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Bigg Boss 14 5th October 2020

Day 2
Rahul is doing push-ups. Pavitra comes there and sits on his back. She says now do the push-up. All cheer for him but he falls down. Gauhar comes there and says you had to ask for my permission before going to the gym? Rahul says I forgot. Gauhar says there are rules here, if you don’t follow then there will be consequences. Jasmin asks if she can use the gym? Gauhar says sure. Rubina tells Gauhar that I just need my yoga mat.

Gauhar tells the camera that we have to show authority for fun. We have to keep them under control.

Gauhar comes to Hina and says they didn’t take permission from us to use the gym. Hina says I just allowed 2 people to use the gym. Gauhar says they should ask for your permission every day. Hina says I am not stopping the gym, for now, I am waiting for the tasks. Gauhar says they should take your permission. Sid says to Hina that she is trying to make you listen about your importance. Hina asks him to shut up.

Hina comes to Abhi and says 4 people can’t use the gym at the same time. Sid tries to stop Jasmin from using the gym. She says this is wrong, I asked Hina. I mean I asked Gauhar. Sid says this is wrong. Hina asks him to stop being a Chachi. She tells Sid that he can use the gym. Sid says I can ask for your permission. Hina says I don’t need you. Sid says why nobody loves me? Hina laughs.

Jasmin tells Sid that the washroom is dirty after you came out. Sid checks the washroom and says it’s not mine. Hina asks him to leave it. She asks Sid to get lost from there. Sid says I can stay here for you. She says you can go and take a shower. Hina says you have a weird mind. Sid says this is sad.

Shahbaz comes to Nikki’s bed. Jasmin says Nikki is upset after yesterday. She is a young girl. Hina says she is working a lot, she is just worried about her nails. Jasmin says she should be stubborn about the right things. Shahbaz says she is sweet and helpful. Jasmin says she doesn’t drag things.

Shahbaz tells Nikki that you are working a lot but it doesn’t count if you say things unknowingly. Nikki says I am working so how it doesn’t count? Shahbaz says I am giving you advice as a friend. She says we are friends now? He says yes, I am just saying that if you say things sweetly then it will be valuable. Nikki says I am hygienic so I asked for a cup from you. Shahbaz says in two minutes? I will wash the dishes after all have breakfast. Otherwise it becomes very hectic for me.

Sid tells Gauhar that Bigg Boss is making us strong. He tells Rubina that your immunity will be good if you have bad things. When you leave Bigg Boss then you can eat things thrown on the street. Rubina says I have come from the mountains but I might die here. Sid says then we will end the show and remember you. Rubina says if I die then the show will stop too. Sid says you will be memorable. Gauhar asks Sid to not say those things. Hina asks Sid to cut his tongue. Rubina says I have come from mountains and married a Punjabi who can go crazy anytime. Sid says he is a Shukla, he knows me from before. Rubina says he lives with me and you just know me. Sid jokes that he won you in a competition? He tells Rubina that I like you a lot. She asks him to wash his hands before touching her. Sid touches her and says now I have to wash my hands.

Nikki says I will workout today. Sid says you can do the workout with me. Sarah says this is wrong Sid, I am talking from Punjabi audience. Sid says what is wrong with it? Sarah says you are our brother in law/Jeeja (pointing out to Shehnaz and his relationship). Sid says who said so? Sarah says all India says it. Jasmin says Sid didn’t say anything or accepted it. Sarah says he is our Jeeja in Punjab. Jasmin asks Sarah to stop it, he is a senior. Sid says she is playing with me? Jasmin says he is not your competition to say anything to. Sarah says I am not playing with him, I am saying the truth from heart. Sid says I am not playing with you. Sarah says there are talks going around about it. Sid says there are many talks going around and it’s not right to open our mouths like this. What if I open my mouth. Sarah says it’s a feeling, we all have this in our hearts in Punjab. Sid says I am in everyone’s heart? that’s good.

Jasmin and others are talking about food. Pavitra tells Rahul to give her plate so she can give him food. Gauhar looks at Pavitra taking food. Gauhar says we have limited food so let’s divide it for everyone as Sid is left. She asks Abhi to serve everyone as you know the quantity. Pavitra says we can take food for seniors separately. Gauhar says no everyone should get everything.

Pavitra is not eating. Jasmin says what happened? You should have food. Pavitra says I took the plate and I was stopped, I am not eating anymore. Gauhar asks what happened? Pavitra says I was just taking my plate and you said to divide food like I was taking too much food. Gauhar says I swear I didn’t even look at your food. I just realized that you were responsible for giving food to everyone so I told you there, my intention was not to stop you from eating. Don’t misunderstand me. She hugs Pavitra as she cries. Gauhar says I understand that emotions are high, I swear I didn’t stop you from eating. Pavitra says I understood but you stopped me in the middle so it made me feel bad. I am sorry. Gauhar says I am sorry and hugs her.

