Bigg Boss 14 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update


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Bigg Boss 14 5th November 2020

Scene 1
Day 35 9:15 PM

Aly says tell them, take my name. Say I won’t shove anyone. Abhi says to Pavitra will we will help you. She says it’s my right. Jasmin says you will throw Ejaz in the red zone? She says no. Jasmin says let me become one. I have only one chance to talk to Aly. Pavitra says no I am hurt. This is my only chance. I am broken inside. Next time, I will step back I won’t even fight with you. I will protect you. Jasmin says let me be. Pavitra says I have to become, please. Jasmin says then let’s fight and see.

Jaan says he can also fight. Shardul says I will do. Rubina says you agreed. Shardul says if someone is hurt, you can say no. Abhi says I was expecting everyone will say one by one why they want to become captain. Jasmin says no one is bluffed. It was clear. Abhi says my understanding was different. Pavitra says then it’s your misunderstanding. I fell the second time. That’s not the debate. Pavitra says I didn’t ask anyone to distract.

Shardul says I lost. Bigg Boss didn’t say I can’t go to the contest. My partner is not with me anymore. Rubina says you are out of this contest and captaincy. Read it. He says let me go. Rubina says no. You can’t break the rule. Naina says listen now. HE says no let me speak I will do what I want. Naina says okay then let us talk.

Pavitra says to Jasmin I will send Nikki but never you in the red zone. Jasmin says keep your word.

9:30 PM
Bell rings. Jasmin and Pavitra take rounds around the circle. Rahul says run. They keep moving in circles. Jasmin says will you keep moving in circles? We have to do the dishes and cook as well. Jasmin shoves Pavitra, pavitra pulls her down as well. But Jasmin wins. Abhi hugs her and says well done. Pavitra says it’s okay it doesn’t matter. Naina hugs Pavitra. Rahul says well played. Bigg Boss says Jasmin is the new captain. Jasmin says thank you Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says I want you to take all responsibilities. Everyone congratulates her.

Aly says I will make sure you don’t go and Ejaz does. She says 4 people will be from there. She will choose Rubina. He says we have to talk to Jasmin to call Rubina first.

Rubina says why didn’t she shoves Jasmin? Abhi says because I was in that circle. He says are you doubting Jasmin? Rubina says I am confident about Pavitra. I don’t know Jasmin. Abhi says I said we will play a game, yet Pavitra said I misunderstood. He says I fell. She says so I felt bad. Stop believing in people. He says so shouldn’t I trust Jasmin? Rubina says I want this conversation in front of Jasmin as well.

Aly says tell Rubina don’t call Pavitra. Only she can. Jasmin comes to Rubina. Jasmin says tomorrow in swap task call anyone in front of you but Pavitra. Rubina says why did Pavitra shove Abhi and not you? Jasmin says maybe she wanted. If you are doubting, I can swear.. Ejaz comes. Rubina says to Jasmin our discussion was the same. If she has to ditch someone or play a game, she will not see preferences. She always says she contests with him only? Abhi says Rubina you’re missing one thing here. We first said we three won’t shove each other. then I told you let’s say we will play a normal game. Jasmin says she said it before us. That she will have to play. She said she has no problem even if I shove. Jasmin says first we had a pact we won’t fight. Abhi says yes then I said we will pray normal game. Jasmin says then it’s fair. Please not Pavitra in the swap. I gave her my word. I have to save you as well. Otherwise, I am helpless. Rubina says not you.. Jasmin says no, please. Abhi says to Rubian I don’t expect you to doubt me. She says I don’t expect you to trust.. He says I don’t invest so much. I don’t understand your tenget. Rubina says I heard what I wanted. Let’s close this topic here.

10:30 PM
Abhi says to Jasmin don’t give the luxury items to eat to anyone. You will only do personal work not like making tea. She says it looked stupid to me. Abhi says do not get into that trap. They will try to mislead you. She says I won’t be.

Jasmin comes to the hall and says so cute. You’re my favorite. She hugs her picture and says you are my favorite. Jasmin says I was thinking if my photo will ever be there. Aly claps for her. He says I welcomed you so well.

11:30 PM
Jasmin says what’s Jaan’s scene in the show? Aly says what? Aly says he doesn’t have his own personality. Jasmin says he doesn’t listen to me. Aly says everyone says that. Jasmin says and it doesn’t mean to disassociate with Nikki. If someone is your friend, be open about it.

