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Day 101
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song tum hi tum ho plays. They all dance.

9:15 AM
Sid is massaging Sana’s head. Sana says if you don’t talk to me then it would be worst, I had acidity when you left and it’s starting again, I saw you didn’t sleep last night, they ask me to avoid you but I can’t live without you as I have feelings for you. Sid ignores her.

9:45 AM
Sana asks Madhu to sit with her. I have to act in front of Sid, I become happy and then I have to be sad in front of him. He won’t talk to me if he sees me happy. Madhu says you will have to act for the camera. Sana says not for the camera but for him. I will lose my self-respect in front of the camera, people will think that I am in love. Madhu says it’s true. Sana says nothing like that. Madhu says you don’t lie to me. Sana says he breaks my heart but someone has to pacify the other.

10:15 AM
Rashami asks Sana if she is not talking to him? Sana says how to pacify him? He is not talking to me. Rashami says how would I know? I used to fight him a lot. Sana says how would you pacify him and talk to him back? Rashami says I don’t take tantrums of people, we had a different equation so don’t talk about us. Have respect for yourself, you have ag difference so he might not like your childish acts so ask him if he is comfortable or not.

Rashami tells Madhu that Sana is crazy. Madhu says she needs that attention and she gets it.

Sana runs to Sid and tries to talk to him but he ignores her. Sana runs behind him. Sid runs to the smoking area.

5:30 PM
Sana asks Sid to talk to her. Sid says I don’t like all this, you are talking to everyone also. Sana says I don’t like Paras and Mahira’s words. She is great but you said that I am jealous of her. Sid says you have said the words and act like that around her. Arti comes there but leaves. Sana says I don’t like it when you sit with them over. I don’t get good vibes from anyone here. My ego was hurt yesterday. Sid says so you flipped the sides? Sana asks him to listen but he leaves.

6:15 PM
Sana is following Sid around. Asim and Vishal beetain lamhe.
Sana asks Sid to end the matter, I don’t care about anyone not talking to me but I am getting ill, this all happened naturally. Sid says are you in love? Sana says are you crazy? There is not only one kind of love. Sid says I wanted to clarify. Sana says you know you love Mahira and Arti but I love you and Paras because I have an attachment with him but you are most important to me, I love you a lot. She hugs him and leaves.

7:30 PM
Madhu pulls Vishal’s cheek. He says leave it. Madhu says are you miffed still? I can’t live without you. Vishal says I don’t know if you are saying that to me or yourself. Madhu says I want to be normal with you. Vishal says I am not a gate. Madhu says I love you. Vishal says I am trying to handle myself. Madhu hugs him. Vishal says I get affected by you, you think about yourself. Madhu says you think about yourself and not us. Vishal says I don’t need to clarify.

10:15 PM
Sid talks to Madhu. Madhu asks what he felt about her? Sid says I didn’t feel you till now. Madhu says I don’t know about you much. Sid laughs and says give me hi-five, you are funny. Madhu says I should carry myself now. You should enjoy with your friend (Sana). Sid says I can come with you. She says you can come later, I will be waiting for you.

11 PM
Madhu and Vishal hug each other. Vishal says I was so angry with you. Madhu says I won’t be angry with you and will talk to you nicely and will take care of you. Vishal says I will try too. Zari sees them and says let’s bet that they will fight by 2 days. Arti says they might start fighting right now only. Sid and Sana look at Madhu and Vishal hugging. Madhu gives a flying kiss to them. Vishal says Shukla is a drama too. Sana asks Vishal to be shameful of Sid. He is in love with Madhu. Madhu says I will create a triangle. Paras tells Zari that this is a drama for the audience. Zari says they have zero chemistry, it’s not real. Sid sees Madhu hugging Vishal and hints heartbreak.

