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Bigg Boss 14 23rd October 2020

Day 19
Jaan asks Nikki to come out of here, I won’t talk to you if you don’t want to be my friend. Nikki says I want to stay here. Pavitra says you people should have talked to her before. Nishant says we all wanted to be the captains so what’s wrong? Pavitra says you people promised her before that you will make her the captain. Nishant says to Nikki that we can sit and talk. Nikki says I wanted to become the captain.
Rubina says she is fooling and punishing Nishant for becoming the captain.
Nikki cries and tells Pavitra that I did a mistake by trusting my friends. Jaan comes out of the red-zone. Nishant tells Nikki that we can talk easily.
Rahul tells Jaan that she is doing all this because she didn’t become the captain. Jaan says this is wrong. Rahul says then keeps going to console her. Jaan says she is my friend so I will show her the right path, won’t you do the same? Rahul says I would have left her. Jaan says you are a poor friend. Jaan tells Rubina that I can’t go to my friend and tell her what’s wrong? Rahul says you have opened friendship classes? Jaan says you need those classes, you will show these emotions to me also? Rahul says if you do something wrong then I will tell you once and then leave you, don’t talk about me.

Pavitra tells Nishant that she is emotionally screwed. Nishant says if we want to become the captain then what’s wrong? We were standing with her when everybody was questioning her not doing anything. Jaan tells Pavitra that you know her. Pavitra says she is 95% right. She is emotional. Jaan says you can’t put everything under the emotional carpet.
Jaan tells Abhi that how can we be wrong for becoming the captain? Rubina says Nishant will be punished, call him here. Rubina takes Nishant from there.

Rubina tells Nishant that you have to make sure that rules are followed in this house as a captain, if someone is breaking the rules then you can punish her. Tell her that if she doesn’t come out of the red-zone then you will confiscate her things and she will stay there in the red-zone for two days. If someone helps her then that person will be punished also. Nishant says I am trying to bring her here. She is doing this deliberately. Rubina says don’t let her twist you, she is putting you under the pressure. Nishant says I will go and tell her that I am going to punish her.

Nikki tells Pavitra that they all are changing sides, they are not loyal. Jaan says we have stood with you always. Nikki says you didn’t even give me jewelry in the jewelry task, you always chose someone else. Jaan says yes I am the ****. Nikki says yes that’s why you are going.

9:15 PM
Nishant tells Nikki that I will punish you if you don’t come out. Nikki says I am not taking your punishment. Nishant says I will confiscate your things and put them in BB mall for two days. I will also consider this moment when I have to take a decision for Pavitra and Eijaz’s future. Pavitra says we can’t forcefully send her to the other side. Eijaz says what can we do? Nishant says you can convince her to come on the green side. Pavitra says don’t throw it on us. Nishant leaves from there. Rahul laughs at Nikki.

Nishant and Abhi bring Nikki’s things from the bedroom and put it in the BB mall. He says I will give it back when she requests me.
Jaan asks Nishant if someone gave you this idea? Was it influenced? Nishant says this was my last resort.

Rahul laughs at Nikki. Nikki says Nishant is doing all this to save his captaincy. Rahul mimics Nishant acting like a boss. He says Nikki should have waited for a day only. You were riding the idiot horses. Nikki says they were donkeys and not horses. I have chosen Pavitra now.

11:30 PM
Jaan asks Nishant who gave you this idea? Nishant says we discussed that she likes her things the most so we can confiscate her things. Jaan says don’t lie to me, you are twisting words, just tell me who gave this idea to you? I want to hear from you. I want the name, I am your brother so tell me the name. Who asked you to punish her like this? Nishant says she is doing this deliberately, we were ready to sacrifice ourselves for the other person but she is breaking our friendship. I swear it was my idea to put her items in the BB mall, someone just told me that she likes her items the most. Jaan says who told you that? It can’t be your own decision, this is an influenced decision. You can’t be this materialistic.

