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Bigg Boss 13 9th November 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Bigg Boss 13 9th November 2019 Episode Start With

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the show and says we saw a lot that happened in the house. People were divided in two groups, its Mahira Vs. Sid. We asked them who did more sins. Paras gives sin brick to Sid. Arti gives it to Mahira. Himanshi gives sin to the Mahira. Rashami says what I saw after coming back, I didn’t get along with Shukla, she gives it to Sid. Arhaan, Devoleena gives it to Sid. Devo says he got violent with me too. Sana says I would give to both but Mahira should refrain from going near him, she gives it to Mahira. Asim says that Mahira targets Sid so I will give it to her. Shefali gives it to Mahira and says I just touched in the task and she cursed me so much, we are all here to play. Mahira says things happen in the task. Vikas says girls shouldn’t get in boys’ fight, he gives it to Mahira. Kisari says I didn’t like Sid’s attitude after the task. Tehseen says both did the mistake but Mahira shouldn’t have got in the middle so sin for her. They count their sins and say Mahira’s sin bag is heavier.Paras tells Tehseen that sin is the way Sid talks. Tehseen says Mahira was wrong too.

On the stage:
Salman says Mahira got 7 sins and Sid got 5 sins. Salman says let’s connect with them. He connects the call. All welcome him. Salman says Tehseen unseen Poonawala, all laugh. Salman says I feel like someone might actually get eliminated this time, all laugh. Salman says Mahira got more sins. Mahira says they are wrong. Salman says to Mahira that you don’t need a mike, people are complaining that you are blasting their speakers. All laugh. Salman says you got a chance to write your problems, the majority have a problem with Sid so he makes Sid sit on the villain chair. Salman says peacetime is gone. Salman asks Kisari what is going on in the house? He says no peace. Salman says you will answer some questions, who was the first queen? He doesn’t know. Salman asks some other questions but Kisari doesn’t know much. Salman says you didn’t watch the show and you gave too much information inside that how they are seen outside? Salman asks Paras that you want to fight back with Sid? Paras says he spits and talks with aggression so much. If he can push and hurt others then we will do it, he has hurt girls too in this task. Salman says we saw the rewound footage and Shukla was not responsible for your finger twisted. You were taking a box and it twisted your finger, Shukla didn’t do anything.

Salman tells Sid that you have to be careful with your anger, there are girls here too. Sid says Mahira was taking our bags and I just took the bag and didn’t even touch her, I was just taking it away and she was forcing it towards herself, she left it and fell down. Then I took a bag from Paras and I fell down too. Salman says you are correct. Mahira says he could have left the bag but he was angry and he had threw me away, I got hurt too. I had to curse out because of anger, if he can push in the anger then I can curse too. Salman says you have to be careful, you could have left that bag too. Mahira says he should have a limit to aggression too, he crossed the limit. Paras says Sana had thrown the bag to Sid and said that you keep it. Paras says it’s a game but he is too aggressive, it’s just a task. Salman asks who was not aggressive in the task? Paras says I was hyper but I didn’t get aggressive. Salman says who didn’t get hurt in the task? Vikas says all got hurt. Salman asks Sid why people are complaining about you only? Are they targeting you? Sid says maybe. Asim says Rashami targets too. Rashami says don’t take my name, you don’t curse me, I will not take it. Asim says people are getting personal. Arhaan says that he knows our families, he knows us for 10 years. Arhaan says I just met Sid 10 years back. Salman asks Sana that you were with Sid and said to not target him. Sana says he gets aggressive when someone attacks him, we shouldn’t target him. Mahira cries. Salman asks Mahira if she targets Sid? Shukla is running the whole show, all issues are because of Shukla, you are behind him because you want to be in the limelight. Mahira says I won’t do anything or say anything to him as he is so great, he is running the show. Salman says don’t say this rubbish, stop doing this drama, he is an aggressive man so don’t go to him, you were looking nice but you lost all dignity, what happened to you? Paras says Sid targets so much, he taunts people without anyone targeting him. Salman says you people keep taunting about meet outside the house. I can tell that only Vikas can fit anyone outside the house, you people can be beaten outside the house easily. Himanshi says they use such bad language. Vikas says I tell them to not curse in front of the guys. Salman says learn from Vikas, he hasn’t cursed anyone. Salman asks Sid to control his anger, all have a problem with it.