12:30 AM
Sid tells Sana that two people are smart here, one is you. Sana says Zari and you are playing. Arti is playing well too. Arti talks to Rashami when you are not around. I talked to Rashami yesterday and I thought she is a strong girl. I don’t discuss the game with her but I was scared to talk to her. Sid makes a face and says you can talk as much as you want to her. Sana says she doesn’t talk about you to me like that. Sid says I don’t want your kind of people in my life. Sana says don’t fight again with me. Sid says we will talk like you talk to Rashami. Sana says you taking this in a different direction, don’t start again. Sid leaves from there.

Day 102
8 AM
Paras comes to Mahira and asks what happened? Mahira says I have pimples on my face so don’t pull my hair. Paras says don’t shout at me, I am not your servant. He leaves from there.

11 AM
Madhu sits with Sid and Mahira. Madhu says I try to ignore and not get angry. Mahira says who makes you angry? Madhu says I liked you first but then you acted weird and it irritated me. I don’t remember much. Sid says you remember that Vishal was your boyfriend? Madhu says you find the person right in love. I over-react sometimes, I am a human and not a God. Sid says you are not a God? I was wrong? Zari comes there. Mahira asks Madhu why you nominated me? Madhu says you all are friends. Zari has entered your team too. Zari says I am silent here. Madhu says I hate Zari in this house because she is irritating. Sid asks how about him? Madhu says you are freaking cold.

11:15 AM
Mahira asks Madhu to sit with them. Vishal asks Madhu to come and clean the bedroom, Sid won’t do it. He should wash the dishes sometime. Sid glares at him. Vishal says I am not joking. Sana asks Vishal to not do it, he will become serious. Mahira sings Bigg Boss. Sid leaves. Sana says when I come here, he leaves. Vishal says ask him. Sana says he wants to hurt me.

Sid and Sana are in bed. Sid tells Arti that we are acting, we had a relationship from outside and we are acting here. Arti laughs and says if I had a relationship with Sid then I wouldn’t be sitting like this, I would have romanticized it up. I am very naughty with these things. Sana says let him go out and I will not spare him. I don’t expect anything from him. Sid says you taunt me for sitting with others and they are taunting me now. Arti asks who did it? Sid says Vishal said that I don’t do my work and clean the dishes so Sana should be their friends, their thinking is low. Sana says don’t show me attitude. Sid leaves. Arti laughs and says you say rubbish things. Sana says he is always angry with me. I am looking at you Sid. Sid makes a face through the glass. Arti says this is cute. Are you jealous? Sana says if I am jealous then make them stand in front me and show their worth. She leaves. Paras says she is doing it too much. If you love her a little and then she becomes *****. Sid comes there and says she is not mad.
Sana cries alone.

Sana comes to Sid and says don’t use that jealous word. Sid says I didn’t say it. Arti says I said that you were jealous because of Sid. Sana says I have a problem with this word, you people have been using this word for me from day one, all are laughing at me.

12 PM
Mahira comes to Paras and tries to talk but Paras says you keep shouting when I try to pacify you, I can’t take your attitude. Mahira says you are cursing now. Paras says don’t eat my mind, he leaves. Vishal says people are fighting themselves only.
Paras tells Mahira that Sana is barking and you are shouting. Mahira laughs and hugs him. Paras says leave me. Arti says don’t be angry on her because of Sana. Paras says Sana is jealous. I will not spare her.

12:30 PM
Sid is hugging Sana. Sana cries and says this is happening because of you, I don’t have a problem with anyone here, I am possessive about you but not jealous of anyone else. She hugs him and says I love you so much. You called me jealous that day and I had to beat you. I love you for pacifying me. He hugs her from behind. Sana says you have made up with me for the first time.

Sid tells Madhu that Vishal sleeps on the egg and has you noticed that Arti goes to sleep there in the daytime. I am noticing this. Madhu says sometimes I don’t want to listen to you so I ignore you. Sid says you can tell me. Madhu says I am doing my hair so I don’t want to talk. Sid says uff your hairs are falling. You do it at home as well? Madhu says no I have a window. Sid says so you throw them out? There is a dustbin so you can use it.

