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Bigg Boss 14 13th November 2020

Day 41
4:15 PM
Eijaz tells Jaan to not let them spit in the sink. Rahul says done. Eijaz says it’s like spitting in the pool. Rahul says he is just a hungry hunter.

5 PM
Eijaz throws something at Pavitra. She laughs and calls him a dog. Jaan says don’t throw trash. Eijaz says he is still washing his face in the sink. He asks Rahul to be careful. Rahul calls Eijaz and washes his beard again in the kitchen sink. Eijaz says it’s not hygienic, water drips in the food. Rahul says don’t make a useless point. Eijaz says don’t do it, I am asking you nicely to not wash your face. Rahul says I didn’t wash my face. Eijaz says it’s unhygienic. He asks Jasmin if she is fine with it? Jasmin says I didn’t see it. Eijaz says you people have made a pact. Rahul says he is just making an issue because he wants to be seen.
Pavitra says they used to call him a criminal and now taking his side? Nikki says he is a dog and he was sacrificed yesterday by them.
Kavita tells Jasmin that if we tell Rahul then he won’t do it, Eijaz is just being cruel with him.

5:15 PM
Aly tells Nikki that I take you as a friend. Nikki says but you didn’t take me as a friend in the captaincy task. Aly says when you become a captain then I will do my duties. Nikki says I was hurt when you threw me out of the task. Aly says I am sorry, I got very angry at that time. He hugs her. Nikki says don’t curse and get so angry. I got hurt too. Don’t get so angry that we can’t remain friends. Aly says I promise to not curse at you. You are my friend and be a friend. Nikki says I am your friend and I will keep it. Aly says thank you, I will remember this for life. Nikki goes and makes her bed.

5:30 PM
Eijaz brings Pavitra to the washroom and grabs her. She says you are doing this in old age? Eijaz says I am not old. He pulls her closer and smells her hair. He sighs. She says I won’t wash my hair now. Eijaz says wash my clothes as I have injured my hand. Eijaz hugs her from behind and says please wash them. Pavitra says I am not going to be pampered. Aly comes there and gets shocked. He runs and tells everyone that I saw them.. I can’t tell you what I saw. Pavitra says we were just talking. Aly says I have seen them a second time. Eijaz laughs.

6:15 PM
Nikki tells Pavitra that there has to be understanding between people here. I see it between Aly-Jasmin and between Pavitra-Eijaz. Pavitra says she is taunting you Jaan. Nikki says if there was an understanding between us then I would say it. Jaan asks Pavitra you won’t say anything now? Nikki says I don’t like this man, I don’t like this childish act. I don’t want to create a bond with him. Jaan says to Pavitra to talk to her. Nikki says you can’t talk for yourself? Jaan says Aly threw me out of the task because of you.

6:30 PM
Aly asks Eijaz if he has fallen for her now? Eijaz says I fell for her when she was dancing for me, I was out of the task but she made sure to give me all her time. Aly says you fell for her in the nomination task. Eijaz says I don’t like a normal type of a girl, I like when she challenges me, she is the type that makes me interested and I am now, I am gone for her now, I will take her home now.

10 PM
Pavitra tells Nikki that I like Eijaz but I don’t love him. Nikki says he is looking for love, he says he is alone. Pavitra says I came in this house for myself, I like him and I like to take care of him. My daddy watches this show so I can’t cross the line. When I touch him, I am teasing him but then he touches him then it’s out of love. I am scared of seeing his feelings now. Nikki says you can’t fall in love like this, he is feeling already a lot of things so you have to be clear with him. Nikki tells Pavitra that I am childish but I am very mature, I don’t like Jaan type of guys, I like strong guys and not confused ones. I like Aly as he is strong, I want to talk to Aly but Jaan is always behind me. I like Aly’s nature and I felt so bad when the alarm played because of me. I was regretting that I was doing it for Aly. I like him as a person but if I like him that way then I will not be able to control myself. Pavitra says I see something in your eyes but don’t go there, focus on your game. Tell Jaan that you respect his feelings but you don’t feel the same way and ask him to not cross the line.

10:30 PM
Nikki tells Jaan that I don’t like it when you kiss me. I have told you time and again. I don’t like to point it out every time. You are my friend but my expectations are different. Don’t kiss me please. Jaan says did I kiss you yesterday? Nikki says a lot of the times. Nikki says I am telling you last time to not kiss me, I am possessive about my friends but you are not my type even in friendship. I don’t care if you are here or not.

