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Bigg Boss 13 3rd November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 13 3rd November 2019 Episode Start With

First Finale
Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. Salman says the new inmates will enter the house today. He welcomes Rashami, Shefali and Devoleena. He asks how they are feeling? Shefali says I can’t believe it and I am with them so there must be something fishy. Salman asks who should have been evicted? Devoleena and Shefali take Arti’s name. Rashami says it should have been Asim. Salman says but the audience has kept him in the house. Devoleena says boys were three and girls were 6. Salman says Rashami should have made a connection. Rashami says I can’t think about Shukla and Asim. Salman says we are talking about Paras. Rashami says we didn’t want this task to be rejected.

Salman calls Gauhar Khan. They greet her. Gauhar says this show has changed lives but why you girls didn’t show a strong stance in the show? Rashami says the audience has the power. Gauhar says then why didn’t you go all out. She tells Devoleena that you didn’t show much action, she tells Rashami that you just put your point when it was against Shukla, you thought that you would get votes? Rashami says I just talk to Shukla only when he creates a scene. Gauhar says you show a fierceness when it comes to Shukla but why didn’t you convince Paras to choose you? Gauhar says you people got all tasks rejected but why not this task? no boy would have a chance to choose any girl, you people deserved to be inside. Shefali says I kept asking them to get this task a tie. Gauhar says you will get this opportunity once in a lifetime.

Salman welcomes Arhaan. Rashami is surprised. He hugs her. Rashami says my connection is going inside and I am going out. Arhaan says I thought they are strong contestants. Salman asks what advice you will give him? Rashami says he doesn’t need a piece of advice, he can get very unpredictable. Salman says he was saying your friends Arti and Shukla went against you so he might have gone against you too. Rashami says Arti is a good friend but people change in the house. Devoleena cries. Salman says now you are going home. Shefali says I am here because of Devoleena. Rashami says it was my fault, Gauhar says you won’t get a chance like this again. Salman wishes them luck. Arhaan tells me on the screen that give me love if you can. All of them leave. Gauhar leaves too.

In the house:
Asim tells Mahira that Rashami saved her. Mahira says how? She is strong but. Asim says the task was about to save yourself if it was a draw then you might have been out. Mahira says you people wanted me to leave?
Shehnaaz asks Shukla if he was crying when Arti was leaving? He says no. Shehnaaz says our group is saved.

Arti tells Shehnaaz that Rashami and Devoleena are a big name in the industry and beating them is a big thing. Shehnaaz says I want to work in the industry, she cries and says I am sad, I was tarnished, a girl had a fight with me, I said bad words about her song and she taunted my image and told people that I was asking her for the work, Punjabi industry doesn’t like me. Arti says now you will rule it.
Arhaan enters the house. Arti hugs him and says how are you? Arhaan says to Shehnaaz that I am a fan of yours. He hugs Asim and Shukla. Paras hugs him.
Shehnaaz tells Shukla that he looks like a good man. Shukla says I don’t like him much. Asim says me too, he did something very weird, Shukla says he looks very sweet but he is not. Asim says he will blast soon.
Arhaan tells Arti that his name was joined with Rashami too much. Mahira says what? Arhaan says people rumored that I have an affair with Rashami and that you will marry her in the house. Arhaan says we are just friends.
Asim tells Shukla that Arhaan will try to butter me up. Shukla says they will try to break us up.

Shefali Zariwala enters the house. She greets everyone. Shukla looks on. Shefali hugs Shukla. She says the house is very pretty. Shefali hugs Shehnaaz and says I like you a lot. Shefali is shocked to know that Rashami, Devoleena, and Shefali are out. She says Rashami? Shukla says she will come back. Shefali says she was the strongest contestant in the house.
Arhaan tells Asim that I keep my friendships and hatred close to my hearts. Asim says if you change friendships then you are changed here. Arhaan says if you leave your friends in a game then it’s okay with you? Asim says yes.
Asim tells Arti that Arhaan is giving advice. He asks Shukla if he knows Shefali? Shukla says very well, long time back.