2:15 PM
Paras reads the captaincy task. All can earn it. They will decide about each other as each inmate will get a photo of another inmate. If you don’t want them to become the captain then you can burn it. Photos ownership is as follows:
– Sana will have Shefali’s photo
– Sid will have Vishal’s photo
– Rashami will have Sid’s photo
– Asim will have Rashami’s photo
– Paras will have Asim’s photo
– Mahira will have Paras’ photo
– Vishal will have Arti’s photo
– Madhu will have Mahira’s photo
– Arti will have Sana’s photo
– Shefali will have Madhu’s photo

There will be 5 buzzers and whoever keeps their photos saved will become the contenders. Till 4th buzzer, the two persons who enter the box first will get the chance. On the 5th buzzer, only the first person to enter the box will get a chance to burn the photo. Arti will be the referee of the task too. Madhu is already nominated but she can become the captain to get advantages of being a captain.

2:30 PM
Sid and Sana join Vishal and Zari’s photo and says you guys are kissing. Madhu says you both are getting closer to this drama. Sid hugs Sana and says we will love openly. Sana laughs. Arti says Sana is blushing for the first time.
Asim asks Mahira to talk to Zari to not burn Madhu’s photo so she can save you. Paras tells Asim that it’s clear this time, we will not get this task rejected.

Madhu tells Zari that make her the captain. I broke your friendship with Vishal. Zari says it was not that important.
Asim tells Mahira that I want Rashami to become the captain and you want Paras to become the captain.

Sid asks Sana what did your team say (Asim and Rashami). Sana says it depends on my mood to save Zari or not.

3 PM
Zari asks Madhu why she didn’t wash the Tawa? Madhu says you can wash it. Zari says I am making rotis. Mahira asks Madhu to wash it, it’s your work. Madhu says I am not in the mood right now. Mahira says then Salman will scold us all. Madhu says there is no captain here. Zari says all are doing their duties. Mahira asks Zari to not make rotis. Rashami asks Madhu to wash it, it’s a small thing. Madhu says she can wash it, it’s a small thing. Rashami laughs. Asim says she can wash it in 10-15 minutes. Zari says I need it for rotis. Asim asks Vishal to give the Tawa. He asks Madhu to do her work. Madhu says I do my work but they misbehave. Asim says I am cleaning the washroom for others. Madhu says don’t do it, I will do it later. All are doing their duties late. They make food late too. I am washing the dishes daily but people are so disrespectful here. Vishal washes the tawa. Zari says I need other things as well. Sana washes it for Zari. Rashami laughs and tells Madhu that ‘mann’ (mood) is very famous outside.

3:30 PM
The buzzer plays, Madhu says I will go first. Madhu says Mahira is a small baby as she said so she can’t be a good captain and she nominated me for 4 times. Mahira laughs and says I liked this reason, give me a hug. Madhu hugs her and burns her photo. Sana asks Sid to go next. Vishal says I want Arti to become the captain. Mahira asks Paras to go. Paras says I am not in the mood, all can take their decision here. Sana says I liked Paras’ words for the first time. Rashami says I am going. Sid runs to the garden and says I have to hear it. Rashami says Sid was not a good captain and he was wrong with me and Vishal. She burns his photo. Sid says ahh.. ahhh.. Rashami laughs. Sid says I have frozen the fire also. I am unhappy to make Rashami disappointed. Rashami says good.

Paras asks Mahira what happened? Mahira says Sana commented on your words that you said the right thing for the first time as you told me that. You don’t have to taunt me like that. In the morning also you were shouting at me in front of her, you think you are over-smart. Only you have self-respect and not others? Paras says okay I won’t say anything in front of her.

4 PM
The buzzer plays. Sana asks Shefali to go. Shefali says after Asim. Asim asks her to not take his name. I am not talking to you. Shefali says why can’t I take your name? You talk about me too, you have a good name. Sana burns Shefali’s photo and says we can’t match our vibes. Sana laughs and says Sid is still saving Vishal. Sid says Vishal’s thinking and drama are boring to me. He burns his photo. Vishal says I can talk about your drama too.

