Bigg Boss 15 20th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 15 20th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 15 20th November 2021

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says we will shake up the inmates. We will know about the top 5 in the next 2 days, these inmates have to run to the finale now. He says Shamita is back. He connects the call with Shamita in the confession room, he asks how are you now? She says I am fine. Salman says you can call the inmates who you have allegations against. He ends the call with her and says the inmates don’t know Shamita is back.
Salman connects the call to the house. Salman asks Simba to lie down on the makeshift bed, he says you will sleep the whole episode. He says Shamita will put allegations on you guys now. She comes into the house and hugs her friends. Salman asks Shamita who is the first criminal? She calls Rajiv in the witness box. She says this VIP room has been misused, they decide will go in the VIP room even before the task starts which is unfair, she asks why was Rajiv chosen for jail? Vishal says I thought he will get more airtime in jail. Rajiv says Vishal told me I should pretend to be angry but I should go to jail. Shamita says these people make deals for the VIP room, it’s unfair. She tells Vishal that you keep talking about how you have seen all the seasons then why did you choose Rajiv for jail? Tejasswi says Shamita always prioritizes her friends, she eliminated me from the captaincy task for her friends. Salman says everyone is doing things as per their alliance which is fine. Shamita says the wrong person went to jail because of their games. Pratik should have been in jail. Salman says alliances are fine but why did Vishal send Rajiv to jail? Vishal says Rajiv didn’t play for himself, I just wanted to save Rajiv. Salman asks Vishal if you have seen all the seasons then how can you go wrong? Karan says Vishal told me Rajiv would get more footage in jail. I thought he was right and would be a better option for Rajiv. Rajiv says they all act like I am not a celebrity so I am a weak person. Shamita says you people don’t give a fair chance to anyone, you keep just keep manipulating others. Tejasswi says we were not non-deserving to enter the VIP room. Shamita tells Umar that I was pleasantly surprised with you this week, you played well. Salman tells Neha that you told Rajiv that you don’t agree with Vishal’s game plan but you didn’t tell him that he is being played as a weak player. Salman tells the inmates that Rajiv is being seen a lot in the show, even with or without jail. Shamita tells Tejasswi that it’s not nice to laugh when a person is crying. Tejasswi says I never saw anyone crying.
Shamita calls Nishant in the witness box next. She says I have seen Nishant saying that relationships are important to him, who is close to him? Nishant says I have a bond with Pratik and Jay-Karan. Shamita says you chose Pratik for the VIP room but why not Jay? You chose Simba over him? Nishant says I didn’t choose Jay because his game was weak. Simba needed a chance also. Salman asks Jay what was the reason? Jay says I have no expectation from anyone now, I won’t question him but I am not liable to do any favors on him. Salman asks if he is disappointed? Jay says yes, I was disappointed. Karan’s planning was just to make sure Neha, Shamita and I wouldn’t enter the VIP zone. Tejasswi laughs and says where did this come from? Jay asks her to stop laughing. Jay says they promised Rajiv also. Salman says it looked like Jay wanted Nishant to choose Simba so why is he disappointed? Jay says I was giving some hint to Nishant but he took it wrongly. Nishant says the VIP zone is not important for Jay. Shamita says I don’t think so. Shamita asks Nishant that Karan is your good friend so I thought you would downgrade Vishal but you disappointed another friend? You always said you don’t trust Vishal so why save him? Nishant says that position is important for me. Shamita says so the game is more important than friends right for you? You have always ditched your friends to move ahead in the game. For you, games come first and then relationships. Nishant says my survival is important. Shamita says then be honest about it, own up to it. Don’t try to make nice with friends. Salman asks Nishant what’s his priority list? Nishant says I don’t have a list, nobody is my priority right now. Everyone keeps them first for their survival. Karan says you downgraded us because you thought Umar brought you there? I was the one who convinced Umar to bring you to the VIP zone. Nishant says fine. Karan says I am talking, we cared about your survival. Nishant asks who would you have downgraded if you were in my place? Karan says that’s not the point. I always take care of you but you keep the game as a priority. Salman says Karan is right but you talk about things late. Karan says I know why he took me out of the VIP room, I just wanted him to talk to me. Nishant says I asked you but you said you don’t want to talk. Karan says I wanted an explanation from you, I have done things for you, I gained your trust, I kept our friendship above everything. I just wanted an explanation from you for downgrading me. Salman says Karan was taken for granted. Shamita tells Nishant that you said you don’t like to be called snake but you have become a different person since Kamya came here. You think you can be a mastermind without feelings, you need to feel as I miss my friend.
Shamita calls Neha in the witness box, she asks why did she support Nishant? Neha says I took the decision in a group. I don’t trust Vishal for some reason. I am not even on Nishant’s friends list but he hurts me. I forgave him in the last show, I took him as a friend here. I have an individual friendship with him. Vishal says I just asked her to play for herself, I had no gain in that. Neha says I wanted Nishant to become a VIO because I wanted power-shift there. Shamita tells Neha that people are different from OTT, don’t go in a loop with OTT members as they are not the same.