Rubina tells Jasmin that Jaan can be round stone that will make you slip. Abhi says Jaan is innocent but he will cost someone a lot.

Jaan comes to Nikki and asks her to come on the green-side. Rahul says you can go to her. Jaan says I don’t want to talk to you Rahul, you changed your sides. You are trying to break my friendship with Nikki. Nishant asks Nikki if she doesn’t care about Pavitra and Eijaz? I will punish them if you don’t come out. Pavitra tells Nikki that leave from here and save our asses. My future should be in my hands and I shouldn’t be punished for someone else’s deeds.
Jasmin tells Rubina that Rahul is an eye-sore. Abhi says don’t talk to him.

Nishant tells Bigg Boss that I have tried everything but one person is not listening so I want to talk to you.

Jaan tells Nikki that Rahul told me to not talk to you and then he was laughing with you and back-biting about me? Don’t talk to him.

Jasmin tells Abhi that Nikki went there because Pavitra and Eijaz are supporting her. Abhi says don’t give suggestions to Nishant as it can backfire on you. Rubina says I wanted Nishant to become the captain, we have to give input in making his captaincy smooth. Abhi says we will not make things difficult for Nishant so that he supports me when I have to become the captain.

Nikki tells Pavitra that if it comes on you then I will leave, I will not let you get punished.

12:00 AM
Nikki tells Jaan that my friends cheated me and it affected me. Jaan says what wrong did we do? Nikki says you didn’t support me, you made Nishant but when he became the captain, he didn’t listen Jaan and put my items in the BB mall because he wants to save his captaincy.

12:15 AM
Pavitra asks Nikki to leave this red-zone. You were emotional but be practical now. Nikki says I will be punished. Eijaz says you are confirmed, we are in danger already. Nikki says to Jaan that bring Nishant here, tell him that I am ready to talk but I want my items back from the BB mall.

Jaan comes to Nishant and says I talked to Nikki. She is ready to talk to you, let’s end it. Nishant says sure. Nikki comes out of the red-zone.

12:30 AM
Nikki sits with Nishant and says I felt bad that you didn’t support me in the task, you were supporting them. Nishant says they are not my friends but I don’t have any problem with them, I felt bad when you called me fake and *****. Nikki says you listened to someone else and put my things in the BB mall. Nishant says I have to make sure that rules are followed in the house, you were being stubborn so I had to do it. Nikki says I came back because you are my friend and I don’t want your captaincy to be questioned. You are my friend.

1 AM
Nishant asks Jaan to talk to Rahul, what happened between you both? Jaan leaves from there. Rahul tells Nishant that I told Jaan to not talk to Nikki so he went off on a friendship course and I joked that he is opening the friendship school.
Nikki comes to the washroom with Jaan. She says what’s the problem? Talk to Rahul. I also clarified everything with Nishant so you can talk to him. Jaan says I am not going to please everyone here, he is very double-faced. I don’t want to see his face. Nikki says we can sit and talk. Jaan says Rahul said to leave you and don’t care about you like you don’t matter.
Rahul tells Nishant that Jaan open friendship classes. He laughs adn goes to his bed. Jaan comes out of the washroom and Rahul waves at him but Jaan leaves.

1:30 AM
Nishant calls Rahul and asks him to talk to Jaan. Rahul asks Jaan if he is angry? Jaan nods. Rahul laughs and says he was joking. Nishant says Rahul said that Jaan should leave Nikki if she is wrong. Jaan says Rahul shouldn’t have talked in front of Rubina and Abhi, they want to break us apart. Rahul laughs and says they have the problem so don’t worry. He pulls Jaan and kisses his cheek. Nishant asks Jaan to forgive him now, he is a jokester.

2:15 AM
Nishant asks Nikki if Pavitra went angry because I said I will punish her also? Nikki says yes but she won’t say anything because I came here.

Day 20

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