Bigg Boss 15 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Bigg Boss 15 22nd November 2021

Media Press Conference:
A reporter asks Shamita if Rajiv is your brother then why do you treat him like a slave? You ask him to not talk to Tejasswi and whatnot. Shamita says he talked to Tejasswi about Pratik so I felt helpless that I couldn’t do anything for my brother. Tejasswi made it look like a big issue, I am possessive about Rajiv. Tejasswi says if that was a small issue then Salman wouldn’t talk about it. Pratik said such cheap words and Rajiv shared his pain with me but not his own friend. I got emotional for him. Rajiv says Pratik jokes but he goes overboard. I just told Tejasswi that I didn’t like his words as she was sitting in front of me. I was not running to Tejasswi to talk about Pratik. Tejasswi says wow Rajiv changed.
A reporter asks Karan if he is insecure about Vishal’s friendship with Tejasswi? Why don’t you discuss it with her? Karan says Tejasswi and Vishal have a good tuning together, I just felt down so I talked to Umar about it. I wanted his advice, I think Umar understands me better so I talked to him.
A reporter asks Vishal that Tejasswi is your friend but you told Neha that Tejasswi is using Karan for the game. Vishal says it was weeks before as I didn’t know about their bond. Tejasswi says I trust Vishal. The reporter asks Karan why do you always protect Tejasswi when she fights? Karan says Shamita once told me that Tejasswi is young so I should understand her way of reacting to things. A reporter says Pratik is also younger but you don’t show understanding to him. Neha says age doesn’t matter here. Pratik says Karan is selective with his manners.
A reporter says Karan called Umar a donkey and Tejasswi called him emotionally weak. Why do you want to play under their shadow? Umar says I stopped Tejasswi from calling me that. I have a bond with Karan so I will clear things with him.
A reporter asks Jay if he is over-confident that he is not doing anything in the show? Jay says I don’t believe in being a big celebrity, I trusted people here but no one did favors on me so I will play for myself. Vishal says he keeps grudges and he can’t be loyal to anyone. Jay shouts that you are a cheap man, he shouts at him to shut up. Vishal screams at him and says you call me a goon because I come from a lower-class background? Vishal says I never broke Jay’s trust, I said some words but he kept the grudge, why doesn’t he have friends here? The reporter says Vishal has broken trusts here. Vishal says I have never cheated anyone here. The reporter says you promised Tejasswi that you will put her above Shamita but then you went to Shamita and said that you will flip the game when you get power. Neha says Vishal’s game is dirty. A reporter says Vishal said that Shamita is dominated. Shamita says he gets offended when I say something but he is the one saying all this for me.
A reporter asks Neha that you keep supporting or going against Pratik. What is going on between you both? Neha says my emotions are also getting played, we will try to stay away. Pratik says Neha becomes so mean to me. I get angry but I am never mean. I was connected with her. Neha says we will move on now.
A reporter asks Shamita that you keep trusting Vishal, maybe because you want his support in the game? Shamita says I have some trust issues but I want to see what he does against me. I will see if he will support me or not. Nishant says they never talk clearly. Shamita says don’t talk behind my back. Nishant says Shamita’s eyes are blind, she can’t open her eyes about Vishal but keeps blaming me.
A reporter asks Nishant that you flipped the game in the VIP task but then you had a fight with Tejasswi in the kitchen so what’s your thought process? Nishant says I did what was right for my survival. I think Tejasswi was hurt by my actions that’s why she cried.
A reporter asks Simba that why don’t you play this game? Simba says this is a platform for me, I play in the tasks but I can’t do unnecessary fights. The reporter says if fans are voting for you and you are not doing anything then it’s disappointing. Simba says I will up my game.
A reporter asks Tejasswi that if Shamita gives a suggestion to Rajiv then she is dominating but you are ordering Karan then it’s not dominating? You tell Karan to not dare talk to Shamita, if he shared something with Shamita then you tell him to not correct her image. Karan had to cry and tell about his childhood for you to stop dominating Karan. Tejasswi says I asked Karan to not talk to Neha as she called him a puppy. The reporter says why is Shamita dominating and not you? She says you start dominating others when you get power. You take on Karan’s issues and make them your own also. Tejasswi says I am close to Karan, I am a strong candidate so I don’t need to do all that.
A reporter asks Karan and Tejasswi what’s their relationship status? Karan says we like each other here but we don’t know how our lives are outside the house. Rajiv says I am bored with their romance. Karan laughs and says I need time to understand her. Tejasswi says he is my boyfriend.
A reporter asks Tejasswi why she thinks she is always right but when she is wrong then she starts crying. You play the woman card. Tejasswi says you are a woman and you are asking this? A woman can show emotions. I was hurt with Nishant as I am close to him. I don’t need to play a woman card with Nishant, I don’t need his sympathy as a girl. I found your thoughts wrong, I am sorry
A reporter asks Neha and Jay who went crazy about VIP power? Jay says Tejasswi started acting like a boss here, she changed when she got the power. It showed what she is from inside. Neha says I don’t mind her being dominating but she should be able to take others’ domination also. Tejasswi says that’s not the question. Neha says that’s your problem, you don’t have the patience to hear others.

