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Bigg Boss 15 19th October 2021

Day 18
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song swagni. They all dance together. Vishal says good morning to everyone.

9:30 AM
The inmates are sleeping and the alarm plays. Nishant asks them to wake up.

Vidhi tells Tejasswi that we don’t have milk now. Tejasswi says you people use milk for kheer thinking they will send more. Miesha tells Vidhi that let her say anything she wants to.

9:45 AM
Karan says we don’t even have milk for tea. Tejasswi says I will give it to you. Vidhi says we can’t live like this.
Tejasswi asks Shamita to give them half glass of milk, they don’t have it even for tea. Akasa says they don’t use groceries carelessly. Tejasswi says when I was there, I used to be strict about using items. Pratik says just give some milk for tea, they are seriously dying. Tejasswi brings milk to Vidhi and says it’s your fault to use milk carelessly. Nishant tells Pratik that we should decide if we will share food with them or not at all.

10 AM
Vidhi tells Umar that nobody is working in the kitchen. Karan asks Nishant to ask them to do their kitchen duty. Nishant says Simba and Vidhi can work in the kitchen, I can’t keep running behind people to do their duties. Karan says you asked Simba to work in the kitchen so ask him to work now. You did a bad decision by putting him in the kitchen. Nishant says Miesha didn’t want to work in the kitchen so I chose Simba. Nishant comes to Simba and asks him to do his kitchen duty. Karan says Nishant you are being a nalla (useless). Nishant says don’t call me that, I know you are frustrated but don’t do all this. Karan says I am sorry. Nishant asks Simba if he wants to work in the kitchen or not? Simba says I thought Donal and Vidhi will make breakfast? Nishant says Donal is sleeping but it’s not my duty to run behind people. Donal wakes up. Karan says we made Nishant the captain so you have to do all this. Nishant says shut up.

10:30 AM
Karan finds the bag with stones in the garden. He asks Nishant what is all this? Tejasswi sees it and tells Jay to not look over there. They found it and our plan failed. Karan throws away the bag and says I don’t care. Akasa tells Tejasswi that Karan uses his mind more than all others there.

BigG enters the house and leaves the message. Karan asks if he brought the cigarettes? All laugh. BigG leaves the house. Ishaan reads the message that this jungle is magical, you can see the fate in the mirrors here.

10:45 AM
Karan says let’s bring the bench from inside so we can sit here easily. Umar goes to bring the bench. They all sit together near the cave. Ishaan, Umar, Simba, Karan are sitting in front of the cave.

11 AM
Karan asks Nishant why did you snap at me today? Nishant says why did you call me nalla? Karan says I was joking with you, you snapped at me for no reason. If I am angry then I will call you Nishant, now apologize to me. Nishant hugs him and says sorry baby.

11:15 AM
The alarm plays and they all run to the cave but its vegetables. Jay says Umar is holding the glass door again. Nishant asks Umar to not do it. Jay tells Karan that Umar can’t hold the door, Bigg Boss says we can get hurt. Vidhi tells Umar to not hold the glass door. Umar says what other plans do you have? We have to block them somehow.

12:45 PM
The alarm plays and the puzzle pieces arrive in the cave. Ishaan takes it and runs away. The housemates just clap for them and don’t fight Ishaan. Nishant says this is the change I brought as a captain. All laugh. Umar hides some puzzle pieces and runs away. Karan asks Umar to hide it in his bag. Umar does. Jay comes there and laughs.

1:15 PM
Nishant tells Karan that today nomination will happen. I should consider you if I get a chance to choose someone to bring inside home? Karan says I have to think about it. The main game will start in the house but I can extend my stay in the jungle. These jungle inmates trust me and I don’t want to break it. Nishant says if I get power then I want to choose you. Karan says I am okay with living in the jungle as I am bonding with people. Nishant says then these people will consider you and not me later on. Karan says not at all, they all supported you to become the captain. Some people were skeptical but I convinced them to choose you. Ishaan-Miesha make their own plans. Nishant says I don’t trust Miesha. Karan says me either.

1:45 PM
Nishant tells Miesha that I am too bored. Bigg Boss says don’t use English. Nishant says there is no sense of responsibility in the jungle area. The alarm plays as Umar is sleeping. Nishant wakes him up and says don’t sleep, please. Umar goes back to sleep so the alarm plays again. Nishant screams for Umar to wake up. Umar says I am not sleeping alone, Afsana is sleeping too. Vidhi says she is ill.

3:45 PM
Tejasswi asks Donal to not use the house bathroom. Donal says I asked Nishant so can I take a bath now? Tejasswi says if Nishant allowed you then fine. Tejasswi comes to Nishant and asks if he allowed Donal to use the inside bathroom? Nishant says no. He asks Donal to come out of the bathroom, you can’t use this bathroom, you have to use the jungle bathroom only. Donal says you allowed me before. Nishant says don’t lie, please don’t use it again.