12:30 AM
Pavitra asks Eijaz if he is stressed? He says why are you stressed? Pavitra says no, I am just thinking about the future. She cleans the kitchen. Eijaz says you work so much, it irritates me. Pavitra says my brother said that you will work in the bigg boss house as I do at my house. She goes and hugs him tightly. Eijaz says I long for this. I am looking at you differently now, for the last 2-3 days. I am saying to myself that where you till now? Why I used to get irritated with you. He holds her hands. He sees a tattoo and asks what is this? She says I was engaged once. Eijaz says you were married before? She says no. Eijaz says you are single now right? Pavitra gives him a look. Eijaz says why are you taking time? Do you like someone outside of here? Tell me now and I will move away. Pavitra says we like each other but it takes time to fall in love, I have hurt myself a lot in love and I am scared of that kind of relationship now. But I am attached to you, I am connected to you so we have to move one step at a time. I am with you and I am standing with you. We have each other’s back here.

Day 42
8 AM
The Khalbali song plays. The inmates wake up and jump in the pool. Eijaz hugs Pavitra from behind and slow dances with her. She smiles.

10:15 AM
Nikki says to Eijaz that Rahul was saying that people are looking for an opportunity to fight here. Eijaz says like he was not spitting in the sink. Nikki says I have seen him spitting in dishes also. Eijaz says you should stop him then. Nikki says I stopped him, you didn’t clean the toilet after using it on the first day. You pissed all over the seat. Eijaz says you can’t respect me for a day. Do what you want to.

11:30 AM
Kavita asks Jaan to clean the living room. Jaan says I have back pain. Kavita says you can workout easily but you can’t work in the house? Jaan says I have prescriptions. Kavita says I have cleaned the bathroom and had to take dirty tissues from there. People hate me here but they accepted my cleaning abilities. Eijaz asks Aly if he has a problem with his cleaning techniques? Aly says no. Eijaz says then nobody should enter my *******, if someone wants to talk about me then talk on my face. Kavita says this is his language? This is his truth, he is cheap and dirty. Eijaz says you are living under a misunderstanding. Kavita says yes this is the truth.

2:15 PM
The inmates see cages/jails being brought in the house. Aly asks Nikki you were trying to make my captaincy difficult? I can put you in jail. Rahul says Nikki will look nice in jail. Nikki says this is not done.

2:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that there are two cages for two inmates in the house. You people have shown two sides this week, you people sacrificed for each other like they were your own. You people saved others who were not even your close friends, it was the first time to this on a show. He says then in the captaincy task, some people made a plan and stuck to it while others just stood on the side and left the task without any strategy. Today you will select two inmates on the basis of their performance. You people will mutually decide who should go in jail as punishment. All have to mutually decide on the names.
Pavitra says I want to take Kavita’s name, she hasn’t done anything after coming back. Kavita says I don’t fake fights. She takes Pavitra’s name because she sat down in the captaincy task, she didn’t take it as a task but has revenge. Her attitude was wrong. She takes Eijaz’s name as love-birds should remain together. They can rest there. Eijaz asks them to take names fast. Rahul says we don’t have to scream all the time. Eijaz says Pavitra has been doing everything from day one so taking her name is foolish. Kavita says you are a fool, you shed crocodile tears and gain sympathy by playing a victim card. You talk about personal life on cameras to fool people. You are playing a fake game. Eijaz says are you done? Kavia says you are not a dapper, you are like this. You are cheap. You got so much in life and then you are here today? It’s because of this attitude and cheap attitude. You can win the show, you are so obsessed so I hope you win otherwise you will go crazy. Eijaz says you are going personal again, don’t say all that. Kavita says I see right through you, what will do? You will play a victim card again, you don’t exist for me. I can easily go to jail, you can win the trophy as this is the only show you have, I don’t care. Eijaz says you are doing the same thing. Kavita says I can get nominated and go out again, my life is good. I don’t play games to gain sympathy. Eijaz says I don’t care what you are saying. Kavita says you are a liar. Eijaz glares at her. Kavita says you are a shallow man, don’t show all this to me. I am not scared of you, I don’t care about staying here, I don’t care what people think about me. I am disgusted by you and your supporters. Eijaz shouts at the inmates that you all are silent when she is saying all this. Eijaz says we are all one-unit here. Kavita asks Eijaz if he can’t fight alone? You use people for your gain, you can’t play alone. You make fake love-angles to stay in the game. You hide behind the crowd. Eijaz asks her to shut up. Jasmin pulls Kavita aside and says you are a cool person, you don’t have to use words like those. Kavita asks her to leave her alone.

