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Bigg Boss 13 30th November 2019 Episode Start With

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says our TRPs are increasing so thank you. He says we have a good news so let’s see it.

In the house:
1:30 AM
Bigg Boss calls everyone in the garden. Bigg Boss says this season started with celebrities and something unexpected happened with two phases of this season. You all are creating your stories and when so many good people are here then we expect something good to come out but it has crossed our expectations. This season has become the most successful season of the Bigg Boss history. All hoot and cheer for it. Bigg Boss says this season has been extended to 5 weeks more (till February) due to its popularity, we congratulate you on this. the finale will happen later now. Sana says to Sid that you are with me for more time now. Rashami says I am leaving. Sid says where? He grabs her from her ponytail, she laughs and pushes him away.
Paras tells Mahira that she made him mad two days back, she says okay. Rashami says this is good news. Vishal says I brought the TRP up.

On the stage, Salman says Sid’s team got the prize of the luxury budget but see what happened.

In the house:
2 AM
Rashami asks Vishal to bring out Sid’s team’s pasta, I am hungry, they can make a fuss about it later. They both steal the pasta and laugh. Vishal eats with her.

12 PM
Bigg Boss calls Rashami and Vishal in the confession room. They go inside. Bigg Boss says did you both celebrate with the food last night? Rashami says sorry we stole the pasta, we were hungry. Bigg Boss says you were not part of the winning team. Rashami says we are sorry, we got hungry and had some fun. Vishal says I knew that I was stealing and there would be some consequences of it. Bigg Boss says now you will tell the inmates that you stole the pasta without leaving out any detail, inmates have to give back everything of the luxury item to the Bigg Boss, if you try to hide anything then all will be punished and we won’t send the basic ration.

Vishal tells the inmates that they ate the pasta last night so you all have to give up your luxury items. Rashami says we were just having fun. Sid says Devo gave a coffee sip to Arti and you know what happened Rashami then how can you do it? Rashami says we ate it and didn’t know it. Bigg Boss says to Vishal that you have to confess that you knew that punishment would be given after what they did so don’t twist the words here. Rashami says we didn’t plan it, we just got hungry. Sid says you both are a loser, you got so hungry that you would deliberately do it? Devo says I didn’t repeat my mistake. Sid says to Vishal that I told you to not do something against the rules. Vishal says I am sorry, you can’t go personal. Sid says stop saying rubbish now. How can you eat something that is not yours? Vishal says don’t shout. Rashami says it was not intentional. Sid calls Vishal a *****. Vishal says to stay in your limits, don’t abuse, don’t be a goon. Sid says I will. Vishal says then keep saying it, I can curse too. Rashami says the whole house has to get punished. Vishal asks Sid to say anything but doesn’t curse. Sid says don’t say rubbish. Mahira says we are not going to give up our luxury budget because of them.

Asim asks Sid to calm down and give up the things. Sid says Rashami and Vishal will wash all the dishes, nobody will do any work. Vishal says we are not your servants. Sid says you are punished by the captain. Vishal says we are not listening to you. Sid says if we can’t raise hands then you have to listen to me. Vishal says you will use your hands to make me work? Sid says you are not sensible. Vishal says I accept that we stole. Sid says we have to bear the recuperations. Vishal says but you can’t cross the limit. I know that we would be punished.

Asim tells Sid that if we don’t give up the luxury budget then they won’t send the ration and we will be hungry. Sid says then let them die hungry.
Sid says to Vishal that all will be punished without food now. We gave everything in our team of the luxury budget items to every person. Vishal says I didn’t know about all that. Sid says but Rashami knew of everything that we share everything that we can. Rashami asks Sid to not talk about the food, I didn’t eat too much. Paras says we will all bear it now. Vishal says sorry to Sid.

Rashami cries and says Sid is saying so many negative things, he is talking about beating and all that. Arti says you know how he gets angry. Vishal says then why don’t you fight with him? Arti tells Rashami that you shouldn’t have stolen it.

