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Day 102
10 PM
Sid shows the marks on his shirt and asks Sana if papa will wash it? He will wash you. Sana laughs and says I will be dead with the insult I am bearing here. Sid teases her. Sana throws a slipper at him. Sid says Bigg Boss call me in the confession room, she is beating me with the slipper. Rashami laughs seeing them. Sana throws slippers at him. Sid throws his mic and says Bigg Boss call me in the confession room. Sana says I will kiss you and go out of here, I have guts. Sana hugs him. Sid hints at Madhu and makes faces. Sana says you like her because she smokes?

10:30 PM
Sid throws the mic in air and wears it, he sings meine pee nai hai. Sana mimics him and hurts her foot. Sid claps at her. Sana limps and slaps his leg. Sid calls Paras but Mahira says not now. Paras is hugging Mahira and asks Sid to come. Sid says I want to show your finger. Paras comes and shows Paras’ finger to Sana. Mahira angrily leaves from there. Sana says to Sid that see who is jealous, she left from here but Paras doesn’t see that. Sid says hence proved. Sana says they think I am a fool. Sid says should I go to Mahira? Sana says I am not stopping you.

10:45 PM
Sid asks Mahira what’s the problem if I showed Paras’ broken finger to Sana? Mahira says I don’t want to entertain her so don’t involve me. Sid says but I was talking to Paras. Mahira says you don’t know things so don’t involve us. Sid says what’s the thing that I don’t know and you know? Paras laughs. Mahira says don’t act dumb Paras. Paras says he called me there. Mahira says you know why I reacted. Paras asks if she wants to fight? He hugs her. Sid leaves from there. Mahira throws the things around. Paras says I can do this too. Mahira asks him to leave. Paras says I can’t butter up too much. Sid comes there and asks Mahira what happened? Sana comes there and asks Sid what happened? I could hear the shouting from afar. Sid goes behind Sana. Sana tells him if she has a problem? Sid says because I like you. Sana looks at him.

11:15 PM
Mahira tells Paras that Sana is hurting me. Paras says she said that she will make your life hell and you are getting affected. Mahira says Sid teases people and he was teasing you with Sana, he called you there and I said you won’t go there but you went there. It was not about me and Sid. Paras says I am tired of explaining to you, it’s your life so you decide, don’t misbehave with me, I am not interested. I am done.

11:45 PM
Sid comes to Mahira and asks what happened? She says nothing.
Arti comes to Paras and says Mahira is crying, go to her. Paras says I am not responsible for her. He comes to Mahira in the washroom and says don’t make this an issue. He lifts her and takes her from there. Sana looks on. Sana tells Arti about the matter. Arti laughs.
Paras brings Mahira to bed and kisses Mahira’s head. Sid sings dard e dil, dard e jigar. Sana laughs at his antics.

Day 103
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song tung tung.. They all dance.

8:45 AM
Rashami tells Asim and Madhu that Sana really is in love. Madhu says she will be in trouble outside. Asim says she loved Paras as well. Rashami says I don’t understand their love, their love flips too.

11 AM
Shefali reads that they have got oats and special breakfast. Sid brings it. They all take and eat.

11:15 AM
Shefali reads the task. Team Paras will have Paras, Vishal, Shefali, Madhu and Arti. Team Rashami will have Sid, Sana, Mahira and Asim. There are two cooking stations and both the teams will make two dishes for the guest. They have got the ingredients and four dishes are given. Teams will decide what they are making by completing the challenges. The first challenge is between Madhu and Mahira they have to do arm wrestling. Whoever wins will choose one dish to make. In the challenge two, Vishal and Asim will do skipping and the winner will choose the second dish. Sid is the referee. Shefali says it should have been between me and Asim. Asim asks her to stop talking about him. Shefali says I am talking calmly. Asim says if you want attention then ask someone else. Shefali reads that only 2 people from both the teams will cook and the guests will decide which team wins.

11:30 AM
Rashami’s team cheer for Mahira. Madhu and Mahira start the arm wrestling. Sid jokes with them. Mahira says my hand is twisting but Madhu doesn’t listen and win. Sid holds their hands and says Madhu didn’t listen to Mahira so Mahira is a loser. Madhu takes the kheer ingredients.

11:45 AM
Vishal and Asim start skipping task. Asim stops before Vishal so Vishal wins. Paras runs and hugs him. Vishal takes the basket for parathas.

12 PM
Madhu is in the bathroom. She calls Mahira an aunty. Sid says how did you call her an aunty? Madhu asks him to not talk on her behalf. Madhu asks him to give her space. Sid says I will bring a rocket so you can go to space.

12:30 PM
Bigg Boss says we are calling a big chef Vikas Khanna. Vikas comes in the house. He says oats are easy to make. Let’s start. You all have 30 minutes. Vikas helps them. He says 80% kids are here.
Rashami is making the food with Mahira. Sid is helping them. Paras and Arti are making the food for their team. Vikas laughs at them trying. The buzzer plays.

12:45 PM
Rashami shows her paratha and upma. Paras has made upma and oats with carrots. Vikas eats their dishes. Sid jokes that he didn’t react after eating their dish so it’s a skill. Rashami points a spoon at him acting like she is about to hit him, he moves away. Vikas says I don’t know how this happened, Paras’ team was very good. Rashami’s team is undisciplined but they won. Rashami and others jump around.

Vikas says I have made food for you all. They bring the food for the winning team. There is a cake as well. Vikas leaves. They all run to the food.