4:30 PM
Miesha is sleeping so the alarm plays. Miesha wakes up and says I am not sleeping. Nishant asks her to wake up. Miesha says I am not sleeping. Do you want me to dance for you? I was just lying down. Nishant says you all wait now.

6:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we are all humans and have intelligence like no other creature. We follow the rules of the world but we don’t understand why you people can’t follow the rules of this house? It’s 3rd week but you people are still breaking the rules. In this season, no one is trying to understand the rules and keep breaking them. We have given many warnings but there has been no improvement. Even the captain can’t stop you because you take everything jokingly. We can’t let you make fun of this show so we have to stop all this. It’s time to take some strict action. The punishment will start with housemates. No one is part of the house anymore, you all are the jungle inmates only. He asks them all to shift their items to the jungle. We will close the house in the next 15 minutes so you all take your items. Nishant will remain the captain but he has been downgraded also. The jungle inmates laugh at the housemates. Shamita says they keep breaking the rules and we are paying the price. Jay says what have we done? Ishaan says this happened because of making fun of the captaincy task. Miesha says we didn’t follow the rules. Karan asks if we can help them? Nishant says no, don’t do anything now. Karan asks them to bring food items.
Pratik tells Vishal that we all are breaking rules, we talk in English, we sleep all the time. We also break rules. Nishant says but we didn’t break as many rules as them. Pratik says we can’t blame them, we have to go there now. Tejasswi says we won’t break any more rules otherwise they will throw us out of the house now. Bigg Boss tells the housemates to take their personal items and just their groceries. They can’t take any other item from the house. Nishant says this happened because of all the rules being broken. Shamita says they are happy now. Afsana asks if they will help us in making the map now? Vishal says we have worked hard in tasks to be here and now this happens. Let’s do tasks with a chill attitude then. Afsana makes fun of the housemates so Bigg Boss asks her to not whisper. Umar says they back to the floor from beds. Jay says you people are not following the rules, it’s not about the captaincy task. Bigg Boss just talked about rules breaking. Nishant tells the inmates that we should follow the basic rules now. Tejasswi comes to the jungle and says I am back. Karan laughs and says come and start cooking. Karan hugs her and says Tejasswi will make kheer for us now. She laughs.
Bigg Boss asks Nishant to take the lock and chain. He will use it to close the door of the house. You people don’t follow the rules so you don’t deserve to be in the house. Nishant says sorry. He brings a lock and chain and locks the house.

7 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that we don’t have an option to retialiate. Pratik says it’s a joke to them because we were living lavishly here. Tejasswi says they are not sympathizing with us. Pratik says we have broken rules also. Nishant says we just talk in regional languages but they have broken many rules. Pratik says we have all broken the rules. They got nominated because of me so we can’t blame them for all this.
Karan tells Umar that we should make sweets for them to welcome them. Vishal laughs and says I can’t even enjoy my coffee now. Umar says how will Pratik, Nishant and Shamita sleep on the grass? The house lights turn off. Karan says this is your fate turning dark. All laugh.

7:15 PM
Jay tells the inmates that we have to follow the rules. Nishant says we are not kids, I can’t make everyone follow the rules. Tejasswi says after this, they will just send us home. Nishant laughs. Tejasswi taunts that they keep saying we are thankful for the platform.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the rules were broken by everyone so it’s time for the next punishment. They all gather around. Bigg Boss says we have downgraded the housemates but the jungle inmates also broke the rules. Bigg Boss says we will open the main door now and you people will take 2 names who are here to have vacations. They are not contributing much to the show and have no value to add to the show. We are giving some time to you to choose mutually. You all should give your opinions as it might be your last time in the house. Don’t make fun of this task as 2 inmates are going to get evicted today. You can use majority voting or decide mutually about these 2 names. All inmates are tense. Shamita says let’s vote.

Karan talks to his team. He says we don’t know what they do in the house but I know how people work in the jungle. Karan tells his team that we have the majority voting so take a wise decision.

Pratik tells Shamita that Farah Khan didn’t take Simba’s last for last position. Shamita says I wanted to take Umar’s name as he doesn’t follow the rules, he seems like he is on a picnic.

Bigg Boss says we want to remind you to choose the inmates who have contributed least to the show. Pratik asks everyone to think about Farah Khan’s ranking. Nishant says let’s do it fairly now. Miesha says it’s easier for you all but it’s not for us. We need some time to decide. Nishant says but we can’t go against Bigg Boss again. Jay says let’s not hide it. We all know the names so let’s just open up. I will start.
Jay: He takes Donal’s name. He says I tried my best to do something in the house. She is the closest to me but she is not giving much to the show so Vidhi.
Shamita: She takes Vidhi and Donal’s names.
Karan: He takes Vidhi and Donal’s names.
Nishant: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names.
Pratik: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names as they are not seen in the house much.
Vishal: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names.
Ishaan: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names.
Umar: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names. he gets emotional while taking Donal’s name.
Simba: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names.
Afsana: She takes Donal and Vidhi’s names. She hugs Donal.
Tejasswi: She breakdowns so Shamita consoles her. She takes Donal and Vidhi’s names.
Miesha: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names. She says I didn’t want to take Vidhi’s name but it’s about the majority.
Akasa: He takes Donal and Vidhi’s names. She cries taking Vidhi’s name.
Vidhi: She says I will take my name and Donal’s name. I think you should all learn from our mistakes.
Donal: She says you all are giving 100% here. I love everyone here.