2:45 PM
Rahul says I want to give Eijaz’s name as his behavior is weird. Eijaz says what does that mean? Rahul says let me talk, it’s your attitude. I want to give Jaan’s name as he is not playing an individual game. Eijaz says I took Abhi as my brother but he said some bad words to me. I want to take his name. Abhi says I will talk back now. Eijaz says I want to take Kavita’s name. Abhi says he talks like a goon. Kavita says I will meet you outside. Rahul asks Kavita to speak up because he acts like a goon and his language is so bad. Jaan says I want to take Kavita’s name, why she is acting like this and showing attitude to Eijaz? Kavita says you are just his puppet. Jaan says I want to take Rahul’s name as he is a flip master, he goes to the side where he sees the gain. Nikki says I want to take Jaan’s name for a personal reason, you kissed me and I told you the first time, I said no but you still kept kissing me so I think it’s disrespectful. I also think you don’t show your personality, you are not doing anything. I think if you go to jail then nobody will care. I saved you in the nominations as I take you as my friend but I regret it today. I genuinely want you to leave the show as I am mentally disturbed by your presence. I don’t want someone always following me like a puppy. Eijaz says wow, I am happy. Nikki says I don’t have bonding with Abhi so I will take his name. Aly says I love Jaan but I will take his name, she keeps calling you a tail but you still follow her like a dog. If she is saying no then listen to it, we are all boys and if a girl has a problem with me then I will never repeat that act again, I will never go near her again. Jaan says why does she kiss me back? Aly says then why don’t you talk? Your respect is going down the drain, she is clearly saying that she has a problem with you kissing her. Shardul asks Aly to let Jaan talk.
Rubina says I want to take Shardul’s name, he beats himself up when people ask him to wake up. If two people having a fight then you always don’t need to jump in. You need to channelize your energy. Shardul says I don’t agree. Rubina takes Jaan’s name as he is not trustworthy, I understand Nikki’s words, if she is saying no then listen to her. You always announce that you will leave Nikki but then go back to her. Jaan says after today I doubt it. Abhi tells Eijaz that you need time to sit in a corner and think. You might come back down from the clouds. He needs to calm down in life. You need to be humble again. Abhi says I want Jaan to in jail as I can understand Nikki’s personality but not him, he needs to think about what he is doing. This cage is about getting alone time and better themselves.
Jasmin takes Jaan’s name and says I talked to Jaan always and asked him to stay with Nikki if he wants to but don’t keep changing his sides. I think his personality is very weak. She takes Shardul’s name and says life’s way is that we don’t get anything in the platter, we have to fight for it. I want him to feel that he can’t be caged and he can fly. Aly says I want to take Kavita’s name, when she entered here I thought she will change the game, she is a powerful lady. I want you to go back to your powerful self. Kavita says so you will put me in jail? I can’t shout like Pavitra all day. Pavitra says you can’t be like me.

3:30 PM
Jaan says Nikki has made me look so cheap. Shardul says if she says no then don’t kiss her. Jaan says she has kissed me all the time. Pavitra says don’t bring this topic up, you both had a bond and friendship. Jaan says Nikki has brought it up like it’s wrong of me. Shardul says she might not feel comfortable. Pavitra says it takes to clap, she was sharing a bed with him and very touchy with him but now she has a liking for someone else so she is throwing Jaan away.

3:45 PM
Nikki tells Jasmin that I didn’t want to create an issue but I told him very clearly to not kiss me. Rahul says I kissed you too. Nikki says Eijaz kissed me too but I understand his intentions. Pavitra says to Nikki that you both were friends so don’t bring this up. Nikki says Jaan likes me, his intention was wrong. I know he will get emotional. Pavitra says don’t bring this up, it will be bad for him. Nikki says if he kisses me then he will get emotional for me. I know he is fond of me and I don’t like it. Pavitra says he likes you since day one. Nikki says I don’t want him to kiss me. Jaan says then why you reciprocated? Nikki says I didn’t kiss your cheek. I kissed your neck as a friend. The camera is watching everything. Jaan says why you hug and kiss me back? Nikki says you are proven wrong every weekend. Do something on your own.

4 PM
Eijaz asks Jaan if he wants to go? Jaan says I want to go, I did a mistake by becoming a friend with this girl. Eijaz says then mutually decide on his name. They all agree.
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we give you tasks with one vision but some inmates give a new perspective to the task. We asked you to choose two inmates for punishments but you all made it look like this cage is to bettter yourself. Nobody is perfect so all should better themselves. We will see the task from their perspective now. Abhi, Rubina and Jasmin said that these cages are to make others better, so they get a chance to think and get clarity in life. You people wanted others to channelize their energy by going into jail so now we will asks Aly as a captain to choose two of them who will go in jail and will reflect on their acts, how they can become better.

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