Salman tells the inmates that you people get hurt when someone uses you but then you become fine with them. But if you keep forgiving a person then it’s your fault. Salman asks them to think and ends the call.

In the House:
Shamita hugs Neha and says I was crying seeing your meltdown. She asks Neha to come out of that loop. Neha goes from there. Shamita tells Vishal that you don’t mean it but the way you say things look bad. You said that it’s good Raqesh left so you would be more emotionally dependent on me. These statements don’t look nice. You also said that you would choose Tejasswi over me. Vishal says yes, Tejasswi has done a favor on me. Shamita asks what? Vishal says I was crying silently one time, she came to me and said that she would be there for me always. I promised her that I would do something for her when the time comes. Shamita says when this whole house was against you, I was the one standing up for you. You would choose her over me because she sat down with you once? Vishal says I want to win her confidence and I thought you would understand. Shamita says how many times do I have to understand? Vishal says I am sorry for saying those words for Raqesh. Shamita says you sound insensitive, just be careful when you talk about me. Vishal hugs her.

Nishant sits with Karan and says you didn’t want to talk to me. Karan says if I had downgraded you then I would have given an explanation to you. You were giving explanations to Jay but what about me? You should have felt bad for downgrading me. I don’t care about you throwing me out of the VIP room, just show that you feel bad for me.

Shamita tells Tejasswi that your body language looks rude when people are crying. Shamita says your body language is wrong also when you don’t let others talk. Shamita says I am not condescending. Tejasswi says it’s my way of dealing with things, why would I change myself for anyone?

Shamita tells Jay that if Nishant can do all this with his friends then don’t wait for him to hurt you also. Just be careful. Jay says I know that. Shamita says I am there for you, you are not alone. I have seen Nishant’s good side also, he has changed completely.

Nishant tells Pratik that we have to let Shamita-Neha do their own things. They should understand that they are important to us. Pratik says Neha keeps targeting me.

Shamita tells Jay that Neha should have played for herself. Jay says Vishal would have never chosen Neha for the VIP zone.