Arhaan asks Mahira to not be a puppet, you are strong. Mahira says I take a stand against Shukla unlike others, we just hate each other.

On the stage:
Kisari enters the stage and dances. He hugs Salman. Ayushmaan, Bhumi and Yami are on the stage too. Bhojpuri actress Rani is with Kisari too. She is here to see him off. Rani says people need an entertainer in the house so Kisari will be that. Rani says to Salman that I like your song. Mere rang mein rangne wali. She sings it. Salman hugs her and she leaves. Salman asks Kisari what he has prepared? Kisari sings a song. Ayushman says I love him. Salman asks who is a drama queen in the house? He says Paras. Salman asks who is strongest in the house? He says Shukla. Bhumi says you used to like desi food? He says yes, I used to sell it when I didn’t have much money. They bring that food and Salman eats it. Bhumi asks if he lied to his wife? He says I am not the only one, all laugh. She asks if he was more than a friend with co-stars? Kisari says yes, I got some rakhis. Bhumi says the smart answers. Bhumi asks how many calls do you get from your wife? He says a lot. She says if you get romance in the house then? He says I can do anything for others’ happiness. Ayushman asks Salman how many kid will he have? He says many, all laugh. Salman asks Ayushman whom he likes more? Bhumi or Yami? He says I have self-love only. Kisari sits on the bull, he grabs it and doesn’t fall down. All laugh. Salman hugs him and he goes into the house.

In the house:
Kisari enters. Arhaan hugs him.

On the stage:
Bala’s cast promotes their film. Ayushman dances with Bhumi and Rami. They take a selfie with Salman and leaves.

In the house:
Bhau enters the house. Bhau greets everyone. He hugs Shukla and says you are number 1. All laugh.
Bhau says I give names to others and it’s a curse for him. Mahira laughs. Bhau says I gave Arti a name bhatakti aatma. He gives them all funny names.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Tehseen. Tehseen greets Gauhar. Salman says I heard that you know everyone? Tehseen says old contestants are in the comfort zone so we will give them a current but there is no competition for me. Salman says everyone goes to win. Salman says Rashami, Devoleena and Shefali are out of the house, Mahira got saved so Rashami had to leave. Gauhar says you said that you are ready to bring Shukla down but how? Tehseen says I have no strategy and I won’t tell you. Gauhar says you are lying here only? She asks who is smarter than you in the house? He says my wife is the smartest. Gauhar says talk about the inmates. He says Shehnaaz is an entertainer. He sees Shukla’s photo and says let’s have a face-off. He tells Paras to stop gossiping. Tehseen says I will make Asim wear a T-shirt for a whole day, I like him a lot. Gauhar says with T-shirt or without a T-shirt. Tehseen says I like him as a contestant, you think what you want. Gauhar says you are fighting with me only? She makes him sit on the bull. He struggles on the bull but keeps his balance. Gauhar says he will do good in the tasks, he goes into the house. Salman asks Gauhar to keep coming. She greets him and leaves. Salman says Himanshi is going into the house.

In the house:
Himanshi enters the house. Shehnaaz is miffed. Himanshi greets everyone. Himanshi hugs Mahira. Shehnaaz tries to go behind her but she ignores her. Shehnaaz hugs Paras and says she ignored me. Arti asks what happened? Shehnaaz says she ignored me, I am not staying here. Arti asks her to stop crying. Shehnaaz falls down. Shukla comes and asks what happened? Arhaan says she had a fight with Himanshi.