1 AM
Pavitra says to Shardul I told you this isn’t your bag. Naina says he wanted to do one round fair fight. Pavitra says couldn’t you say it? Naina says we couldn’t. Shardul says we all need allies. Pavitra says who was your first priority? He is playing a game himself. Shardul says okay fine. I tried to explain. Pavitra says you didn’t speak about it once. You never said that I will go myself but let me work hard. Do what you want. I don’t care. Shardul says I am the only one who was not lying to you. I said it before as well. Pavitra says not me? He says you’re not unsafe. Pavitra says she’s not unsafe either. Shardul says she asked me to help me become captain. Pavitra says you’re mixing it. Shardul says you can’t make me do this to me. Pavitra says don’t do this to get footage. Help your friends, don’t talk to me. She leaves.

9:15 AM
Jaan asks Nikki what is your problem? Why are you giving me attitude?

9:30 AM
Jasmin says lawn and toilet will be done my Ejaz. Pavitra says with Abhi I will do breakfast and lunch. And dinner with Jaan and dinner’s dishes. Nikki says I will do dinner and lunch’s dishes and bedroom. Jasmin says to Jaan don’t do dishes, do living room. Jaan says I don’t want to do the living room. I have done it before. I don’t like it. I am doing dinner with PP already. Since Ejaz is doing the toilet, I am doing dinner as well. Jasmin says breakfast and lunch will be done by Jaan and Abhi will do the living room. He says okay. Jasmin says Jaan and Pavitra will do breakfast. Pavitra says but he won’t make bread. Jasmin says then he isn’t doing what he can. Abhi says you were doing toilet. Jaan says I can do it. It’s not big. Jaan says why don’t you ask Nikki or Abhi? Jasmin says I don’t want your advice.

9:45 AM
Aly says to Jasmin he isn’t finding people to talk to. Jasmin says Jaan talks rubbish. He can’t cook. I have done it with him, he doesn’t do it at all. I asked him to do the living room. He denied that as well. If he had a medical issue I would understand. Jaan says I will do what I can. I am taking medicines. I can’t do the living room. Jasmin says when Nikki asked you when it wasn’t even your duty you did it. He says I never did it before that. I am not leaving work, I said no because I can’t.

10:30 AM
Jaan says to Rahul Aly said my personality isn’t being seen. If being nice and soft is a part of my personality, that’s my upbringing I don’t understand how is it hiding my personality. Rahul says you don’t speak on important things. You fight with Nikki and Ejaz. They are your friends. Rahul says you try very hard to make friends. If you’re with everyone you are with no one.

10:45 AM
Abhi says Rubi are you fasting? She says yes. He says did you eat anything? She says I can’t. Couldn’t eat sargi at 4. He says what will you eat now? She says I will eat after the moon is out now.

Jasmin says Pavitra you should have understood me. Pavitra says Shardul never gave me a hint. Jasmin says you said Shardul is your friend. Pavitra says it’s not about friendship. Aly says listen to her. Jasmin says Shardul said about you she will understand. Pavitra says you would also expect from Abhi and Rubina to tell you. Jasmin says I won’t shout. Pavitra says he keeps saying he will get out because of me. Jasmin says I know why are you saying all that. Pavitra says keep your possessiveness with yourself. Aly is with my friend as well. Jasmin says she comes with new drama every time.

Pavitra asks Shardul what did you say to Jasmin? Shardul says when I was speaking to you, you said I am doing this for footage. I am unsafe. So I did this. You said it was about task not our relationship. Jasmin says to Aly it’s great that Pavitra is your friend. I am not possessive at all.

Pavitra says do you want to play game or be this friend? Don’t blame it on me if you walk out. Shardul says okay I won’t say that. Aly says when I am talking to someone I have many things in my mind. I know what am I doing.

4:15 PM
Bigg Boss says all 4 contestants in the red zone are nominated. It’s a danger to be in red zone. None of you would want to be there. Today one of you 4 can be saved from nomination with a task. This chance will be given to 3 people only. Jasmin has the right to decide who those 3 people would be. From Rubina, Shardul, Naina, and Rahul who do you want to not give a chance and why? Jasmin says that would be Rahul. Because the competition level should be strong in the show. Rahul has been in the show since day 1. He had a chance to make space in hearts so, seeing all that I want Rahul to stay in the red zone. Bigg Boss says so Rubina, Shardul, and Naina have a chance. You won’t go to the competition yourself. You will choose your representative. You can’t choose Aly, Jasmin, or Ejaz. You have one hour or red zone being open.