On the Stage:
Bigg Boss Marathi host Mahesh Manjrekar enters the stage. Salman says we both are hosts, he takes class of the inmates like me. The only difference is of the language. I called him today to take inmates’ class as I am tired of them not listening.
Salman connects the call to the house. He introduces Mahesh to the inmates. Salman says he will do hard-hitting now. Mahesh says Salman talks patiently which I lack. I don’t have patience like him, no one listens to you when you are patient. I call a spade a spade. Mahesh says Simba gets noticed because of his name only, he isn’t doing anything in the show. Mahesh says we will play the misunderstanding balloons task but I will tell you about misunderstandings. He says I will start with Jay.
Jay: Mahesh tells Jay that every person has weaknesses. You don’t need to be perfect there, you try to save your character, you try to be a goodie goodie guy. He says no one has an opinion about you. He tells Jay that no one is scared of you as a competition. Mahesh tells Jay that you think you can play a hero so you win hearts but it’s your misunderstanding.
Simba: Mahesh asks when will he wake up in the show? Simba says I am trying my best but sometimes I don’t like to talk then I don’t. Mahesh says if you don’t talk then you won’t be seen. If you are going to be an audience in the show then don’t be there.
Rajiv: Mahesh says I like you, you are entertaining and funny. You are playing well. He says the audience is loving you. Rajiv smiles and says thank you. Mahesh asks if he thinks he is an underdog? Rajiv says I think so. Mahesh says that’s your misunderstanding, just don’t let anyone use you. Rajiv says I will keep my eyes open. Mahesh says help Simba also keeping his eyes open.
Shamita: Mahesh asks Shamita if she speaks Marathi? She says I will learn. Mahesh says for our Bapat, Shamita laughs. Mahesh says she has to choose her friends wisely, you think what you feel is right, you keep expectations from a lot of people. Her misunderstanding is that the whole house should work as per her conditions. Shamita laughs.
Neha: Mahesh asks if she is on TV or on OTT? Neha says I am on TV now. Mahesh says let bygone be bygone, you become a satellite of Pratik. Your misunderstanding is that you are still on OTT.
Karan: Mahesh says if you are a couple with Tejasswi then be confident about it. Don’t doubt it saying she should be with others. Karan says I am not scared of myself, when it comes to Tejasswi then I don’t want to be selfish. Mahesh says you got a good partner so be confident. He tells Karan that your misunderstanding is you are a liability for Tejasswi but it’s not the case.
Tejasswi: Mahesh says this house has been good for Tejasswi, her face has become chubby, she laughs. Mahesh says Tejasswi is the youngest in the house as I don’t consider Simba as an active member. He says you are good but learn to listen. If you don’t listen then you can’t argue better. He says her misunderstanding is that she is always right. Karan laughs.
Vishal: Mahesh says he thinks he plays a big game but it’s his misunderstanding.
Umar: Mahesh says he is always in a doubt, his misunderstanding is he is not confused.
Nishant: Mahesh tells Nishant that if you are playing a game then take a stand, don’t try to cover up and justify it. Your misunderstanding is you are playing a strong game but you look shaken up.
Pratik: Mahesh says Pratik is nice as a contestant but don’t think you are superior to everyone.

Salman tells the inmates to think about their misunderstandings. Mahesh wishes them luck and says always aim for number 1. Salman ends the call. Salman says the process of top 5 will start soon in the house.

In the House:
The sirens start playing and the lights turn on and off. The inmates are scared. Pratik finds a letter. Some staff members enter the house and throw the dustbin as Nishant did. Pratik reads the letter which says that they have broken a lot of properties here. Neha reads that the biggest storm is reaching them. This storm will mess up their lives, are they ready? Karan says bring it on. Nishant asks if they bring another guy? We don’t need another guy.

On the Stage:
Salman says let’s meet our wild-card. Devoleena Bhattacharjee enters the stage and dances. Salman asks if she doesn’t have a house? Devoleena says I miss Bigg Boss too much. Salman asks if she doesn’t have a house? Devoleena says I miss Bigg Boss. Salman says Devoleena is our wild-card entry. He says she made a special place in this show by playing well in her season. Mahesh asks who will she hunt first? Devoleena says I don’t like people using others’ emotions. I will attack Vishal first.
Salman says let’s call another wild-card. Rashami Desai enters the stage, she dances on Param Sundari. Salman welcomes her and says she created a lot of drama in her season. She never lost to anything, welcomes to BB15. Salman asks if she kept her house key safe? Rashami laughs and says it’s safe.

