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Bigg Boss 15 19th November 2021

Day 48
9 PM
Pratik asks Karan to clean the kitchen. He asks Karan to not clean the slab, it’s not needed. Jay says they didn’t clean the kitchen the whole day. Umar says you didn’t clean the washroom on your first day of duty. Jay says I cleaned it every day. Pratik says he did it. Umar says you people can take an off day but others can’t? Jay says what are you talking about? I won’t do things as per your orders. I did my duty on time, I am not here to please anyone. Umar tells Pratik that he didn’t clean the jungle area because it was late but Karan has to do it every day? Pratik says you are wrong Umar. Jay says bathroom cleaning is not that important. Umar says you don’t do cleaning on time, you are busy getting ready first. Jay says I have worked in the kitchen also, look at your tone. Use the same tone for Karan. Umar says Karan and Tejasswi have been working the whole day but you are just sitting idly. Jay says I have worked the whole day. Karan asks Tejasswi to stop Umar from fighting, he is arguing for me. Umar tells Jay that you don’t even clean the smoking room. Jay says you people smoke so you clean it. Pratik tells Jay that he can switch the duty tomorrow with Karan. You can work in the kitchen and Karan can clean the washroom. Jay says I have allergies so I can’t do smoking room cleaning. Tejasswi asks Umar to calm down, Jay just finds reason to not work. Umar says he doesn’t even clean the washrooms, it’s all yellow. You people keep ordering Karan but Jay can sit idly the whole day?
Tejasswi tells Rajiv that Karan is working in the kitchen, washing the dishes and chopping also. Rajiv says I also help in chopping. Tejasswi says you don’t help in chopping, you just come at the time of cooking. Rajiv says I didn’t chop one day only.

9:30 PM
Rajiv gets angry and tells Neha that why is Tejasswi questioning my work? Who does she think she is? She thinks she is a queen? I work so much and then she says all that?

10 PM
Nishant asks the housemates about their duties. Rajiv says I helped in cooking and chopping both. Tejasswi says I cooked too. Rajiv says I am not running away from chopping, she keeps asking me about my duties, it’s like school. Pratik asks if he did his duty? Rajiv says don’t ask me like we are in school. Pratik says what’s the problem? You and Tejasswi are working equally. Neha says we have been helping each other for days but today people are making everything a big deal. Neha tells Tejasswi to clarify with Rajiv, he thinks you are pin-pointing at him. Rajiv says she said I didn’t work today but I was in the kitchen the whole day. Pratik says I just want to say.. Rajiv asks Pratik to let Tejasswi talk. Neha asks Pratik to leave. Pratik says you are not letting me talk. Neha shouts at him to get lost, I want to hear Tejasswi. Pratik says you have been insulting me for days now. Neha says I don’t want to talk to you, get lost. Pratik says why would I? Neha asks him to stop doing drama, why are you asking me to leave? Pratik says I am listening to everyone but you can’t let me talk? Neha asks him to get lost. Pratik says she is ill-mannered. Neha says let’s take a vote who is ill-mannered. Tejasswi was talking but you didn’t let her, the power is getting your head. Nishant gets angry and throws away the dustbim. Nishant shouts at Pratik-Neha to solve their personal issues later on. We are sorting duty issues but you both are fighting like we all are sitting here for no reason? Nishant asks Neha to shut up. Neha asks him to shut up. Don’t talk to me like that. Nishant shouts at her to shut up. Neha and Nishant charge at each other. Neha says you are not my boss. Neha gets physical with him. Nishant shouts at her to shut up. Karan pulls Nishant back. Tejasswi tries to calm Neha down. Neha shouts at Nishant to not come near her. She goes from there.
Karan brings Nishant to the washroom and asks him to calm down. Neha comes to the bedroom and says they want to rule us, I will see who can rule me now. Pratik tells Umar that I was listening to everyone but she goes personal, she doesn’t let me talk at all. Tejasswi says it’s Neha’s birthday so don’t argue with her. Pratik says she has been fighting with me.