4:30 PM
Jasmin says I wanted Naina and Shardul to have a chance. I gave a word to Abhi. He says so there’s no one to take a word for me, I didn’t get a chance? Rubina says to Abhi you’re my life. So I will choose you. He says U will do that. Shardul says to Pavitra will you be my rep? She says sure. Naina asks Nikki will you be royal? I am at stake. Nikki says I play different but honest.

Aly says to Jasmin did she do anything for you that you had to pay back? Jasmin says I don’t play for payback.

Rahul asks if you had to choose 2 who would it be? She says Shardul and Naina so they get a chance at least. Ejaz gave you a chance as well. Rahul says I don’t shout but I am hurt. Jasmin says I am really sorry. It wasn’t intentional. He says but your intention wasn’t to give me chance as well. Jasmin says you’re strong you already have a chance.

5:30 PM
Bigg Boss asks who would represent you in the competition? Rubina says Abhi. Naina says Nikki. Shardul says Pavitra will play for me. Bigg Boss asks Abhi to pick a letter and read it to everyone. Abhi brings it. He reads time to compete for people in red zone. You have to hold a triangle frame. Whoever keeps holding it till the end will win and the person they were representing will get out of red zone. Jasmin will be the referee. Hold on one hand.

6 PM
Rubina says Abhi wear the jacket. Ejaz says eat or sleep. Convince each other why your participant needs it more. Everyone wishes them all the best.

Pavitra says I agreed for it because I want to prove Shardul that I don’t want him to go out of this house because of me. I will win to bring him and to prove that I am a good friend. Abhi says Rubina sacrificed for me so I will bring her in. Nikki says Naina says she doesn’t have a friend in this house. It feels lonely. You always need a friend. So I think we can be good friends. I have to give her one chance so our friendship starts from here. Abhi says then Nikki will make you do all the work.

6:30 PM
Everyone is holding the triangle. Nikki says if one has to walk rest of the three would have to come as well. Abhi says convince me don’t force me to walk. Jasmin says you will have to go to the toilet together. Pavitra says if I pee on the toilet. Jasmin says you will clean it. Ejaz says you can go to the toilet. You can’t take a break but you can go in with one hand outside. Nikki says the seat is inside. Anything. Jaan says the rest two can close the eyes. Ejaz says to Aly Jasmin acts like a kid. She doesn’t understand.

Nikki says we have to walk. So we have to push. Ejaz says she makes fun of my dedication. I can teach her a lesson in a minute but she’s so younger than me. Aly says I would do anything to win the task. Ejaz says I do exactly the same.

Day 34 7 PM
Rubina gets ready for karwa chauth.
Pavitra says let me go. I want to go to toilet. Nikki says we can go. Ejaz says Pavitra fainted. Pavitra sleeps on the floor. Shardul says get up, I will lose. Ejaz says she is so boring. Pavitra says I have to go to toilet. Ejaz says Nikki won’t lose. She’s so stubborn. Jasmin says if someone pulls and it falls from another person’s hand they won’t lose. Pavitra says I have to go. Niki says I am moving. Abhi says you can’t pull me PP. Pavitra pulls him. Abhi says where do we have to go? Ejaz says toilet. Go go there. Abhi says she can leave it if she wants. Nikki says where are they taking me. Pavitra pulls. Nikki says go wherever you want I will go. You’re using power. Pavitra says I have to go. Abhi says I am not comfortable. Pavitra says but I have to go. Rubina says you can leave it then. Nikki says we are both going. They pull it.

Pavitra says so close to the destination. Jasmin says a single hand only. Nikki and Pavitra pull it. Jasmin says this is power. Nikki says biased. We are going to the toilet. Jasmin says fight with each other, not me. Pavitra says you think I want to fight with you? They keep pulling it. Pavitra says I won’t leave it. Abhi says you want to go to toilet. I also wanted to go but I am not going. I won’t move.

7:15 PM
Pavitra pulls it. Nikki says what is happening? Pavitra says the referee is seeing it but she won’t say anything. Jasmin says if you think you are losing control you can leave it. Pavitra says Nikki take me to that side. Nikki says I am coming but I won’t pull it. Jasmin says no use of power.

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