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Day 96
8:15 PM
Paras asks Sana what her problem is with Mahira? Sana says you people have created the problem that’s why I don’t go to her, I have an attachment with you Paras but I took care of her because of you, you love her so I took care of her and when you came back, I backed off and I want to stay away as if I go closer to you then I expect things from you, I am like that. Paras asks what expectations? Sid says that you marry her, do all her work, leave Mahira. Sana says no, that you spend time with me. Sid says she wants you to stick to her. She sticks to me and called me Paras many times. Sana says he is joking but this will go on. Sana says I care about Paras and Sid only in this house, you say a lot of things to me but I like you, I have an attachment to you and it will remain there but I won’t be jealous of her, she doesn’t have anything. Paras says she doesn’t say it, I say it. When we were together, we all 4, we were good and then when Sid and I left, you both handled everything very well. Sid starts moving, Sana asks him to not act too much. Sid says she doesn’t want me to stay here as Paras is here. Sid leaves from there. Sana says I find Mahira wrong in many things but I don’t say it because it makes me look like I am jealous of her.
Sid tells Mahira that I don’t think Paras will share the bed with you. I can’t sleep with Shefali Bagga.
Sana tells Paras that I fight with Sid, you stay with Mahira all the time but Sid can’t be with me all the time. Paras says I am loyal to you like I am with Mahira.
Arti tells Sid that tells Sana to not be so negative, I am not going to sleep there now. Sid comes to Sana and Paras and says that this is too much, I am staying outside for an hour. Paras tells Sana to keep it up for last month, we have to stick together. Sana asks him to talk to Sid also.

10:00 PM
Paras tells Sid that I talked to Sana and told her that she is straying away, she wants to talk to everyone and she likes that. Sid says I never said it but in the luxury task, she called Asim sensible, she is always soft with Asim, I have a problem with that. Paras says talk to her then.

Asim tells Mahira to make rotis for Madhu, and Rashami. He asks her to make 2 rotis for Bagga, 2 for Rashami. Mahira says tell Rashami to not waste it. Asim asks her to not order around, Mahira asks him to leave. Asim says I am not talking to you like this, we will not waste the food. Mahira says don’t waste the food.
Rashami tells Sana that I will make my rotis, she is too negative.
Paras tells Shefali Zari that we are making veggies with rice also. Mahira says let me talk, she angrily leaves. Paras goes behind her. Bagga asks Sana to decide what should be made.

Mahira throws things around in the washroom area and cries. Paras tries to talk to her.

Bagga says Mahira is singing too much about her food making. Asim says she is shouting about wasting the food.
Mahira tells Arti that I am just asking to not waste the food and they are saying that I am keeping an eye on their food? I have made so many roties for them.
Asim tells Paras that we don’t waste any roti. Paras says Mahira is making extra rotis for you people. Asim says tell me how 12 rotis were wastes last night like you said? Sid asks Arti to go to Mahira, she is alone. Sana says oh so worried about her. Sana comes to Paras. Paras says they are asking to make 10 rotis. Bagga says Mahira doesn’t make rotis without a drama.

Paras comes to Mahira. He tries to hug her but she asks him to stay away. He comes closer to Mahira slaps him and says don’t disturb me. She pushes him away. Paras says let me tell you one thing, I don’t take any girl’s slap. I am not saying anything so don’t fight with me if you don’t want to talk then fine, he leaves.

10:30 PM
Paras comes to Mahira and says I don’t care about your reason for all this but I stay away from the girls who don’t respect boys, I don’t raise hand on girls but I promise on my mother to stay away from me, my self-respect is above everything. Mahira says listen to me. Paras says I don’t deserve this shit. Mahira says listen to me. Paras says ******, don’t talk to me. Mahira says I said sorry, I didn’t do it before, I slapped you by mistake, it will not happen again. Paras says I don’t have any shortage of girls, you want me to be slapped on the camera. Mahira says I was joking. Paras says you are slapping me in anger now, you said that you won’t talk to me after the show. He tries to leave but Mahira corners him. Paras tries not to smile and hugs her. Mahira cries.

11:30 PM
Sana asks Sid why his behavior is like that with her? Sid says I won’t ask you to not talk to anyone, I don’t want people to use you but I don’t care anymore, I will sit where I want, I am not concerned with you anymore, I didn’t want to stop you from talking to anyone. Sana says these fights are boring me, I never stopped you from talking to anyone, it’s okay.

12:15 PM
Sid is in the living area. Sana asks him to come and sleep with her. Sid says I will come when I want. Sid says I don’t want to sleep on that side. I am not coming. Sana asks him to come, he says no.

1 AM
Sid is sleeping in Sana’s bed. She tries to talk to him but he ignores her. Sana hugs him and says don’t show attitude. I am tired to pacifying you, this is too much drama, you are irritating me.

Day 97
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song agl bagal. They all dance.

9:45 AM
Vishal starts his fake show and asks Rashami. Rashami says she makes the food with negativity so I will make my own food.
Paras tells Mahira that my mom would call them cheap celebrities.
Sana tells Arti that Mahira is wrong on some points.
Shefali Zari tells Sid and Paras that Vishal is doing a TV show and praising Rashami and Madhu. They are calling Mahira negative. Paras says they just bark.