Hina reads the instructions that some people are facing troubles because they don’t have their things. The rejected have a chance to get things back and become a fresher. You all should know that seniors are important and all freshers should keep proving themselves as they will decide who will stay in this house or not. The first task ‘Entry Pass’ will start. Hina, Gauhar and Sid will give tasks to the inmates and they will have to complete it. Rejected freshers have a chance to remove the rejection stamp and enter the house. All rejected inmates should fulfill the tasks, the seniors have to think and give orders which will put rejected freshers in the turmoil. It’s a chance for rejected inmates.

Sid tells Hina that I will give a chance to Rubina that she can come in the house but she can’t get her clothes. Hina says we should give an equal chance to all 4. Rubina is your priority? Sid says I just took Rubina’s name. Hina says let’s see.

Rubina tells the rejected inmates that they will put us against each other. We will win and send one inmate inside. We will take off the rejected stamp today.

Gauhar tells Sid that we can ask Sarah to cut her hair. Her hair is long. Hina says we have girls’ clothes and we can ask a boy to wear girl’s clothes. Gauhar says we can ask them to wear a bikini.

The task buzzer plays. Sid comes to Rubina and says you can get inside, I don’t like you sitting in the garden. Rubina says I want to participate in the task. Sid says we will allow you to come inside but you won’t get anything of your own for a week. You won’t get your clothes and makeup. Rubina says if I say no then I will get my clothes? Gauhar says then you will stay in the garden. This is the first round and based on how many rounds you have and how many rounds you win then we will decide if you won this task. But for this round, you can say yes or no. She says no.
Hina tells Nishant that your first task is to wear a bikini for a week over his t-shirt. All the time for a week. Nishant says I will do it. All clap for him.
Gauhar tells Sarah that she will have to cut her hair shoulder length if she wants to win her round. She says done. All are surprised. She says I am totally okay with it. Sid claps for her. Hina makes her sit on a chair. Sarah tells Abhi that I believe you to cut my hair. He cuts her hair while all cheer for her. Hina says good girl, hat’s off. She gives her a new look. Jaan says she looks better. Sarah says I like my hair.

Sid tells Jaan to hold a weight for 1 minute with one hand. He starts holding the weight. Hina counts and he wins the round. All clap for him. Sid says hat’s off. Gauhar tells Sid that you have to make it tough but make it doable for them. Sid says they are doing good job.

Hina brings a pink bikini for Nishant. He happily wears it. Sid says you look like you are in the Bigg Boss now. Gauhar says you are sporting Nishant. Jasmin says he is Boo Boo Man.
Hina makes Rubina sit down. Gauhar says you have to eat these chilies in 1 minute. She agrees and starts eating chilies. All look on. Rubina is trying to control herself and keeps eating. Hina counts for her but she vomits and can’t do the task. They bring juice for her as she spits it out. Hina says there were many chilies, it was impossible. All clap for Rubina. Sid says it was not a lot. He tells Gauhar that people have eaten salt and oil in my season. They have done a lot in my season. Gauhar says this was tough.

Nishant tells that I was shocked but I wanted to do anything to get this rejected stamp off.

Gauhar calls Sarah and says you have to hold his dumbell of 5KG for 1 minute. She tries to hold it but can’t. She loses the round.

Gauhar comes to Nishant that your task is that you will live with a ‘Rejected’ stamp in the house for one week but we will let you inside. Nishant says done. Gauhar says you will also say to seniors that ‘we rejected you’. He says I accept this. Gauhar is impressed.

Sid tells Rubina that you shouldn’t have said no to the first task. Rubina says I can’t live in one clothes for a week. Sid says we would have given you under-garments.

Gauhar writes ‘Rejected’ on Nishant’s forehead as part of the task.

Gauhar tells Jaan that you have to do this task but it’s just the first week so think about it. You have to make a Mohawk of your hair. I know your hair is pretty. Jaan says I can keep my beard? He says yes, I agree. Gauhar says but it’s just the first week. Jaan says if Sarah can cut her hair then why can’t I? Sid hugs him and says they are good guys.

Pavitra laughs and tells Jasmin that they should just ask them to go bald.

Abhi cuts Jaan’s hair. He makes a Mohawk of his hair. All clap for him. They all compliment him.

Sid tells Jaan that I thought you are a soft guy and won’t do tasks, you said you will do anything but I was not sure. Now you proved me wrong which is great.

Eijaz asks Rahul who had to wash the dishes in the evening? Rahul says I am not sure, we had to do lunch and dinner only. Eijaz says I will wash it. Jasmin says everyone can wash their cups. Rahul says not one person should keep washing the dishes. Eijaz says people take things for granted here.

