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Day 37
5:15 PM
Asim asks Arhaan to not call him Shukla’s right-hand man. Paras says you don’t give him attention. Asim says he is tai tai tai so I had to put him in place.
Shefali tells Arti that its good Paras showed his colors to me. Arti says he is like that. Paras comes there and says sorry to Shefali. She says I have been talking to you. Paras says I see you with Shukla’s group most. Shefali says you sit with Mahira only, he says I am sorry. Shefali says I wouldn’t nominate you, I swear on Parag.

Shukla asks Asim how they call you my puppet?
Kisari tells Sana that Shukla is egoistic, we are simple people. Sana tells Paras that it’s good that you took a stand for me.

Shefali tells Shukla that I have been talking with everyone,I went into the pool with Sana and she said that I don’t have a connection with her? People change very soon here. Shukla says this house is like this.

5:45 PM
Asim says I am making the tea soon. Arhaan asks if the fought over food? Arti says a lot. Asim says we are not talking to you? Arhaan says you are talking so I am answering. Shukla says nobody stopped you, I know you. Arhaan says I know you for 10 years. Shukla says let’s find out more.

6 PM
Shukla tells Asim that I never saw his face before and he knows me for 10 years. Asim says he was linked to Rashami? Shukla says yes, then he said that he wanted to make me friends with Rashami then I realized that Rashami’s alleged boyfriend would enter the house.

Himanshi asks Paras why he nominated her? Paras says someone is trying to solve things. Kisari says that poor girl didn’t nominate you. Paras asks Sana to say sorry to her mother. Sana looks in the camera and says I am really sorry Himanshi’s mom, I will meet you after the show also. Himanshi says it’s okay.

6:30 PM
Vikas tells Tehseen about using undies to clean his face. Arti laughs and tells Shukla. Asim says this is a good thing to try.

8 PM
Sana asks Arhaan when things about ration happened? Paras says if you become a captain then put Shukla to work. Sana says my feelings have finished. Paras says I told you that he will leave you once he finds someone stronger, that Shefali is stronger so he left you. Arhaan says why he targeted me since the start? Paras says because you are Rashami’s friend.

10 PM
Shukla tells Asim that I don’t know what is wrong with Sana. Shefali says if this has something to do with me? Shukla says no, Paras is provoking her.

12 AM
Sana says to herself that my friends left me, they didn’t understand my feelings, I have no one here now. I tried to talk to Sid but I won’t anymore, they think I am over-acting, she cries and says no one is a friend here, they all are selfish so I will become selfish too.

Day 38
8 AM
Inmates wake up to a son dil chor aya. They all dance and enjoy.

8:45 AM
Sana asks Paras to tell Himanshi to take her cup from there. Paras says then goes and tells her. Sana says I don’t want to talk to her, don’t tease me too much.

Vikas tells Himanshi that Paras has kept Sana and Mahira as a fool. Himanshi says Mahira knows what she wants, Sana was confident that she was the only one from Punjab but she is not confident anymore.

Himanshi asks Vikas to tell Mahira to check the food on the stove. He goes to Mahira and tells her to check the stove. She says okay, I will do it later. Vikas tells Arti that Mahira is doing makeup. Sana says to hell, she didn’t know about it. Arti says why you are saying to hell?

Arhaan tells Sana that we don’t have a group as such. Sana says I feel like I shouldn’t talk to Paras as I didn’t want to ignore my friends but they played for Arti only.

2 PM
Asim asks Paras if they need 2 parathas each? Sana says don’t show this attitude, you are talking about ration too much. Asim says we eat all the food that is cooked here. Sana shows him stale parathas and says no one eats it. Asim says we can check the washroom and see how unclean that is now that you are working. Arhaan says why you are talking about that? They both charge at each other. Arhaan says talk about unclean things with me. Asim says what can you do? Get lost. Arhaan says why you called her unclean? Asim says you have nothing to talk about. Arhaan says don’t talk to me, Asim says bark dog, bark. Himanshi tries to stop them. Shukla asks Arhaan where he wants to fight? Arhaan says call me anywhere and I will come. Sana goes from there and dances around. Arhaan says we will see after we leave here if you call me anywhere. Asim says you stop it. Arhaan says you have been fighting with cute girls like dogs. Arhaan asks Shukla why you nominated me? I tried to talk to you. Shukla says you came to make me friends with Rashami? who are you? Mahira laughs. Sana says don’t involve in my matters now. Asim says Arhaan doesn’t any other thing to talk about. Arhaan says Shukla is showing attitude. Shukla says you are scaring me?

2:30 PM
Arhaan asks Asim to look at his face in the mirror. Asim makes fun of his walk. Arhaan says look at your walking style, like a female. Paras asks Shukla to clap like you taunt others. Asim argues with Paras and Arhaan. Paras says you are a puppet of Shukla, keep barking. Shukla says go away. Asim tells Sana that you don’t deserve us. Paras says you people act like women.
Shefali tells Himanshi that Paras is dragging girls in this fight. Himanshi says I don’t like how touchy he gets.
Vikas asks Paras to not taunt women like that. Sana asks Asim to stop taunting girls. Vikas asks Paras and Asim to not bring shame to girls. Paras and Asim agree.

