Bigg Boss 14 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Bigg Boss 14 20th October 2020

Day 17
8 AM
Eijaz is sleeping in the garden. The inmates wake up to the Matlab ke ishare.. le mera number. They all dance.

11:15 AM
Sid tells to Pavitra that you should talk to Hina and Gauhar. Remain in their good books. Pavitra says I don’t get along with Gauhar, she tries to dominate a lot. I am very good with Hina. I won’t put in the extra effort. Sid says to put in a little bit of effort.

Gauhar tells Jaan and Rahul that I trust your potential. Talk to me openly about anything.

Pavitra tells Nikki that we have to be like a team right now. Nikki says why did you choose Sid? Pavitra says he is blunt like me but he is emotional as well. When he puts his point across, I see myself.

12 PM
Hina tells Rubina and Nishant to talk to each other and end this spray thing. Nishant tells Rubina that Abhi promised he wouldn’t bring up the spray thing as he forgave me. Rubina says you were pointing at our humanity because we were not chopping? We have been cooking all day. Nishant says you just brought spray thing again because you didn’t have any reason to point at me. Abhi comes there and asks Rubina to leave this discussion. Rubina tells Nishant that you are a well-educated guy so we don’t expect that you wouldn’t read the danger of that spray on humans. Nishant says I didn’t read the dangers. Rubina says we understand that you have clarified your point.

1:45 PM
Abhi tells everyone that we can divide duties so everyone has time for themselves. Eijaz says cooking is a priority in this house. Jasmin says who knows how to cook? Nikki says I won’t work, I still have privilege. Abhi says we can divide work and leave Nikki out of it. Jasmin says I want to clean the bathroom because a bad smell gives me nausea. I want to clean it. Jaan tells Rubina that if you don’t want to cook breakfast then will you cook lunch? Rubina says the kitchen task is too tedious for me so I want to get out. Jaan asks Pavitra if she can cook lunch? Pavitra says I won’t do it. Shahzad says we have to decide on someone to cook. Eijaz says you are invisible. Gauhar says he can talk if he wants. Eijaz says he is not a decision-maker. Shahzad says you don’t talk to me Eijaz. Eijaz says you are invisible for a reason. Shahzad says I am just suggesting. Eijaz says keep talking, I can’t see you. Shahzad says I can talk to my friends. Pavitra and Rahul start dancing around them. Nishant says to decide on lunch duty. Eijaz says I will leave if Shahzad talks. Abhi tells Eijaz that we can talk about this later on, let’s decide on the duties. Rahul asks Shahzad to keep cooing like a koel. All laugh. Rubina says I wanted to have a discussion here but not this, she leaves. Abhi says I want to be free the next two days, I won’t cook now. I will take on three duties but I want to be free from cooking. Shahzad keeps cooing in Eijaz’s ear. Pavitra tells Abhi that I think it’s not your decision but Rubina’s, we are all going to suffer if you don’t cook.

2 PM
Rubina tells everyone that cooking is too much for me. Nishant asks Rubina if she will clean the lawn? She says yes. Eijaz says then what will Shahzad do? Shahzad says I am invisible right? They both charge at each other. Eijaz moves closer to his face and says you are not my competition, you are hanging by the last thread. Jasmin says let’s decide, please. Shahzad says I will clean the bedroom and do the chopping. Rahul tells Shahzad to take on more duties. Eijaz says he can’t make a decision so give him duties. Jaan says Shahzad will wash the breakfast dishes. Shahzad says I am not accepting. Jaan says you have no say.

2:15 PM
Rahul tells Nishant that I have a back problem so I won’t wash the dishes. Rubina tells Rahul to not flip now, you took this duty before. I can flip also and change my duty. Rahul says I have a medical reason. Nishant tells Rahul that you don’t have much height. Rahul says Jaan gets back pain also. Pavitra says if there are these issues then I have back pain also. I am not going to do anything. She tells Jasmin. Jasmin says he has back pain while washing the dishes? Pavitra says I won’t do anything now.
Jaan tells Nishant that Rahul has a problem. Rubina tells Jaan that we have been considerate but he can’t flip like this. Abhi tells Jaan that we gave a solution.

Pavitra tells Rahul that I have back pain also but I am working here. Rahul shows his bending posture and says I can’t do it. Jasmin says being considerate is foolish here.

Abhi tells Rubina that he took on washing duty and then flipped. Rubina says she was dancing on the floor and that was fine?