Bigg Boss tells everyone that the ‘Entry Pass’ task has ended. He says it’s time for the decision, our rejected inmates will take this decision. He tells the rejected freshers that you all tried to complete the tasks. You all should mutually decide about who should go inside the house. Whoever had the worst performance will stay outside in the garden area while 3 inmates will be able to enter the house. The only one will remain as a rejected inmate. Pavitra asks them to fight for themselves.

Rubina tells the other three to talk about themselves. Jaan says I did all my tasks. Sarah says I did everything I could. Rubina says I said no to the task because it was about my hygiene. I stayed at my point. Nishant asks Rubina who did you think played their best? Rubina says Nishant, Sarah and me. Sarah says we Nishant, Jaan and me. Nishant says me, Jaan and Sarah. Jaan says me, Sarah and Nishant. Nishant says that’s the consensus.
Jasmin tells Nikki that Jaan is too soft. He went for a haircut. Sarah gave her efforts to it. Rubina said no to the first thing.
Jaan tells Rubina that you can’t stay alone outside. Rubina says it’s an individual game. Nishant says I will stay with Rubina, she is my friend. Jaan says leave it Nishant, don’t take it personally. Nishant says we will all play individually so let me play mine. He says we all say arguments for ourselves, it’s not nominations, it’s about who will remain rejected and who get selected in the house. I am taking my decision. Jaan says we have to mutually decide.

Bigg Boss tells the rejected inmates that we gave you a task to take a decision but you all were pushing each other forward instead of fighting for yourself. You all four were disappointing in taking a decision. Let us know about your decision? Nishant says we 4 think that the worst performance was of Rubina but she doesn’t agree. Rubina says I don’t agree that my performance was worst but we have to go as per the voting. Bigg Boss says as per this decision, Rubina will stay in the garden and all 3 three can come in the house. Sarah is sad. Rubina asks them to not be sad, it’s part of the game. Jaan says we are happy. Rubina says tasks will make or break us. We shouldn’t be emotional.

Jaan tells Gauhar that I am a big fan of Sid. Today Sid said that he was proud of me. Gauhar says I fought for you to go into the house. Jaan says when Sid praised me today, I was so happy. I have watched many seasons but in Sid’s season, I used to follow and talk to my mother about his situation. My mom must be thinking about all those talks. It feels good.

Shahzad tells Rubina that you all had 4 votes, you shouldn’t have asked them about 3 winners. You should have given your vote to someone else to bring them on your side.

Hina asks Sid who is getting the bed? He says all beds are gone, we have two beds left. Hina says you can share the bed with Jaan. Jaan comes there. Sid asks with whom you will share the bed? Me or Hina? Jaan says I already had my test. Hina says you have to choose. Jaan says I will sleep on Sid’s bed. Sid says why? Hina says it’s his decision. Jaan says where can I sleep? Sid says we have two beds left. It’s your decision. Hina says Sid is very mean so you can sleep with me. Sid says Jaan will sleep with me only. Jaan says fine.

Pavitra tells Sarah that I felt the war is starting. Sarah says it’s just the second day. Pavitra says I had correct judgement, some are acting cute and some are buttering others. All are playing their game. Some are observing. Some have opened their cards but others are being careful. I know who I should be away from. Sarah says I don’t understand the game and all, I do my work and have no issues with anyone. I don’t think that much, I like everyone. I am like this. If I have a problem then I will talk about it.

Day 3
The inmates wake up to the song Chura ke dil mera.. Gooriya chali. All wake up and dance. Abhi dances with Rubina. Eijaz dances around Pavitra.

Pavitra asks about the items. Hina says you all decide what they want and give her a list. Rubina says I need my slippers and shoes. I borrowed it from someone else. Jasmin says I didn’t take a single thing. Sarah says I have nothing with me. Jasmin says I need my makeup. Rubina says slippers are more important.
Sid tells Rahul that you people are in the phase of loving each other but all will come out.

Jasmin tells Rubina that you got your items yesterday only. You have to compromise. Rubina says I need my slippers. Jasmin tells Rubina that you can choose a slipper or your shoes, you can’t take two things daily, it’s unfair. Rubina says so you can get your makeup? Jasmin says my skin is important to me. Rubina says my skin is important to me too. I need both things. Jasmin says you are already wearing a slipper. Rubina says I borrowed it from someone, I have to repay. I can compromise today if I get two things tomorrow. Jasmin says she is asking for a lot of things. Rubina says let me think. Nikki says you have to tell us. Rubina says I don’t like all this, I will make my decision. Eijaz says we should know about your decision. Rubina says I have one option to take or give. Jasmin says we can give up for her so we are good and now we are bad? Rubina says you should open your mouth where you are asked to.