Nishant tells Bigg Boss that we have chosen Donal and Vidhi mutually. Bigg Boss says they both are getting eliminated right now. All are emotional. Bigg Boss asks them to come out of the house. Jay hugs Vidhi and says I will always be your brother. Afsana hugs Donal and says I didn’t want to take your name. Umar hugs Donal. Tejasswi hugs Vidhi and cries. Jay tells Pratik that we have to give our best to the show. Karan hugs Vidhi and cries. Vidhi jokes I am your only wife so don’t make another wife here. Karan laughs.

Vidhi tells Jay that I am not an emotional person but to see everyone loving me is amazing. Bigg Boss asks them to come out of the house. Tejasswi and Karan cry. Jay gives his beanie as a gift to Vidhi. Donal and Vidhi hug everyone, they leave the house.

9 PM
Vishal tells Shamita that Bigg Boss warned to choose the inmates on the basis of the contribution to the show as Karan was plotting to take our names as they had a majority. Shamita says he is cheeky. Vishal says Karan won’t choose Pratik and Nishant so he would have taken your name.

Umar tells Jay that Vishal is not being a faithful friend to you. Jay says Vishal is taking credit for everything, he has made a pact with Shamita to act like a hero. Shamita tells Vishal that I didn’t want to Vidhi’s name. I wanted to take Umar’s name, he thinks he is having a picnic here. Vishal says I also think Akasa has no individual game.

9:30 PM
Jay tells Nishant that you are the ill-fated captain, this all happened because you became the captain. You are an ill-fated captain, you brought us all down. All laugh.

9:45 PM
The lights start flickering in the jungle. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the eclipse is here. It’s time for the 3rd punishment. Bigg Boss says you are still now safe just because 2 inmates got eliminated. It’s time for the nominations. He tells Nishant that his power as a captain is to give 8 names to who he wants to put in the nominations. Nishant says I will take names. Nishant takes Ishaan’s name as he breaks the rules. He takes Miesha and Umar’s names for breaking the rules. He takes Simba’s name as he is not giving his 100% to the show. He takes Afsana’s name as she went wrong last week. He takes Shamita’s name as she keeps talking in English. He takes Karan’s name as he breaks the rules. He says I can’t think of more names. Bigg Boss says you have to give 8 names. Nishant takes Vishal’s name as he breaks some rules also.

Bigg Boss Ishaan, Miesha, Simba, Umar, Afsana, Shamita, Karan and Vishal will be part of the nomination task. They will go into the illusion room one by one. The buzzer will play 4 times only so they have to mutually decide who will go into the illusion room to nominate.

Karan tells Vishal that let’s send Shamita first then you and I can go. Afsana says I want to go inside also. Karan asks Afsana to trust him. Vishal whispers to Karan to handle Afsana.
Akasa hugs Nishant and says thank you. Pratik says he didn’t do anything without thinking. Umar says this is the fair play from Nishant? I took Vidhi’s name because I was fair but Nishant is doing all this to protect his friends.
Nishant tells sorry to Afsana. Afsana says you could have taken Akasa’s name. Nishant says I have no reason to take her name. Umar says Nishant is a snake. I broke the rules but what about Pratik? Pratik says I got scolded it and I have changed myself. Umar shouts that Pratik has broken most rules. Nishant can never play fairly. Umar says I took Vidhi and Donal’s names when I didn’t even want to but I was being fair. Ishaan says Nishant is a real snake. Umar says Nishant promised to save me. Nishant says I had to take 8 names so I didn’t have a chance. Umar says Nishant played a game by taking Shamita, Karan and Vishal’s names. He has brought our chances down.
Tejasswi tells Vishal that if Nishant has taken Karan’s name then he must have some thought problem. Karan says he played a game but he should have favored at least one person. What was his logic? Ishaan and Umar scream at Nishant for not taking Pratik’s name.
Nishant tells Pratik that if they get a chance then they will take our names also. We don’t have to justify anything, I am doing what Bigg Boss asked me to do. If it was about saving someone then I would have chosen Umar to be saved. Ishaan says this foolish man Nishant is a captain? I will not spare Nishant now. Pratik shouts what will you do? Ishaan shouts at Pratik that you break things around but you are not nominated? Ishaan tells Nishant that I have worked so hard to be here and you nominated me like this?

Shamita enters the illusion room. Bigg Boss says you have a choice to keep yourself nominated or replace yourself with another inmate from the 8 people that Nishant chose.

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