3:30 PM
Paras reads the task ‘BB transport service’. There will be a truck and inmates will load the things from the godown. Team Paras will include Paras, Tehseen, Shehnaaz, Mahira, Kisari, and Arhaan. Team Asim will include Asim, Sid, Arti, Shefali, Himanshi and Vikas. Paras and Asim will be referees of the task too. When the shutter of the godown opens, both teams will bring the items to their tables and put a stamp on it. Loading time will start, one inmate from each team will stand on the back of the truck and with the help of two other inmates will try to load as many items as they can. Once buzzer plays, they will stop loading and both the referees will decide which truck has more items, that team will win that round, another team will have to drop one inmate from their team after losing a point. At the end of the task, whichever team has more inmates in it will win the task.

3:45 PM
Paras tells his team that we have man-power so we can win. Vikas is useless there.

Vikas tells his team that we will throw things from their side too. Shukla says we can’t get this task rejected.
Paras tells his team that these girls are not worth it, we will try to get more items. Mahira says don’t say that.

4:30 PM
The task starts, both teams start throwing bags and items to their stations. Shukla tries to snatch things and looks around. Kisari gets boxes from others. They all are hyped. Kisari asks Asim to not scratch him. Kisari says it’s okay. Asim tries to get a bag from Sana, Vikas says to take it. Mahira asks Sana to let it be. Asim says we can’t take the things back once it’s in our station. Shukla says why are you saying that? Don’t tell Paras. Asim says let me handle it, he knows it too. Shukla says to Vikas that now we will take Shefali’s help to load the things, you just take care of the items in our shed. Asim says listen to me, what are you doing there Sid? Sid says chill, don’t worry. Paras and his team laugh at them. Sid says we are joking, relax. Vikas says such a mess started once task started. Arti says I let go of the stamp mistakenly. Shukla asks her to stop it. Arti says I was putting my point.

4:45 PM
Buzzer plays, Shefali goes in the truck and help in loading the things. Sana and Mahira help her team. They all run to load things. Shefali manages the boxes in the truck. Arti tells Sana that it’s good that we didn’t snatch too many things. Asim asks Sid to get down from the truck. Shukla says it’s okay. Shukla says now Paras will count and won’t see the items. Sana says I am seeing the villain now. Shukla says someone else was a villain for you. Sana says I still take you as a hero but you don’t understand the feelings of others, maybe my chances of leaving are higher so you left me. Asim takes Sid aside and says you have no respect, I have been respecting you, I have respect here too, you are my brother too. Shukla says let’s try solo, he leaves. Arti tells Asim that Shukla was calling me a shadow, that was wrong. Asim comes to Shukla and says relax. Shukla says I was asking you to not talk about stealing because I wanted to steal their boxes. Asim says I was stopping you because we could lose our things. Shukla says I wanted to tell you that I was protecting our items, I was asking Vikas to protect our items only, I didn’t make fun of you anytime, you made fun of me in front of Kisari but I didn’t mind. Asim hugs him and says I have the insecurity of losing my items as they have 3 guys. Shukla says don’t worry, I am there to handle those guys.

Paras and Asim count items from both the trucks. Shukla asks Paras to count rightly. Asim’s team wins the first round. Shukla and Asim hug Shefali and other women. Shefali says women played well in the team. Shukla says women are too good.

Paras asks Mahira if she wants to rest? Mahira says no. Asim says Mahira you look ill. Mahira says you don’t show me concern. Paras asks Mahira to relax. Asim says she looks ill. Mahira leaves. Sana says I will leave. Paras says Sana will leave this team. Asim laughs. Sana says he was taking Mahira out so I asked him to take my name, I know why you are laughing Asim. Sana asks Paras to show their guts.

5:15 PM
Mahira asks Paras why he took my name? I don’t want to rest. Sana says I took my name. Vikas and his team make fun of Mahira. Mahira says the audience is here too. Sana tells Mahira that Paras didn’t mean that way, he wanted me to leave and wanted to keep you in the game. Shukla says don’t lie, tell her that you asked Paras to take your name so Mahira wouldn’t get miffed, Paras was ready to take Mahira’s name. Don’t lie that much Sana. Sana glares at him. Shukla says you act like truthness queen. Mahira shows him a shoe. Shukla laughs. Sana laughs at Mahira showing a shoe to him.

5:30 PM
Paras asks Mahira to control her anger and don’t react to them. Mahira says I never thought that you would ask me to leave the task, they can think I am weak but how can you? Shukla comes and laughs. Mahira says aunty is hearing us. Mahira says Shukla is needed here. Shukla laughs and says I am here to listen. He asks Paras till when you will run around with your wheel changer?

6 PM
The second round of the task starts. Shukla is grabbing the boxes from the godown. He snatches a box from Mahira forcefully and she falls down and hurts her head. Paras says don’t hit the girl.


Bigg Boss 13 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Shukla forcefully takes a box from Mahira and she falls down and hits her head. Mahira gets up and shouts at Shukla to not hit her. Paras control her. Shukla says if you can’t handle it then don’t play. Mahira says you are gone from this house. Shukla says we will see.Bigg Boss tells inmates that the way Shukla used force in the task and misbehaved is not acceptable and as a punishment… Mahira thanks the Bigg Boss.Sana cries and I don’t want to stay here. She says I loved him. She goes into the confession room and says I want to talk to him. Bigg Boss says he was always with you.


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