Rajiv tells Umar that Pratik never lets anyone talk. Neha was right to let Tejasswi talk. Umar says Pratik has to interfere in everything. Rajiv says Neha’s anger is justified. Vishal says we should talk to everyone individually. Nishant comes out of the washroom. Vishal hugs him and says he is an angry young man. Jay asks who will clean the trash that Nishant threw? Nishant says I will do it.

Rajiv comes to Neha, she starts leaving from there. Rajiv follows her. Neha comes to Nishant and says who are you to tell me to shut up? Nishant says you are wasting everyone’s time. Neha says you don’t have the guts that you are fighting with me? Neha charges at Nishant. Pratik tries to stop her but she pushes him away and says don’t stop me. Pratik asks Nishant to leave from there. Neha shouts at Pratik who are you to tell me to get out? You keep insulting me every day. Only you will talk here and others can’t? She tells Pratik that Nishant can tell me to shut up but he can’t tell you to shut up? Neha gets angry and throws things around. She shouts at Pratik that both of you are shitty people. Nishant never told Pratik to shut up when he keeps blabbering shit every day. I thought you both are my friends but you both are disgusting. She cries and trashes around. Neha cries and says you both have made fun of me here. She screams at them to leave her alone. She goes to the washroom. Karan asks Pratik to leave her alone for some time. Pratik says just keep a check on her. Simba is sleeping in this whole fiasco.

10:00 PM
Rajiv tells Umar why Pratik kept telling her to get lost? She is right to be angry.
Nishant tells Pratik that I don’t have an issue. Sorry for reacting like that. Pratik says she pushed me away, she is angry on me, this was personal. Nishant says I was shouting at you both as 7 people were talking about the house matter but you both were fighting on a personal issue. Pratik says I just wanted to say something and then hear Tejasswi but Neha asked me to shut up. I don’t like her behavior. She is messing with my brain. I am even calm right now, she pushed me away right now also. Karan tells Pratik that you were sensible, I took care of her. Pratik says she was so angry that she could have hurt herself.

10:15 PM
Rajiv says it’s not Neha’s fault. Umar says Neha over-reacted. Neha comes there and who are they to talk to me like this. She asks Karan if you talk to Umar like Pratik talks to me? Karan says no. Neha says I wanted to hear Tejasswi but Pratik never stops. He can’t talk to me like that, we are grown women. How dare Nishant tell me to shut up, even my mother never told me to shut up. Pratik and Nishant come there. Pratik says let her talk. Neha shouts if only he can talk? Can’t others talk here? She asks if they tell her mother and sister to shut up, to get lost and whatnot? They can’t say things like that to me, I am not here to hear all these rubbish things. They will say that I am reacting like this because they didn’t choose me as a VIP? I have always given importance to relationships, You will make me look like a crazy person. I won’t do deal with Karan like Nishant did. I am not like Nishant. I should throw away friendships like these, they won’t tell me how much I have to talk. They can get lost. Pratik comes there and says you pushed me but I didn’t say anything. Neha says I have protected you every time in OTT, you have pushed me so many times but I never made an issue. Pratik asks her to relax. Neha says I won’t relax, tell me that one more time. She asks him to not laugh, don’t tell me to relax. I am not going to listen to you anymore, you are saying I pushed you? I am 10 years older than you but you treat me like I am 5 years old, you have no manners. Look at yourself, you have fought so many times but you are asking me to relax? You can show aggression but I can’t because I am a woman? You can get lost but I ain’t. Pratik tells Neha that I am not blaming you for hurting me. Neha says you can ask Bigg Boss to eliminate me, you can play your dirty game. I know what you are doing, stop doing this drama. Pratik says I don’t do any drama, you have no brains. He leaves from there.
Tejasswi picks up the trash that Nishant threw. He thanks her. Tejasswi says it’s okay. Umar says it was her birthday, what did you do? Nishant says it was my trigger point, I got angry. Umar says Neha got very angry, she could have hurt herself.

Rajiv tells Neha that Nishant didn’t get to get involved. It was between Pratik and Neha. Simba comes there. Neha asks if he was sleeping? Simba says I just got to know about the fight. Neha says wow. Simba says I could hear everything.