10 AM
Sana hugs Sid and says I can do competition with you as well if you are saying that I won’t stay here. Sid says I said when you are not here. Sana says you want me to go from here, you are using me. Arti says he is not.

1:45 PM
Sana is poking Sid with the cleaning stick. Sid grabs her and says will you do it? Sana says you want to break my arm?

2:15 PM
A love guru Prem enters the house. He greets everyone. Bigg Boss says he will tell you all about your future. Prem calls Paras first. He starts his predictions:
For Paras: Prem says that your relationship will change and it will be better for you. Paras thanks him.
Mahira: Prem says Mahira you have positive signs, you will have a breaking point in your career and you might go for singing as well. All laugh.
Shefali Zari: Prem says you are straight-forward and it will give you a break of your life.
Rashami: He says you had a tough time but your golden years will start. You had problems with your relationship but don’t let it affect your professional life.
Arti: He tells Arti that you have a strong year for the marriage. Arti blushes. He asks her to not be confused, all laugh.
Sana: He says that your personal life will change. You might be confused about your relationships but you will have good luck now, you have a bright future.
Shefali Bagga: Prem says that you will be interested in politics, you will have a positive personal life.
Madhu: He says your 2021 will be good, you don’t want to settle down that’s why you have problems with personal life.
Asim: Prem says that think before you say anything but you are a long-race horse. Don’t think about negative aspects.
Vishal: He says you are not focusing on personal life, focus on professional life.
Sid: Prem says you didn’t have good experience with emotions and trust in your life. You expected different things but after this, your personal life will change. Keep your mind relaxed.

Asim asks Prem for his relationship. Prem asks him to wait till 2021. He tells Arti that she will have a love marriage. Bigg Boss thanks Prem for coming. He greets everyone and leaves.

3:15 PM
Sid teases Arti. Sana says I will dance at Arti’s wedding. Sid asks Arti if she invited her even. Arti says yes.
Vishal tells Asim that I will do something in my life, we take dowry a lot in my state so I want to change that. Madhu says they should stop taking money from the girls. Vishal says you think I took money from you? You are yikes sometimes.
Sana tells Arti that Madhu is in love but Vishal is not.
Madhu tells Rashami that if we are out partying when cheque comes Vishal goes to the washroom. Vishal says this is disgusting. Madhu says this is a joke. Vishal says I won’t ever work with her.
Sana tells Sid that I need a man who will pamper me. Sid says don’t marry, hire a man for you to do tasks.

4:30 PM
Arti tells Shefali Zari that I find Sana and Sid very cute. The way Sid reacts to her is very innocent. I told him that he needs a girl who will keep a child alive in him. Shefali Zari says no, he needs a mature girl, Sid is like that. Arti says he needs excitement in his life.

6:15 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we have to choose a new captain. Sana’s captaincy ends now. The captaincy task was given but we had to stop it so all will mutually decide if Madhu who was a referee of the task should be the captain of the house or not. If she doesn’t become the captain then there will be no captain. Rashami says she should get it, Bagga says Madhu tried a lot so yes, Asim says yes, Vishal says she was not biased. Paras says she didn’t do anything so no, she didn’t even follow the rules. Mahira says she copies others, she slept a lot. Zari says she won’t make a good captain, Arti says no as she didn’t work in other’s captaincy. Sid says she follows others so she can’t be a captain, she doesn’t understand this house much. Madhu says I used my mind, you didn’t find my judging right too so it’s fine. I stood by words. Paras says Sana got hurt yesterday but you didn’t do anything. Madhu says I took a decision to use one basket only. Asim says we are not talking about who got hurt yesterday, it’s about her as a referee. Madhu argues with Sid. Vishal tells Sid that you can’t accept defeat, your mind has typhoid too. You are a zero. Mahira laughs. Sana says let me talk. Sid asks Vishal to keep calling him words. Sana says no one cares if I got hurt or not. Madhu didn’t follow any rules. Bigg Boss asks Sana. Sana says the majority is not in favor of Madhu. Bigg Boss says there will be no captain this week.

7 PM
Sana says it’s good that Madhu didn’t become the captain. They will fight a lot.
Zari says Madhu is not ready, people won’t cooperate with her. Madhu says I follow the rules. Zari says you don’t. Madhu says I might have started following the rules, don’t say I don’t deserve it. Zari says you don’t have quality otherwise I would have voted for you. Madhu says you don’t decide if I have the quality or not. Sid says she has the right to decide. Zari says you don’t take a stand Madhu. Madhu says I don’t need your suggestions. She asks Arti to shut up. Arti says she has no shame.

Bigg Boss 13 4th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Salman tells the inmates that there is no happy new year, you people are miserable in the house. Asim called Sid’s father a crybaby, you know where his father is? Asim says yes, he is no more. Salman says so then? You are so blo*dy irritating right now Asim and Sid is crossing all the limits in his anger, your real personality comes out. Rashami thinks we don’t show anything about Sid, I am telling you Rashami that if you think we are portraying you negatively then you can leave the house right now, open the gates right now.Kajol and Ajay come to join Salman on the stage. The joke together.


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