2:30 PM
Jasmin tells that Rahul will do his work from now on, he is lying. Rahul comes there and tells Jasmin that you will tell me about my pain now? You have medical conditions also. Jasmin says I don’t stop working because of that, I won’t do anything for you. Rahul says I clean the bathroom daily for you. I have back pain so I can’t bend forward for quite some time. Eijaz says I have back pain also but I didn’t face any pain while washing the dishes. Nishant tells Rahul that you can try washing the dishes and if you feel pain then we can work something out.

Nishant says Rahul will help in chopping. Jasmin says but he can’t be slow. Rahul comes there. Nishant says Jasmin and others will help you in chopping. Jasmin says Rahul has to chop onions also. Rahul says I am open to chop onions. Jasmin says you can’t say that you are tired in the middle of the chopping. Rahul says I will do the chopping but I won’t beg for help from others. Jasmin says if you are nice to me then I will help. Nishant says I will help also. Rahul says I will wash the breakfast dishes for 2 days but if I feel pain then I will put my point across.

5 PM
Eijaz asks Jaan who has living room duty? Jaan says Shahzad. He asks Shahzad. Shahzad says I will start from tomorrow as I cleaned the bedroom today. I have done my duties today. Jaan asks Shahzad if he has some problem with work? Shahzad says I have cleaned the bedroom already. Jaan says I have done my new duty. You are the only one not doing your new duty. Shahzad says this Eijaz Quak Quak is doing all this. Eijaz says you will stay in the house like this? Rahul says keep cooing Shahzad. Nishant asks Shahzad to do his new duty. Shahzad says I will do it on my own. Jaan says he can’t decide on his time. What if I decide that I will make breakfast at my own time? I will keep others hungry? Nikki says Jaan is right. Shahzad says I am not doing anything Jaan, make me do it now. Nishant asks Jaan to calm down.
Nikki gives a back massage to Rahul and asks why Nishant is talking so much? He is giving an audition? Rahul laughs.

7:30 PM
Jaan is giving a head massage to Nikki. Nikki says I was craving for this, you are so sweet. You were not this sweet before the show? Nishant says I will leave now, he leaves. Nikki says Nishant is very boring. He is talking on any topic he wants to. Nikki says you are my personal masseuse. You are a really sweetheart.

9:45 PM
Rubina is in the confession room. Bigg Boss asks how are you? Rubina says okay. Bigg Boss says you want to share your feelings? Rubina says you are open to it? He says sure. Rubina says yesterday I felt disrespected on the show, it made my heart heavy. I have accepted everything that comes with this show but Salman sir called my husband luggage. He is my husband, we haven’t shown any desperation to come to this show. I felt utter disrespect. If I am not respected then I will not work there, I can’t function like that. She wipes her tears. Bigg Boss says we don’t bring any person in the house to disrespect them, you have a misunderstanding. We sent a task and you had a problem over that. Salman saw that and he felt the need to explain to you in his way. Rubina says I am wise to understand where that was coming from. I know I told you all that I will bring Abhi on-board for this show, you called him a luggage because I made him agree to do this show? Bigg Boss says you are taking it out of context. Rubina says just because I convinced Abhi to come on this show so he is not an individual and my husband? Bigg Boss says we didn’t mean to say that he is a burden on you or that he is a responsibility for you. What do you want now? Rubina says I can’t work in this environment, I won’t be a burden. Bigg Boss says so you want to quit the show? Rubina says nothing against Salman or the show but I can’t function like this. Salman sir doesn’t know us personally that he could pass such big comment on our relationship. I want to quit this show.
Bigg Boss calls Abhi in the confession room. Rubina is crying inside. Abhi comes there so she controls herself. He says all good? She says yes. He says what happened? Rubina says he will speak to you. Bigg Boss says Abhi we were talking to Rubina and she said that she felt bad about Salman taunting you so she wants to leave the show. We thought to talk to you as well. Abhi asks Rubina what is going on? Rubina says I can’t work where I am not respected. Abhi says it’s not about you but me, I will be the one who will reply. Rubina says you are the most important person to me, I pushed you to come here. Abhi says it was convincing and not pushing. He asks Bigg Boss what was the intention behind Salman’s comment? Bigg Boss says it started with Rubina denying the task and alleging the management for calling her garbage then she felt bad when Salman jokingly called you luggage but if you don’t want to listen to our side then we can’t do anything. Salman made Rubina understand and then he joked with you both. Abhi says I understand that Salman has a sense of humor. Bigg Boss says we can ask Salman to not joke with you both at all. Rubina asks him to not stretch these things too much. Bigg Boss says you have brought this up, you want to leave this show so we are just clarifying. Abhi tells Rubina that we had a discussion that it was a joke. Bigg Boss says you can talk to Salman on the weekend, clear it with him. Rubina says if this thing is bothering me then I will talk to Salman. Bigg Boss says don’t misunderstand that we have called you both to disrespect. Relax and enjoy. Abhi thanks him.

