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Bigg Boss 13 4th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 13 4th January 2020 Episode Start With

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says the inmates have made it miserable for everyone. They look so unhappy, they will not change and think others are doing everything for the footage. We gave them a task about who the audience wants to watch most in the 60 minutes episode.

In the house, the inmates mutually decide that the audience will watch Sana for 30 minutes. Paras take Sid’s name next. Asim takes his name. Mahira says we are not selecting your name. Asim says you want me to say yes to Sid’s name in everything? Sid leaves. Asim says I have my right to take a name. Sid takes Paras and Asim’s name for 15 minutes of footage. Paras says no one will want to watch Asim fighting for 15 minutes. Vishal says like Paras knows everything. Paras argues with him and says move on. Bagga takes Sid’s name. Madhu says Sid and Sana have a love story, I mean friendship. Rashami takes Asim’s name. Sana takes Asim and Sid’s name. Mahira takes Sid’s name. They give 15 minutes to Sid. Paras takes Vishal’s name for 7 minutes. Vishal takes Rashami’s name. Asim takes Rashami and Vishal’s name. Rashami says Vishal as he is Paras’s father in terms of the show. Paras says don’t use my father in this. Asim says she is not taunting your father. Rashami says I didn’t say it in a bad way. Vishal is playing well. Paras takes Rashami’s name. Sana takes Rashami’s name. Rashami says Arti for is for 5 minutes. Asim takes Paras’s name. Paras takes Asim’s name for 5 minutes and 3 minutes for Rashami as she is always on the back-foot. Bagga gives herself 5 minutes. Vishal gives Mahira 5 minutes. Sid gives 5 minutes to Paras. They decide Arti’s name for 5 minutes. Mahira for 3 minutes. Bagga says I don’t agree with Mahira’s name. Asim says the majority have taken Mahira’s name.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call to the house and sees everyone eating in the house. He says they have put on weight but they act like they don’t get food. Salman hears Rashami asking Sana if she is scared of Sid? Salman calls everyone to the living room. They wish him a new year. Salman says this was a simple task but you people have egos. Arti says Bagga wanted 5 minutes slot. They didn’t want to settle below 15 minutes. Salman asks if they think Bagga should be seen more than Rashami? Which world are you living in? He asks Rashami why she didn’t take a stand? Salman says Vishal is on 7 minutes slot. You people didn’t take Paras’s name and Asim’s name? Shouldn’t he be on 30 minutes? Paras says I don’t think so. Salman says I didn’t ask you. He asks Rashami if she doesn’t think 30 minutes should be for her? She says I do but they were fighting. Salman says you people fight over small things, one or two men will fight. If you people had agreed mutually then I would have said to fight for your rights, all laugh. Salman says you people called Asim crybaby and Asim called Sid’s father a crybaby, you know where he is? Asim says he is no more, I am sorry, he says sorry to Sid. Salman says this is not entertainment. Keep away from the people that don’t get along with you. Rohit came in the house and someone said that why should I apologize to him if someone from the outside asks me. Asim says I didn’t say that. Sid says I was embarrassed and I got emotional. Asim said that he is not really sorry. Salman says Asim you said it, you don’t respect a senior person from the industry? You said that Rohit’s words don’t matter? Asim says Sid keeps cursing me. Salman says once you have said sorry then it’s done. Sid says I said sorry to him but he started cursing me again. Asim says he called me a crybaby. He keeps taunting my father. Sid says he started abusing my family so I said it back. He keeps poking me. Salman asks Sid to not talk to him. Asim says he started calling me a crybaby. Salman says it’s not a curse. Shefali Zari says Asim kept poking me. Salman tells Asim that you are looking irritating, you are nagging. He says Rashami thinks that we don’t show anything about Sid. You both have said a lot of words. Sid says from me? Rashami says I have avoided him completely. Salman asks Asim what Sid used to talk about Rashami? Asim says yes, he used to say that Rashami would butter up. Sid says Asim told me that she does everything for the game and all that. He used to call her negative and all that. Asim says I became friends with Rashami later. Salman tells Sid that what your friendship was, it shouldn’t come out. Rashami says this house’s equation changes, people that used to hate Sid are his friends too. Salman says you both are taunting cameramen that we don’t show your good side. Rashami says I am sorry. Salman says I told you the outside things because I was concerned. I came to the house too, you think that we didn’t take Arhaan out because of the votes? If you think that we are showing you in a negative light then you can leave right now. Rashami says normal things are not happening. Salman says if you think that we are showing Sid’s good side only so you can leave. He asks Bigg Boss to open the house door. They do it. Rashami says I am not leaving like this. Rashami says Sid does say things. Salman tells Sid that you curse the families, you cross your limits in the fights, take my advice and don’t do this, your real personality comes out in anger. We fight too but no one talks about families like this. This is your new year? Do you think I like to do this? He ends the call.