10:30 PM
Jay and Simba are on Neha’s bed. Neha asks if I poked anyone? Why are they poking me? I would burst too, I was not saying anything to anyone. I never said anything bad to you about them so why are they doing this with me? I am very hurt today.
Rajiv makes a small cake for Neha. Nishant and Pratik stay behind. All other inmates sing ‘happy birthday Neha’ for her. Neha starts crying. Nishant-Pratik stand away embarrassingly. Tejasswi hugs Neha and asks her to smile. They all try to cheer her up. Tejasswi asks her to cut the cake. Neha keeps weeping, Rajiv says don’t cry anymore. Pratik hugs Neha and says I am sorry. Nishant hugs Neha and says happy birthday. Neha cuts the bread cake. Rajiv says it’s Simba’s gluten-free bread. Neha tries to cut the bread. Jay feeds her the cake. All clap for her.

10:45 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that Neha is saying shitty things, she said I don’t have guts in my *****. Rajiv asks him to calm down. Nishant says Neha and Shamita keep insulting me, I never disrespected them. I was shouting at Pratik and Neha both. Pratik says I could have gotten angry with you. Nishant says I was irritated with you and her fighting all the time. I want to be away from all this. Pratik says the issue was something else.

Umar and Vishal take off their shirts. They s*xily dance for Neha. All laugh. Neha cheers for them.

Nishant tells Rajiv that I don’t want people to mock Pratik-Neha’s friendship. Pratik makes almond milk for Neha and says happy birthday. Neha says don’t do all this, you keep insulting me and then do this. If you find me wrong all the time then just leave it. Pratik says forget everything. Neha says it doesn’t matter, you want me to forget, become vulnerable again so I get hurt again?

11:45 PM
Nishant tells Pratik to take him out of the VIP zone next week. Neha says this is your problem Nishant, you look at things your way only. I didn’t say anything to you, I didn’t blame you for not choosing me like a VIP but you threw dustbin on me, asked me to shut up and whatnot. Nishant says I was asking you both to shut up. Pratik tells Neha that you get offended by everything I say. I am really sorry if you got hurt, we shouldn’t disrespect each other, let’s be neutral. Let’s not joke with each other. We can take stands for each other as humans but let’s not come back to this again as there is no end to this. Neha says you both are still confused about me, let’s end it. Nishant says we will talk about it but I won’t say anything right now. I don’t even count your reaction, I know you are sensible and you reacted that way because you were hurt. I am sorry for asking you to shut up. I wanted you both to shut up. I know you both but I have no pre-judgment. I just want you both to talk and end all this. I have nothing against you Neha, I told you to talk to Pratik and end it. Neha says there is nothing to talk about. Nishant says then don’t drag me in all this. Neha says you got involved yourself. You never throw away the dustbin when Pratik fights like this. Nishant says you are fighting with me like Shamita would do. Neha says you have a problem with Shamita but don’t compare me to her. Nishant says sorry for spoiling your birthday but I won’t say sorry like Pratik, I will say what I want to.

Day 49
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song Radha. They all dance. Neha dances with Rajiv. Nishant dances alone.

8:30 AM
Umar tells the inmates that we couldn’t even decide about the duties because of personal issues. Pratik says don’t pinpoint on me. Jay says Rajiv-Tejasswi’s issue was personal also. Tejasswi says it was a house matter. Jay says Tejasswi had a complaint that Rajiv was not helping in chopping, it was her personal issue. Tejasswi says it’s not a personal issue. Umar says we wanted to talk about who will cook when but Pratik started his own fight. Pratik asks Jay if he will clean the smoking room? Jay says I will do it. Umar says if Jay is taking the responsibility then I am fine. Jay says don’t fill it with water otherwise I won’t clean it.

Rajiv tells Tejasswi that I am tired of fighting over food.

10:30 AM
Neha talks to Nishant, she says I am sure you have a reason for choosing Simba and Pratik to become VIPs. I am nominated but you are playing your own game. Nishant says I make relationships with sense. I wanted to break the pattern of having a group that involves Shamita, you and Pratik. I have no expectations from you, you can do your own thing and I won’t be angry. I just rely on Pratik and a little bit on Jay. Neha says I just didn’t like when you got angry with me. Pratik keeps blabbering the whole day but you never ask him to shut up. I just want to speak when I feel like but you asked me to shut up. Nishant says no one is stopping you from talking.