10 PM
Nishant tells Jaan that Rahul gets irritating sometimes. He acts cheap with his joking. He does sly things and very arrogant. Jaan says I saw that when I won that luxury budget task. He said that I knew you would win because seniors favor me. Jaan says I said that I am winning on my talent. I don’t sing meh like Rahul, I sing by worshiping. Nishant says the same with me on acting. People sing like Rahul but I can’t as I feel like it’s cheating with my art.

10:30 PM
Abhi tells Rubina that you should have discussed with me before saying you want to quit the show. Rubina says your respect matters the most to me so I can make a decision. We don’t have the liberty to discuss decisions openly here. Abhi sighs.

In the garden, all are singing pyaar humain ki mor par.. Sid jumps in the pool.

Abhi asks Rubina if she wants to talk to him? Rubina doesn’t answer. They hear all inmates singing outside. Rubina says let’s not leave it here.

Day 18
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the buzzing sound instead of a song. They come to the garden area to see it divided into three teams. Bigg Boss says we want everyone in the living area. All sit there. Jasmin says are we going to be eliminated? Hina says this is happening for the first time here. Bigg Boss says to the inmates that today some inmates will leave the house as their game will be over. We want all freshers and seniors to pack their items.

10 AM
Pavitra tells Rahul that my shirt is shaking with a strong heartbeat. Nikki says they even asked seniors to pack their bags. Pavitra says you are confirmed. Nikki says but they will change the scene now. Rahul says all were shocked after the announcement.

10:45 AM
Rubina is using ghee. Abhi asks her to go easy on ghee. Rubina says they have one more box. Gauhar says you both are cute. Abhi says they will blame you if the flour goes out. He asks her to make smaller parathas. Rubina says I am trying. Abhi says if we run out flour then you will have to argue with them more. You can make smaller parathas. Rubina says then you can cook, I am leaving. Abhi says don’t act cute now. Abhi says come back. Rubina says no, don’t disrespect me. Now you can make smaller parathas alone.

11:45 AM
Rubina comes to Abhi and hugs him. She kisses cheek and says sorry. He says it’s okay.

Eijaz reads the task. The freshers and seniors have a relationship now. The three teams will fight. Sid team’s will have Eijaz, Pavitra and Nikki. Hina has Abhi, Rubina, Jasmin and Nishant. Gauhar has Rahul and Jaan. The losing team will leave the house today only along with their senior. There are three buzzers for each team in the garden. Each team has to try to protect their buzzers. They will try that other team doesn’t press their buzzer and they press on other’s buzzer. They will try to press the buzzer of the team which they want to take out. At a time, only 2 freshers can come forward to protect or attack the buzzer. The seniors can’t press the buzzer. They will just freshers. The team whose buzzer is pressed more will leave the house along with Shahzad. Their game will be over. The buzzer needs to press on for 5 seconds.

12 PM
Hina asks her team to attack the buzzer. Gauhar asks her to the team to protect their buzzer.
Sid tells Eijaz to protect their buzzer, don’t get scared or anyone. He says there are boys in other teams so girls have a disadvantage in protecting.
Gauhar tells Jaan that we can team up with Hina to attack Sid’s team.
Nikki tells Sid to attack Gauhar’s team as Jaan is not tough. Sid tells Eijaz to throw his buzzer on the floor and sit on it meanwhile the girls will attack Gauhar’s team.

Gauhar talks to Hina and says I want to team up with you. Hina says we can make an alliance against Sid. Gauhar says don’t make it obvious in front of Sid. Sid’s team comes there. Sid shouts at Jasmin to irritate her. Sid says my team will win. They all wait for fo the gong to play. Gauhar asks Sid to not distract the freshers. Sid says there is no rule like that.
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