1:30 PM
Sid asks Madhu where is her mind? She says in your knees. Sid says wish your magic worked on others as well. Rashami tries to ignore him. Sid asks Madhu if she is a good girl? She says good and bad. Sid says so baby if you are a good girl then have a bad boy with you. Sid says I have to watch you. Madhu says let me be happy, I won’t show my face. Sid looks under her blanket. Madhu says I know you can’t avoid me.

4:30 PM
Bigg Boss says to the inmates you always played in the teams and you fought in the house as well. There must be some things that you want to say. In the comedy club, you can say your heart things but tone will light-hearted. Tonight Sid, Arti, Rashami, Madhu, Vishal will perform. Others will perform tomorrow. To help you, Harsh is coming. Harsh comes there and says we have to do it well. He calls Madhu first and goes with her.

4:45 PM
Harsh asks Madhu who will you target? She says Shefali, Vishal and Sid.
Rashami tells Asim that Arti calls herself independent but she is not.
Madhu tells Harsh about Sid behind her. Harsh says we can say to Sid that your choice is bad, you chose Vishal. Madhu laughs.

5:15 PM
Arti sits with Harsh and says I want to target Vishal. I want to target Mahira, she doesn’t like to be compared with Sana. We will talk about Sana beating herself.

6 PM
Sid talks to Sana and kisses Shefali’s cheeks. Sana goes and sits with Asim Sid laughs. Sana kisses his forehead and runs away. Asim laughs.

Rashami talks to Harsh and says I want to tell Paras to not play behind Mahira.
Sid tells Sana that you can’t ignore Paras, you are burning from within seeing them. Sana laughs.

7 PM
Harsh talks to Vishal and says you can do poetry. Vishal says I will target Arti and Paras. Paras used to call Asim a follower and now he is following Sid himself.

Sid talks to Harsh. Sid says Vishal eats 6 parathas. Harsh leaves from there.

8:15 PM
Mahira asks what names they will use to save their contacts? She says I will write Madhu’s name as a sleeping queen. Madhu says I will use ‘big lips’ for Mahira. Mahira says my lips have become famous, you are taunting me. Madhu says I am just talking about lips, you are a psycho. Sana tells Arti that Mahira can say anything but others can’t. Mahira and Madhu argue. Mahira says I will make you cry. Madhu says I was praising your lips but you are insecure. Mahira asks her to leave. Madhu sits there and says I am not going. Mahira says go away. Asim says there is no one like Mahira in this house. Madhu tells Asim that you are enjoying this? Shut up now. Asim says I was joking. Asim laughs at her and dances around. Mahira and Paras laugh.

8:45 PM
Sana says someone please wash the cup, I can’t work as Asim, Mahira and Paras have to do house work. She asks Asim to wash the cup. Mahira says we will clean the dishes late night only. Sana says no one is working but no one has an issue. Sid brings the cup to Sana and says you want to fight.
Mahira tells Asim that she is shouting because we have to work. Asim says ignore her. Sana tells Asim that I didn’t get roti, even dishes are not clean. Sana says people have no issues now. Rashami says all people were working earlier but now three people are working so give them some time, this is a useless issue. Sana says it’s no. Paras asks Sana to control her tongue, I am not working. Sana tells Paras that you have no guts. Paras says you will tell me when to work? Sid pushes Sana and says come with me. Sana says I am right. Rashami takes Paras from there. Sana says I am washing the dishes if they are not. Paras said he won’t work. Mahira asks her to shut up. Sana says tell Paras to not shout at my face. Asim tells Sana that he will wash the dishes. Paras comes there and says Sana doesn’t like peace in the house. Sana washes the dishes. Madhu says you will get punished, leave it Sana. Sana says this is an issue. Sid asks Sana to leave the dishes. Paras says she is destroying the house environment. Mahira says we are not her servants. Sana asks her to shut up and work. Mahira asks her to get lost. Sana sits in front of her and asks what? Mahira says we all can see. Sana says we can see who is jealous, keep your attitude to yourself and work. Sid takes Sana from there but Sana comes back. Mahira says who is she to tell me to work? Paras says we are not working. Sana says oh you will talk on her behalf. Mahira asks her to get lost. Rashami takes Sana from there and asks Mahira to stop it. Sid tells Sana that you said very good english.

10 PM
All inmates sit in the garden area. Bigg Boss says tonight we are opening a new area in the house. In the comedy club, we will have the audience. They will vote. He welcomes Ashutosh. He starts the show. Ashu jokes about them. He makes fun of Vishal getting hit by the slipper. He jokes about Paras and Mahira not telling about their love. All hoot. Ashu says I knew Rashami and I am stilling knowing her. Rashami shows the slipper to him. He says no tea for me. All laugh. He says let’s talk about Sana before talking about Sid. She wants Sid to praise her dressing but he has spent all his season in shorts. Sana says I like his shorts too. Ashu tells Mahira that she is pretty. Ashu says a poetry for Sid. He welcomes Sid First. Sid comes on the stage. All cheer for him.


Bigg Boss 13 10th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Sid says that people eat pickle with parathas but Vishal has got slippers only. All laugh. Sid says that Rashami likes to talk behind the back so much that when she goes on a date, she would sit with her back to her boyfriend. Rashami and others laugh.Arti tells that I am independent Arti Singh.Rashami says Sid is a good man, all cheer.. Rashami says it was a joke. All laugh. Rashami gives a jar to Sana and says it’s attention, you can take one dose daily. Sid says tell her that you already get attention. Sana says to Rashami that you are doing your task but my name is working. Sid says Rashami Desai can’t do anything alone.


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