Bigg Boss 14 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 14 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 14 19th October 2020

Salman welcomes everyone to Bigg Boss. He says yesterday we told the freshers that they to choose one from Shahzad, Jaan and Abhi which will be sent to the house, see what happened then.

In the House:
Shahzad tells the inmates that I deserve to stay in the house. I have been involved in every task, I have voiced out my opinions. Rahul is talking to someone else so Eijaz asks them to let him talk. Shahzad tells Eijaz to calm down. He says I am a real person. I tell people if I don’t like them, I don’t want to leave this house at this stage. Nishant says I understand that I don’t have a good equation with Shahzad but he has given me a tough time always. We had a lot of fights but I still think he is not a bad person. Nikki says he sleeps all day and is very boring. You fight with me for no reason. Shahzad says I want to break your ego, you were saying sorry yesterday but this is your reality. Nikki says Salman still said that you are not seen in the house. Shahzad says he said that he doesn’t want me to look bad. Nikki says you sleep the whole day. Jasmin asks Shahzad if he wants to waste time on her? I personally think that Shahzad doesn’t listen to anyone, he is capable to be in the house. Pavitra says I see the spark him so I want him in the house, I like people who are real. Eijaz says he respects me like a brother, he is smart but he tries to use it to avoid doing work. Abhi tells Shahzad that he is doing everything right. Rubina gives Shahzad a thumbs up.
Jaan tells the inmates that I can do a lot in the house. I can stand for my friends. Nishant says I wouldn’t be happy in the house without him. Rahul says Jaan is very funny. Nikki says Jaan is a very dear friend of mine but I want him to be seen more to the audience. Jasmin tells Jaan that you are a very nice soul, I gave you some feedback but you look more confused now. You are losing yourself. Rubina says Jaan if you are confused about the support of your friends then they are not real friends. Pavitra tells Jaan that he is sweet but he should use his mind, I don’t see committment in friendship from your side.
Abhi tells the inmates that I know opinions have been made and can’t be changed. I just want to say that don’t vote in groups but as individuals. I wish you luck if I leave today.

Abhi talks to Rubina and says I might not have much time in the house so I want to tell you to use your mind, this show is not about physical power.

On the Stage:
Salman says in the next two days, we will know who is confirmed and who is not. The race to be ‘confirmed’ will start from today.

Salman connects the video call to the house. He says everything fine? They nod. Salman says I want to ask you the question about who should go home from the bottom three? I presume you all have decided on your decision. You all come one by one and tell me who you want out.
Pavitra: She says after a lot of thinking, I conclude that friendship is important to me and I don’t like people being disloyal in friendship. I am taking Jaan’s name. I have a connection with Abhi and Jaan both. I am very confused and I can’t decide. Salman says if you friends with Abhi and Jaan then what about Shahzad? Is he closer to you? Pavitra says let me come to the point, I gave a chance to Nikki after her mistakes, I also said that Jaan was wrong for pointing at Nikki in front of everyone but I want to give a chance to Jaan again. I will take Shahzad’s name. Salman laughs at Shahzad. Shahzad says you said you wouldn’t take my name. Pavitra says I had time to think. Shahzad says this is unexpected. Salman says it’s not on me. Shahzad says I don’t know why she has given me this shocker. She wanted more time so she could see how others would vote.
Shahzad: He says I want to take Jaan’s name to be eliminated. He is a nice person but he can’t stand out in the game.
Jasmin: She says I would take Jaan’s name, I like him the most. He is a very nice person but he is so confused here that he is losing himself. He will find himself if he leaves this environment. Salman says so you are favoring him?
Rubina: She takes Jaan’s name and says he is very talented but his personality is not outshining.
Abhi: He takes Jaan’s name saying that he has no clear intent in this house. He is trying to please everyone here. He doesn’t have to the clarity of thoughts. Salman says you are saying that everyone likes him but everyone is nominating him?
Jaan: He takes Abhi’s name saying I like him a lot so I will take his name. All laugh. Jaan says he put illogical points in the house.
Nikki: She takes Abhi’s name as she doesn’t see the passion for this show. He didn’t even put his point across today saying everyone has to leave one day. He looks lost here.
Rahul: He takes Abhi’s name as he says irrelevant things that are not related to the house. He keeps whistling all day which is very irritating.
Nishant: He says Abhi doesn’t understand Bigg Boss at all, he thinks this gameshow about is wisdom only, he doesn’t play it like a sport.
Eijaz: (he is a deciding factor between Abhi and Jaan both have 4 votes) He says I know Abhi from before, I think we share the same DNA. Jaan has won my heart over but the weakest connection I have is with Shahzad only. Salman says Eijaz played very well.

Salman says Shahzad is still safe as he has 2 votes. Shahzad says you can change the scene. All laugh. Salman says I just asked Pavitra about you as I thought she is closer to you. Pavitra says I have spent more time with Abhi and Jaan. Salman says people have material to talk about Jaan and Abhi. Salman says the scene has changed and now the seniors will decide. He says whose name you would take seniors one by one if you had the chance? Sid says they gave funny reasons about Jaan saying he is very nice so he should go but they want Nikki to go as well she is bad?
Gauhar: She says I will vote Shahzad out because he is seen less than others. He doesn’t interact with inmates much.
Hina: She takes Shahzad’s name as he was not seen much.

