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Day 67
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song chaiyan chaiyan. They all dance and enjoy together.

10 AM
Bhau and Shefali are sleeping. Alarm plays. Asim says keep sleeping, don’t wake up. Sid glares at them. Asim tells everyone to take a stand. Shefali Bagga says we have to suffer too.
Arhaan asks Sid to give tea to everyone. Sid tells Arhaan we are suffering too, that team did stealing and now all are suffering.

10:30 AM
All are sleeping from Asim’s team. Alarm plays again. Sid comes there. Asim says we need some milk and tea. Madhurima asks Sid to do something. Sid says Bigg Boss is not sending ration, Madhurima says they did a mistake but all are suffering. Sid says we are suffering too as you watched the show. Madhurima says if you had given away the luxury budget then.. Sid says that it doesn’t matter now.

Arhaan asks Bigg Boss that if they agree to give the luxury budget back then will we get tea? Vishal says he won’t answer. Sana laughs and says Vishal will bear it now. Vishal says what bearing? Don’t joke that much. Sana says you stole pasta so you have to bear the punishment now. Vishal says I didn’t say anything so why you keep saying that? Sana says you wouldn’t have that much craving. Vishal says stop taunting me about it.
Mahira tells Arti that they have no regret after stealing.
Vishal tells Sana to not taunt him again and again, I don’t have any guilt, I will have my days too. Sana says now you have energy? Vishal says I am silent because of my mistake. Rashami asks Sana to calm down. Sana says you people are not craving tea but just making an issue. Asim says we can share the luxury budget. Sana says why would we? Rashami asks Asim to not give importance to Sana. Arti tells Mahira that let Sana fight them. Sana tells Vishal that you did a mistake so you have to bear the punishment, we are all suffering, I didn’t get tea too. Rashami says you are not suffering because of us, I am learning Bigg Boss too. Sana says you didn’t learn it in 2 months? Now remain silent. Sid laughs. Arhaan says they accepted their mistake. Sana asks Arhaan that they threw you out earlier so why are you playing for them still? Sid argues with Arhaan. Arhaan says I am talking to you calmly. Sid says you all are barking. Arhaan says talk to me from far away as you are shouting. Sana says now you are all awake and don’t crave tea? Arhaan says people think Rashami is barking. Rashami laughs and says I don’t talk to the dogs. Arhaan hugs Rashami.

12:15 PM
Shefali Bagga asks Rashami if tea is that important? Himanshi says we don’t care about luxury budget but they are punishing us like this, we made him captain as a nice gesture, he is not thinking about the whole house as he should be. Bagga says Sid didn’t give away the luxury budget which was a mistake but now nothing can be done. Rashami says they keep bringing up that topic.

Bagga asks Arhaan if he won’t ask for the marriage? Arhaan says you want me to marry in the Bigg Boss house? Bagga says that would be memorable, you would do it but she wouldn’t. Arhaan calls Rashami. Bagga asks if they will marry in the Bigg Boss house? Rashami says don’t talk about marriage, it gives me anxiety. Arhaan says to Bagga that you think we are lying? Rashami says no baby, nothing like that.