Salman calls the caller of the week. It’s a call from Gautam Gulati. Gautam asks Sana and Sid that people were enjoying your friendship, I was in this house too, people like you both together. Sana is trying to patch up with Sid, stop up with this ego, will your friendship grow again? Sana says Gautam you are my favorite. I will ask Sid again if you will patch with me? Sid smiles and says I had a good bonding with Sana but she took a u-turn and it was tough to digest, I don’t want a friend that will back out with me anytime, I don’t have anything against her. Gautam says show entertainment and forgets bad things. Gautam ends the call. Salman says that Sana is trying to show the friendship with Himanshi, you tried to support her and said sorry to her but you didn’t like your friends becoming friends with Himanshi. Sana says I don’t have a problem with Himanshi but I was possessive of Sid, he was like my friend, I wanted more importance than others. It’s fine if he is enjoying with others. Himanshi says I have more bonding with Vikas and Shefali. Sid is alone most of the time so we make him laugh. Vikas says I don’t want them to fight.
Salman asks Devo what change did she see? Devo says I did a mistake earlier but I will be honest with my friendships now. Salman asks Mahira to smile. Vikas says Mahira gives me ideas to steal Lays chips. Salman ends the call.

In the house:
Mahira cries and tells Paras that if they think our compassion for the task is wrong and I am doing a drama for crying out against aggression then I should leave the show. Paras says he will be targeted if he shows aggression. Mahira says Sana saw him misbehaving too. Paras says Salman was right, ignore him, stop talking about him. Mahira says he was misbehaving with me. Paras says he does it with everyone.

Sana starts crying. Arti asks what happened? Sana says I need fun in the house, he is like that. Arti says go. Sana leaves. Arti tells Sid that she feels bad that she was scolded.
Sana tells Devo that you don’t see who is wrong. Devo says you know Sid was wrong then say it. Sana says you know what Mahira does and she targets Sid only.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Sooraj Pancholi. Sooraj dances on tan tana tan. He dances with Salman. Sooraj promotes his movie. Sooraj says I was an AD on Ek Tha Tiger and Salman was wearing a jacket, I praised him and said that nice jacket, then at the night, he called me to his room and gave his jacket to me and said happy birthday. Sooraj shows that jacket and says I still have it. Salman promotes his movie. Sooraj leaves.

Salman connects the call to the house and says one person will get eliminated. Salman mimics Sana crying and says you said all that to Himanshi and then say that Bigg Boss is unfair? You cursed her on social media. Sana starts crying. Vikas cries and says she is an actor. Sana laughs while crying. Sana says I don’t want to talk on this topic, we can become sisters, I don’t have a problem in fighting also, all laugh. Salman says why did you go on her family? She released a song and you cursed her family? Sana says you should have seen the complete controversy. Salman says we have seen everything and it was one-sided. Sana says she won so clap for her. Salman says you think this is a joke? Sana says clapping can’t happen with one hand. Salman says it happens but you can solve it in the house, you have 2 months. Sana says I am not staying for 2 months. Salman says so clear it before you leave. Himanshi says I am not a stone-hearted person but she targets people with her insensitive words and thinks it’s her swag. Salman says there is a small line between being rude and frank. Sana says if she has talked then I will clear everything, she targeted my father too. I don’t want to talk about her. Himanshi says let me talk. Salman says sit and talk, clear this. Himanshi says I never said anything to her. Sana says you said that I am putting you in the bad light. Salman says clear it later. Salman says someone was confident in winning but he has been eliminated. Salman says TEHSEEN IS ELIMINATED. He ends the call and says another inmate will enter tomorrow.


Bigg Boss 13 10th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Vishal Aditya Singh enters the stage and dances on Ghongroo song.Sana asks Himanshi that you didn’t do any mistake? You leaked the recordings, you shouldn’t disrespect others to get the respect of others. I can talk a lot if I start. Himanshi says you are talking about disrespect now, I am leaving. She leaves.


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