Sid says this great superstar Rashami is stealing pasta? This is your life? Rashami says don’t talk about my life. Sid says you keep stealing in your life. Rashami says you have experience in it. Rashami says he is saying so much for a pasta? Sid says Vishal is talking to Rashami and back-bite us. Vishal says you can wear a saree if you talk like this, you can talk nicely. Paras says we don’t even eat pasta. Vishal says you are saying so much for pasta. Sid says you don’t understand what you have done? We know what Rashami can do, she cane become nice and make you do something. Rashami says if you become like me 5% then you would be bearable, you are a burden on this earth. Sid says I don’t want to be like you.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. All inmates are roaming around and don’t know that Salman has connected. Only Sid is in the lounge. Salman tells Sid that you can’t control some things which are against your health. If you have to shout about your point then it looks bad on TV. Follow me now. He makes him stand up and shouts at Sid as Sid does. Salman lies on the floor and makes Sid lie too. Salman asks him to repeat his tone. Sid laughs and mimics him. Salman says if you get angry then lie down, it will become difficult for you to shout, this is a technique for our eardrums and vocal cords. Sid says okay. Salman asks him to call everyone. Bhau runs to get his shirt. Salman says come like this Bhau. Bhau says no no.. He goes to bring his jacket. All rush to get in the lounge. Salman says we talked about the show’s extension and then all are seen thrown here and there in the house, Bhau has made the good body. Bhau says your body makes me insecure. Salman says let’s talk about the rules, it’s now about the food but this time it was a big fight. Himanshi was punished for it. He asks Vishal why he did it? if you couldn’t win it so you didn’t let the winning team enjoy it too? Do you steal the medal of the winning team? Vishal says we were just having fun but I didn’t know it would be taken so far. Sid says they knew what happened when Devo tried to share the coffee with Arti out of love so we told them to not do it, it was clear that we wouldn’t go there as we are all friends here. Salman says they work hard to win those luxury budget items and they all have to give it back otherwise all will be punished. Salman says I might not be a part of the extension, who is not happy with this? Rashami and Sid raise their hands. Sid says we are living without the things that we need. Salman says the show has been extended till February because of Vishal. All laugh.
Salman says let’s connect to the caller of the week. The caller says I want to talk to Sid. He says when you were friends with Asim, they used to call Asim your follower and now you ask Paras for everything, Paras told you to give Asim the night duty, you do what Paras says so it looks like you have become Paras’ follower. Sid says I don’t know how it is shown. The caller says that you became the contender for captaincy also because Paras said so. Sid says I was asking everyone for the duties, I was not a part of any group. Paras told me that he would vote for me and he did to make me the captain then I asked Asim also. I was not playing with any team. I gave the easiest duty to Bhau only who is a part of Asim’s group. Salman says Sid is trying to say he is not Paras’ follower. Call ends. Salman says all inmates wanted to make Sid the captain, that is amazing, nobody wanted to try, even people didn’t care about immunity. Paras said to give apples to Vishal but not Mahira, why? Paras says because Asim and Shefali become aggressive so I wanted to protect her. Salman says what kind of protection is that will throw Mahira out of the house? Mahira says I don’t want to be the captain but I know that immunity is important, I want to become the captain now. Salman says it depends on the fact that you are safe this time. Mahira says I am happy with either, I will know if the audience is saving me or not. Salman says Rashami went out of the house because of you, thank you. Mahira says if I talk then they call me rude. Salman says to Rashami why you are thanking? Rashami says I am biased for Paras as we did in the delivery task. Salman says don’t talk about the past, you had zero contribution but you had 100% contribution in sending Arhaan out of the house, all laugh. Salman tells Sid that they didn’t fight with you so you are the king. Paras says he is a sensible captain. Salman says anyone could have won but nobody tried, maybe you all wanted to save Sid from the nominations? Paras says all were boycotting the work. Salman says I am saying that Sid is the king and they all are the pawns, Sid will tell which players fit which position of the chess? Positions are an elephant, horse, camel, advisor (wazir) and a pawn. Think and give them the titles. The call ends.

Sid says to Paras that I don’t care if someone calls me a follower but I am worried why it is shown like this? Paras says don’t worry.

Sid have to give titles of chess players to the inmates. He gives Sana ‘haathi (elephant)’ tag which means she is smart but she doesn’t let others get to her, she knows the game of others but she keeps following her path. He says ‘horse’ is Arti as she just thinks about two steps, she is short-sighted but she is not that important in the game. She tries to work things out on each side and she tries to be nice with everyone. Rashami says what? you fumbled. Sid says go home and hear it again. Rashami laughs. Sid says I thought she would be a wazir (chief) but she isn’t. Sid says Paras is a camel as he is twisted. Sid says I am the king but I don’t listen to the wazir. Sid says pawn is.. Asim says it can Mahira and Arti. Paras says Asim can be a pawn. Sid says I am going to listen to myself only. Asim says to Sid that you can listen to Paras only. Sid says Bhau is the pawn as he is alone. Bhau says I don’t need anyone. Sid gives wazir title to Vishal.