1:30 PM
Bigg Boss asks the inmates that they are suffering without ration? They say yes. Bigg Boss says the new inmates know why this is happening. Rashami and Vishal deliberately ate the luxury budget so we would take all the items back, the winning team didn’t give up the luxury items but didn’t find the solution. We are giving you an option, choose two inmates that are responsible for this situation and those two wouldn’t be able to become a part of the next captaincy. Vishal tells the inmates that you can take my name but don’t taunt me about it. I would take Rashami’s name but Sid is responsible for it because of his ego. Sid says I don’t even use a luxury budget so it was for my team. Mahira and Paras take Vishal and Rashami’s name. Bagga takes Vishal’s name and says Sid is responsible for having the power to solve this. Asim whispers something to Rashami. Bigg Boss says Asim has something important to say so listen to him. All laugh. Asim says I was just asking her if I can take her name. He takes Vishal and Rashami’s name. Rashami takes Sid’s name for taking the wrong decision which made them lose ration too which is for all. His attitude is bad too and he is a goon which is not good for captaincy position. Sid says oh poor girl. Rashami takes Vishal’s name for doing that intentionally. Arhaan takes Sid’s name for not solving him and mimics Sid. Sid says don’t act like Rashami. Rashami says Sid loves me so much that he pulls me in everything. Sid says you want to talk about the love story? Rashami says to leave it, you make your own love story if you can. Arhaan says he can’t see others together, talk to me Sid and not the girl. Sid says girls are here, she is playing so I am talking to her, ask her to remain silent. Arhaan says don’t say that she is barking, I am seeing everything and don’t shout. Sid says that is my tone, don’t talk if you can’t. Arhaan says I am playing for her, he kisses Rashami’s forehead and says there is love here. Sid says do it. Arhaan takes Vishal’s name. Shefali takes Vishal and Sid’s name. Madhurima takes Vishal and Sid’s name. Arti takes Vishal and Rashami’s name. Rashami doesn’t regret it. Sid takes Vishal and Rashami’s name and they don’t regret it at all. Sana says I want to take names of shameless people that are Rashami and Vishal, they didn’t respect Bigg Boss rules. They don’t even accept it. Vishal says remember this word ‘shameless’. Himanshi takes Vishal and Rashami’s name. Asim takes Vishal’s name and says Sid is responsible to get the ration for everyone in the house. Sid says you can’t decide that. Vishal says now you can take this talk with you Sid. Sid asks Asim what else? Asim says Sid took a wrong decision. Arti says Asim was taking Rashami’s name and then you whispered something to her and changed the name? He says because I am a follower. Bhau takes Vishal’s name and says Sid was the captain so he could be a bigger person to handle the house if someone did a mistake, he should have solved this matter. Sid says the majority is me and Vishal. Asim says Sid is illogical. Vishal asks Himanshi to change her vote, he is ready to bear the punishment. Himanshi says no. Vishal says okay I change my vote, I am taking Sid’s name instead of Rashami, I supported Sid earlier and it was useless.
Bigg Boss asks the inmates. Paras says the majority has chosen Vishal and Sid. Bigg Boss says they can’t become the captain this time.

Himanshi tells Arhaan that Vishal wanted me to change my vote and he would support me so I asked him to change his vote first. Arhaan says we are standing with you now so don’t worry. Himanshi says I heard Vishal talking bad about you people to Arti. I am asking you to not give attention to Paras. Asim says just talk to Sid so Paras will be destroyed.

3 PM
Alarm plays, the ration is sent. Asim and Arhaan go to take it out. Rashami says I want my eggs, she asks Arhaan to put her eggs in her drawer. Arhaan says anyone can take it from there. Rashami says then they will have to talk to me. Arhaan puts some items in Rashami’s drawer. Paras put some items away in his bowl with Mahira.

3:45 PM
Paras reads the captaincy task. The garden is turned into a railway station. When buzzer plays, they have to take luggage of the other inmate and have to get on the train when it is on the junction. The person who enters the train last will show the bag of the inmate that he/she has and that person will be eliminated from the captaincy. When alarm plays, they all have to get down from the train, the last one to get out will show the bag he/she has will be eliminated too. So each round will eliminate two inmates from the race. Vishal and Sid won’t become the captaincy. Paras has finger injury so Sid will play on his behalf and he won’t take Paras’ bag at all. Sid is not happy to hear it. Paras is the judge of the task too. Paras reads that when the train starts, the judge has to see who enters the last and who exits the last and will cross their names from the board to eliminate them.

4 PM
Mahira tells Sana that take the bag whom you want to eliminate.

Sid tells Paras that if we try to get in first then we will be pushy. Paras says if they snatch things then we will throw them out of the task.
Shefali Jari tells Asim to take the bag to throw them out of the race, you are physically strong.

Sid says to his team that if we are saving our bags then they will have a chance to choose whom they want to protect so attack their bags.