Arti comes to Himanshi. Himanshi says Bipasha is promoting you. Arti says wow. Asim asks what happened with Shehnaaz? Himanshi says to Arti that Shehnaaz told Paras that if her enemy came in the house then she will break her face. Arti says I don’t know about that controversy.
Shehnaaz beats herself. Shukla talks to her and asks what happened? Shehnaaz says she said bad words about me, I am not staying here anymore. Shukla says you can solve this issue. Shehnaaz says she ignored me. Shukla says Rashami didn’t talk to me as well. She asks Shukla and Arti to not leave her. They say never. Bhau asks her to not cry like a kid. Let’s go inside and be normal.

Paras and Mahira show house to Himanshi. Shukla brings Shehnaaz and introduces her to Himanshi. Himanshi says I don’t know her. Shehnaaz says I know her well.

Bell rings, Tehseen enters the house. Tehseen says my wife is a fan of yours. Tehseen tells Shukla that you are a star. He hugs everyone. He hugs Bhau and Kisari. Tehseen says to Shehnaaz that I am your brother. Paras says me too. Tehseen says that is news.

Bigg Boss welcomes everyone in the house. He says you people have made connections but now things will change, there is no rule of making a connection, everyone will play for themselves now. Bigg Boss says tell us who shouldn’t be here right now and why you are not happy to see them? Arti says Mahira, she was not in the top 6. Bhau says Shehnaaz. Mahira says Arti, Tehseen says Himanshi as I don’t know her. Shehnaaz says Himanshi, I tried to welcome her but she ignored me but still, she said that she doesn’t know me, we know each other well. Arhaan takes Himanshi’s name. Asim takes Mahira’s name, Himanshi takes Arhaan’s name for not talking much. Paras takes Arti’s name as Rashami and Devoleena deserved more. Shefali takes Arti’s name for a weak game. Shukla takes Mahira’s name. Kisari takes Arti’s name for a weak contender. Tehseen says this bhai bhai language. Bhau says I will talk as I talk normally, I am not a good boy type. Tehseen tells Bhau that I have a factory of this goon language so don’t do this with me. Bhau says this is my language. Tehseen says I love you so chill. Shukla says it’s good to be different. Bigg Boss says this was a task to choose the first captain. All are shocked. You people gave Arti the most votes so she gets a chance and she becomes the first captain of the house. Arti laughs and says Paras is sad now. Paras says it will be fun now. Bigg Boss says the captain will get a room. They see a luxury and royal room for Arti with a bed, sofa, the washroom. Bigg Boss says only Arti will use this room and no one can enter without her permission. Arti will get some duties, she will be saved from the nominations this week, you will use the special washroom and you won’t do any work in the house, you will divide the duties and you will make sure that they are following all the rules and you can punish them too. Arti thanks him and dances.

Himanshi tells Shehnaaz that I don’t have a problem or being angry but my mom said to not talk to you. Shehnaaz says let’s sit and talk. Himanshi says we can talk about each other but we shouldn’t go to our families and taunt them. She leaves. Shehnaaz cries.

Shefali tells Arti to take is positively if people are saying she is least deserving.

Himanshi says in the camera that she said sorry to me but if she says sorry to my parents on the national TV then grudges will go down more.

Shehnaaz cries and tells Arti that I tried to talk to her again but she said that her family asked her to not talk to me. Arti says she will take time. Shehnaaz says she did a mistake too but her mom made her promise to not talk to me, my mom would never do it, how will we live here, she is from Punjab. Arti says give her time, she came today only, I can’t judge her.

Salman signs off from the episode.

Bigg Boss 13 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Arti asks Himanshi what was so big between them? Himanshi says she talked about my mother running away with some other man and my father leaving us. Asim says who said it? Himanshi says Shehnaaz said all that.Arhaan asks Shukla if he cut the veggies for the lunch? Shukla says I cut them for breakfast, you have to tell me for the lunch. Later Shukla tells Arti that who is he to order me around.In the nominations, Paras nominates Himanshi and asks her to solve it with Shehnaaz. Himanshi says if someone taunted your parents then you would have killed that person. Arhaan nominates Shukla and says you still do groupism, let’s play, we have the ground here so come on.


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