11:15 AM
Pratik tells Vishal that we don’t have to clean the washroom. I have to clean my pee as that’s personal. If I am hungry then I can warm my bread, that’s my personal work. Vishal says but you can’t work like that. Nishant says I don’t want them to do anything personally. I will ask them what they are making, I don’t care if they are making for themselves personally but they should ask us.

12:15 PM
Vishal asks Tejasswi if she is okay with Nishant? Tejasswi says I am not, he hugged me and said that relationships are above the game for him. Vishal says his actions and words don’t match.

1 PM
Tejasswi is cooking in the kitchen. She asks Jay to call Rajiv. Rajiv is in the pool and says I will come in 2 minutes. Pratik asks Rajiv to go and cook. Rajiv says I need a break. I can’t keep cooking the whole day. Simba says I need my food so go.

1:15 PM
Rajiv is changing and tells Nishant that I am rushing the whole day. I can’t even get ready with peace, they keep calling me in the kitchen. It was not like this last week. Tejasswi wants to show she is alone in the kitchen, no one is helping her and whatnot. I couldn’t even take a bath. Nishant asks him to talk about it in front of everyone.

1:30 PM
Simba and Pratik are making cheese. Simba says I want perfect cheese this time.

1:45 PM
Simba tells Nishant that I kept asking Rajiv to cook for me but he hasn’t come so I will cook myself. Tejasswi says I have been cooking since morning. Nishant asks Tejasswi to cook egg for Simba. Pratik says don’t be so coward Nishant, Simba can cook for himself as it’s personal. Nishant leaves from there. Rajiv tells Simba that I want to remove this VIP rule, I can’t cook like this. Tejasswi says I made the whole food, why can’t you make a dish? Rajiv says I can’t cook for Simba as he is very strict about time. Tejasswi says I have been cooking since morning alone. Rajiv says what are you talking about? I helped in chopping, I knead the flour. Simba says it’s fine Rajiv. Tejasswi asks Rajiv if she is not doing anything? People can see who is working in the kitchen. Simba tells Rajiv that you both can divide work and be a team. Pratik tells Rajiv that just do lunch alone and then you both can work together for dinner. Rajiv says I don’t even have time to get ready. Tejasswi says Rajiv didn’t even have time to make an egg for Simba. Rajiv says I make breakfast for everyone, I can’t work on Simba’s schedule only.

2 PM
Pratik asks Rajiv to be mindful of the schedule. Rajiv is cutting onions but Tejasswi stops him and says we can’t use onions as we have to do rationing. Rajiv says you are behaving like you own the kitchen. Tejasswi says Rajiv can’t cook alone, I just asked for his help but he makes a scene out of it. Rajiv says I cooked the breakfast, I even helped you yesterday. Tejasswi says you can take credit of everything. Rajiv says you are acting like I don’t work in the kitchen. There are cameras here so don’t say that I am not working. Tejasswi says he goes to get ready, he jumps in the pool but he expects me to stay in the kitchen all the time. Pratik asks them to divide work equally. Tejasswi says this can’t work. She tells Pratik that Rajiv doesn’t worry about rationing, he is not mindful. Rajiv says you came in the kitchen yesterday only but I have been here for a week so don’t tell me that I am not working. Tejasswi says he was dancing in the pool while I was working so don’t question me. Rajiv says don’t ever tell me I don’t work. Rajiv tells Pratik that I will make lunch alone, I won’t work with her. Pratik says it can’t happen, he asks Rajiv to calm down. Tejasswi tells Pratik that Rajiv can’t make the lunch alone as he doesn’t care about rationing. If I need help in the lunch, he can be there for me. Rajiv says let me talk also. Pratik asks Rajiv to not take things on his ego, I am hearing you. Vishal asks Rajiv to calm down. Rajiv says I can’t stand in the kitchen for 4 hours for breakfast only.
Nishant tells Neha that what’s happening with Rajiv is wrong but he should speak about it.
Simba tells Tejasswi and Rajiv that you both can divide duties between lunch and dinner. Tejasswi says we both need to be involved in lunch and dinner time. Rajiv says I have been here all the time. Pratik asks him to listen to others. Rajiv says I am talking to Tejasswi so why are you getting involved? Pratik says I am a VIP so don’t tell me to not talk. Pratik says you both can divide chopping and cooking. Nishant says it’s a good plan but they should be comfortable.