On the stage:
Salman says Sid is clear about his thoughts. He connects the call to the house. Salman says to Sid that we saw you giving titles so we will ask them. You don’t seem agreed on getting the king title. Sana says I am fine with wazir title and laughs. She says wazir is closest to the king, they call wazir the queen. Salman says Wazir is an advisor. Salman says you are clever? Sana says I am naughty, my heart is clean. Salman asks Himanshi and laughs. Himanshi says she does have wazir qualities. Salman says its a quality to appreciate someone so good thing Himanshi. He tells us that the horse is not shown much. Rashami says he has too much ego that I am surprised he even gave me the title. Salman says they have a problem if you ignore or don’t ignore them. Rashami says I am not short-sighted. Salman asks Rashami to become a horse for a long race. Salman says Paras is a camel. Vishal says he called me an advisor but Sid has to give a character certificate and he curses a lot, I tried to talk to him but he gets so angry that I can’t talk to him. Salman says it’s a good thing that you said and if you forgive others then it’s the biggest quality. Sid says yes. Salman says but these qualities are for outside the house. Sid gave the wazir title to Vishal so it’s a good sign. Salman says Bhau was called a pawn? Bhau says I am a butcher. Himanshi says he talks about the game and now he becomes the kid. Bhau says I am an elephant. Salman says let’s see how chess is played.

Salman says to the inmates that we will have 5 weeks more. Let’s see who is in the bottom two as per the votes. Salman says Paras and Mahira are in the bottom two, all others are safe. He ends the call.
Mahira says no Paras, this can’t happen. Paras congrats Vishal.
Rashami tells Asim that you are a wazir. Asim says to Rashami that their ego was so much, they are in the bottom two.
Mahira tells Vishal that if we are doing so much and we are still in the bottom two then it’s better that we leave. Paras says to hell with it then, I am ready to leave.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Color’s new show’s stars Raja and Rani. He connects the call to the house and inmates greet everyone. Salman says their show is starting. Asim brings coconuts from the storeroom. Salman says I will say some statements and you have to tell me which inmate should start that conversation with them.
Sana: Salman says whom you want to become enemies with? Sana says Asim but I can’t burst the coconut on his head, he fights over small things. She breaks the coconut on the stool.
Sid: Salman asks whom you want to become friends with but I would like to increase friendship with Shefali.
Arti: Salman asks whom you want to start love with? She says Rashami.
Rashami: Salman asks whom you want to become friends with? She says Asim.
Asim: Salman asks whom you want to keep away from? He says Paras.
Paras: Salman asks whom you want to make your followers? He says Asim. All laugh.
Bhau: Salman asks whom you want to have small fights with? He says Sana.
Mahira: Salman says Mahira before you leave whom you want to fight with? She says Vishal. Vishal says I am a new target for her. Vishal: Salman asks Vishal whom you want to start fighting with? Vishal says seems like I am not getting along with Sid as he doesn’t leave things.
Himanshi: Salman asks whom you want to love? She says Shefali.
Shefali: Salman asks whom you want to keep away from? She says Paras.
Devoleena: Salman asks whom you want to make a follower? She says Arti. Arti breaks the coconut for her.

Raja tells Rashami and Sid that they look so cute together. Salman ends the call and promotes their show. Raja and Rani leave.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. Salman says let’s talk about who is leaving today. Paras and Mahira have got the least votes. He says the person that is leaving is Devoleena. All are shocked. Salman says she needs bed rest and she can’t stay in the house so she is leaving with no fault of hers and she can come back when she is fine. Paras and Mahira are still in danger. He ends the call. Rashami cries. Devo lies down and says please be safe. Rashami hugs her and cries. Devo sings yeh dosti for her. Sid hugs her roo. Arti cries for her. Devo says I will come back soon. She leaves. Arti and Asim console Rashami. Arti tells Rashami that I want to increase our love, I am with you. Rashami hugs her.


Bigg Boss 13 2nd December November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Pati, Patni and Woh cast play games with Salman.In the house, the cast asks who can be a traitor? Sid and Asim say Sana. They blacken his face. Vishal says Bhau is not shown in the house. Bhau says you can’t bear the Bhau of outside. Shefali says Rashami is not seen in the house. Sid says she cries every day.Salman asks some general questions to the inmates. He asks Asim if Sana separated Sid and Asim? He says yes. Salman makes Bhau go in the pool.
With the audience demand, Sid and Shehnaaz shoot a romantic video on ishq wala love. He tells her that I can’t lift you, my back would be gone.


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