In the house:
Rashami tells Asim to not talk about Sid.
Asim comes to Sid and says I am a person who remembered your father’s birthday. Sid says yes but then you went off. Asim says I am really sorry. Sid says you did it last time too. Asim says we can play our game. Sid says right. Asim says I respected you since the start, I don’t want you to curse me. He shakes his hand and leaves. Sid says he will do it again.

On the stage:
Salman says let’s play the torture game. We will throw slime on you, if the majority agree then slime will be thrown.
The first is Vishal. Salman asks who can’t talk on the face? Vishal says Zari. All agree so slime falls on him. Salman asks who is scared? He says Rashami as she doesn’t speak up. They all agree so slime falls on him.
Next is Sana. Salman asks who doesn’t have a big presence but a big name? She says Paras, his words don’t hold power. All agree so slime falls on her. Salman asks who has a nosy voice? She says Mahira. All agree. Salman asks who is a flipper other than you? Sana says Shefali Zari, she flipped so well. She has guts. All agree. Salman asks who is moving ahead in the house? She says Madhu, all laughs and agrees.
Arti is next, Salman asks who is not sensible in the house? She says Mahira. Most of them agree so slime falls on her. Salman asks who is living for free here? She says Madhu. The majority agrees. Salman asks who is stuck at one point? She says Asim is stuck on Sid, most of them agree. Salman ends the call.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Kajol and Ajay on the stage. He promotes their movie. Salman says I am happy that you both are here together. Kajol says I will make you both do a task. She does a funny task with them. Salman plays the clip when SRK and Kajol came on his show. He plays the headphone game with Kajol and Ajay. Salman sends them to the house.

In the house:
Kajol and Ajay enter the house. All are excited to see them. Ajay says our film is releasing. He says we have come to find out the jodi no. 1 here. All girls will write the names of the boys whom they will make a pair with. Sana, Arti, Shefali Zari write Sid’s name. Rashami, Bagga, and Madhu write Asim’s name. Mahira takes Paras’ name. No one writes Vishal’s name. Sid decides to make the pair with Sana. Asim chooses Rashami. Kajol says I will make another pair, Vishal and Madhu. He says no, I am fine. Kajol blindfolds the boys and says you have to make the girls eat pastries, find your girl. The girls will give them instructions. They find the pastries and make their partners eat. Rashami eats in the last so Asim and Rashami are out of the game. Kajol says in the next game, we will ask you questions and take a compatibility test. Sane and Sid are first. Kajol asks which thing irritates Sana the most? They both write Sid angry with her. Ajay asks who is their friendship’s enemy? Sid murmurs Rashami. Sana writes Rashami too. Vishal and Madhu are next, Ajay asks if they love each other? Vishal writes Yes, she writes No. Kajol asks who is more aggressive. Vishal writes Madhu. She writes both of them. Paras and Mahira are next. Kajol asks who is more into this relationship? Paras writes his name, Mahira writes both their names. Ajay asks who irritates others more? They both write each other’s names. Ajay laughs. Ajay says Sid-Sana, Paras-Mahira will play the last game.
Kajol says now the pairs will tell about the good and bad things about each other. Ajay asks Sid what he likes about Sana? He says loving, caring and possessive and I want to change those only. Sana says he gives me attention, hugs me and loves me. I want to change his aggression, give me attention more and be possessive.
Mahira says Paras kisses me on the cheek which is bad, good thing is that you care for me. Paras says she makes me eat with her hand and make me a part of her family which is very good. I don’t like it when she pushes him off when I kiss her, she makes food for others which I don’t want as they don’t take favors. Kajol asks who? He says Vishal, Rashami, Asim and Bagga. Bagga says it’s not a favor. Paras asks her to relax. Rashami says it’s fine Shefali Bagga.
Kajol asks Shefali Bagga, Zari and Arti about who should win. They discuss it with Kajol and Ajay. Kajol says jodi no. 1 is Paras and Mahira. She gives them crowns. They greet everyone and leave.

Shefali Zari tells Sana that I took Paras and Mahira’s name but Bagga said that Paras doesn’t respect girls. Paras asks Bagga why she said it in front of the guests? Bagga says you said that we cry for food in front of them.


Bigg Boss 13 5th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Bagga tells Paras that if you don’t respect girls then you shouldn’t be with a girl. Rashami cries, Arti asks what happened? Rashami says they are taunting about food in front of those guests? Who is he? I will eat fruits only. Salman asks Rashami. Rashami says Mahira has created a lot of issues, she makes the food and thinks we are targeting her. It has hurt me the way she said I don’t appreciate and don’t work in the house.Kangana Ranaut comes on the stage. Kangana says they all shout in the house. Salman shouts and laughs with her.Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time to nominate, you all decide who doesn’t deserve to go ahead in the game.


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