Salman says now Jaan has 4 votes, Abhi has 4 votes and Shahzad has 4 votes. Now Sid has a chance to decide.

Sid: He says I think 3 of them deserve here right now. They should get a chance. Salman says so you are seeing we should keep all the inmates in the house and eliminate them on the finale day? All laugh. Salman asks Sid to take one name. He says you are taking so much time but you have to eliminate 4 people in the coming days. Sid says I will take Shahzad’s name as Abhi and Jaan have more contribution.

Salman says Shahzad has 5 votes so he has to leave now. I am sorry brother but you are not going home today. Shahzad says what’s my status? Salman says till the next order you will be invisible in the house. Rahul brings the clothes for him. Salman says Shahzad will work in the house but he won’t have a say in the decisions of the house. You are a ‘100% not confirmed’ contestant now. Salman says Jaan and Abhi are safe for now. Shahzad wears his white invisible suit.

Salman says to the inmates that the next 48 hours more crucial for this show now. He tells Rahul and Nishant to bring some items from the storeroom. They bring a board to the living room. Salman says you should know by now to have no mercy on your competitors. You all have to tell who you don’t see in the ‘confirmed’ list at all. You will take a name and they will stand on the target board, you will apply the foam on their faces. Salman says since Shahzad is not visible, nobody can take his name.

Eijaz: He says I don’t see Rubina in the confirmed list because I want to pay back first, I think I tried my best but I don’t understand her. Rubina puts her face through the board hole. Eijaz applies foam on her face.

Nishant: He says I don’t see Abhi in the confirmed list. He doesn’t have an understanding of the game. He applies foam on his face.

Rahul: He takes Abhi’s name as he talks about irrelevant things. He said that Nikki doesn’t have humanity but when the wife was outside the house, he didn’t choose her but his immunity so where was humanity then? He applies foam on his face. Rubina cleans his face. Abhi says they keep saying that I didn’t choose my wife over my immunity. At the time, I was just told that if I give up my immunity then she can only come in the house but she won’t get her items, I know she is strong and I knew she could stay in the garden. I showed the game’s spirit. Salman says Nikki did everything for the game also. Abhi says they are talking about humanity but Nishant sprayed room freshener on my face. Salman says Abhi you had the choice to get up from the chair. Nishant says I didn’t spray on your face. Abhi says I am just saying they shouldn’t be talking about humanity. Rahul says we didn’t talk about humanity, he has selective humanity. Nishant says he is a hypocrite.

Nikki: She says Abhi should not be confirmed. She says I don’t have passion. He says to apply the spray fast. Nikki says I am giving my reason, what is this behavior? She sprays furiously on his face. He is a shi**. Rubina says she is cursing in front of Salman?

Jaan: He takes Abhi’s name for showing double standards. He sprays on Abhi’s face.

Abhi: He says Rahul’s name. Salman asks Abhi to enjoy the game. Abhi applies a little foam on his face. Rubina says this is his humanity.

Rubina: She applies the spray-on Rahul’s face saying he has zero understanding. She covers his face completely with foam. Rahul says husband showed humanity and this is what wife has done? Salman says they are playing individually.

Jasmin: She says I don’t want Nikki to be confirmed but she already is. She takes Eijaz’s name for scaring her in the task. She sprays lightly on his face.

Pavitra: She takes Jaan’s name for playing too sweetly. Jaan says I promise to show you the other side. She sprays on his face. ,,

The caller tells Pavitra that I follow you a lot. When your journey started, you said that you are strong but as the heat went up in the house, your nature looks like you are off and on suddenly. When will we see your strong avatar? Pavitra says you get stressed in this show but I will not disappoint you. Salman ends the call.

Salman asks Pavitra why viewers are confused? Pavitra says I don’t know, I was silent in the initial days and then started opening up. I say what I want to say. Salman says what does it mean that you were keeping to yourself? Pavitra says I didn’t talk much with others in the initial days but I was observing everyone. I even stopped myself from giving my points. Salman says you are just showing power over your friends, you don’t fight against the other team. If Eijaz is your friend then why are you stopping Eijaz in the task when he was in the same team? Why shout at your own team. In the garden task, you didn’t play on the front. You were just protecting and shouting at your teammates. You said that some people were under your radar but what happened to that? You didn’t take a stand. Pavitra says I get it now. Salman says listen to me as I am saying this for personality to shine. We know you have the potential.

Salman says let’s shift focus on the seniors. They will have a test now. He asks Abhi to bring things from the storeroom. He does. Salman says I will take two freshers name at a time, the seniors will tell who they want to see more in the show and who they wouldn’t want to be moving ahead.

The first pair is Rubina and Eijaz: Hina chooses Rubina as she has potential and is very entertaining in the tasks. Gauhar chooses Rubina as well as she wants to see more of her. Sid chooses Eijaz as he tries to put in his 100%, Rubina is selective dumb. Rubina gets the majority vote.