Bigg Boss asks the reporter to tell about the bottom 6. The reporter says we have done this on the majority voting. She says the ratings like this:
11th: Rajiv
10th: Simba
9th: Neha
8th: Vishal
7th: Jay
6th: Umar

Bigg Boss asks the inmates to go to the bedroom. The real VIPs are coming.

In the bedroom, Pratik hugs Nishant and says congrats on being in the top 5. Shamita tells Nishant to not talk when she is talking. Nishant says then don’t question my actions. Shamita says don’t poke me. Nishant says you are hating on me too much, you take things as per your convenience. Shamita says I respected your game but you were dishonest. Nishant says you never tell me about your game, don’t shout at me. Shamita shouts at him to do what he can do.

9:15 PM
Karan tells Umar that I am really sorry for saying that. I am begging you to not take it wrongly. Umar says if you are calling me a donkey then it hurts me because I take you as a brother, I don’t care about others. Karan says I am folding my hands and saying sorry to you. I will never say those words.

9:30 PM
Vishal tells Nishant that you got angry with Shamita for trusting me? Nishant says I was talking to Shamita.
Shamita talks to Karan and says you got angry at Vishal’s words for Raqesh? You should have told me that. Karan says I talked to you but I couldn’t clear things. Vishal comes there and says let’s talk. Karan says it’s fine. Shamita tells Vishal that when you are talking about me then don’t use bad words. You can’t talk like this for me. Vishal says I will not do it again, I am sorry. Shamita says don’t always justify saying it’s your language. Vishal says you can accept my reasons or not, it’s up to you. Pratik says you say those words for your mother and sister?
Nishant tells Tejasswi that I don’t like the comments being passed on me. I didn’t like when you call me a cunning uncle and whatnot. Tejasswi says I just found your decision was stupid.

Vishal asks Pratik if they don’t call a girl as ‘maal’ (thing). Pratik says if she doesn’t like the word then don’t use it for her. Umar says it’s personal between Shamita and Vishal. Vishal says I don’t get involved between Pratik-Neha also. Pratik said too much to Neha. Pratik says I never say cheap words to women. Vishal says don’t try to provoke Shamita. Pratik says if I had called Neha a ‘maal’ then you all would have charged at me. Jay says Vishal is a double-faced man. Vishal says you call your family double-faced? Jay charges at him and says get lost. Vishal shows his back to him. Jay pushes him away. Vishal pushes him back. They both get angry. Karan pulls Jay back as he is about to charge at him. Karan asks Jay to calm down. Vishal says he has no guts. Karan asks him to go away. Pratik tries to pull them apart. Jay says this guy says cheap words for a woman that he calls as his sister. Vishal asks him to do anything if he can. Shamita asks Jay to calm down for Mahi and Tara. Jay says he can’t respect women here.

10 PM
Bigg Boss talks to the reporters and says we will introduce wild-card entries who are real VIPs. They will talk to you via a video call. A reporter asks Devo who will you target this season? Devo says I don’t like Vishal at all. A reporter says we have seen Devo supporting Pratik and Rashami supporting Karan so will they have separate paths in the house? Devo says our bond is very strong, we can have differences of opinions also. A reporter asks Abhijeet that will the audience love him here? Abhijeet says people will love me. A reporter asks Rashami if she can become a winner this season? Rashami says the 13th season was iconic so I was glad to reach the top 5. The reporter asks if you are saying this season’s contestants are weak compared to the 13th season? Rashami says you are saying that, I am not. A reporter asks Devo if she will leave BB after getting a trophy? Devo says I am BB’s permanent girl. A reporter asks Devo that Vishal-Shamita didn’t like Devo so are they on her radar? Devo says I have my identity so I don’t care about Shamita’s words. I don’t like Vishal playing behind backs. A reporter asks Devo-Rashami what will be their strategy? Rashami says Bigg Boss has brought Abhijeet to spice up the show. A reporter asks Abhijeet how will he make the place in the house? Abhijeet says I want to become a Prime Minister so this is a small show for me. A reporter asks Devo that you admitted that you don’t like Tejasswi’s game, why? Devo says I don’t see her game at all, I just see her romance and friendships but I don’t see her strategy. I know her and she is a nice girl. A reporter asks Abhijeet if he has a personal favorite? Abhijeet says I didn’t watch the show, I was running a campaign but they called me so I am here. Rashami laughs. A reporter asks how tough will it be to make a place in the house? Devo says they have already made an alliance but we will win the hearts of the audience. Rashami says I just want Bigg Boss to accept us. Abhijeet says I didn’t know Rashami-Devo have been a regular to BB. All laugh. Abhijeet says they will support me now. Rashami laughs. A reporter asks Abhijeet who doesn’t have manners in the house that you want to cheat? Abhijeet says I saw some girl raising her hand which shouldn’t happen. A reporter asks Abhijeet that Mahesh scolded you for being rude, will you be the same? Abhijeet says that in my season, a woman was playing a woman card so I put her in place. A reporter asks Rashami-Devo if he likes Abhijeet’s comments about showing manners to others? Rashami says actions are louder than words so we will see. A reporter asks Abhijeet if you think you are not wrong and Salman scolds you then you will be rude to him also? Abhijeet says reporters twist my words. The reporter says you say twisted words that’s why we are twisting it. She asks him to end it. Abhijeet says you want to be a star then fine.

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