to calm down. Rashami tells Arhaan that he doesn’t respect. Arhaan says he is talking about you. Sid says this is a good couple. Arhaan comes to him and glares at him. Sid asks what he is looking at? Arhaan says I am not talking to you. Sid says she doesn’t give you time, think about your identity, try to know each other first. Arhaan says I know a lot about you. Sid says you are scared of me? Arhaan says I am not scared of anyone’s father. Sid says why did you come here? Arhaan says I didn’t talk to you. Asim asks Sid to calm down.

Arti asks Rashami to not talk about each other. You shouldn’t have brought that up. Rashami says he started this, ask him to remain in limits. Arti says don’t fall in the dirt, ask Arhaan to not talk about the outside matters.
Sid says she comes behind me, she came behind me till there. I can open my mouth and say a lot. Arti asks him to calm down. Sid says she can talk in front of me, she couldn’t remember lines on the set. Asim asks Arti to not say anything to him. Arti says he is not fighting. Asim says stop this drama Arti. Arti says I am calming them both. Sid says Rashami has said a lot behind my back. Asim says why are you talking about the outside things? Do you want to fight? Sid asks Asim to not enter this matter, don’t worry about me. Asim says Rashami is not saying anything so you stop too. Sid says they talk about respecting the girls, respect for these types of girls? Sana asks them to calm down. Shefali Zari says Asim starts poking every time. Asim says I am asking them to not fight. Asim asks Arhaan and Rashami to go from there. Arhaan says I will beat him today. Rashami leaves with Asim. Sana asks Sid to not start it again. Arhaan says I will beat him today. Rashami says I am scared. He hugs her. Rashami says be normal sometimes.
Sid says she lies all the time, if she has guts then say it in my face, she is filled with the filth. They are a good couple like that.
Rashami says I am scared. Asim says he just barks, they will keep barking. Arhaan says he will get beaten today. Asim says then he will back-off from his words. Rashami says he is a filthy man. Asim says he is talking bad about a girl and all other girls are listening to him if we talk then he will twist his words around. Sana comes and asks why he is shouting. Asim says my voice is like that, can’t we talk? Sana asks him to calm down.
Sid says that Asim is still crying about his sister, we ended it last day but he will keep crying. I don’t even know Arhaan, he knows from 10 years but Rashami doesn’t even know about his 5-years old baby.
Arhaan tells Vishal that I will beat him. Vishal says take care of Rashami.
Sana asks Sid to not say bad words. Sid says don’t say anything to me. Sana says don’t talk to her, she wants you to do this and you do it. She pokes you and you react badly. Sid says Arti is smart. Arti says I fought with her on this topic only.

Bigg Boss asks the inmates to come to the garden area. They all go but Sid doesn’t. Sana asks him to come. Sid says stay out of this. I am coming. Sid says stay out of this.
Guthi enters the house.

Salman promotes a movie and signs off from the show.

Bigg Boss 13 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Rashami cries and tells Arhaan that she is feeling alone, what to do? Arhaan hugs her.All inmates enjoy the new year night. Some guests enter too.Guthi enters the house Sunny Leone. Guthi tells Asim that my mom thinks you are her son as she has been fighting with her neighbor for 25 years without any reason like you do. All laugh including Asim. Guthi says Sid has never slept in a blanket so I want to see. She sleeps in a blanket with Sid. Sana laughs at them going under the blanket.


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