Pavitra-Jasmin: Salman says we want the seniors to mutually decide this one. Hina says Jasmin is doing very well but she should give it back to people. I have seen a lot of Pavitra, I choose Pavitra. Gauhar says Pavitra opens up but then goes back to her shell, I see a package in Jasmin. Sid says Jasmin is coming into her own, she is getting stronger and doing very well in the tasks. Pavitra is more involved in the house. For now, I will choose Pavitra. They mutually decide Pavitra’s name.

Nishant-Jaan: Sid says I will go for Jaan, he will be a different person in the house, I find Nishant disappointing, he has potential but it’s not coming out. Gauhar says I disagree with you, we saw real Nishant this week. I would want to see Jaan more on the TV, he has an interesting character, I hope he starts using his mind. Hina says I will go with Jaan because he talks to all of us for opinions, he doesn’t want to become a part of the herd.

Rahul-Abhi: Gauhar says Abhi has shown a new side this week, I want to see more of you, you have started speaking more but if we talk about quirkiness then it’s Rahul, he is an interesting character. He entertained me so much. Hina says I saw a new side of Abhi this week, Rahul did well this week but Abhi looked like a person who wouldn’t talk much but he puts his point more, I will choose Abhi. Sid says Abhi was silent in the first week but he is creating a stir now, he tried to make strategies. I don’t agree with my view-points but he has been vocal. Rahul is there but he goes to his quiet space. He chooses Abhi. Gauhar says I still disagree as I think Rahul has shown more presence this week. Hina says I would want to see more Abhi. Gauhar says I find more interest level in Rahul. Gauhar says for mutually deciding let’s go with Rahul.

Salman as per the seniors Rubina, Pavitra, Abhi, and Jaan should move forward in the game. He says now the freshers will take a decision for themselves. We will decide in two days who will be confirmed or not. The seniors will have a big say, you have understood the seniors in these days and it’s time to decide who will be confirmed and who will not. Each fresher will decide individually which senior they want to choose. They will their senior’s team and it will impact their confirmation. He ends the call.

In the house:
The freshers start choosing the seniors’ team.
Eijaz: He chooses Sid as he makes him explain things easily.
Nishant: He says Gauhar is very nurturing. I want to choose Hina as she level-headed.
Rahul: He chooses Gauhar as I associate with Gauhar’s points more.
Nikki: She chooses Sid as he makes her listen.
Jaan: He says my point of view matches with Gauhar a lot. I connect with her advice.
Abhi: He says Hina is a very logical and very nice person. He chooses Hina.
Rubina: She says I mirror qualities with Hina. I want to go in her team.
Jasmin: She says Sid is my friend but he is very strong mentally. Gauhar is very sweet. Hina is very balanced mentally and emotionally. I will go with Hina.
Pavitra: She says I want to follow Sid’s footprints.

Bigg Boss says Sid has Eijaz, Nikki and Pavitra. Hina has Abhi, Rubina, Nishant and Jasmin. Gauhar has Jaan and Rahul.

In the House:
Jaan tells Gauhar that I will be in the top 5 only. Gauhar says we will push it. It will be a war now.

Sid tells Eijaz and Nikki that we have to win. Nobody should lose in our team. We will follow a single thought. We will stick together as a team. Nikki nods. Sid tells Nikki that we will three will not tell others about our strategy. Eijaz says Pavitra is in our team also. Sid says we 4 are friends. Eijaz says I am friends with Nikki and Sid but not Pavitra. Sid says that’s your personal choice but you have to put it back. Pavitra comes there so Sid tells her that we will move forward with one strategy, you all have to stick together. You have to be loyal to each other. He tells them to not publicly put your team member down. Talk to your team member alone.

Hina tells Rubina that you talk on the right points but you have to choose your points. You should have weight in your reasoning. Abhi says I agree. Hina says if you talk about useless things then you won’t have importance. You both can’t play like husband and wife here. You both have your own point of view.

Pavitra talks to Shahzad. Shahzad says Eijaz was a good friend of mine but he flips on anyone. He is just playing a game. He talks to me every night and has such a strong connection with me but he showed his real colors, he will do anything for this game. He is not loyal to anyone. I am just telling you that if I stay here then I will show his reality to him. I am telling you to not trust Eijaz, he is worst than a snake. Pavitra says he is following someone’s footsteps here. Shahzad says yes, he will become cornered in a day or two.

On the stage:
Salman says we will enjoy these three teams now. He signs off from the episode.

Bigg Boss 14 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Team Sid Vs. Team Gauhar Vs. Team Hina. Sid tells his team to not lose or cry.The task starts, Sid attacks Gauhar’s team with his team. Gauhar shouts that three people attacking one person is wrong and Bigg Boss can’t be okay with that. Gauhar says they are not following rules.Later the seniors sit together, Gauhar shouts that attacking vs. standing is different. I don’t care what Bigg Boss does. Hina says I agree with her. Sid shouts at Gauhar.



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