Mahesh says I will ask them questions. He asks who will you ignore? Devo says Vishal, he uses people’s emotions. Mahesh asks who is most controlling in the house? Rashami says Shamita. Mahesh says who is two-faced? Devo says it’s Nishant, he wants to play on both the sides. Rashami says I agree with her, I like Nishant’s game, I think Vishal is two-faced. Mahesh asks whose real face will you expose? Rashami says Nishant, he is playing Nishant-Pratik’s game. Mahesh asks who do you want to wake up in the house? They both laugh and say Simba. Rashami says Jay is my friend but he has become complicated so I hope I can wake him up. Mahesh asks who can never be your friend? Devo says Vishal and Shamita. Mahesh says what if you fall in love with Vishal? Devo laughs and says it can never happen. Mahesh asks who talks behind backs? Devo says Vishal. Rashami says then he is playing well. Salman says Devo is obsessed with Vishal, it’s a sign of love. Devo says never. Mahesh asks whose mouth will you zip? Rashami says Pratik, he talks uselessly. Mahesh asks who is a coward in the house? Devo says it’s Karan, he thinks too much. Rashami says I don’t think so, he looks sorted, he has become emotional but he will bounce back. Mahesh asks Devo if she will love Karan? Devo says he is already in love. Mahesh asks what about Umar? Devo says I like Umar, he is a nice boy. Mahesh asks who doesn’t deserve to be in the finale? Devo says Neha. Rashami says I agree with her, she is just taking our grudges on Pratik.

Mahesh says I have another wild-card who changed everything in our season. He calls another wild-card. His name is Abhijeet Bichukale. Abhijeet says I will win the show. Abhijeet says my mother started watching the show as she is Salman’s fan. One time, she told me to call Salman and go to the show. My mother prayed for it so I am here today. Abhijeet says my prayer is to win the show. Mahesh asks what if elections come up? Abhijeet says I am an entertainer by heart so I won’t go. Mahesh says he is a politician but also a poet. Abhijeet’s poetry plays on the screen. All clap for him. Abhijeet says politics is my passion so I will become a Prime Minister. Salman asks Abhijeet what will be a problem for him? Abhijeet says I am ver blunt, I am scared of myself. Salman asks what duty he won’t do in the house? Abhijeet says I won’t do bathroom duty. He says I have come to teach them manners. Salman asks what’s his plan? Abhijeet says I will try to win hearts. Salman says this season will change when you enter the house. Salman wishes them luck. They go into the house. Salman thanks Mahesh, he leaves the show.

Salman welcomes Aayush and Mahima enter the stage. They promote their movie. Mahima dances with Salman. Salman connects the call to the house. He introduces Aayush and Mahima. Aayush says I like Karan-Tejasswi. Mahima says there are a lot of relationships so we will play a game. Mahima asks Karan-Tejasswi, Neha-Pratik to tie their hands together. Other inmates have to tell which relationship should break.
Nishant: He says I want to break Neha-Pratik’s relationship as they are getting confused, it’s for their health to break it.
Jay: He says I want to break Neha-Pratik’s relationship as they look confused.
Umar: He says I want to break Neha-Pratik’s relationship as they don’t have mutual respect.
Vishal: He says I want to break Neha-Pratik’s relationship as I want to save the house’s dustbin, they are strong individually.
Simba: He says I want to break Neha-Pratik’s relationship as they don’t have mutual respect. I am sorry I was sleeping that day when they were fighting.
Rajiv: He says I want to break Neha-Pratik’s relationship as respect is important in a friendship. It’s good for them to have a distance.
Shamita: She says I want to break Neha-Pratik’s relationship as they don’t have mutual respect. I don’t think they can be friends, it looks like they want to kill each other. Salman says if you stop disrespecting each other then it can be better.

Salman asks Karan-Tejasswi when is it happening for them? Karan laughs and says there are a lot of cameras so we can’t talk much. Mahima wishes them luck. Aayush says love always wins that’s why Karan-Tejasswi won. Salman says they will cut their own ties. Salman ends the call.

In the House:
The inmates come into the garden to see the media people sitting there. Bigg Boss welcomes the reporters and says everything they bring something new. They will ask questions and then will give news of the top 6 inmates. He asks a reporter to talk about VIPs breaking rules. The reporter says no VIP understood the value of being a VIP, you all wanted to be morally correct and did your own work so we have decided to dissolve the VIP-Non-VIP division. You all are equals now. The inmates laugh. Bigg Boss says this is not funny, VIP members deserved to be the winners but these reporters think nobody deserves to win the show right now.

Salman signs off from the episode.

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