2:15 PM
Nishant talks to Tejasswi and Rajiv. He asks if they want to cook together or alone? Rajiv says I can cook two times but I want to cook alone. Tejasswi says Rajiv takes food items without even caring about rationing. Rajiv says I have been cooking with Simba for a week, you think I am a child who doesn’t know how to do rationing? She keeps saying that I don’t know how to do rationing. Pratik asks Rajiv why is he getting hyper? He has to listen to the VIPs. Rajiv shouts that you are not my father, I am cooking here with passion. Vishal shouts that if you want to shout then we can shout also. Pratik tells Nishant that Rajiv has been misbehaving with me, he has gone crazy. Rajiv angrily leaves from there. Nishant says you people keep getting hyper on each other.
Neha tells Rajiv to be firm and tell them what your terms are.
Simba tells the inmates that they can divide duties equally. Rajiv comes there and says I don’t work with anyone in the kitchen. My condition is if I am cooking then I don’t want anyone else in the kitchen. Nishant asks Rajiv if he will do rationing also? Rajiv says yes. Nishant says you will take the responsibility of making sure everyone gets food and we are not short on ration? Rajiv says yes. Nishant says Rajiv will do breakfast, Tejasswi will do lunch and you both can make dinner. Tejasswi says Rajiv will look after the whole rationing? Rajiv says I am fine with Tejasswi doing rationing. Nishant says you both will discuss rationing together.

3 PM
Tejasswi tells Umar that if two people are working together then we can cook faster. Umar says but Rajiv wants to work alone so let’s not call him for help. You can ask Karan for help. Rajiv comes there. Tejasswi asks Rajiv if he is fine if she looks after rationing? Rajiv says I am fine. Tejasswi asks if he will cook alone, he has to make sure that cooking is done on time. Rajiv says you can make breakfast, I will make lunch. For dinner, you can give me ration and I will cook. Nishant says Tejasswi will give ration and Rajiv has to work with that only. Tejasswi says I stopped Rajiv from using food items as I have to think about ration. She says I can help Rajiv when I am not cooking. Rajiv says okay.

3:15 PM
Karan tells Umar that Tejasswi-Vishal have a good bond. My first reaction would have been that if I have a problem with Vishal then Tejasswi shouldn’t take his side but I understood that it’s her game and he is beneficial for her game. But then my problem is I don’t like when Tejasswi is spending time with Vishal. I know they are a dangerous pair for the game, it’s good for Tejasswi but my possessive side kicks over. I don’t know what to do.

5:15 PM
Neha asks Pratik to sit with her. Pratik says I am sorry for everything that happened outside with you. I feel guilty, I didn’t want to hurt you. Your mean words hurt me. Neha says you are very rude, you hurt me too. Nobody talked to me like this the way you talk to me. Pratik says no one has ever said mean things like you do. Neha says you keep changing people and your feelings remain same? You don’t know what I have been through. Pratik says I never blame you for anything you have done. Neha says what have I done? Pratik says I have gone through a lot but you won’t understand. Neha says we are just pawns in your life? What’s our role? You keep changing people and your feelings would remain same. I had no scandal in my 20 years career but I took a stand for you because I thought it happens with feelings. But you don’t care, you just use people to move ahead in life.

9:15 PM
Rajiv tells Tejasswi that you make a good couple with Karan. I think it’s love between you both. Tejasswi says are you mad? We haven’t spoken about that, I like him, he is sweet. Rajiv says love is a big word, it takes time to fall in love. I don’t believe in ‘I love you’ initially. You both have to experience life together outside first and then think about love. I think you both look good together.

12:45 AM
Simba tells Neha that I can’t be who I am not. People are faking to be what they are not. Jay have changed his personality so much throughout the show. Jay looks very desperate, I never felt genuine vibe from Jay. He just makes issues for no reason, like he said he won’t pick smoking buds but then Karan was like he will do it. Jay’s opinions and issues sound so stupid to me. Neha says I know.

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