Hina asks Rubina that you don’t want to leave the basic items? Rubina says I don’t have my basic items. I am thinking about my day but people are getting things for their skin and stuff.

Pavitra says Nikki has whole makeup. Gauhar says there should be a balance. Jasmin says there should be humanity.

Rubina tells Hina that Jasmin called me unfair.

Gauhar tells Nishant that Rubina is staying outside.

Rubina says people are crossing their lines. Abhi says they will. Rubina says I will not let them.

Sarah is making paratha. Jaan is teasing her. Sid says this is not a good paratha. Abhi says he is tasing you. Sarah starts singing loudly. Sid says this paratha doesn’t have potato. Sarah says this is wrong. Nishant says he is joking.

Nikki gets ready and says I will get my heels. Sid says you can say that you don’t want to wear your heels. Nikki says I want my heels. Nikki asks Hina if she can choose who will get their items? Hina says you all have to decide, let me think. Rubina doesn’t have anything, Sarah doesn’t have anything so you can leave your heels. Nikki says I am giving clothes to Sarah but who will give me heels? Sarah says I will not take clothes from Nikki. I offered slippers to Nikki but she didn’t take it. Sid says you didn’t get your things Sarah? Sarah says no they mixed up my things. Hina says Sarah said that Nikki has everything, you have makeup and everything but just not heels. Nikki says I want what I don’t have. Sid says heels are her needs. I took my slippers and now I need my heels. Sarah says this is not right. Sid says it’s her needs. Sarah says she should have humanity. Nikki says I gave my things away, I did everything for you all, don’t talk about humanity. Sid asks her to calm down. Hina says Nikki has taken care of everyone. Sarah says you know I am ill. Nikki says I gave you my clothes. Sarah says I have no clothes. Nikki says you got things from Jasmin, I am fighting for my rights. Sarah asks her to shut up. I don’t want your things. She gets angry and takes off her top. She asks Nikki to take her jacket back. Hina asks them to calm down. Sarah says if she is giving me a jacket then she shouldn’t brag like that.

Gauhar tells Sarah that all are talking about their priorities. Nikki wanted her concealer and heels. Jasmin didn’t have her makeup. Sarah says I didn’t have a problem with her heels but she was bragging about her jacket being given to me. Sid says she didn’t brag about it, you talked about humanity and she said that she is helping others. Hina asks Nikki to go and talk to Sarah, sort it out with her. Nikki comes to Sarah. Hina asks them to go and talk. Nikki pulls Sarah aside and hugs her. Nikki says we will talk.

Sarah slaps Nikki’s shoulder and says you are bragging to me about a jacket?

Hina laughs and tells Sid that they will fight over things now.

Sarah tells Nikki that I am thankful for you doing things for me, I will stand for you anytime you want but you should be considerate. Sarah tells Nikki that you are very mean. Nikki says I took a stand for myself, how am I selfish? I am talking about myself.
Hina tells Gauhar that Sarah should just take her jacket.

Sarah tells Nikki that she would fight like this outside? Nikki says no. Sarah says then be real here. Nikki says I won’t be in condition outside but I am like this. Sarah says I am like this, if my friend needs something then I will sacrifice. Nikki says I will take a stand for myself everywhere. Sarah says you are selfish and mean Nikki, it’s not good. Nikki says I understood your point of view, I don’t want to talk so can I go? She leaves. Sarah murmurs that she is selfish.

Nikki tells Sarah that you want me to pamper you but no one is pampering me here, I have no guy here. Sarah says you have no guy here that you would like here. Nikki laughs and says yes, I am not selfish. I gave you the jacket out of love, I didn’t feel hurt when you threw you the jacket at me. I know you didn’t take a stand for yourself but you don’t have to worry. You can take all my things.

Hina tells Sid that Nikki is perfect for BB. Sid says she is just right.


Bigg Boss 14 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Sid’s team steal in the task. Gauhar says the game didn’t even start. Sid tells Gauhar that welcome to Bigg Boss, a thief will steal. Gauhar says you can’t break things around in the name of a task. Sid says you couldn’t manage your task. Gauhar says the task was about impressing the queen. Sid says they didn’t impress you but you gave them the jewelry so you were wrong. They were thieves and they stole. You didn’t have to give the jewelry as a charity. It’s your mistake. Gauhar says I can scream too.

Eijaz argues with Sid and says you spoiled the task. Sid says I will not work on your interpretations.
Pavitra and Rahul’s friendship is brewing. She asks him to help her in the kitchen. Rahul says you can ask me with love and I will make roties for you. Rahul says if a boyfriend makes food for his girlfriend then there is nothing more loving than that.


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