4:30 PM
Shefali burns Madhu’s photo because she doesn’t work in the house. Madhu thanks her. Paras says Asim can work in his captaincy. Mahira says I am fighting my battle here. Asim asks Paras. Do you want me to become the captain? I want to make Rashami the captain. Vishal burns Arti’s photo and says she will not give the work to Sid as she did earlier. Sana tells Vishal what’s your issue? People do his work. I won’t let him clean the dishes till I am here. Sid leaves from there.

5:30 PM
The buzzer plays. Asim says to Paras to burn his photo. Paras says Mahira is going till the end. I want to fight with the guy, you are stronger than Rashami. Asim says I am choosing Rashami. Paras says you were a good captain so I won’t burn your photo yet. Arti asks Paras to go otherwise the game will stop. Sana asks her to go, don’t act. Arti burns Sana’s photo as she was a recent captain. Paras tells Asim that we will be there in the end, I am standing up for you. Asim asks him to burn his photo, I am asking you. Paras says okay I am doing it. Asim says really? Paras says you have a problem now? Mahira says what do you want? Asim asks him to burn the photo. Arti asks Mahira to go. Mahira says I won’t flip from Paras’ side. Paras says I want to fight with a man. Arti says girls are no less here.

5:45 PM
Paras tells Sid that if it goes to voting then Arti can vote for Rashami. Sid says don’t burn Asim’s photo, let it be stuck.
Arti tells Sana that I am fine with Rashami and Paras. Sana says if you want to choose Rashami then do it, I am a flipper. Arti says I can flip too. Sana says I don’t care about these people.
Rashami tells Vishal that they hate me but I don’t expect from anyone here. Vishal says Sana will favor you.
Sid tells Paras that don’t talk about men fighting and women not in your competition, don’t talk like this. It’s rubbish. Paras says it’s about my male ego. Sid says you have other reasons to give so don’t say that.

6:45 PM
Bigg Boss says to the inmates that till the 4th buzzer, two people had to burn the photos but till now the 2nd photo has not been burned. Asim, Paras, and Mahira have the photos left so we want to ask if anyone one them is moving the game ahead? Asim says yes, I have asked Paras to burn my photo as I want Rashami to become the captain but he is not listening. Paras says we can’t decide mutually. I want him to burn Rashami’s photo first so I can become the captain. Asim says he wants to compete with a man and not a woman. All are the same here so he should move ahead. Paras asks Asim to burn Rashami’s photo. Paras says you don’t understand the task. Asim says you want to clap for me? I am moving in the game because I might have something too, I am asking you to burn my photo so end this. Paras says burn Rashami’s photo. Rashami says ask Mahira to burn your photo. Paras says you think I am lying? I am not. Asim says I am asking you to burn my photo and take me out of the captaincy. Paras says you are demanding me. Asim says no, I am asking you. Vishal asks Asim to become the contender. He says I don’t want to. He asks Paras to burn his photo. Paras says I don’t think that Rashami can handle the house well so I am asking you to burn her photo. Bigg Boss says you three don’t want to move ahead in this task. You people are trying to get it rejected so to stop this culture, we are going to punish Mahira, Asim and Paras. From now on, only Paras, Mahira and Asim will do all housework and no inmate will help them. Sana jumps up and laughs. Bigg Boss says this task was not completed so it’s rejected too. Rashami hugs Asim. Asim laughs.


Bigg Boss 13 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Sid is following Madhu. Madhu asks if he is irritating her? Sid jokes that you are irritating others, you are not doing your work. Madhu asks him to sleep. Sid says where is your mind? Madhu says in your knees. Rashami tries to control her laughter. Sid says wish your magic had worked on others too. He teases her. Madhu says you love me and can’t avoid me. Sid says if you want to be a good girl then be with a good guy. Rashami laughs.Harsh enters the house. Madhu talks to him. Harsh says Sid is behind you but can’t he see your bad choice? You chose Vishal earlier. Madhu laughs.Harsh tells Rashami that Sid is a very good man… sorry it was a joke. Rashami laughs.Harsh tells Vishal that Paras used to call Asim a follower and now he himself is Sid’s follower.The inmates enjoy a comedy night.


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