5 PM
All rush to get the things. Sid and Asim try to take a bag. Sid lightly pushes Asim to take the bag. Asim shouts that he has pushed me. Sid pushes him hard and says yes I did, do what you can. Asim says you can just shout. Asim says you are a gutter. Sid says you are a ******. Sana pulls them apart. Asim says he is a piece of shit. He can just become physical as he has nothing. Sid says yes I can beat you. Asim says you are a loser. Bagga tries to pull Sid back. Himanshi is controlling Asim. Sana tells Paras that you are a judge now. Asim says it shows who is weak here. He asks Sid to push him again. You do this outside too? You are just blabbering mouth. Sid says what else? Asim says you show your reality every day. Himanshi asks Asim to calm down. Sid says listen to her. Paras says whoever gets on the train first is safe. Sana has Himanshi’s bag. Mahira has Sana’s bag. Bhau has Madhurima’s bag. Arhaan has Asim’s bag. Madhu has Rashami’s bag. Rashami has Shefali Jari’s bag. Shefali Jari has Arhaan’s bag. Arti has Bagga’s bag. Bagga has Arti’s bag. Himanshi has Mahira’s bag. Paras asks Arhaan to sit back. Arhaan says you will decide this now? Mahira says he will get this task rejected, I will get Mahira to win this time. Paras comes to Sid and says don’t go on the train, this is my twisted decision. Asim tells Arhaan that he is not getting on the train. He takes off his shirt and says the has wounded me. Sana says he has soft skin. Asim runs behind Sana. Sana hides and says he is mad. Sid laughs at Asim. Asim says I am seeing Sid’s new avatar, you are so negative. Sid says oh Arhaan is here too. Rashami tells Asim that all he can do is misbehave.

5:15 PM
Arhaan asks Paras. Paras says you can sit back. Rashami calls Arhaan back to the platform. Paras says Asim is scared. Asim says what can you do? Paras says I will get you eliminated today. The train started, all get inside except Sid, Sana and Asim. Arhaan asks Sid to listen. Asim says don’t talk to him Arhaan, he just smells like a gutter. Arhaan says it’s a long journey, we will see, Asim says to leave it. Sid says Arhaan is a coward like Asim cries over wounds. Asim says yeah you are right. Sid says go and buy expensive serums. Bigg Boss says only one person can be out of the train in the last, there are three inmates outside so they should decide who is getting on the train. Paras mimics Himanshi in front of Asim. Asim says how you do this? Paras says this is talent. Sid says like Asim has a fake accent. Asim says you people are useless even after learning. Sid says I know this is your game. Asim says I know about you too. Sana says Asim is in bad condition. Asim says to Sid that you worry about me? You hurt girls, you will be beaten by the shoes. Sid laughs. Asim says this is the swag?

5:30 PM
Paras jokes that Asim just has the body but nothing inside. Sid calls Paras and says don’t say anything filthy to him. Bigg Boss says that if the task rules are not followed then they will be punished. If two inmates from Sana, Sid and Asim don’t get on the train then they will be eliminated from the task and not the people whose bags they have. If Sid doesn’t get on the train then Paras will be eliminated. Sana goes on the train. Bhau asks Asim to come inside. Sana says he can’t bear to lose. Asim says I am not going anywhere. Bigg Boss says if they can’t make a decision then Paras and Asim are eliminated from the task. All can get down.

6 PM
Asim asks Sid if he will break his face? I have flushed you, come and break my face. Sid says you are scared, be away. Asim says why are you not breaking my face?
Vishal asks Paras why are you asking me to stop Asim and Sid? Paras says I can’t stop them as I am the judge, I think Asim is wrong. Bhau says to Paras that you didn’t see Sid push Asim away? Paras says all are getting hurt here. Mahira says people get pushed in the task. Vishal says we don’t beat each other after the task.

Asim says to Sid that I need some creams if I am getting pushed like this, tell me the names. Sid says I don’t know. Asim says then keep barking. Sid says to stay away if you are scared. Asim says go and eat your food, I am allowing you, I am waiting for you to break my face. Sid laughs. Asim says are you happy to push me in front of the girls? You push girls too, you have no respect for the girls. Sid says you comment on girls wearing small shorts so you are filthy too. Asim says your mind is in the gutter.


Bigg Boss 13 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Paras becomes biased and puts the cross on Shefali Zari’s name when it was Mahira’s bag that was eliminated. Bhau says this is wrong. Paras says don’t teach me. Sid laughs. Shefali says you are cheating. Mahira calls Paras. Rashami calls Paras that you are a loser. Paras says I will choose the winner now, you can call it cheating if you want. Rashami gets angry and breaks the cross from Shefali’s name. They break other crosses as well. Arti’s finger gets hurt. Sid taunts at Asim for hurting a girl.Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Paras… Sana cries and hugs Paras. She says I love you. Sana is crying. Asim asks if she is missing him? Sana says I love him.


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